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This page lists transcripts of all pop-up message boxes in Fallout: New Vegas.


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Snow globe


You found a Limited Edition Mojave Landmark Snowglobe!

These rare, pre-War artifacts are widely considered to be useless baubles, but rumor has it some collectors will pay dearly for them.

Mojave Express dropbox


Welcome to the Mojave Express!

Mojave Express drop boxes, like this one, can be used to deliver items to any Mojave Express Dropbox that you've discovered. Once you find a Mojave Express Dropbox, just activate it and you will be able to use that location to send and receive items.

Strange still

Strange still message box

Attached to the still is a note with the following ingredients: 1 Vodka, a Mutant Cave Fungus, 1 Salient Green.

Laser detonator

Laser detonator message box

You've found the Laser Detonator Ulysses spoke of, a piece of Pre-War tech that can detonate the nuclear warheads scattered around the Lonesome Road. You can use it to open new paths, kill your enemies from afar, or even discover secret loot caches. Just pint it at a warhead, hold down the trigger, and watch the explosion.

If what Ulysses said is true, you'll need this in advance, which means there must be a warhead blocking the way forward. You'll need to find the correct warhead and detonate it.


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Mr. House


You are committing to fight for Mr. House at the battle for Hoover Dam which will determine the fate of New Vegas for decades to come.

If there's anything you want to do before you enter the battle, do it now - before you cross the point of no return.



You are committing to fight for an Independent Vegas at the battle for Hoover Dam which will determine the fate of New Vegas for decades to come.

If there's anything you want to do before you enter the battle, do it now - before you cross the point of no return.

Caesar's Legion


You are committing to fight with Caesar's Legion at the battle for Hoover Dam which will determine the fate of New Vegas for decades to come.

If there's anything you want to do before you enter the battle, do it now - before you cross the point of no return.

New California Republic


You are committing to fight with the NCR at the battle for Hoover Dam which will determine the fate of New Vegas for decades to come.

If there's anything you want to do before you enter the battle, do it now - before you cross the point of no return.


Unification Monument[]

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Unification Monument
Mojave Outpost

FNV NCR Unif Monum (2)

In the year 2271, the Desert Rangers of Nevada and rangers of the New California Republic met at this spot to sign the Ranger Unification Treaty. Under this treaty, the Desert Rangers agreed to be absorbed into the NCR in exchange for NCR's protection of Hoover Dam, New Vegas, and southern Nevada against the forces of Caesar's Legion.


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Vance's outfits
Vikki and Vance Casino

FNV Vance outfits placard

These mannequins display replicas of some of the clothing that was found in the trunk of Vikki and Vance's death car. Vance didn't share Vikki's sense of fashion, and chose to dress himself how he envisioned a gangster would dress.

Vikki's outfits
Vikki and Vance Casino

FNV Vikki placard

These replica outfits show just how conscious Vikki was of the styles of the period. Vikki was well known for her sense of fashion and her fixation on expensive clothing was thought to be one of the reasons the pair chose a life of crime.

Vance's gun
Vikki and Vance Casino

FNV Vance's gun placard

The 9mm submachinegun preserved in the glass case to the left of this plaque is the ACTUAL weapon Vance carried in a paper-wrapped box under some suitcases in the trunk of his car during his and Vikki's crime spree! Never fired, and luckily untouched by the hail of bullets that ended its notorious owner's life, the weapon's mint condition inspires dread in all who look upon it. Experts speculate that Vance might have killed as many as fifty people had he ever fired the gun - so long as his aim was exact and he was starting off with a full clip - or even more if he had additional ammo clips and remembered to reload!


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Underpass Cut content

00104687 Cut content

This purifier would provide clean water to Underpass, if it were functional. Whoever assembled it had no idea what they were doing - many parts are connected incorrectly or hooked up backwards. Someone with the proper knowledge could easily get the purifier operational.

[Repair of 35 or greater required to fix the generator.]
[Science of 35 or greater required to modify the generator's settings.]

