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This page lists all cell IDs in Fallout: New Vegas (minus the wilderness IDs).


  • coc <cell edid> - Use this console command to teleport to a specific cell. The "cell edid" variable should be replaced with the editor ID for the location in question.


Cell ID GECK EditorID Location name
0010FDEA 2EOCasHiHotelLobby01 2EOCasHiHotelLobby
0010FDEC 2EOCasLoHotelLobby01 2EOCasLoHotelLobby
0010245F AbandonedUsonianHome01 Abandoned Home
00125B32 GSAbandonedShack Abandoned Shack
00064C6C IsolatedCamp04Interior Abandoned Tent
00126F7C FreesideVanGraffWarehouse Abandoned Warehouse
000E6AFA AerotechOfficeInterior02 Aerotech Suite 200
000EF2E3 AerotechOfficeInterior01 Aerotech Suite 300
0015E60B AerotechTent Aerotech Tent
001524BE SLAlliedTechnologiesOfficesINT Allied Technologies Offices
00139206 HooverDamIntArizonaSpillway Arizona Spillway Tunnel
00096CEC DevArmory Armory
00110F2B FreesideAtomicWrangler Atomic Wrangler
00111DE7 FreesideAtomicWrangler2 Atomic Wrangler
00159954 FreesideAtomicWranglerRoom Atomic Wrangler
000EE3BB Barracks01Interior Barracks01Int Template
000EE3C3 Barracks02Interior Barracks02Int Template
0010D3F1 BCSaloonInterior Big Horn Saloon
001067F6 NellisRefinery Biodiesel Refinery
00133EC4 3CBSRecreationOffice Bitter Springs Recreation Office
00154BD3 SLBlackRockCaveINT Black Rock Cavern
00158194 SLSulfurCave01INT Bloodborne Cave
000CAE83 NovacBoonesRoom Boone's Room
00164608 SLSulfurCave03INT Bootjack Cavern
0010BDF3 BCTrainStationInterior Boulder City Train Station
00153928 SLAbandonedShack01INT Bradley's Shack
001544BE SLBeerBootleggerINT Brewer's Beer Bootlegging
000E60D7 BlackMountainRadio "Broadcast Building, 1st Floor"
000E60F4 BlackMountainRadio2 "Broadcast Building, 2nd Floor"
00103F5E RatCaveINT Broc Flower Cave
001555FD SLBoSBunkerINT Brotherhood of Steel Bunker
001583C9 SafehouseBoSINT Brotherhood of Steel Safehouse
0001EC51 VendorChestsCell Buried Vendor Chests
001592EA SafehouseLegionINT Caesar's Legion Safehouse
00121484 CampForlornHope02 Camp Forlorn Hope Barracks
0013FD34 CampForlornHopeCommandCenter Camp Forlorn Hope Command Center
00121483 CampForlornHope03 Camp Forlorn Hope Jail
0013FD35 CampForlornHopeMedCenter Camp Forlorn Hope Medical Center
00120DCF CampForlornHope01 Camp Forlorn Hope Mess Hall
00121482 CampForlornHope04 Camp Forlorn Hope Shack
00121481 CampForlornHope05 Camp Forlorn Hope Storage Shed
001671EE 2CCampGolfDiningTent Camp Golf Mess Tent
001551BE 2CCampGolfTents Camp Golf Tent
001551BD 2CCampGolfTents2 Camp Golf Tent
00140EB7 CampGuardianCaves2 Camp Guardian Cave
0013DD63 CampGuardianCaves Camp Guardian Caves
000F1893 CampMCTermInt01 Camp McCarran Concourse
000F47B3 CampMCTermInt04 Camp McCarran Supply Shack
000F4025 CampMCTermInt02 Camp McCarran Terminal Building
0010108B CannibalJohnsonCave Cannibal Johnson's Cave
00157387 SLCapCounterfeiterINT Cap Counterfeiting Shack
00134580 3CBoatRentals Captain Dean Boat Rentals
000F3BDC CrimsonCaravanBarracks02 Caravaneer Barracks
00127DCD UnderpassStClair Carlyle St. Clair's House
000F33A7 WestsideCasaMadridApartments Casa Madrid Apartments
0008D0FA NCRPrisonBlockA Cell Block A
0008D48E NCRPrisonBlockB Cell Block B
000D6F5E NCRPrisonBlockC Cell Block C
001597A4 VDONOTDELETE "Cell for Dead Void Creatures"""""
0012BE12 OVCentralSewers01 Central Sewers
0011ED00 FreesideRobotShop Cerulean Robotics
0013D7E5 JacobstownNightstalkerCave Charleston Cave
000CD1E3 NovacCliffsRoom Cliff Briscoe's Bungalow
001392C5 CottonwoodCoveBuilding01 Cottonwood Cove Building 01
00130B8B CottonwoodCoveHQ Cottonwood Cove HQ
