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Permanent companions


All eight permanent companions in Fallout: New Vegas. From left to right: Rex, Cassidy, Raul (Vaquero outfit), Lily, Boone (assault armor), ED-E, Veronica, and Arcade.

You can have up to two companions in your party (one humanoid and one non-humanoid). All permanent companions have a unique quest line that you can follow in order to "upgrade" them, usually giving them new armor or new perks.


Non-Humanoid companions

  • ED-E, a prototype eyebot designed for combat and reconnaissance operations. It can be found in Primm, in a non functional state, lying on the counter inside the Mojave Express Which is labeled in-game as "Nash Residence". ED-E requires 65 Repair (or 35 Repair if the player possesses a 55 Science skill) to fix him or 3 pieces of scrap Metal, 2 sensor modules, and some scrap electronics.
  • Rex, is a cyberdog in Freeside under the ownership of the King. He is suffering from neural degradation as his old brain decays. He can be recruited after finishing Nothin' But a Hound Dog

Dead Money companions

These companions are only available while playing the Dead Money add-on, they are only temporary and will not follow the player around as standard companions do:

Honest Hearts companions

These companions are only available while playing the Honest Hearts add-on, they are only temporary and will not follow the player around as standard companions do:

Old World Blues companions

  • Roxie, a cyberdog which you create using the available splicing machine and acquiring the correct holotape. Roxie will follow the Courier around the X-8 research center only; she cannot leave it. When you interact with her, it is only through dialogue rather than the command wheel. Unlike Rex, you cannot open her inventory to give/take things. Even in non-hardcore mode she can die, but you can then go make another Roxie.

Lonesome Road companions

Temporary followers

Temporary followers are NPCs who accompany you during a quest, or offer their support only for a limited time or within a certain area. Unlike permanent companions, temporary companions do not use the companion wheel, do not heal automatically, and with the exception of Deputy Beagle do not have an option to exchange equipment.

Icon cut contentThe following is based on Fallout: New Vegas cut content and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
  • Ulysses was also planned as a permanent companion, but was cut from base game.
Icon cut contentEnd of information based on Fallout: New Vegas cut content.


  • After For Auld Lang Syne's completion, Arcade will leave the Courier until the attack on Hoover Dam. (You can recruit another humanoid companion to replace him.)
  • Recruiting all 8 permanent companions will earn you The Whole Gang's Here Achievement.
  • Permanent companions are controlled via the Companion wheel.
  • You do not need to have your companions actively following you to gain their perks; they can be told to wait.
  • While actively following you, permanent companions are treated as essential (unless you are playing on Hardcore Mode, see below). It is important to note that they are only essential when following you, and they can be killed both before they join you and after you tell them to leave. In Hardcore mode, companions can be killed even while actively following you, but do not require food or drink and are not affected by radiation or drowning.
  • Should you tell your companion to wait for you at The Lucky 38 they will be waiting in your presidential suite ready to be rehired. Note that you have to tell them you want to split up through the talk menu for them to go and wait for you. Just selecting the wait here option in the Lucky 38 will not work. In both Casual and Hardcore mode, companions sent to wait in the Lucky 38 will take and consume consumable items left out and even in containers. Consumable items, (stimpaks), may also be used by active companions when transferred into their inventory. In fight situations even ED-E will use consumables. Also on rare occasions humanoid companions can even take weapons or unique weapons from containers to replace their own.
  • Unlike in Fallout 3, where dismissed companions would walk all the way from their current location to their home, dismissed companions in Fallout: New Vegas are instantly transferred to the their home location upon being dismissed. In addition, no companion checks against Karma when being hired, though they will check against your reputation with one or more factions. Cassidy will leave if you have a severely negative Karma, though it is still possible to hire her initially.
  • If siding with Mr. House a Securitron will accompany you during the final battle for the dam; however this Securitron does not count as essential and can die, even with Hardcore mode turned off.
  • When ever you complete a story quest, next time you enter a conversation with your companion they will talk about the quest.
  • There is a way to get all 6 humanoid companions, check Fallout: New Vegas exploits for the details.
  • Every permanent companion has their own quest, either side or unmarked.
  • When having one or two companions in the game, saving the game and starting a new one will actually mark them in your Pip-Boy map in the new game as if they were following you even if they don't.
  • Companions will drop any weapon they had currently equipped if said weapon breaks.
  • Companions are NPC, therefore their received/dealt damage towards other NPC are not modified by game's difficulty setting.


Each companion also has a special attribute referred to in the game as Nerve. Nerve boosts the damage and Damage Threshold of each companion by 5% for each point of Charisma a character has. So Nerve grants a total bonus of +50% damage and damage threshold to companions with 10 Charisma and only +5% to both at 1 Charisma. A person with a starting Charisma of 1 can boost their companions nerve to the maximum by use of an Empathy Synthesizer or Intense Training, Party Time Mentats (+5), high Survival (so that alcohol adds +3 Charisma) or stacking moonshine with another type of alcohol.

Because Nerve only affects DT and damage, companion quests that bestow other bonuses upon completion (such as movement speed) are potentially less effective for players with high Charisma.

Weapons and armor


All permanent companions' default weapons have unlimited ammunition. If you equip your follower with a better weapon, (DPS is checked) add ammunition and check its count from time to time - they seem to hold on to the new weapon when out of ammunition or switch to melee instead.


Permanent humanoid companions can wear and/or carry all types of clothing that is not associated with any faction. They can also wear all types of armor and power armor that is not related to a faction, even without having Power Armor Training. They only change gear if the given one has a better Damage Threshold than their own outfit. This may not always hold true, however; giving multiple copies of the same outfit to a companion may result in them equipping an inferior copy, despite the difference in DT.