Black Mountain[]

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Black Mountain Warning


The tattered message paper looks hastily scrawled by a shaky hand. It reads:

"If you can read this, please know that you are in great danger if you continue on this path. If you value you life, turn back now. If you must proceed, I implore you to head west past the gate, which will take you to my dwelling. Take the trails rather than the roads, and you may live long enough for us to meet face to face.


Boulder City Memorial[]

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Boulder City Memorial

On this spot in the year 2277, rangers and soldiers of the New California Republic turned back the forces of Caesar's Legion during the Battle of Hoover Dam. Over one hundred men and women gave their lives on Nevada soil to defend local civilians and the principles of the Republic. May this humble stone be an enduring memorial to their valor and sacrifice.


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FNV PYTHON Message pop box

This robot has been fitted with a variety of tools specialized for industrial maintenance. However, there is nothing left in the room for it to repair. Leave.


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Quarry Junction generator


This generator would provide power to Quarry Junction, if it were functional. Whoever assembled it had no idea what they were doing - many parts are connected incorrectly or hooked up backwards. Someone with the proper knowledge could easily get the generator operational.

The Divide[]

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Nuclear warhead


Firing the laser detonator at any warhead will cause it to explode after about five seconds of continuous fire. Before it explodes, the warhead will glow and flames will shoot through the skin. The explosion will leave behind residual radiation like a mini nuke.


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"Boring Old Rod? Or..."
REPCONN headquarters

FNV Boring Old Rod

What's this? A dull rod? Not so, Rocketeers! This "dull rod" once powered REPCONN's old nuclear-propelled rockets and still contains harmless* traces of radioactive material. As an exercise, stare closely* at the rod and try to spot the telltale glow!

* While this case is lead-lined (standard in these cases, not specifically requested for this display), do not touch, look, or stand too close to this exhibit - keep your legs moving and see the rest of the museum!

"Plas-Ma What?"
REPCONN headquarters

FNV Plasma

Hold up, Rocketeers, what's this? This trio of cylinders isn't a trio of cylinders at all!* They're containers holding what some* scientists call "plasma." Can you say "plasma?" REPCONN's always looking to the future, and in our future, we don't have to worry about radiation, health risks, or lawsuits when using this new and improved fuel source to blast our rockets into and out of the sky!

* Clarification: "Cylinders" and "plasma" are factually correct designations of display items, both by definition and by the scientific community.

"Radioactive Waste?"
REPCONN headquarters

FNV Radioactive Waste

We've all heard "stories" that radiation is dangerous - fact or fiction?* A common site in factories, military installations, and the basements of selected government-funded middle schools, these safety barrels* are just what the name implies - safe. While their attractive coloring can be interpreted as a warning, for REPCONN, it's an invitation to a future filled with nuclear power!

* Rhetorical questions and nomenclature of exhibit items cannot be used as a basis for criminal prosecution.

"Nuclear Family!"
REPCONN headquarters

FNV Nuclear Family

Why, look here! A pile of itty-bity safety barrels,* all nestled together like a family sitting down to dinner! Now, while it's claimed even the safest nuclear waste disposal procedures seep poison into the environment that never, ever goes away, in REPCONN's case, we say it all depends on where you put them - and Nevada's just the place!

* Nomenclature for "hazardous waste barrels" as per REPCONN glossary specs.

"Ready, Set, Launch!"
REPCONN headquarters

FNV Ready Set Launch

Force your parents a short drive south, and you'll see the retractable dome of REPCONN's launch facility (not actual size!). You may have heard wild stories about rocket flights and their impact* on nearby towns and communities, but REPCONN feels you can't put a price of space exploration - after all, Rocketeers, you do want to go into space someday... don't you?

* Statement is figurative and inadmissible as evidence in a court of law.