00130B8C CottonwoodCoveMess Cottonwood Cove Mess Hall
00133E39 CottonwoodCoveRestroomF Cottonwood Cove Restroom
00133E37 CottonwoodCoveRestroomM Cottonwood Cove Restroom
00130B8D CottonwoodCoveShack Cottonwood Cove Shack
00133E38 CottonwoodCoveStorage Cottonwood Cove Storage
00154BD6 SLCoyoteMineINT Coyote Mine
00154BD5 SLCoyoteMineHouseINT Coyote Mine House
000F6407 CraftsmanHomesInterior01 Craftsman Home 01 Template
000F5E5A CrimsonCaravanMainOffice Crimson Caravan Main Office
00164E29 SLDeadWindCavernINT Dead Wind Cavern
000CD9AB PrimmDeputyResidence Deputy Beagle's Residence
000B1670 NovacGiftShop Dino Bite Gift Shop
000B83FE NovacMotelLobby Dino Dee-lite Front Desk
00103DF9 GSDocMitchellHouse Doc Mitchell's House
0013B1A9 DummyMarkerCell Dummy Cell for Scripted XMarkers
0015F434 DummyVESVEFRCell Dummy Cell VES VEFR Encounters
00169E4C OVCentralSewers02 East Central Sewers
000FB681 1ECisternC East Cistern
000E8F6F 1EEastPumpStation East Pump Station
00155EF0 SLElDoradoGasINT El Dorado Gas & Service
000E551B ElReyMotelRoom01 El Rey Motel Room
000EF2E4 ElReyMotelRoom02 El Rey Motel Room
000F5E35 ElReyMotelRoom03 El Rey Motel Room
000151E3 MegatonPlayerHouse Empty House
00161E98 Endgame Endgame
000FF7D1 SSHQ01 Factory Floor
001064D5 RandomEncounterNPCs FFE vendor chests
00156AA1 SLAbandonedShack03INT Fields' Shack
00154829 SLCavernFireRootINT Fire Root Cavern
00156AA2 SLFishermansShackINT Fisherman's Pride Shack
0015A822 FollowersOutpostInterior Followers Outpost
0015844C SafehouseFollowersINT Followers Safehouse
0011CAA5 FreesideNPCDump Freeside NPC Dump
000841D9 GibsonScrapYardInterior Gibson Garage
000E5745 NovacAbandonedShack Gibson's Shack
0010DA72 Gomorrah02 Gomorrah 3rd Floor
0010D629 Gomorrah00 Gomorrah Lower Lobby
0010CC8F Gomorrah01 Gomorrah Main Level
0010DA71 Gomorrah03 Gomorrah Suites
0011118C GomorrahPlaceholder Gomorrah Top Floor
00153159 SLGoodspringsCaveINT Goodsprings Cave
00109038 GSGasStation Goodsprings Gas Station
001057F1 GSGeneralStore Goodsprings General Store
00105659 GSHouseInterior01 Goodsprings Home
001055E1 GSHouseInterior02 Goodsprings Home
00105619 GSHouseInterior03 Goodsprings Home
00105CF7 GSHouseInterior04 Goodsprings Home
00108F39 GSSchoolHouse Goodsprings Schoolhouse
0013F07E 4BRRCArmory Great Khan Armory
0010143F GreatKhanCave Great Khan Cave
001716CA BCKhanHideout Great Khan Hideout
0013E5D2 4BRRCPapasCabin Great Khan Longhouse
0012B523 3CBSCave1 Great Khan Supply Cave
0012B522 3CBSCave2 Great Khan Supply Cave
0012B521 3CBSCave3 Great Khan Supply Cave
000F3BD7 CrimsonCaravanBarracks01 Guard Barracks
000ECDE8 GunRunnerHQInterior Gun Runner Headquarters
0012B7FB GypsumAbandonedBuilding Gypsum Quarry Office
000EDDC8 NorthVegasHouseTools H&H Tools Factory
000FFCAF NellisHangar1 Hangar
00108CBA NellisHangar1b Hangar
00154826 SLAbandonedShack02INT Harper's Shack
000D8052 HELIOSOneDeck HELIOS One Observation Level
000D7E48 HELIOSOnePlant HELIOS One Power Plant
0015F048 SLHellsMotel Hell's Motel
00146607 CampSearchlightHiddenCave Hidden Supply Cave
000D7504 HiddenValleyBunker1 Hidden Valley Bunker
000E508B HiddenValleyBunker2 Hidden Valley Bunker
000E50A9 HiddenValleyBunker3 Hidden Valley Bunker
000E508A HiddenValleyBunker4 Hidden Valley Bunker
000D7506 HiddenValley01 Hidden Valley Bunker L1
000D7505 HiddenValley02 Hidden Valley Bunker L2
001300F6 HDBattleSpawn Hoover Dam Battle Spawner
0013830C HDCombatTest Hoover Dam Checkpoint
00133880 HooverDamIntCheckPoint Hoover Dam Checkpoint
0013216B HooverDamIntODeckStairs Hoover Dam Emergency Stairs
00134FF4 HooverDamExt Hoover Dam Exterior Dummy Cell
