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General information[]

Enemies will spawn on the world map whenever an enemy icon is revealed on a tile. When all player characters have taken their turns, one or more enemy types may activate, causing those enemies to move towards the closest player character. Enemies also prevent player characters from performing encounters or quests when in the same tile as them. If an enemy is in the same tile as a player character when they activate, the enemy will attack them.

When fighting an enemy, the player character must roll three VATS dice, each side of which highlights at least one body part and has up to two vault icons. If the body parts highlighted match the enemy's vulnerabilities, they are hit and, if the number of hits is equal to or greater than the enemy's level, they will die. For each vault icon shown on the dice, the player character will receive damage equal to the enemy's level. VATS dice can be rerolled based off the stats of the weapon they have equipped.

Each enemy also has up to two of the following abilities:

  • Aggressive - this enemy automatically attacks any player character within attack range.
  • Armor - this enemy takes one more point of damage to kill.
  • Fallout: New California Caps - When killed, this enemy drops a number of bottle caps equal to their level.
  • Fallout: New California Fast - When activated, this enemy moves up to two times instead of one.
  • Loot - this enemy allows the player character to draw a loot card after killing it.
  • Radiation - this enemy deals radiation damage equal to its level when damaging a player character.
  • Ranged - this enemy can attack player characters in adjacent spaces and deals extra damage to those without ranged weapons.
  • Retreat - this enemy becomes inactive if the player character fails to kill it and can't be targeted until the next time its type activates.

Faction enemies[]

Faction enemies only appear in specific scenarios. If a player character declares loyalty to the enemy's faction, that enemy will ignore the player character and not attack them. Faction enemies will also become more powerful as their faction gains in power, potentially increasing their level or giving them different abilities.


Name Level Vulnerabilities Abilities Scenario
Brotherhood paladin 1-3 Arms, legs Loot, Ranged The Capital Wasteland
Brotherhood paladinFallout: New California 2-? Head, legs Armor, Ranged Rise of the Master
Railroad member 1-3 Head, legs Aggressive The Commonwealth
Rebel slave 1 (Deals 2-4 additional damage) Arms, body Aggressive The Pitt


Name Level Vulnerabilities Abilities Scenario
Enclave soldier 1-3 Arms, head Aggressive, Ranged The Capital Wasteland
Enclave soldier Fallout: New California 2-4 Body Aggressive, Armor New California
Slaver 1-3 Arms, head Loot, Ranged The Pitt
Synth 2 Body Loot, Ranged/Armor The Commonwealth
Unity Acolyte Fallout: New California 1-2 Arms, head Aggressive, Radiation if level 2 Rise of the Master


Name Level Vulnerabilities Abilities
Bloatfly 1 Body, head Ranged
Bloodbug Fallout: New California 1 Body, legs Fast, Radiation
Feral ghoul 2 Body, head, legs Aggressive
Fire ant Fallout: New California 2 Arms, body, head Ranged
Mole rat 1 Body Retreat
Radroach 1 Arms, legs Radiation
Radscorpion 1 Arms, legs Aggressive, Retreat
Stingwing 2 Body, head


Name Level Vulnerabilities Abilities
Acolyte Fallout: New California 2 Arms, head Caps, Retreat
Bounty hunter 2 Arms, legs Loot, Ranged
Looter 1 Legs Loot, Retreat
Raider psycho 2 Body, legs Aggressive, Loot
Raider scum 1 Body, head Armor, Ranged
Regulator 2 Body, legs Loot, Ranged


Name Level Vulnerabilities Abilities
Deathclaw 3 Arms Aggressive, Loot
Glowing one 2 Head Aggressive, Radiation
Mirelurk Queen Fallout: New California 3 Head, legs Armor, Radiation
Yao guai 2 Body Aggressive, Armor


Name Level Vulnerabilities Abilities
Mister Gutsy 2 Arms Ranged
Protectron medic 2 Arms Armor, Loot
Robobrain Fallout: New California 2 Body Aggressive, Ranged
Sentry bot 3 Arms, body Aggressive, Ranged

Super mutants[]

Name Level Vulnerabilities Abilities
Super mutant behemoth Fallout: New California 3 Arms, head Caps, Fast
Super mutant brute 3 Body Aggressive, Loot
Super mutant overlord 3 Head Loot
Super mutant skirmisher 3 Arms, head Loot, Ranged