Fallout: New Vegas promotional items lists all giveaway items created to promote Fallout: New Vegas. They have either been given away by Bethesda Softworks to journalists or are available with special editions of the game.

All Roads comic bookEdit

All Roads Book Cover

All Roads comic book

All Roads is a comic book that comes with the "Collector's Edition". It tells the story of some characters in the game, and tells you the story of some of the events that lead up to 2281.

"Collector's Edition" caseEdit

FNV Collectors Edition

FNV "Collector's Edition" Case

The case that holds all of the Collector's items plus the game.



All four coasters, front and back

A specially designed set of drink coasters were produced for K-Mart pre-order sales. The four coasters represent the four large casinos: Ultra-Luxe, Vault 21, The Tops, and Lucky 38. The other side are printed with four individual Vault Boy images. The set came in a specially designed DVD Case with a printed insert.

Dice setEdit


Two sets of 5 dice

Set of five white plastic dice intended as pre-order bonus from a Scandinavian retailer. The side representing 1 on the die has Vault Boy's face. The remaining 5 faces are generic dots.

"Limited Edition" lithographEdit

All roads image

Poster art

This is a very rare Promo item given to lucky attendees. This poster was distributed during the Pax convention and also during SDCC and Quakecon 2010. 24" X 17" in size, art by Geof Darrow, colors by Peter Doherty. The poster itself depicts the same image found on the All Roads comic that were included with the "Collector's Edition".

"Making of" DVD/Blu-rayEdit


"Making of Fallout: New Vegas" Blu-ray

A DVD/Blu-ray about how the game was made, containing never before seen video content, interviews and stuff. Comes as a DVD with both PC and Xbox 360 "Collector's Editions," while Playstation 3 "Collector's Editions" feature a Blu-ray.

The content of the disc is divided into eight chapters: "The Story", "The Characters", "The Art Direction", "Game Mechanics", "The Factions", "Sound Design", "The Technology" and "The Strip". Additional content includes teaser trailer and the E3 trailer. Subtitles are available in English, French, Spanish, German and Italian.

Main feature running time: 49 minutes and 35 seconds.


FNV memo notepack

Notepad in plastic bag (back, sideview)

Set of "post-its" / memo notepad. Shaped as the New Vegas logo. Images of rear shows one pad printed with a PlayStation 3 logo. Versions for Xbox 360 do not exist.

Playing cardsEdit

"Collector's Edition" playing cardsEdit

Vault 21 Playing Cards

"Collector's Edition" cards

A set of Fallout: New Vegas-themed playing cards, featuring characters from the game. You can play Poker, Blackjack or Caravan with them. Comes with "Collector's Edition".

The box features a Vault 21 logo and the text: "Playing cards, Official Training Aid. Control Group 52-1487.3-Vault 21. Standard Edition. A Vault-Tec Distribution."

The deck contains 55 cards: 52 playing cards, 2 Jokers and one Caravan rule card. It is printed to resemble a standard Caravan deck with cards representing 7 of the games casinos. These are Vault 21, Ultra-Luxe, Silver Rush, The Tops, Atomic Wrangler casino, Lucky 38, Gomorrah and Bison Steve hotel. Images of all cards can be found in the gallery below.

The cards suits are themed such that spades are residents of Freeside, clubs are members of Caesar's Legion, hearts are affiliates of the New California Republic, and diamonds are residents of the New Vegas Strip. The Courier and Benny serve as the deck's two jokers.

Because the cards were created before the game was finalised, the image on the playing card doesn't always match the person being depicted. While these are mostly slightly different outfits or hairstyles, notable examples include Ambassador Crocker and Jules, whose playing cards shows them as being Caucasian when they are African-American in game.

"Vault Boy" playing cardsEdit

Playing cards copy

"Vault Boy" card deck

A deck of 52 playing cards, measuring 2 11/16" wide by 3 11/16" tall. The box is printed with a vault-boy image as opposed to the Vault 21 Casino version that was included with the "Collector's Edition" of the game.

Poker chipsEdit

Dead Money poker setEdit

This one

Dead Money poker set

Open to Canadian residents this contest was available over Xbox Live while downloading the free Dead Money gamerpic. Only three cases were made, and were filled with poker chips of the Sierra Madre design. The total prize amount was valued to be at $500.00 CDN per case. The weight of this set is 50 lbs.

Lucky 7 poker chipsEdit

Front and Back of FNV Poker Chips

Lucky 7 poker chips

Each of these poker chips is designed to represent chips from major casinos found around the Mojave Wasteland. This comes with the "Collector's Edition" of the game.

Platinum chipEdit

Platinum Chip (Front & Back)

Platinum chip

A recreation of the game's "platinum chip". Comes with "Collector's Edition".



Mixed postcard set

A set of promotional postcards featuring artwork from Bethesda video games, mainly Fallout: New Vegas. Also featured is Rage, Hunted: The Demon's Forge, and Brink. These were only handed out at special events like E3 and PAX, making them quite rare. Includes "Hoover Dam" postcard with beaver.

Pre-order add-onsEdit

Fallout: New Vegas was sold by some retailers with four separate add-on packs:


NCR t-shirtEdit

NCR T-shirt
NCR shirt white front

Bethesda version

This New California Republic t-shirt was given out to journalists during the Las Vegas press event in April 2010. A white version was also worn by Bethesda staff at Gamescom 2010. This shirt was also given out as a prize for a Play N Trade store contest, as well as to attendees of Quakecon 2010. The New California Republic t-shirt was also given out on GameStop rewards points website for a short time.

Gamescom 2010 t-shirtEdit

Gamescom-shirt front

GamesCom t-shirt (back)

Gamescom-exclusive t-shirt, with Vault Boy in a trench coat, with a revolver in his hand, standing in front of the New Vegas skyline, with "Gamescom 2010" written below.

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