00134FF5 HooverDam Hoover Dam Global Dummy Cell
00133FB1 HooverDamIntIntakeTower01 Hoover Dam Intake Tower 01
00134B9D HooverDamIntIntakeTower02 Hoover Dam Intake Tower 02
00134B9E HooverDamIntIntakeTower03 Hoover Dam Intake Tower 03
00134EC9 HooverDamIntIntakeTower04 Hoover Dam Intake Tower 04
00134FF3 HooverDamInt Hoover Dam Interior Dummy Cell
00143827 HooverDamIntPowerPlant Hoover Dam Interior Dummy Cell
00133171 HooverDamIntLowerLevel Hoover Dam Lower Level
00175D68 HooverDamIntPowerPlant01b Hoover Dam Offices
001206D8 HooverDamIntPowerPlant01 Hoover Dam Power Plant 01
00144126 HooverDamIntPowerPlant02 Hoover Dam Power Plant 02
0013EC23 HooverDamIntPowerPlant03 Hoover Dam Power Plant 03
00144125 HooverDamIntPowerPlant04 Hoover Dam Power Plant 04
00133170 HooverDamIntTower01Interior Hoover Dam Tower
001699F6 HooverDamIntTower02Interior Hoover Dam Tower
001699F5 HooverDamIntTower03Interior Hoover Dam Tower
00130DDE HooverDamIntODeck Hoover Dam Visitor Center
000FE889 1EHostetlerHome Hostetler Home
0010067A 2CCampGolfResort House Resort
001037DF RanchHouseInterior01 Hunter's Farmhouse
000F461A IsaacHouseInterior Isaac's House
00146B8E JacobstownBungalow01 Jacobstown Bungalow
00146B8D JacobstownBungalow02 Jacobstown Bungalow
00146BE4 JacobstownBungalow03 Jacobstown Bungalow
0013CA81 JacobstownLodge Jacobstown Lodge
00148A5B SLJeanSkyDivingINT Jean Sky Diving
000BB9E7 NovacJeannieMayHouse Jeannie May Crawford's House
0015D8B2 SLOldWellINT Jimmy's Well
00126392 GomorrahJoanaRoom Joana's Room
0010E03B FreesideKingsHouse King's School of Impersonation
000F0977 WestsideLiquorStoreInterior Klamath Bob's Liquor Store
0010C482 LakeMeadCaveINT Lake Mead Cave
00110DB1 2ELVBStation Las Vegas Boulevard Station
00147554 LegateCampTent Legate's War Tent
00105791 NellisLoyalHut Loyal's House
001221C4 Lucky38BasementFloorB2 Lucky 38 Basement
0010D512 Lucky38CasinoFloor01 Lucky 38 Casino
0010F23B Lucky38ControlRoom Lucky 38 Control Room
0010F23C Lucky38SuiteFloor22 Lucky 38 Floor 22 Suite
00112D0B Lucky38Penthouse Lucky 38 Penthouse
00154BD4 SLLuckyJimMineHouseINT Lucky Jim Mine House
000E5E38 QJMachineShop Machine Shop
000CAE84 NovacVargasRoom Manny Vargas' Room
000B9352 NovacMcBrideHouse McBride House
00117B98 TestDance Mentats Test Level
00108BED TestMentats Mentats Test Level
000E5CCF QJMessHall Mess Hall
00105238 NellisHangar2 Mess Hall & Munitions Storage
0010EDCD 2EOMichaelAngelo Michael Angelo's Workshop
0010E02A FreesideMickandRalphs Mick & Ralph's
000F0820 WestsidePawnShopInterior Miguel's Pawn Shop
000E6486 QJOffice Mining Office
001671F0 2CCampGolfMisfitsTent Misfits' Tent
0010561A RanchHouseInterior03 Mojave Home
00105A6B UnderpassRanchInterior01 Mojave Home
00141AA5 MojaveOutpostBarracks01 Mojave Outpost Barracks
00141AA6 MojaveOutpostHQ01 Mojave Outpost Headquarters
000F33A8 MonteCarloSuitesInterior Monte Carlo Suites
001532F7 SLCavern01INT Morning Star Cavern
000CD3E5 NovacMotelRoomQueen1 Motel Room
000CD3DF NovacMotelRoomQueen2 Motel Room
000CD3E0 NovacMotelRoomTwin1 Motel Room
000CD3E1 NovacMotelRoomTwin2 Motel Room
000B8A7D NovacPlayersRoom Motel Room
000D70E2 PrimmNashResidence Nash Residence
0008D516 NCRPrisonAdministration NCR CF Administration
00113C66 2ENCREmbassy01 NCR Embassy
00113C64 2ENCREmbassy02 NCR Military Police HQ
001592E5 SafehouseNCRINT NCR Ranger Safehouse
001567FE PrimmTents NCR Tent
001788AA PrimmTentsHayes NCR Tent
00101A46 NellisGenerator Nellis Array Generators
00106499 NellisMuseum Nellis Boomer Museum
00102196 NellisBarracks04 Nellis Children's Barracks
00105177 NellisMedHut Nellis Medical Station
00102197 NellisBarracks02 Nellis Men's Barracks