"Rockets Away!"
REPCONN headquarters

FNV Rockets Away

Just like the rocket you see here, we're aimed at the sky, but we've got a ceiling in the way! See, Rocketeers, while REPCONN is (was) focused on non-radioactive* propulsion engines, we still need to sneak back and use some of our older "proven" techniques with nuclear-driven engines to make space travel a reality. Partnered with our new buddy RobCo, we've dug up older, cheaper technology for upcoming orbital projects. No worries, even if you can't always see what we're up to up there - we can see you!

* Any implication of radioactive material as negative is unintentional and in no way reflects RobCo or its subsidiary REPCONN.

REPCONN headquarters

FNV Needlenose placard

This sleek and purple R77-293A "Needlenose" is what happens when you mix fossil and plasma in a rocket and shake it up! The fossil fuels punch this sharp-nosed terror through the sky, and the plasma is used to shoot it through space to planets where REPCONN can mine more fossil fuels,* continuing the whole cycle again!

*Interplanetary mining and resource rights still in negotiation.

"Big Fat Fiery Fred"
REPCONN headquarters

FNV Big Fat Fiery Fred

V29-321G may look like a big, fat, red rocket, Rocketeers, but Ol' Fatty here ran circles around the Earth not so long ago, so let's see you keep up! Sure, V29-321G's re-entry gave it its more commonly-known nickname "Big Fat Fiery Fred," but here at REPCONN we chose to focus on the successes and apply what we learned about explosive-resistant shielding to future models and even our landing platforms!*

*The newly-(re)constructed REPCONN Launch Facility was a direct beneficiary of this discovery.

"Green Bean"
REPCONN headquarters

FNV Green Bean placard

Officially called the "Z43-521P" by silly engineers, we prefer to call this little scrapper by its true nickname, the "Green Bean." After all, which would you prefer in your backyard garden - a smoldering Z43-521P, or a green bean?* One sounds like it belongs if mentioned on the news, and make news it did... featuring REPCONN's plasma engine, it was soooo newsworthy that we decided to take the Quantum Matter Modulation unit out and see if we could use it for non-explosive uses.

*Rocket nickname chosen after results of first trial landing.

"Watch Your Step!"
REPCONN headquarters

FNV Watch your step

Whoa, watch your step! You don't want to be facing this fearsome fellow if you accidentally stumble into a restricted area. Whether sporting the latest in dual miniguns, rockets, or laser cannons, the Sentrybot not only takes it job seriously, it also takes no prisoners! It's proof of RobCo's commitment to defense that these deadly guards are concealed in chambers throughout this facility, so let this be a warning: Watch where you step, or out'll come RobCo, guns blazing!

Exhibit Brought to You By Your Friends at RobCo

"The 'I' in 'Eyebot.'"
REPCONN headquarters

FNV Eyebot message box

RobCo's always had an eye for robotics, and this little fellow is no different! This robotic marvel can not only recognize your face and voice with advanced facial and auditory recognition technology, it can also broadcast video and audio as well! Think of it - all the sights and sounds of your radio and TV in your living room at home blasted directly at you on the street, subway, bathroom, or wherever you may be! Never fear, you'll never miss a news bulletin or presidential address again, no matter where you are!

Exhibit Brought to You By Your Friends at RobCo

"The 'Hand' in 'Handy'"
REPCONN headquarters

FNV Hand in Handy

You never can have too many hands - three, why not four? That was RobCo's inspiration behind the popular (and cost-effective) Mr. Handy model, the first of the line shown here. Always a help around the household, whether with Mom in the kitchen using its titanium circular power saw or in the garage with Dad using its armor-piercing laser array, Mr. Handy is not just helpful... he's your friend, too.

Exhibit Brought to You By Your Friends at RobCo

"It's Got Wheels!"
REPCONN headquarters

FNV Its Got Wheels

Some folks have asked - why not a Protectron with wheels? RobCo wasn't afraid to answer that question: The Protect-O-Bot is the answer. While safety standards prevented this free-wheeling dynamo from entering mass market production despite RobCo's best intentions and teams of lawyers, we take consolation in letting you can see this extremely well-funded experiment as it was intended - a robot moving so fast it looks like it's standing still!

