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Reading a skill book permanently raises the corresponding skill by three points (four with the Comprehension perk). With a few exceptions, the skill books are identical to the books from Fallout 3. The newly added Survival skill uses the Wasteland Survival Guide as a skill book. U.S. Army: 30 Handy Flamethrower Recipes from Fallout 3 has been removed, since the Big Guns skill has been dissolved into other skills. Once added to the inventory, they appear in the "Aid" section of a player's Pip-Boy menu.

There are, on average, four copies of every skill book, for a total of 52 books in the base game. Dead Money adds two copies of Dean's Electronics, and one copy of each of the other skill books, with the exception of Wasteland Survival Guide. Honest Hearts introduces the workbench crate, a container with random loot that has a chance of containing various skill books, but no static book locations. Old World Blues adds two copies of Chinese Army: Spec Ops Training Manual and a copy of Big Book of Science, in addition to a new mechanic enabling the player to create a single copy of each book at a workbench using 25 blank books, two tubes of wonderglue and the appropriate recipe. Finally, Lonesome Road adds an additional copy of each skill book. This gives a grand total of 94 books (81 in static locations, 13 created at a workbench, and a chance for skill books in Honest Hearts).


The first number in parentheses indicates the total number of skill books with all add-ons included. The second number in parentheses is the total number of skills books with Old World Blues skill book crafting mechanic included.

Name Skill # Locations Form ID
Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor Barter 4 (6/7) 00034042
Nikola Tesla and You Energy Weapons 4 (6/7) 00034041
Duck and Cover! Explosives 4 (6/7) 0006A80C
Guns and Bullets Guns 4 (6/7) 0003403E
Tumblers Today Lockpick 4 (6/7) 00034046
D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine Medicine 4 (6/7) 00034043
Grognak the Barbarian Melee Weapons 4 (6/7) 00034040
Dean's Electronics Repair 3 (6/7) 0003403D
Big Book of Science Science 5 (8/9) 0003403C
Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual Sneak 4 (8/9) 00034045
Lying, Congressional Style Speech 4 (6/7) 00034044
Wasteland Survival Guide Survival 4 (5/6) 00160227
Pugilism Illustrated Unarmed 4 (6/7) 0003403F
Workbench crate (Can hold random skill books) Random 0 (16) 0000E928


