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A poster is a piece of printed media used for broadcasting a visual message. It is designed to adhere to a wall, a billboard, or other vertical surfaces.

Posters are intended to be eyecatching, but also to convey information. They are often used to advertise a product or service, or by political parties and protestors as a form of propaganda. They are usually pasted on walls, above or near roadways, or inside buildings.

Several varieties of posters can be found throughout the Mojave Wasteland. Most of the examples are advertisements, and in some instances mirror those seen in the Capital Wasteland. They also appear in loading screens. Most were put up before the Great War and are still legible, albeit torn and weathered.



U.S. propaganda

A collection of pre-War propaganda billboards seen throughout Ashton and Hopeville.

On Solid Ground

FNV Hopeville Propaganda 3.png

Depicting the ICBMs housed underneath Ashton and Hopeville.

Our Children

FNV Hopeville Propaganda 2.png

Depicting several children at play with the background of a nuclear power plant a three cooling silos.

America's Bright Future

FNV Hopeville Propaganda 1.png

Depicting the 14-star flag swaying in the wind at dawn.

NCR propaganda

A common variety of posters in the Mojave Wasteland are those of the New California Republic. Some of the posters are based on American and British propaganda posters from World War II.

Careless Talk Costs Lives


Featuring an NCR trooper, and above the trooper it reads: "What I know-I keep to myself" and below it reads "CARELESS TALK COSTS LIVES," a reference to the "careless talk costs lives" propaganda featured in Britain during World War II.

Do Not Eat Irradiated Food


A warning to NCR troopers about eating irradiated food.

He fights for your FREEDOM!


This propaganda poster is advertising the New California Republic Rangers. A reference to a series of propaganda posters from World War II, depicting soldiers in a near-identical manner.

The Legion Awaits at the Gates of Hell


This poster shows a picture of Legate Lanius with silhouettes of many other Legion members behind him and the profile of an NCR soldier at the bottom. It reads: "The Legion awaits at the gates of Hell... and the NCR is gonna send 'em IN!"



This propaganda poster is meant to scare NCR troopers about any STDs they might get from the prostitutes of New Vegas. It is based on real world posters from World War II.

Women of the NCR


A poster with a female NCR trooper saying, "Every one of YOU who serves is a SLAP! across Caesar's face! "TAN HIS HIDE, LADIES!" This propaganda references the sexist policies of Caesar's Legion.

You are His Bitch!


An NCR poster showing a frumentarius over a green background with the text "When you steal NCR equipment, tools, and personal property... YOU are his BITCH!"

You Bring Democracy to This Land


A simple brown flyer with the text "NCR Trooper... YOU bring DEMOCRACY to this land."


RALPHIE the Robot's Incredible Odyssey!




Ad for magician & entertainer Ali-Din.



Ad for magician & entertainer Maxis, supported by Madame Lolita.



Advert for magician & entertainer Harry Wilfred.

Danny Parker


Ad for musician Danny Parker, with Paul Clooney.

Joey Baxter


Ad for musician Joey Baxter.

Dean Domino

FNV Dean Domino Poster.png

Ad for singer and entertainer Dean Domino.

Love Sets Sail!


Love Sets Sail! movie poster.

Mojave Advertisements

Build Mass with Sass!


A man in a red and white striped suit lifting a barbell with little effort while drinking Sunset Sarsaparilla. The text reads "Build Mass With SASS - Sunset Sarsaparilla." "Sass" is an abbreviation of the pronunciation of the word "sarsaparilla" (from Spanish) in English; the first "r" and the second "a" are omitted, and the "rr" and "ll" are pronounced as if there was only one of each.

A Fresh Delight!


A girl with braids about to drink from a bottle. The text reads "A Fresh Delight - Sunset Sarsaparilla."

Freshen Up!


A man and woman wearing bathing suits and holding a Sunset Sarsaparilla bottle. The text reads "Freshen Up With Sunset Sarsaparilla."

The Most Popular Beverage in the West!


A large billboard of a cowboy drinking a bottle of Sunset Sarsaparilla. It reads: "The most popular Beverage in the West!" and beneath the logo is "Made with pure cane sugar."

Dawn Of A Golden Age


A large Poseidon Energy logo in the center, the words "HELIOS One" as seen on the HELIOS One complex itself above the logo and the text "The Dawn Of A Golden Age" under the logo.

Begin Your Odyssey With Us


A Poseidon Energy ad showing the Greek god Poseidon blowing into the sails of a Greek galley. These are references to the other uses of code names from Ancient Greek mythology such as HELIOS and Archimedes. Also by saying "Odyssey" it refers to Odysseus from the Greek myth Odyssey.

Ruler of the Tides of Innovation!


A Poseidon Energy ad starting with the text "Ruler of the Tides of Innovation!" with Poseidon below on a mountain top holding his trident. Below is in a light blue box is the company logo and name.

