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General information[]

In Fallout: New Vegas, picking up notes will add them to the "Misc" category of one's Pip-Boy 3000's "Data" screen.


Cut contentCut from the final version of the game or add-on.
In-game spelling, punctuation and/or grammarName is spelled as it is in-game.
ImageHolotape/note contains an image.
SoundHolotape/note contains sound.
TextHolotape/note contains written text.


For locations and transcripts, please refer to the individual articles.

Base game[]

Name Related quest Editor ID Form ID
Text A tragedy has befallen all mankind The House Has Gone Bust! vObituaryMrHouse 00166660
Text About that bunker at Fortification Hill... N/A vYesManBunkerNote 00177875
Text Ambassador Crocker's note N/A VMS23CrockerNote 0011909A
Text Anderson's confession The White Wash VMS11AndersonNote 001618E4
Text Big Sal's password How Little We Know VMS21BigSalsPassword 00119488
Text Black Mountain investigation note Cut content N/A BMNCRTrooperNote 000E9C26
Text Black Mountain prison password N/A BMPrisonPasswordNote 000E60F2
Text Busted Radio Trudy's Radio Repair GSTrudyNote 001093C8
Text Cachino's journal How Little We Know VMS21CachinoJournal 000FA299
Text Camp Guardian daily log N/A NVCGLogXNote 0014B29E
Text Chairmen job offer N/A VMQ01JessupNote 00116FF9
Text Charlie Station requsition list Cut content N/A VMSRSCharlieLogNote 00123E28
Text Comm station password I Could Make You Care VMS49CommPassword 0014B049
Text Corporal White's journal N/A VMS11Note 000FC21C
Text Corpse Retrieved A Final Plan for Esteban McCarranProperBurialNote 00162018
Text Declaration of Vital Essence N/A vNiptonParanoidNote 0013A6A0
Text Dermot's ledger The Coyotes VMS13Note 000F95C6
Text Die-ary of Trash N/A SLTrashJournal01 00161F8C
Text Elaine's letter N/A VNoteElaine 00162B5A
Text Fine dining N/A VStripEpicureNote 00162B5B
Text First Sergeant Astor's log N/A CampSearchlightAstorLog 00166D9B
Text Food processor parts list Not Worth a Hill of Corn and Beans VFreeformMcCarranMessHallPartsListNote 000F5758
Text For Carla N/A VBooneLastLetterNote 0015FBAF
Text Forlorn Hope letter N/A VCFHTrooperNote0X 001629C4
Text Forlorn Hope mandate N/A VCFHMandateNote 0016400A
Text Frank Weathers' family Left My Heart NVCCFrankWeathersNote 0013ACA3
Text Freeside squatter camp note G.I. Blues VFSOffDutyNCRBarkerPasswordNote 0015C4AF
Text Getting Janet into Nellis Young Hearts vNellisJanetNote 001618E2
Text Go with Captain Parker to arrest Keith Keith's Caravan Charade VDialogueVegasEastArrestNote 0014D9AA
Text Goodsprings schoolhouse safe N/A GSSunnyNote 00116738
Text Halford's note Help for Halford FogTagFistNote 00148432
Text Help me! N/A SLBasincreek 0015CC27
Text Henchman message to Andy Scabb N/A VOVNVAndyScabbNote01 0013E541
Text Hidden Valley self-destruct password The House Always Wins V
For the Republic, Part 2
Render Unto Caesar
Wild Card: Side Bets
HVSelfDestructPassword 001645E9
Text Inventory transfer order N/A VMS49GunNote 0014C122
Text Jack's Love Story Young Hearts NellisJackNote 0010A1C2
Text Jet theft note Kings' Gambit VFSRealJetNote
Text Karl's journal Oh My Papa VRRCKarlsJournalNOTE 00144EB9
Text Legion orders N/A CampSearchlightLegionNote 0014E32E
Text Legion patrol notes Eye for an Eye NVCCLegionNotesNote 00135A3C
Text Legion raid plans Eye for an Eye NVCCLegionPlansNote 00135A3D
Text Legion slave ledger Oh My Papa VRRCLegionSlaveLedgerNOTE 00144675
Text Letter to Gloria Heartache by the Number CassNoteVanGraff 0015D9E0
Text Matchbook Beyond the Beef VMS18Matchbook 00112015
Text Mayes request Tags of Our Fallen CFHNCRDogtagNote1 00125844
Text Mayor Steyn's journal N/A vNiptonMayorsNote1/2 (note) 0013722D
Text Missing laser pistol (note) Pistol Packing HVTorresNote 0016774E
Text Mojave Express delivery order (4 of 6) N/A PrimmCourierNote 0015BC9B
Text Mojave Express delivery order (6 of 6) They Went That-a-Way VMQ01CourierNote 00105BCD
Text Motor-Runner Bounty Bounty Killer VMS07BountyNote 000F0A2E
Text Nellis artillery timing details Highway to the Danger Zone 0015A37B
Text Nellis Missile Metal Missing a Few Missiles 00107DBA
Text Nellis Scrap Metal N/A 00107DBB
Text Nellis Solar Array Sunshine Boogie 0010A1C3
Text Nighttime sniper 000CE88E
Text Note (Hidden Valley) 000E44AA
Text Note from Corporal White The White Wash 001429E8
Text Note from White to Dazzle The White Wash 001618E3
Text Note to Tyrone Don't Make a Beggar of Me 001429F5
Text Old Legion paperwork Eye for an Eye NVCCLegionPapersNote 0013512A
Text Omertas stopped buying from Mick How Little We Know VFreesideMickOmertaNote1 00113214
Text Order of Withdrawal All or Nothing 0015ECAB
Text Overseer's journal fragment N/A V34OverseerJournal01Note 00135F1F
Text Overseer's password N/A 0013A727
Text Pacer's patient record Kings' Gambit 001205BB
Text Powder Ganger notes N/A PowderGangerCampNote01 0010A13C
Text President Kimball's itinerary You'll Know It When It Happens VMQ03KimballItinerary 00132F2D
Text Ranger journal N/A HVRangerJournalFirst 000E5289
Text Recipes - Brahmin Wellington N/A RecipesBrahminWellingtonNote 00175AAB
Text Recipes - Cass' moonshine N/A RecipesCassMoonshineNote 0016163E
Text Recipes - Cook-Cook's Fiend stew N/A RecipesCookCooksFiendStewNote 00175AB0
Text Recipes - Rose's wasteland omelet You Gotta Break Out a Few Eggs RecipesRosesWastelandOmeletNote 0013D52C
Text Recipes - Turbo Aba Daba Honeymoon RecipesTurboNote 00146D1A
Text Repair note N/A BMRepairNote3 000E64E7
Text Reprimand recommendation The White Wash VMS11RomanowskiNote 001429E9
Text Revenge note Birds of a Feather VFSSilverRushBomberNote 0015A7BB
Text Schematics - dog tag fist Help for Halford SchematicsDogTagFistNote 00146C7A
Text Sexton's note An Ear to the Ground CFHNCRSextonNote1 00126D48
Text Sniper nest location N/A VCFHSniperNote 00164009
Text Stealthboy shipment update Come Fly With Me REPCONBasementTerminalNote6 000CD21D
Text Storage room safe N/A REPCONNotePassword 000CCEF1
Text N/A N/A REPCONPresidenPassword 000E85F0
Text Strip letter N/A VStripGamblerNote01 00162ABD
Text Thanks, baby Ring-a-Ding-Ding! vBennyLoveNote 0016665F
Text They didn't shoot the deputy My Kind of Town VFreeformPrimmSheriff 000E3755
Text Threatening note N/A ElReyMotelRoom01Note 000FE9F5
Text Tomas's journal The Star Showdown SSHQTomasNote 00140CA8
Text Torn diary N/A SLFarmDiary01 001544BD