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NameClosest map markerLocation description
Big Book of ScienceAshton missile silo Lonesome Road (add-on)In the north corner of launch deck, level 3 of the silo wreckage just past a Hard locked safe
Big Book of ScienceBrewer's beer bootleggingIn the cellar, in the back room on a table to the left of the chemistry set
Big Book of ScienceCamp Forlorn HopeIn the command center, in the southeast corner, on the desk
Big Book of ScienceHELIOS One DialogueReward from Ignacio Rivas for distributing power to entire grid during That Lucky Old Sun
Big Book of ScienceNiptonOn the desk in Mayor Joseph B. Steyn's office on the top floor of the Nipton Town Hall building
Big Book of ScienceREPCONN headquartersLocated on the first floor through the door next to the radioactive barrel display, located on a shelf past the Hard locked door
Big Book of ScienceSierra Madre Casino Dead MoneyOn a bookshelf in Vera's room, which is found in the Executive suites area of the Sierra Madre casino
Big Book of ScienceY-0 research center Old World Blues (add-on)In a corner of the canyon south of the Y-0 building, between two xander root plants by the hand of a skeleton
Chinese Army: Special Ops Training ManualCamp SearchlightIn the east church's basement, by the eastern wall, at the foot of the metal shelves, on the floor.
Chinese Army: Special Ops Training ManualGoodspringsIn the Goodsprings home inhabited by Trudy and Sunny Smiles, east from the schoolhouse, on a bookshelf
Chinese Army: Special Ops Training ManualNCR sharecropper farmsOn some papers, by the corner desk inside the sharecropper barracks near the four water towers in the northeast corner of the fenced-in area
Chinese Army: Special Ops Training ManualPuesta del Sol switching station Dead MoneyIn the easternmost room of the switching station there is a large machine on the south side of the room, located on the catwalk that runs around the machine
Chinese Army: Special Ops Training ManualSunstone Tower roof Lonesome Road (add-on)On a bookshelf facing the wall (hidden from view) on the southeast landing up one flight of stairs from the first floor interior entrance, acquired by placing/throwing explosives onto the bookshelf underneath the filing cabinet
Chinese Army: Special Ops Training ManualVault 3In the living quarters on a shelf, down the stairs from the recreation area through an Average locked door
Chinese Army: Special Ops Training ManualX-13 research facility Old World Blues (add-on)On the floor, opposite the door in the room where the chest plate for the stealth suit Mk II is found
Chinese Army: Special Ops Training ManualX-13 research facility Old World Blues (add-on)In the testing facility section, in the reward safe upon completion of all the stealth suit tests
D.C. Journal of Internal MedicineCave of the Abaddon Lonesome Road (add-on)After exiting the Cave of the Abaddon, in the south corner under a nightstand, in the room with the bed and the exit to The Divide (In the "Buried Building"), underneath the RALPHIE poster
D.C. Journal of Internal MedicineFollowers safehouseOn the bedside table shelf, by the bed on the right, in the second room. Entry requires a key.
D.C. Journal of Internal MedicineHELIOS OneUpstairs in the main building, lying on a bed in the same room with the east terminal password
D.C. Journal of Internal MedicineHell's MotelThe shack inside the Mesquite Mountains crater, below the globe with a hat, on the table with the radio and repair kit
D.C. Journal of Internal MedicineNovacIn the middle of the queen-sized bed, inside Ranger Andy's bungalow
D.C. Journal of Internal MedicineVilla clinic Dead MoneyIn the Villa clinic basement, in a tool cabinet next to some fire extinguishers
Dean's ElectronicsAbandoned BoS bunker Dead MoneyOn the metal sill, opposite the reloading bench, in the area with the office. Though the location exists without the add-on, it is sealed by a keyless lock. Note: If the game is unpatched, the door is unlocked and can be accessed.
Dean's ElectronicsHopeville missile silo bunker Lonesome Road (add-on)When walking into the room with the first missile, the book is located to the left of the stairs, amongst some rubble
Dean's ElectronicsNellis Air Force BaseInside Loyal's house, on the long counter next to the ruined terminal
Dean's ElectronicsPuesta del Sol switching station Dead MoneyPuesta del Sol switching station in the south center of the map on the upper level next to the terminal that shuts off power to the protected speakers. It is very difficult but possible, to reach without Christine and disarm the tripwire before the collar detonates
Dean's ElectronicsSloanIn the worker barracks, on the top shelf to the left of the entrance
Dean's ElectronicsSouthern Nevada wind farmIn the shack, on the table with the clipboard and scrap metal
Duck and Cover!Collapsed overpass tunnel Lonesome Road (add-on)Just south of the exit to The High Road, behind some sandbags, in a crate underneath a teddy bear
Duck and Cover!Mojave OutpostInside the Mojave Outpost barracks, below the bar counter in the middle of the bottom shelf
Duck and Cover!Nellis Air Force BaseAmong the books on the shelf, above the grenade rifle, inside Pearl's barracks
Duck and Cover!Ranger Station FoxtrotOn the table next to Comm Officer Lenk.
Duck and Cover!Residential District Dead MoneyIt is stuck underneath the bed in the room Dean Domino is first encountered, only obtainable by using explosives or other simlilar mechanisms to force the book out
Duck and Cover!SloanIt is inside the worker barracks on the back left shelf under a first aid box.
Grognak the BarbarianCannibal Johnson's caveOn the mattress near the radio, close to the campfire
Grognak the BarbarianCottonwood CoveInside Aurelius of Phoenix's office on the upper floor of the HQ, inside the nightstand next to the bed
Grognak the BarbarianHidden supply caveResting on one of the large metal crates in the cave, sometimes behind the metal crates. Cave is behind an Average locked door.
Grognak the BarbarianHopeville women's barracks Lonesome Road (add-on)At the back of the barracks on a small table under a ruined book
Grognak the BarbarianJacobstownLying in front of the oven in the southernmost bungalow.
Grognak the BarbarianVilla police station Dead MoneyInside the police station basement, on the floor in the room in the northwest corner in front of the filing cabinets
Guns and BulletsGomorrahIn Big Sal's office past a Hard locked door, upstairs from the main level of Brimstone, on the first low bookshelf on the left
Guns and BulletsHopeville armory Lonesome Road (add-on)Underneath the desk in northeast corner, with a bed that can be slept on
Guns and BulletsNevada Highway Patrol stationOn the desk without the computer in the entrance office room, nearest the door leading to the cells
Guns and BulletsRaul's shackInside the shack, in the wooden crate next to the door
Guns and BulletsSierra Madre casino Dead MoneyOn the floor behind the cashier's desk, accessible by the ceiling beams
Guns and BulletsVault 34On the small metal table between the sofas by the pool table, in the armory common room
Lying, Congressional StyleBrooks tumbleweed ranchOn an open locker shelf, in the upstairs room with the chessboard
Lying, Congressional StyleCerulean RoboticsOn the floor among the office desks
Lying, Congressional StyleLucky Jim MineInside the Lucky Jim Mine house, on the bottom shelf below a varmint rifle
Lying, Congressional StyleNCR Correctional FacilitySecond floor of the NCR CF administration, on a desk
Lying, Congressional StyleThe Tampico Dead MoneyOn a shelf, opposite the holotape projector
Lying, Congressional StyleThird Street Municipal Building Lonesome Road (add-on)In the eastern most corner underneath a physician's desk (may have fallen off building after detonating warhead)
Nikola Tesla and YouHidden ValleyLocated on the first floor of the Hidden Valley bunker building, in the white plastic bin by the desk in Schuler's office, west of the central hub corridor junction
Nikola Tesla and YouHopeville Missile Base Headquarters Lonesome Road (add-on)Located in the first room, on the wooden shelf directly on the right upon entering, hidden underneath a burned book
Nikola Tesla and YouOld nuclear test siteInside the nuclear test shack on the small table opposite to the exit
Nikola Tesla and YouREPCONN headquartersOn the first floor, past the Very Hard locked door, on top of the safe. The key is on the third floor from a suitcase next to a skeleton. The room can also be accessed through a hole in the floor of a western room on the second floor, past a Hard locked door.
Nikola Tesla and YouREPCONN headquartersA second copy can be found on the second floor, through the first door on the left, on the desk with the very easy locked terminal.
Nikola Tesla and YouSierra Madre vault Dead MoneyIn the pipes below the vault, in a duffle bag
Pugilism IllustratedFisherman's Pride shackOn the bedside table, inside the shack
Pugilism IllustratedNipton Road reststopInside the store, lying on the wooden shelf on the left upon entering, close to the counter
Pugilism IllustratedThe TopsInside the presidential suite, inside the pool room, on the tiny table in the corner
Pugilism IllustratedVault 11Inside the living quarters, in the first female dorm, by the fallen dresser near a small sign on the ceiling that says "ladies"
Pugilism IllustratedVilla Dead MoneyBehind the fountain at the entrance of the Dead Money add-on
Pugilism IllustratedWastewater treatment plant Lonesome Road (add-on)In the northeast corner of the third room, behind a set of tipped-over lockers
Tales of a Junktown Jerky VendorAllied Technologies officesIn the largest room on the west side of the building, on the floor in front of the Nuka-Cola machine
Tales of a Junktown Jerky VendorCap counterfeiting shackOn the suitcase by the bed, in the small back cellar room
Tales of a Junktown Jerky VendorMarked men guard outpost Lonesome Road (add-on)Located through a cellar door on the eastern wall of the building, downstairs on a table near some gore on the northwest wall
Tales of a Junktown Jerky VendorPrimmInside the Bison Steve Hotel, on the floor of the gift shop, behind the counter
Tales of a Junktown Jerky VendorSalida del Sol South Dead MoneyIn a building opposite the door to Salida del Sol house, on a book shelf
Tales of a Junktown Jerky VendorVault 22In the lab room up the stairs from the elevator in pest control, on the table with the bubbling vials
Tumblers TodayBitter Springs recreation areaInside the office shack to the west, on the desk in the smaller of the two rooms.
Tumblers TodayHopeville Missile Base Lonesome Road (add-on)Inside the Hopeville men's barracks, in the toilets underneath an overturned box.
Tumblers TodayThe Prospector's DenInside the caves, in the subterranean den structure, in the large barracks room, on the floor in the far right corner.
Tumblers TodaySierra Madre Casino Dead MoneyIn the casino floor area, in the southeast third floor office on top of the tool cabinet.
Tumblers TodaySilver Peak mineInside the shack, behind the two small tables, on the ground in an open locker, to the right of the entrance.
Tumblers TodayWolfhorn ranchInside the farmhouse, partially under the fridge without a door.
Wasteland Survival GuideLone Wolf RadioInside the radio trailer, near the mattress
Wasteland Survival GuideMatthews Animal Husbandry FarmTop balcony of the northern barn, near the barrel crate
Wasteland Survival GuideMesquite Mountains camp siteInside the western tent, behind the bedding and toolbox, may glitch into the ground)
Wasteland Survival GuideScavenger platformAmong the books under the fallen metal bookshelf, on the northern platform section
Wasteland Survival GuideWaste disposal station Lonesome Road (add-on)In the middle of the fallen radioactive barrels, behind a skeleton draped over one of the barrels, between two lead-lined metal boxes
See Also: The locations of the recipes used to create additional skill books possible with the Old World Blues DLC.