Exhibit Brought to You By Your Friends at RobCo

"Our Rich, Rich Solar System"
REPCONN headquarters

FNV Rich Rich Solar System

A model of our solar system (not actual size). Beautiful, isn't it? RobCo, with its subsidiary REPCONN, has often gazed into the night sky, seeing the rich pageant of stars and planets above us. Our goal? To send unmanned rockets to these other systems, seeing their beauty firsthand while mining ever deeper into each planet's surface for precious resources needed here at home. This is our promise to mankind, extending our reach into a future where the number of RobCo and REPCONN rockets match the stars in the sky.

This Exhibit Brought To You By Your Friends at RobCo



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Ammunition is used by almost all Guns and Energy Weapons but is sometimes used by other weapon types. Basic ammo types have no special effects, but ammo subtypes may increase damage, reduce an enemy's Damage Threshold, or even decrease a weapon's spread. Effects are listed on the ammo submenu when the ammo is highlighted. Most weapons can use any ammo subtype that starts with the same name as the base ammo. Common ammo subtypes include:

  • Armor Piercing: Ignores a large portion of the enemy's Damage Threshold, does slightly more damage.

  • Hollow Point: Does much more damage, but is easily blocked by armor.

  • Over Charge: Used by Energy Weapons, increases damage but degrades the weapon more quickly.

  • Slug: Used by shotguns, slugs replace buckshot with a single, large bullet that is more accurate.

To switch ammo subtypes, equip them on this menu. Outside of the Pip-Boy, press 2 to cycle through ammo subtypes for your currently equipped weapon.


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Apparel can consist of many different types of gear ranging from clothing and armor to sunglasses and hats.

  • DT: Some apparel grants Damage Threshold (DT) to the wearer. Your DT is the sum of all DT for currently equipped apparel plus any bonuses from perks or chems. DT is directly subtracted from incoming damage, so a higher DT provides superior protection. Though a small percentage of damage can get through even the thickest armor, a high DT is quite valuable.

  • CND: Apparel's Condition (CND) affects how much protection it provides. Apparel above 50% CND provides maximum protection and only needs to be maintained.

  • Light/Medium/Heavy: Medium and Heavy apparel will slow characters down when equipped.

  • Repair: This option opens the Repair submenu, which allows apparel to be repaired by salvaging parts from similar items.


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Starting Caravans

HelpCaravanStarting Caravans

The first phase of Caravan game play involves each player drawing eight cards from his or her deck. From this hand, each player, in turn, lays down one numbered card or ace per "track" on the three caravans. A player's three caravans are competing for contracts with their opponent's caravans opposite them on the same track.

If a player has no numbered cards or aces in his or her hand, or if he or she is unhappy with any given card currently in hand, the player may discard and draw from his or her own deck. However, discarded cards are out of play for the current game and a smaller deck increases the player's odds that they will be forced to forfeit the game through exhaustion.

Deck Building


To play Caravan, you must assemble a deck that consists of at least 30 cards. Cards may be found in the world or purchased from vendors. You may assemble any arrangement of cards, but certain deck compositions will have strengths and weaknesses against any given opponent.

Once you have selected a satisfactory deck, you may proceed to game play. This interface will always remember the last Caravan deck you assembled, allowing for easy modification on subsequent games.

Contract War


Most game play in Caravan occurs during the Contract War. In this phase, both players are attempting to build their caravans and get them signed. To do this, their caravan must be neither light (below 21) or burdened (over 26). They must also compete with their opponent on the same track to prevent being outbid within the legal range.

On each of the three tracks, a caravan is considered signed if its value is from 21 to 26 and it is higher than the opponent's caravan on the same track. If two caravans are tied, neither is signed until the tie is broken. The game ends when all three tracks have signed contracts. Note: it is possible for a player to win while signing only two of the three contracts (the third going to the opponent). In such cases, all winnings still go to the overall victor.