Dead Money[]

Name Related quest G.E.C.K. ID Form ID
Text Casino security passcode NVDLC01CasinoPasscode01 xx00A5A2
Text Ennis's note Cut content NVDLC01Gala02EnnisLockerNote xx00EC9F
Text Journal NVDLC01wtJournalNote xx012280
Text Journal NVDLC01ETJournalNote xx0136F4
Text Remote maintenance terminal password NVDLC01Gala02EnnisTerminalFromNote xx00EC9E
Text See you in hell asshole NVDLC01Gala02MercNote xx013B19
Text Shipment invoice Cut content NVDLC01wtShipmentInvoiceNote xx01227F
Text Sierra Madre entertainer pass Curtain Call at the Tampico NVDLC01PassEntertainerNote xx009238
Text Sierra Madre maintenance pass Put the Beast Down NVDLC01PassMaintenanceNote xx009237
Text Stained note NVDLC01wtStainedNote xx01227E
Text Stained page NVDLC01ETStainedPageNote xx0136F5
Text Suites security pass Last Luxuries NVDLC01SuitesSecurityPassNote xx00FE77
Text Tampico's stage manager passcode Cut content NVDLC01TheaterEntertainerPasscodeNote xx0109EF
Text Torn journal NVDLC01ETTornJournalNote xx0136F6
Text Toxic samples NVDLC01Gala02SampleNote xx01336E
Text Vera Keyes' partitures NVDLC01StarletPartitures xx0108EA
Text Worker's note NVDLC01VaultWorkerNote xx013894

Honest Hearts[]

Name Related quest G.E.C.K. ID Form ID
Text Sorrows healing powder supply NVDLC02HealingPowderNote xx00A672

Old World Blues[]

Name Related quest G.E.C.K. ID Form ID
Text Betsy Bright's Disciplinary Record Sonic Emitter Upgrade NVDLC03X8SchoolRecord xx00DD48
Text Cherie O' Bannon's After-School Schedule Sonic Emitter Upgrade NVDLC03X8SchoolSchedule xx00DD4A
Text Elijah's Watch journal NVDLC03ElijahWatchJournal xx0155C7
Text Midterm Grade Report: Richie Marcus Sonic Emitter Upgrade NVDLC03X8SchoolGrades xx00DD49
Text Schematics - K9000 FIDO NVDLC03SchematicsFIDONOTE xx0142CA
Text Sonic emitter notice NVDLC03X13FieldGunNOTE xx00DBA4
Text Torn journal page NVDLC03ElijahSignalHillsPage xx0155C8
Text VR simulation note NVDLC03X13VRNOTE xx01634D

Lonesome Road[]

Name Related quest G.E.C.K. ID Form ID
Text Bitter drink recipe NVDLC04BitterDrinkRecipeNOTE xx00CF39
Text For whoever finds this.... Nostalgia challenge NVDLC04SLWasteDisposalNOTE xx00A19C
Text "Missing" shipment NVDLC04ChineseGrenadeLauncherNOTE xx00CAA0
Text Mission report Nostalgia challenge NVDLC04DivideJournal02 xx00910D
Text NCR Ranger action reports Nostalgia challenge NVDLC04AudioLogTrooperNOTE01 xx00BD38
Text Pvt. Foster's personal journal Nostalgia challenge NVDLC04DivideJournal01 xx007E48
Text Sunflower Summers' diary Nostalgia challenge NVDLC04DivideJournal03 xx00A2CF