  • With the total amount of skill points earned from reading every obtainable skill book (not counting the ones found as random loot in Honest Hearts), and with the Comprehension perk, the PC will have gained a total of 376 skill points (282 without it). The Workbench crate skill books found in Honest Hearts can make up an additional 64 skill points with Comprehension (48 without it), assuming the maximum of 4 skill books per crate, for a total of 440 skill points with Comprehension (330 without it).
  • Although it is possible to obtain a maximum of 16 (non-combat related) skill books, the likelihood is extremely low (see the workbench crate page; the chance of four skill books is only 0.16%, or 2/1125. One will need, on average, 390 reloads to have a better than 50% chance of having produced 4 skill books from a crate). Far more realistic is 8 total skill books. Theoretically, approximately 1 out of 5 save/reload trials (before entering the caves), or using the console, selecting it, and typing resetinventory, should result in 2 random skill books. If the player has the Comprehension perk, it still should be enough to max out all skills.
  • It is possible to use skill books to raise skill levels past 100. The value is not shown, and no skill will have any benefits past 100 points, except for the purposes of counteracting SPECIAL stat penalties. For example, if a character has a natural Endurance of 4, and then raises the Survival skill to 100 through level-ups, and then at some point suffers from minor radiation poisoning (-1 Endurance) and minor dehydration (-1 Endurance), resulting in a total negative Endurance score of 2, the Survival skill will consequentially be reduced to 96. If the character has read a "Wasteland Survival Guide" Skill book after the Survival skill was already raised to 100 through level-ups, then, even with the SPECIAL point penalties, the Survival skill will display as 99 or 100 (with Comprehension).


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