001055C5 NellisSchool Nellis Schoolhouse
001021AD NellisBarracks03 Nellis Women's Barracks
00102194 NellisBarracks05 Nellis Women's Barracks
00105894 NellisWorkshop Nellis Workshop
00124099 NelsonBarracks01 Nelson Barracks
001244CD NelsonBarracks02 Nelson Barracks
001244CC NelsonHouse01 Nelson House
001244CB NelsonHouse02 Nelson House
001244CA NelsonHouse03 Nelson House
001244C9 NelsonHouse04 Nelson House
001244C8 NelsonHouse05 Nelson House
001532F6 SLNHPStationINT Nevada Highway Patrol Station
0008EAE7 NVVendorChestsCell New Vegas Buried Vendor Chests
000ED50F NVWildwastelandCell New Vegas Buried Vendor Chests
000F3DD3 1EUsonianHome01 New Vegas Home
000ED19F NewVegasMedicalClinicInterior New Vegas Medical Clinic
001347CB OVSleepCell01 New Vegas Residence
0013A42E OVSleepCell02 New Vegas Residence
000FF6B1 1ESteelMill New Vegas Steel
00132933 NiptonGeneralStore Nipton General Store
00136FCF NiptonHotel Nipton Hotel
001385CA NiptonHouse1 Nipton House
001385C9 NiptonHouse2 Nipton House
001385C8 NiptonHouse3 Nipton House
001385C7 NiptonHouse4 Nipton House
001385C6 NiptonHouse5 Nipton House
001385C5 NiptonHouse6 Nipton House
001385C4 NiptonHouse7Tinker Nipton House
001393F6 NiptonHouse8Paranoid Nipton House
00151F80 SLniptonRoadMarketINT Nipton Road General Store
000B8FA7 NovacNoBarksShack No-bark's Shack
0015B75B SLSulfurCave02INT Nopah Cave
000F18B6 1ECisternA North Cistern
0012BE35 OVNorthSewers01 North Sewers
000EDDC6 NorthVegasGenericHouse01 North Vegas House
000EDDC7 NorthVegasGenericHouse02 North Vegas House
000EDDC5 NorthVegasGenericHouse03 North Vegas House
000EDDD1 NorthVegasGenericHouse04 North Vegas House
00157A92 NorthernPassageINT Northern Passage
0012BE13 OVWestSewers02 Northwest Sewers
000B94BC NovacGenericHouse01 Novac House
000B975B NovacGenericHouse02 Novac House
001544AF SLNuclearTestShackINT Nuclear Test Shack
001372B5 CottonwoodCoveAurelius Office of Aurelius of Phoenix
0011ED01 FreesideFortInterior Old Mormon Fort
00133172 HooverDamIntOliverArea Oliver's Compound
000FB680 OrionMorenoHouse Orion Moreno's House
00102195 NellisBarracks01 Pearl's Barracks
000E8202 EDSubstation Power Substation
0009A285 PrimmGenericHouse01 Primm House
0009A283 PrimmGenericHouse02 Primm House
0009A284 PrimmGenericHouse03 Primm House
000A2086 PrimmGenericHouse04 Primm House
0009A288 PrimmSheriffStation Primm Sheriff's Office
000E60D8 BlackMountainPrison Prison Building
00106185 GSProspectorSaloonInterior Prospector Saloon
00101C32 PowderGangerRanchHouse01 Ranch House
000B85C1 NovacAndysRoom Ranger Andy's Bungalow
0011324F RSCharlieInterior Ranger Station Charlie
000841C8 RSCharlieNVDESTROYED Ranger Station Charlie
00112472 RSDeltaInterior Ranger Station Delta
0010C1AE RSFoxtrotInterior Ranger Station Foxtrot
00155A05 SLRaulsHomeINT Raul's Home
0015ECEC OVWestSewers03d Red Lucy's Chamber
001591D5 SLRemnantsBunkerINT Remnants' Bunker
0007EA61 RocketLabBasement REPCONN Basement
00081D1F RocketLabMid REPCONN Facility
000E5A8D RepconHQ02 REPCONN Office 2nd Floor
000E5A84 RepconHQ01 REPCONN Office Main Floor
000E5A88 RepconHQ03 REPCONN Office Top Floor
00081CFA RocketLabTop REPCONN Research Labs
0002DEB3 GirderShadeRonaldHouse Ronald Laren's Home
0015626C SLRubyHillMineINT Ruby Hill Mine
0011641C FreesideSupplyDropHouse Ruined Store
0014658B HooverDamIntTest Ruined Store
0012CF26 NPCTextureTest Ruined Store
0012CF29 NPCTextureTestDifferent Ruined Store
00116BD9 WarehouseBathrooms2 Sample Bathrooms of All Sizes
001532F8 SLscorpionBurrowINT Scorpion Burrow
00147407 OVWestSewers02b Sealed Sewers
0013F41B CampSearchlightChurch Searchlight Church Basement