Players have the following options on their turn:

  • Play one card and draw a new card from his or her deck.
  • Discard one card from his or her hand and draw a new card to replace it.
  • Remove one of his or her own caravans from the table, discarding all cards in it.

Caravans are primarily built with numbered cards and aces, which can be placed in the player's caravans according to the following rules. Caravans with more than one card have a direction (ascending or descending) and a suit. Direction is determined by the last two cards in a caravan, suit by the last card in a caravan. All subsequent cards must continue in the same direction OR they must match suit. Cards of the same numerical value cannot be played in sequence, regardless of suit.

Face cards can be attached to numbered cards and aces in any player or opponent caravan. Face cards affect numbered cards and aces in various ways:

  • Joker - Played against A, 2-10. Effects change based on whether it is an ace or numbered card (see below). Multiple jokers may be played on the same card.
  • Ace - Value of 1. Jokers played on aces remove all other non-face cards of the ace's suit from the table. E.g. a joker played on an ace of spades removes all spades (except face cards and that card, specifically) from the table.
  • 2-10 - Listed value. Jokers played on these cards remove all other cards of this value from the table. E.g. a joker played on a 4 of hearts removes all 4s (other than that card, specifically) from the table.
  • Jack - Played against A, 2-10. Removes that card, along with any face cards attached to it.
  • Queen - Played against A, 2-10. Reverses the current direction of the hand, changes the current suit of the hand. Multiple queens may be played on the same card.
  • King - Played against A, 2-10. Multiplies the value of the card upon which it is played. Multiple kings on the same card will have a multiplicative effect. E.g. one king on a 3 = 6. Two kings on a 3 = 12.


Caravan players begin the game by establishing a mutual bet. There is only one betting phase per game. Since Caravan has its roots in merchant caravans, players are allowed to use any common currency available, regardless of its origins. Though bottle caps are common, players may also offer NCR dollars or Legion coins. Once a bet is established, players move on to deck building.


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In addition to showing the direction you are currently facing, your compass displays several other useful pieces of information.

If you have an active quest, any quest targets will be displayed on your compass as arrows. A quest target will flash faster and faster as you get closer to it. If you have placed your own marker on the map, this will be displayed as a transparent arrow.

People and creatures that you perceive are displayed on the compass as vertical bars. Red bars indicate enemies.

Out in the Wasteland, the compass also indicates nearby locations as small triangles.


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Crimes are divided into two categories: major and minor.

Minor crimes cause only the victim to become hostile to you:

  • Theft: If the owner sees you steal something that she owns, she will try to take it back from you. If you try to escape, or persist in stealing from her, she will attack you (or run for help). If you fight back, you are now committing a major crime (Assault, see below).

  • Trespass: If the owner sees you open a locked door, container, or computer, he will immediately attack you.

Major crimes cause the victim and the victim's friends to become hostile to you:

  • Assault: Attacking someone without provocation, or fighting back when someone attacks you for a minor crime.

  • Murder: If there are witnesses who care about the victim, they will become hostile to you.

If a fight starts that you did not intend, you can attempt to yield by holstering your weapon. This may or may not be successful depending on how the attacker feels about you.


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Slots are casino gambling machines that have three or more reels that spin when a button is pushed or lever is pulled. Each reel randomly stops on or between one of many symbols on the reel. Depending on the combination of symbols that comes up, the player will either lose his or her bet or receive a payout based on the odds of the combination coming up.

Different slot machines have different numbers of symbols and correspondingly different payout odds. You can check the payout odds from within the game at any time.



Roulette is a game of chance in which a ball is spun on a spinning wheel marked with 38 colored and numbered pockets. As the ball loses momentum, it eventually drops into one of the pockets. Before the ball is spun, players place bets on individual numbers or groups of numbers, the colors red or black, or whether the number will be odd or even. If the ball lands in a pocket covered by one of the player's bets, he or she receives a reward proportional to the odds of his or her bet. Player bets fall into two categories: inside bets and outside bets.

Inside Bets - Inside bets are placed on the numbered sections of the board or on the outside edges.

