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The following promotional items were giveaways related to the release of Fallout: New Vegas or were available with special editions of the game.

All Roads

All Roads Book Cover.png

All Roads is a graphic novel that was part of the Collector's Edition. The story serves as an introduction to the game's storyline.

Collector's Edition case

FNV Collectors Edition.png

The case that holds all of the Collector's Edition items including the game.



A specially designed set of drink coasters were produced for K-Mart pre-order sales. One side features the four casinos and Vault Boy is on the opposite. The set came in a DVD case with a printed insert.

Dice set


Set of five white plastic dice intended as a pre-order bonus from a Scandinavian retailer. The side representing the number one on the die features Vault Boy's face.

"Limited Edition lithograph

All roads image.jpg

A promo item given away at the Pax convention, SDCC, and Quakecon 2010. 24" X 17" in size, art by Geof Darrow, colors by Peter Doherty.

Making of DVD


A DVD featuring behind-the-scenes content and interviews as a part of the Collector's Edition for PC and Xbox.


Notepad in plastic bag (back, sideview)

Set of "post-its" / memo notepad. Shaped as the New Vegas logo. Images of the rear show one pad printed with a PlayStation 3 logo. Versions for Xbox 360 do not exist.

Playing cards

Collector's Edition vault playing cards
Main article: Vault playing cards
Vault 21 Playing Cards.jpg

A deck of playing cards part of the Collector's Edition. The back of each card has a logo of an in game casino and the front feature a character's image, name, and quote. An extra card lists Caravan game instructions.

Vault Boy playing cards
Promo playing cards 1.png

A deck of 52 playing cards. The back is solid black with the game name and logo in white. The jokers and face cards feature Vault Boy and Vault Girl and the aces are designed with radiation symbols.

Poker chips

Dead Money poker set
This one.jpg

Offered as a prize in Canada on Xbox Live, chosen at random from those who downloaded the Dead Money gamerpic. Only three cases were made, and were filled with Sierra Madre poker chips.

Collector's Edition poker chips
Front and Back of FNV Poker Chips.jpg

Featuring the in game casinos, part of the Collector's Edition.

Platinum chip
Platinum Chip (Front & Back).jpg

A recreation of the game's platinum chip, part of the Collector's Edition.



A set of promotional postcards, one featuring the same from the in-game Hoover Dam loading screen, part of giveaways at E3 and PAX.

Pre-order add-ons

Fallout: New Vegas was sold by some retailers with four separate add-ons:


New California Republic
NCR T-shirt.jpg

Bethesda version

This New California Republic t-shirt was given out to journalists during the Las Vegas press event in April 2010. A white version was also worn by Bethesda staff at Gamescom 2010. This shirt was also given out as a prize for a Play N Trade store contest, as well as to attendees of Quakecon 2010. The New California Republic t-shirt was also given out on GameStop rewards points website for a short time.

Gamescom 2010

GamesCom t-shirt (back)

Gamescom-exclusive t-shirt, with Vault Boy in a trench coat, with a revolver in his hand, standing in front of the New Vegas skyline, with "Gamescom 2010" written below.

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