001555FE SLGoldMine01INT Searchlight East Gold Mine
0013F420 CampSearchlightSchool Searchlight Elementary School
0013F41E CampSearchlightFireStation01 Searchlight Fire Station
00140418 CampSearchlightFireStation02 Searchlight Fire Station
0013F41C CampSearchlightEdwards Searchlight Home
0013F41D CampSearchlightChurchNCR Searchlight NCR Storage
001555FC SLGoldMine02INT Searchlight North Gold Mine
0013F41A CampSearchlightPoliceStation Searchlight Police Station
0012428E SecuritronVault Securitron Vault
000F4615 SharecropperBarracks01 Sharecropper Barracks
0015626D SLSilverPeakMineINT Silver Peak Mine
0015737E SLSilverPeakMineShackINT Silver Peak Mine Shack
0010E029 FreesideSilverRush Silver Rush
000D7F7A HELIOSOneTower Solar Collection Tower
000F1911 1ECisternB South Cistern
00103F9C SouthVegasAntMound South Vegas Ant Mound
00129ADA OVWestSewers01 Southwest Sewers
000E60D0 BlackMountainTreasure Storage Building
0013BC28 Vault19c Sulfur Cave
00154828 SLSunkenBeachHouse01INT Sunken Beach House
00154827 SLSunkenBeachHouse02INT Sunken Beach House
0013AC65 HooverDamIntODeckStorage Supply Closet
000E70AA TechatticupMineInterior Techatticup Mine
0007B204 MS14MrGutsyVoice Test Cell for Char Progression
0016521E TestTraps Test Cell For Traps
00165E80 TOPSAcesTheater The Aces Theater
0015C89A SLBasincreekINT The Basincreek Building
000D6FAF BisonSteve01 The Bison Steve Hotel
000D6FA8 BisonSteve02 The Bison Steve Hotel
001188ED ULGourmand The Gourmand at the Ultra-Luxe
000FD7B9 OVNVTheGray The Gray
00153680 SLprospectorsDenINT The Prospector's Den
00171CF3 SLprospectorsDenINT02 The Prospector's Den
0013396D OVWestSewers03 The Thorn
0015D2BF OVWestSewers03c The Thorn's Cages
0015CE12 OVWestSewers03b The Thorn's Creatures
0010E429 2ETopsBennysFloor The Tops 13th Floor
0010D2D4 TOPSCasino The Tops Casino Main Floor
0010E19B 2ETopsPresidentialSuite The Tops Presidential Suite
00165E81 TOPSRestaurant The Tops Restaurant
000D7845 VikkiAndVance The Vikki and Vance Casino
00140C31 TheFortSum TheFortSummitDummy
0015182B NiptonTownHallInteriorFloor2 Town Hall Assembly Floor
00130C7C NiptonTownHallInterior Town Hall First Floor
00131F9B NiptonTownHallInteriorFloor3 Town Hall Steyn's Office
000E8EC5 TrainStationInterior Train Station
001024D9 NellisTunnel Train Tunnel
00155EEF SLTumbleweedRanchINT Brooks Tumbleweed Ranch
0010CDA6 ULBath Ultra-Luxe Bathhouse
0010D4ED ULCasino Ultra-Luxe Casino Floor
001185F9 ULRooms Ultra-Luxe Hotel Rooms
00119670 ULKitchen Ultra-Luxe Kitchen
00125AAD ULPenthouse Ultra-Luxe Penthouse
000F2F72 Usonianhome01Int Usonianhome01int Template
000F4501 Usonianhome02Int Usonianhome02int Template
000E5F5F Vault11a Vault 11
000E63E0 Vault11b Vault 11 Living Quarters
000E6A6E Vault11c Vault 11 Lower Level
0013BC26 Vault19a Vault 19 - 1st Floor
0013BC27 Vault19b Vault 19 - Living Quarters
0010FDEB 2EOVault21 Vault 21
00116592 2EOVault21GiftShop Vault 21 Gift Shop
000E60C2 Vault22d Vault 22 - Common Areas
000E60FD Vault22a Vault 22 - Entrance Hall
000E6090 Vault22c Vault 22 - Food Production
000E608F Vault22b Vault 22 - Oxygen Recycling
000E60CD Vault22e Vault 22 - Pest Control
000ED511 Vault3b Vault 3 - Living Quarters
000EDC47 Vault3c Vault 3 - Maintenance Wing
000EC3A2 Vault3a Vault 3 - Recreation Area
00129E5B Vault34a Vault 34 - 1st Floor
00138A9E Vault34c Vault 34 - Armory
00138AA0 Vault34b Vault 34 - Reactor
0015405F Vault74a Vault 74
0010AAFC GSShackVictorInt Victor's Shack
0008D0D5 NCRPrisonVisitorsCenter Visitors Center
00154825 SLCavern02INT Walking Box Cavern
0012428F FortificationHillWeatherStation Weather Monitoring Station