  • Straight-Up - A single number. The chip is entirely inside the square.
  • Split - Two adjoining numbers. The chip is placed on the line between the numbers.
  • Street - Three numbers in a horizontal line. The chip is placed at the edge of a line.
  • Six Line - Two adjoining streets. The chip is placed at the edge between two streets.
  • Corner - Four numbers in a square. The chip is placed at the intersection of the four numbers.
  • Basket - 0, 1, and 2; 0, 00, and 2; or 00, 2, and 3. The chip is placed at the intersection between the three numbers.
  • Top Line - 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3. The chip is placed at the corner of 0 and 1.

Outside Bets - Outside bets are played off of the main numbered section of the board and never include 0 or 00.

  • 1-18, 19-36 - The first and second halves of the numbered board.
  • Red, Black - Red and black numbers.
  • Even, Odd - Even and odd numbers.
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd Dozen - The first (1-12), second (13-24) or third (25-36) set of numbers.
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd Column - A bet on an entire vertical column of numbers. The chip is placed at the base of the column.


Blackjack is a game played with one more standard decks of playing cards. In Fallout: New Vegas, it is played between the Courier and a casino dealer. The goal is to play a hand of two or more cards up to, but not exceeding, a combined value of 21 points. The value of each hand is determined by adding together the values of each individual card. Cards 2-10 are worth their listed value. Face cards (Jack, Queen, King) are worth 10 points. Aces are worth either 1 or 11 points, whichever is more advantageous. A hand that exceeds 21 in total value is considered a "bust" and immediately loses.

After the initial bet is made, the player and dealer are both dealt two cards. Based on the Courier's current hand, the player has different options:

  • Hit - Add a new card to the Courier's hand. The player must accept the value of this card, though aces provide whatever value is most advantageous at any given time.

  • Stay - Courier's hand is effectively "locked" and the dealer will deal cards into his or her own hand until his or her hand is at least 17. Note: at some casinos, dealers will continue to hit on a "soft" 17 that contains an ace. In either case, the dealer has no decision-making process and will always follow the listed rule.

  • Double Down - The Courier's bet is doubled but the dealer will give the Courier's hand only a single additional card.

  • Split - If the Courier's initial hand is a pair, the player may double his or her bet and split the pair into two separate hands that are played individually.

  • Surrender - This option is only available immediately after the first cards are dealt. It offers the player the option to sacrifice half of his or her bet and immediately fold. It is typically only done when the player's hand is particularly bad and the dealer is showing a very strong hand (for example, an ace).

Once the dealer has completed dealing into his or her own hand following the player's choice to stay, the values of the Courier's hand and the dealer's hand are compared. Assuming neither party has busted (gone over 21), the higher value wins. In the case of a tie, the hand is considered a push. If the dealer has "blackjack" (an ace and a ten-value card), he or she automatically wins unless the Courier also has blackjack. In that case, the hand is considered a push.

Individual casinos use different numbers of card decks, pay out natural blackjack hands at different odds, and shuffle their decks with varying frequency. Pay close attention to these details to develop advanced playing strategies.

Hardcore mode[]

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Hardcore mode

FNV Hardcore Mode message box

Fallout: New Vegas allows you to play in a new Hardcore mode that greatly increases the challenge of the game. In this mode, Stimpaks heal over time and cannot mend broken limbs, Rad-Away removes radiation over time, ammunition has weight, and dehydration is a constant concern. This mode is only recommended for advanced players.

You may turn Hardcore mode on or off at any time in the Gameplay menu, but if you activate Hardcore mode now and maintain it through the end of the main storyline, you will receive a special reward. Would you like to activate Hardcore mode?

Hardcore mode


Welcome to Hardcore Mode! There are three basic needs that Hardcore Mode requires you to monitor: dehydration (H2O), starvation (FOD), and sleep deprivation (SLP). Each of these needs must be monitored and kept in check or you will suffer penalties and, in extreme cases, death.

