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Primary statistic Description Derived statistics and effects Associated skills
Strength A measure of your raw physical strength. Melee Damage
Carry Weight
Weapon strength requirement
Perception How well you use your five senses, and also pertains to a "sixth sense". Increased range for enemy detection. Energy Weapons
Endurance Your health and overall physical fitness. Health / Hit Points

Healing Rate
Poison Resistance
Radiation Resistance
Implant limit

Charisma Your overall attractiveness and likeability. Increased non-player character disposition
Companion nerve
Intelligence Your basic intellect, curiosity in the world and adeptness at critical thinking. Skill points per level
Less than 4 affects character's language skills
Agility A measure of your quickness and dexterity. Action Points
Draw/holster speed
Reload speed.
Luck How often good things happen to you by chance. Critical Chance
Success at gambling (blackjack, roulette, slots).

Perk requirements[]

Primary statistic Required
4 5 6 7 8
Strength Heave, Ho!, Strong Back Stonewall, Super Slam!, Burden to Bear Lonesome Road (add-on) Heavyweight Dead Money, Unstoppable Force
Perception Better Criticals, Friend of the Night, Light Step, Sniper, Alertness Lonesome Road (add-on) Hobbler Dead Money, Infiltrator
Endurance Lead Belly, Toughness, Rad Resistance, Strong Back Atomic! Old World Blues (add-on), Life Giver, Long Haul, Old World Gourmet Dead Money, Stonewall, Burden to Bear Lonesome Road (add-on) Solar Powered, Rad Absorption Implant GRX Old World Blues (add-on), Irradiated Beauty Lonesome Road (add-on)
Charisma Animal Friend, Ferocious Loyalty
Intelligence Comprehension, Educated, Entomologist, Swift Learner Nerd Rage!, Retention, Pack Rat Lessons Learned Lonesome Road (add-on) Computer Whiz, Voracious Reader Lonesome Road (add-on)
Agility Rapid Reload, Quick Draw Action Boy/Action Girl, Light Step, Light Touch Dead Money, Silent Running, Sniper Nerves of Steel, Slayer Tunnel Runner Lonesome Road (add-on)
Luck Fortune Finder, Scrounger Better Criticals, Junk Rounds Dead Money, Miss Fortune, Mysterious Stranger


  • The only ways to increase your SPECIAL statistics permanently are to get an implant from New Vegas medical clinic, take the Small Frame trait, or to use the Intense Training perk. One additional point is available upon completing Lonesome Road.
  • Starting Old World Blues automatically grants the Spineless perk (+1 Strength) and completing it gives the option to replace Spineless with Reinforced Spine (+2 Strength). However, these bonuses do not count for perk requirements.
  • Agility does not affect how fast you move, despite what various strategy guides and the in-game description itself says. This could be a glitch that has yet to be fixed, or intentionally taken out shortly before the game went retail, after the manual/strategy guides had already been published. You can easily test this by making a character with 1 Agility, and another character with maxed out Agility.
  • Like in Fallout 2, an Intelligence of 3 or lower will make your character speak like an idiot.
  • When gambling, Luck only tends to favor the player at 7 or higher.