000F0849 1EWestPumpStation West Pump Station
000FA230 WestsideCoOp Westside Co-op
00119508 ULMembersOnly White Glove Members Only Section
00155916 SLWindfarmShackINT Wind Farm Maintenance Shack
000E2DBA WinsResidence Wins Hideout
001025E1 FarmerShackInt01 Wolfhorn Farmhouse
000E5CCE QJBarracks Worker Barracks
000FCCA2 1ENeonSignFactory Zapp's Neon Signs
000DDF1C 188TradingPost 188 Trading Post
001498BA AeroTechMini Bugged
000DAC30 AerotechOfficePark Aerotech Office Park
000DAC73 AntMound Ant Mound
0015F0CD backups
000DDCB2 BitterSprings Bitter Springs
000DDCCB BitterSpringsRecreationArea Bitter Springs Recreation Area
000DDF3A BlackMountain Black Mountain near summit
000E18A6 BlackMountainCentaurCrater Black Mountain crater
000DACA1 BlackMountainRS Neil's Shack (near)
000DDF33 BlackMountainScenic Black Mountain ruined buildings
000DACAA BlackMountainStart Neil's Shack
000DDF59 BlackMountainSummit Black Mountain summit
000DDF3B BlackMountainVillage1 Black Mountain village crater
000DDF43 BlackMountainVillage2 Black Mountain village dome
000DACA8 BlackRockMountain Bugged
000DAD7E BonnieSprings Bonnie Springs
000DDE0E BoulderBeachCampground Boulder Beach Campground
000DDE2F BoulderCity Boulder city
000DEBBB BrocFlowerCave Broc Flower Cave
000DDCB3 BSMemorial Bitter Springs entrance
000DDCC3 BSRidge Coyote Tail Ridge
000E1B16 CaliforniaSunsetDrivein Californa Sunset Drive-in
000DDCDB CallvilleBay Calville Bay
000DEA41 CampForlornHope Camp Forlorn Hope
000DDEDC CampGolf Camp Golf
000DDCCD CampGuardian Camp Guardian population sign
000DDCD4 CampGuardianCave Camp Guardian Cave
000DDCC6 CampGuardianParking Camp Guardian parking lot
000DAC34 CampMcCarranGate Camp McCarran gate
000DAC3A CampMcCarranMonorail Bugged
000DAC3B CampMcCarranNorth Bugged
001498E0 CampMcCarranTermMini Camp McCarran Little Buster loc
000DDEC7 CannibalJohnsons Cannibal Johnson's Cave
000E1B00 CanyonWreckage Canyon Wreckage
000DAC58 CaravanSacked01 Cassidy Caravans Wreckage
000DACD5 CaravanSacked02 Griffin Wared Sacked Caravan
000DDEA1 CaravanSacked03 Durable Dunn's Sacked Caravan
000DABF7 CisternNorth North cistern
000DABFD CisternSouth South Cistern
00084314 ClarkField Clark Field
000DEAE0 CottonwoodCove Bugged
000DEAD8 CottonwoodCoveCamp Bugged
000DE9E7 CottonwoodCoveDocks Bugged
000DE9DF CottonwoodCoveFire Bugged
000DEAE8 CottonwoodCoveOverlook Cottonwood Overlook
000DDCE9 CrashedB29 Crashed B-29
000DDDEF CrashedSSTruck Sunset Sarsaparilla truck Lake Mead
000DABF1 CrimsonCaravan Crimson Caravan entrance
00149D7D crimsonCaravanMini Crimson Caravan main office
000DDF44 ElDoradoDryLake El Dorado Dry Lake
000DDF40 ElDoradoSubstation El Dorado Substation
000DAC35 ElReyMotel El Rey Motel
000E190D EmergencyRailwayStation Emergency Service Railyard
0005AEAF FFEGenericEyebot
00033146 FFER01
0002E20F FFER02
0002F7A3 FFER04
000AF41E FFER06
000381D7 FFER07
0003A563 FFER08
00040692 FFER11
0006BB2B FFER14
0006F6F3 FFER15
0006F6EA FFER16
0006F92D FFER17
0006F92C FFER18
000A7B1C FFER19
000AF41D FFER20
000C58F9 FFER25
00069B81 FFER27
00032F69 FFER51
00032F68 FFER52
00032F67 FFER53
00036F80 FFER54
0002F55A FFER55
0002FA22 FFER56
0002FB19 FFER57
000302B7 FFER58
000307BB FFER59
000377DD FFER60
00038317 FFER61
00040C45 FFER62
00040EF1 FFER63
0004F770 FFER66
0003FC64 FFER67
0004E139 FFER68
000648FA FFER69
0006F583 FFER70
00079FF1 FFER71
00099773 FFER72
000A5397 FFER73
000CA02D FFER78
00069B82 FFER79
0006C5BF FFER80
00091893 FFETemplateA
00091894 FFETemplateB
00031E1A FFEU01
00031E19 FFEU02
000320EB FFEU03
000320EC FFEU04
00025DBC FFEU05
000458B5 FFEU06
00048132 FFEU07
00053347 FFEU08
