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Derived statistic Description Derived from Initial value
Action Points The higher the number, the more actions you can perform in a single V.A.T.S. round. Agility (AGL * 3) + 65
Carry Weight How much you can carry before you become overencumbered. Strength (STR * 10) + 150
Companion Nerve How much bonus damage and defense your companions receive. Charisma (CHA * 5)%
Critical Chance Chance that a hit will inflict critical damage. Luck (LCK)%
Damage Resistance Any damage taken is reduced by this percentage. It is applied before DT. Only a few rare non-player characters use DR. Perks, Med-X, Slasher, Battle Brew
Damage Threshold This amount is subtracted from any damage taken. Armor worn, Perks, Implants.
Dehydration A meter that will tell you if the player is dehydrated or hydrated. (Hardcore mode) Survival
Amount of water drank
Fatigue How much special fatigue damage you can take before you are knocked unconscious. Endurance
Fire Resistance All fire damage you receive is reduced by this percentage. Armor worn, atomic cocktail
Hit Points How much damage you can take before you die. Endurance 95 + (END * 20) + (Level * 5)
Melee Damage Bonus damage with Melee Weapons Strength (STR * 0.5)
Poison Resistance All poison damage you receive is reduced by this percentage. Endurance (END * 5) - 5
Radiation Resistance How adept your body is at ignoring exposure to radiation. Endurance (END * 2) - 2
Reload Speed The reduction of the amount of time taken to reload a weapon. Agility 10% per AGI > 5
Skill Rate How many skill points your character gains per level. Intelligence, Perks (INT x 0.5) + 10
Sleep A meter that tells you how long the player has been awake and when the player needs sleep. (Hardcore mode) Amount of time slept in a bed
Starvation A meter that tells how hungry the player is. (Hardcore mode) Survival
Amount of food consumed
Unarmed Damage Damage done with fists (damage of Unarmed weapons is added to this value). Unarmed skill (Unarmed skill/20) + 0.5