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This page lists all robots and computers in Fallout: New Vegas.
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Computers (AIs)

Computers (APs)





  • There are very few robots in the game that are actually aware of the Great War occurring; examples of those who do include the Securitrons Muggy, Victor, and Jane.
  • Robots in Fallout: New Vegas are relatively rare to encounter, contrary to previous games' common robot encounters. They are much more common in Old World Blues, however.
  • The Fallout: New Vegas add-ons introduced 73 kinds of robots or computers to the game. This is largely due to the Big MT add-on. Only it and Lonesome Road add variants to Fallout: New Vegas. The base game contains 50 variants. In total there are 123 variants of robots or computers in Fallout: New Vegas, the largest number introduced of any game to date.