00058040 FFEU09
00058034 FFEU10
00064E1C FFEU11
0002E31B FFEU12
0006F571 FFEU13
0006F82C FFEU14
0006F82B FFEU15
000908F3 FFEU16
0004569E FFEU17
000A7B1B FFEU18
00058041 FFEU19
000C47A2 FFEU20
0006A773 FFEU255
00040EF2 FFEU51
000458B6 FFEU53
0004654F FFEU54
000C4795 FFEU55
000C4968 FFEU56
000CA02C FFEU58
000DDEF7 FollowersOutpost Follower's Outpost
000DDD0C FortMainGate The Fort main gate
000DABF4 Freeside Bugged
0012DA79 FreesideBusNorth Freeside gate blue bus loc
0010BF00 FreesideCentral Freeside ATC / Silver Rush
0010C00C FreesideDeadbeatAlleyOLD Bugged
0012DA4E FreesideEastGate Freeside's East Gate exit
0010C007 FreesideEastGateOLD Bugged
000DABFA FreesideExtEastGate Freeside's East Gate entrance
000DABEA FreesideExtNorthGate Freeside's North Gate entrance
0010BF0D FreesideKingsCorner King's School of Impersonation
0012DA68 FreesideNorthBodyguards Freeside North Orris loc
0012DA5C FreesideNorthGate Freeside's North Gate exit
0010BF2C FreesideNorthGateIntersection Freeside Atomic Wrangler crier loc
0010BF1A FreesideNorthGateOLD Bugged
0012DA17 FreesideNorthSideDoor Freeside overpass loc
0012D9D3 FreesideOldMormonFort Old Mormon Fort
0012DA69 FreesideOldMormonFortEntrance Old Mormon Fort entrance
0010BF20 FreesideOldMormonFortFrontOLD
0010BF21 FreesideOldMormonFortOLD
0010BEED FreesideRobotBuild The Strip North Gate Old Ben loc
0012D9EA FreesideRobotShopEntrance Cerulean Robotics
0010BEEE FreesideSouthGate The Strip North Gate
0012DA23 FreesideTrainStation Freeside train station (near overpass)
0010BF04 FreesideTrainStationOLD
0012DA78 FreesideWaterPump Freeside water pump Tapper loc
00084337 GibsonScrapyard Gibson Scrap Yard
000DAD4E GNChancesMap Chance's Map
000DAE8A GNDeadTribalVillage Tribal Village
000DAD96 GNMakeshiftKhanCamp Makeshift Great Khan Camp
001106AB GomorrahCourtyard0 Gomorrah courtyard
0011069C GomorrahCourtyard01
00110679 GomorrahCourtyard02
00110653 GomorrahCourtyard03
001106AA GomorrahCourtyard04
000DAEBB Goodsprings Goodsprings
000E19CD GoodspringsSource Goodsprings Source
000DADA4 GreatKhanEncampment Great Khan Encampment
00168FBC GreenRoom Goodsprings secret loc
000DAF16 GriffithPeak Griffith Peak (Jacobstown overlook)
000DDEEA GrubnGulp Grub 'n Gulb Rest Stop
000E19BB GS15 Goodsprings I-15 highway
000DADAF GSCemetery Goodsprings Cemetery
000DDCCC GuardianPeak Guardian Peak
000DAC02 GunRunners Gun Runners
000DDDBA GypsumTrainYard Gypsum Train yard
000DDD2E HDLegion Hoover Dam east
000DEB42 HeliosOne HELIOS One
000E1943 HiddenSupplyCave Hidden Supply Cave
000E18B2 HiddenValley Hidden Valley
000DDD2F HooverDamExtEast Hoover Dam east
000DDD27 HooverDamExtEast01
000DDD28 HooverDamExtEast02
000DDD20 HooverDamExtEast03
000DDD26 HooverDamExtEastCamp Hoover Dam east
000DDE2C HooverDamExtFarWest Hoover Dam west
000DDE24 HooverDamExtFarWest2
000DDD29 HooverDamExtMapCenter Hoover Dam tower
000DDD21 HooverDamExtMid Bugged
000DDD23 HooverDamExtNorthWest Hoover Dam north-west
000DDD3B HooverDamExtODeckExt
000DDD32 HooverDamExtPowerPlant01 Hoover Dam power plant exterior
000DDD3A HooverDamExtPowerPlant02 Hoover Dam power plant exterior
000DDD42 HooverDamExtPowerPlant03 Hoover Dam power plant exterior
000DDD4A HooverDamExtPowerPlant04 Hoover Dam power plant exterior
000DDD33 HooverDamExtWest Bugged
000DDD2B HooverDamExtWest01
000DDD2A HooverDamExtWest02
000DDD22 HooverDamExtWest03
000DDE34 HooverDamExtWestEntrance Hoover Dam visitor center
000DDE1C HooverDamSpillwayW
000DABEC HouseTools H&H Tools Factory
000DAC7D HuntersFarm Hunter's Farm
000E1A3C IvanpahDryLake Ivanpah Dry Lake
000DAF11 Jacobstown Jacobstown