Companions will refuse to wear or even carry faction-specific apparel, except apparel corresponding to their faction. Giving invalid faction apparel to a companion will result in that companion immediately dropping the item (see Bugs for errors that occur with this); it is not returned to the player, but must be picked up from the ground. This also applies to non-human companions who cannot wear armor, i.e. Lily Bowen, Rex, and ED-E. Only Boone and Veronica are able to carry or wear faction apparel. As a former member of NCR 1st Recon, Craig Boone will carry or wear any NCR faction apparel. Veronica, as a member of the Brotherhood of Steel, will wear Brotherhood power armor. She will also accept apparel specific to the White Glove Society, and giving her the items White Glove Society attire or Formal wear will result in her teaching you the unarmed move Scribe Counter. She will not wear these items, however, because their DT is inferior to her default clothing.

Behind the scenes

Icon cut contentThe following is based on Fallout: New Vegas cut content and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Several remaining resources point to the game having at one point allowed for the Courier to have multiple humanoid companions. Primarily this is found in disabled dialogue options, such as a conversation with Mortimer where the Courier would have needed to specify which of their human companions they were offering to Mortimer.

Icon cut contentEnd of information based on Fallout: New Vegas cut content.


  • PCIcon pc When entering the casinos on the Strip, they will take all companions' weapons. Exiting will not return their weapons they own.
  • Arcade Gannon will sometimes not show the recruit dialogue when you have a non humanoid companion (e.g. rex or ED-E). this seems to happen when arcade is in the lucky 38. the only way to fix this is to dismiss all companions, then recruit arcade then recruit the other companion again.
  • PCIcon pc After dismissing Arcade to the Lucky 38 and re-recruiting Boone at the same location, Boone's default weapons shifted to those of Arcade's (Plasma defender & Ripper).
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360 Companions who are poisoned will have the full effect of their poison "dumped" when using a stimpak on them. This can result in negative HP which cannot be cured with more stimpaks, and they will die as soon as you exit the companion wheel. (For weaker poisons, this may lower their HP, but since it doesn't go below zero, they don't die.) On the other hand, they will not use antivenom, so the poison may end up killing them naturally. This is especially a problem with Veronica, as she prefers unarmed combat. Patched in Fallout: New Vegas patch
    • One way to solve for it is to prevent them from being poisoned in the first place. Make sure they are set to ranged weapons before fighting dangerous poisonous creatures. (Veronica, despite her complaints about using ranged weapons, is very good at Energy Weapons.) If the fighting is really bad, just have them stay put and tank the creatures yourself. (At least you can use stimpaks and antivenom without ill effect.)
    • Another way around this includes having hardcore mode turned off (if it is active). The poison will cause your companion to go unconscious a few times, but the poison will eventually wear off. After that, hardcore mode can be turned back on. The reason for this working is simply because in casual mode, companions are set as essential and cannot die.
      • Note: Turning off hardcore mode at any point in the game will disable the hardcore achievement, so this solution is not recommended for anybody who is trying to get that achievement.
    • Yet another way is to tell the companion to wait, which appears to replenish the companion's health and remove the poisoning. The follower can then be asked to rejoin. This can be performed even during combat.
    • Temporary solution is sending your companion home or to the Lucky 38 then recruiting them again.
    • Alternatively treating them with stimpaks very quickly after they are poisoned will prevent their health becoming negative and actually heal them instead of killing them. Note that it can take 20+ stimpaks to fully heal Rex.
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360 The option to dismiss companions to the Lucky 38 will disappear even before Mr. House becomes hostile to the player.
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360 Items in companion inventories will sometimes disappear from the inventory, yet the weight of the item(s) will still remain.
  • Playstation 3Icon ps3 Sometimes, when entering combat from a disance with a melee enemy while your companions are also set to melee and placed right behind you can result in them getting stuck on the Courier and ultimately killing him/her when they try to attack the incoming enemy.

Fixed bugs (Patch

  • If you have several companions in the Lucky 38 at one time and leave weapons lying around, they may start to fight each other, and will die due to the fact that they are no longer listed as an essential. A solution is recruiting the one that the other companions are ganging up on, so that they are essential. Once that companion is knocked out the fighting stops. (Sandbox-AI caused human companions to attack non-humans if the latter carried consumable goods)
    • This may be not completely fixed in player/1.20.352: There was an instance of Rex and/or EDE attacking the human companions upon returning to The Lucky 38: This only seems to have been corrected after going back a couple saves and removing all remaining inventory from Rex; see more details at Talk:Rex (Fallout: New Vegas)#Rex Attacking Companions and NPCs.
  • PCIcon pc Dismissing companions to the Lucky 38 can sometimes result in them staying in the same location instead of moving to the Lucky 38. So if you cant find your companions at the 38, check where you dismissed them. (As of Patch companions no longer walk to their residence but are teleported immediately).
  • The achievement/trophy The Whole Gang's Here doesn't count the companions you've currently recruited, but rather the total number of times you've recruited a companion. Furthermore, this count is not restricted to a single playthrough, so it will count "repeat" recruiting of a single companion. It is thus possible to recruit the same four companions over two playthroughs and get the achievement.
  • Sometimes when entering a casino, your companion will lose their weapons, and upon leaving, they will still not have their weapons. Mysteriously, the Courier will have it. It is impossible to give it back. The guns run on MCA ammunition, so they just clog up the inventory. To fix this, tell your companion to wait outside. This can happen to ED-E.
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360 When entering Lucky 38, Vault 21 or the Gomorrah courtyard with Veronica, she occasionally was removed from the game.
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