Your needs are continually ticking away and can be monitored on the Status screen of your Pip-Boy. When you start to suffer ill-effects from neglected needs, your HUD will display the corresponding code for that need. Be aware that waiting, sleeping, and Fast Travel will also affect your needs. If performing any of these activities would result in death, you will be prevented from doing so.

  • Dehydration (H20) - Dehydration increases at a faster pace than starvation or sleep deprivation. It can be relieved by drinking water or eating certain types of food. Some drinks, such as alcohol and soda, can increase dehydration, so be careful!

  • Starvation (FOD) - The onset of starvation is slower than dehydration, but quicker than sleep deprivation. It can be relieved by eating food.

  • Sleep Deprivation (SLP) - Sleep deprivation is the most low-maintenance of the basic needs. Though a few chems and drinks can help offset sleep deprivation, nothing beats sleep itself.


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Three basic types of objects in the world can launch the crafting interface: Campfires, Workbenches, and Reloading Benches. Each station allows the creation of a subset of items. Though many recipes are visible at any time in the game, some recipes will only appear when the player completes a quest or finds a special item. You may also find that certain companions or special locations can open special crafting interfaces for the player.

Recipes have skill and ingredient requirements that must be met to proceed. If any requirement is darkened, that requirement has not been met. Any recipe that has all of its requirements fulfilled will appear fully lit. After using a recipe, the product(s) of the recipe will all immediately be available in your inventory.


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You have established a reputation with a group of people in the wasteland! Whether that reputation is good or bad, you're finally somebody, and people associated with that group will start to react to what you've done. There are many different factions in the wasteland, and you can develop a distinct reputation with each one.

As you perform actions that benefit a group, you will gain Fame. If you perform actions that harm a group, you will gain Infamy. Your reputation with any given group is a measure of the combined total of Fame and Infamy that you have earned. The benefits and drawbacks of any given reputation depend on the group itself. You may receive discounts with merchants, provoke attacks from hired thugs, or simply be treated differently.

Though you will initially start out with a Neutral reputation with any given faction, your Fame and Infamy will eventually push your reputation in different directions. You can see all of your current reputations under the General section of your Pip-Boy.

Good Reputations:

  • Smiling Troublemaker - Some good, a little bad.
  • Good Natured Rascal - Good, a little bad.
  • Accepted - Some good.
  • Liked - Definitely good.
  • Idolized - Most good.

Mixed Reputations:

  • Soft-Hearted Devil - More bad than good.
  • Dark Hero - More good than bad.
  • Mixed - Some good, some bad.
  • Unpredictable - Good and bad.
  • Wild Child - Most good, most bad.

Bad Reputations:

  • Sneering Punk - Some bad, a little good.
  • Merciful Thug - Bad, a little good.
  • Shunned - Some bad.
  • Hated - Definitely bad.
  • Vilified - Most bad.


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All weapons fall under a weapon skill category that determines how effective the weapon is: Guns, Energy Weapons, Explosives, Melee Weapons, or Unarmed. Compare the small icon below and to the left of the weapon's icon to the icon shown on the Pip-Boy's skill menu.

  • DAM/DPS: These indicate the base Damage and Damage Per Second, respectively. Weapons with a low DAM have difficulty penetrating armor. If you hit a target's Damage Threshold, switch to a weapon with a higher DAM or use ammo that reduces the target's Damage Threshold (e.g. Armor Piercing).

  • STR and Skill: Many weapons have a Strength and/or skill requirement. If your character does not meet the Strength or skill requirement for the weapon, its aim will wobble (if a firearm) or it will attack more slowly (if a hand-to-hand weapon).

  • CND: A weapon's Condition affects the amount of damage is does. At 75% Condition or higher, a weapon does maximum damage and only needs to be maintained. A weapon with low Condition will do less damage and may jam when reloaded.

  • Repair / Mod: These options take you to the Repair and Mod submenus, where you may repair damaged equipment or attach weapon modifications, respectively.

Dead Money[]

Honest Hearts[]

Old World Blues[]

Lonesome Road[]