Fallout: Resource Wars is a hypothetical Fallout spin-off mentioned several times by Van Buren (canceled Fallout 3) and Fallout: New Vegas lead designer J.E. Sawyer as something he'd like to make at various points, both when he worked at Black Isle Studios and recently when working at Obsidian Entertainment.

It would be a game set in the Fallout world's Europe during the Euro-Middle Eastern war that took place there around the 2050s. Focused on team-based multiplayer, the gameplay would be a blend of Motocross Madness pacing, Battlefield: 1942 foot and vehicle combat, and slightly longer-than-CS duration rounds. A salvaging element would be included giving the player the choice of either repairing damaged vehicles/weapons for use in the next round, or scrapping them for parts.

The plot would involve a crew of soldiers from the Royal Armoured Corps, who become stranded in a war-torn anarchistic northern Italy, and have to fight their way to the English Channel in quickly degrading vehicles, while scavenging for replacements, fuel, and weapons as they go.

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