Blast Off to the Future!

FNV REPCONN Poster clean.png

This advertisement also lists the museum's operating hours, which are still maintained by security robots 200 years later. The player character, like any pre-War attendee, may only tour the museum between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM. The billboard also mentions a gift shop, a reference to the rocket souvenirs, with their radioactive contents.

Hold up, Rocketeers!


The poster further reads: Looking for a tour? Blast up Highway 95 to REPCONN HQ in lovely Henderson! It can also be seen as a billboard on the road west of Novac.

Silver Rush


Ad for the Silver Rush, formerly a casino, now the Van Graffs' energy weapon shop.

Rita's Cafe


Ad for the Rita's Cafe.

Fancy Lads Advert

FO3 Fancy Lads ad clean.png

Ad for Fancy Lads Snack Cakes.

Cosmic knife


Ad for the cosmic knife.

Nellis Air Force Base: KEEPING AMERICA SAFE!

FNV Nellis AFB poster Keeping America Safe.png

The poster for Nellis Air Force Base shows a typical 50s American family standing hand in hand on a field with five airplanes coming overhead.

Hoover Dam: Powering and Protecting


Hoover Dam: Visit Hoover Dam Today


Hoover Dam: Blueprint

FNV Hoover Dam map nifsk.png

A blueprint of the Hoover Dam, found several places in the wasteland, including both New California Republic and Caesar's Legion locations.

Big Ranch Nevada State Lotto

Big Ranch Lotto billboard.png

An ad for Big Ranch Nevada State Lotto.




This REPCONN poster shows the silhouette of a man wearing a raincoat with the collar up and a hat groping towards the files in a drawer of a filing cabinet. This poster reflects messages found on terminals at the REPCONN test site about who one should or should not tell what they were working on at REPCONN.



This REPCONN poster shows the silhouette of a walking man with a hat and a suitcase while the background shows two wide-open eyes again. It presents the same message as the "corporate espionage" poster.



This REPCONN poster shows a man in a black suit wearing a tie with his hands up and a terrified look on his face while a sentry bot is closing on him from behind.

YOU! Employees Are Our Greatest Asset


This REPCONN poster shows three REPCONN employees behind each other, all facing the same direction.


Bitter Springs: NCR Camp Regulations

FNV NCR Bitter Springs poster.png

This poster outlines the NCR rules and regulations at the Bitter Springs refugee camp, including a sundown curfew, where one should go to the bathroom, no mixing of personal and camp supplies, how to claim property of kin, that triage decision appeals are no longer accepted, and a prohibition of firearms use.

20 Years of Excellence

FNV Collect Edition 43.jpg

This poster advertises the H&H Tools Factory.

Vault 11: I hate Nate

PosterVault11 01.png

The original poster meant for Nathan Stone in the overseer election.

Vault 11: I hate Kate

PosterVault11 02.png

The modified version of the "I Hate Nate" poster now meant for his wife Katherine Stone.

Vault 11: Elect Haley

PosterVault11 03.png

This poster is pushing for Donna Haley to be elected for overseer by pointing out the "wrongs" she did.

Vault 11: Don't vote Glover

PosterVault11 04.png

A poster meant to sway voters in not voting for Henry Glover.

Vault 11: Vote Stone

PosterVault11 05.png

A poster urging vault residents to vote for Nathan Stone and not Donna Haley, stating that any rumors against her are false.

Vault 11: Vote for Stone!

PosterVault11 06.png

A poster urging Vault Dwellers to vote for Nathan Stone and not Henry Glover because he's done nothing wrong.

Vault 11: Play for the winning team!

PosterVault11 07.png

This poster encourages Vault Dwellers to enlist with the Justice Bloc of Vault 11. It depicts a baseball player on the front with the tag "Play for the Winning Team!"

Vault 11: here's a new sheriff in town

PosterVault11 08.png

This poster encourages Vault Dwellers to enlist with the Human Dignity Bloc of Vault 11. It depicts a Sheriff winking with his two hands both pointing with the tag There's A New Sheriff in Town and he's LOOKING for DEPUTIES!

Zion National Park 1


Zion National Park 2


Zion National Park 3



Sierra Madre: Begin Again


An advertisement for the Sierra Madre Casino, a location in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Dead Money. It features the actress Vera Keyes. Found in the Executive suites and the Tampico.

Sierra Madre


Atomic Wrangler: The West's Finest Watering Hole!


Ad for the Atomic Wrangler casino.

Ultra Luxe: The best Of Everything All in one Place


Ad for the Ultra-Luxe casino.

The Tops: Come Let Loose and get crazy!


Ad for The Tops casino.

Gomorrah: Holster your Weapon


Gomorrah: Brimstone


Lucky 38: Welcome


Lucky 38: Win Big!


Lucky 38: Take her for a spin!

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