000DDEED LakeLasVegas Lake Las Vegas
000DDCF0 LakeMeadCave Lake Mead Cave
000DDDEA LasVegasBayCampground Lake Las Vegas (Camp Golf)
000DDC39 LegateCampArena Legate's Camp
000DDD34 LegateCampExit Legate's Camp exit
000DDC3A LegateCampGate Legate's Camp Mongrel's cage
000DEBBE LegionRaidCamp Legion Raid Camp
00149294 Lucky38Mini Bugged
0016DBE3 Lucky38positionb
000DE94B MalpaisLegionCamp
000E1B4F MayorSteyn Nipton Road Reststop
000DABF0 MedicalClinic New Vegas Medical Clinic
000D79C2 MemTestCell
000E1A6E MojaveDriveIn Mojave Drive-in
000E1B6A MojaveOutpost Mojave Outpost
000DAD09 MonteCarloSuites Monte Carlo Suites
000DDE03 MountainShadowsCampground Mountain Shadows Campground
000DAE83 MountainSprings Mountain Springs (near Tribal Village)
000E19D6 NCRCF NCR Correctional Facility
000DAC22 NCRSharecropperFarms NCR Sharecropper Farms
000DDA4A NellisAFB Nellis Air Force Base
000DDE6D NellisAFBEntrance Nellis Air Force Base George loc
000DDA26 NellisAFBnorth
000DDA38 NellisArray Nellis Array
000DDB4C NellisControlTower Bugged
000DDE64 NellisDeadPaladins Nellis Air Force Base dead paladins loc
000DDD61 NellisEastGate Nellis east gate
000DDD6B NellisFrontGate Nellis front gate
000DDA43 NellisHanger Bugged
000DEA72 Nelson Nelson
000DEA7B NelsonHighground Nelson high ground
000DEA7D NelsonMilo Nelson Ranger Milo loc
000DAC47 NewVegasSteel New Vegas Steel
xx0049C4 FogTestRoom New Vegas Steel
000DAEE7 NightstalkerLair Charleston Cave
000E195D Nipton Nipton
000DEA59 NoMansLand
0014927F NorthCisternMini North cistern
000DA8C5 NorthernPassage Northern Passage
00149D96 NorthVegasMini
000DABE2 NorthVegasSquare North Vegas Square entrance
0008434B Novac Novac
0008434C NovacDiner Novac diner (tent)
00084348 NovacHotel Novac hotel
00149D97 OVNorthVegas North Vegas Square north sewers
000E1A13 Primm Primm
000E1A0A PrimmBisonHotel Bison Steve Hotel
000E1A0B PrimmCentral Primm central
000E1A22 PrimmHouses Primm playground
000E1A1A PrimmHouses2 Primm house
000E1A23 PrimmHouses3 Primm house
000E1A15 PrimmNCRBase Primm NCR base
000E1A03 PrimmParkingLot Primm parking lot
000DDEB2 PumpStationEast East Pump Station
000DAC4E PumpStationWest West Pump Station
000DADA8 QuarryJunction Quarry Junction
000DDF0A RangerMoralesCorpse Ranger Morales' corpse loc
000DAE50 RedRockCanyon Red Rock Canyon
000DAE2B RedRockDrugLab Red Rock Drug Lab
000845F4 RepconCheckpoint REPCONN test site checkpoint
000846BE RepconFacility Bugged
000DDF0B REPCONNHeadquarters REPCONN Headquarters
000846B6 RepconPlatform REPCONN test site platform
000DAC67 RockCrushingPlant Rock Crushing Plant
000DDE08 RSAlpha Ranger Station Alpha
000DDCA7 RSBravo Ranger Station Beta
00084414 RSCharlie Ranger Station Charlie
000DDE4D RSDelta Ranger Station Delta
000DEABA RSEcho Ranger Station Echo
000DAE10 RSFoxtrot Ranger Station Foxtrot
000E19CB RuinsOfJean Jean Sky Diving
000DDDA0 SafehouseBoS Brotherhood of Steel Safehouse
000DADD9 SafehouseFollowers Followers' Safehouse
000E1979 SafehouseLegion Caesar's Legion Safehouse
000DAC90 SafehouseNCR NCR Ranger Safehouse
000E18BE ScorpionGulch Scorpion Gulch
000DEBF1 Searchlight Camp Searchlight
000DEB17 SearchlightAirport Searchlight Airport
000DEBFE SLAbandonedAnimalFarm Matthews Animal Husbandry Farm
000DACCB SLAbandonedFarmstead Horowitz Farmstead
000E1983 SLAbandonedShack01 Bradley's shack
000842EE SLAbandonedShack02 Harper's Shack
000DDE6F SLAbandonedShack03 Fields' Shack
000DAC63 SLAlliedTechnologiesOffices Allied Technologies Offices
000DAC5D SLBasincreekBuilding The Basincreek Building
000DAD1C SLBeerBootleggers Brewers Beer Bootlegging
000DDF57 SLBlackRockCave Black Rock Cave
000DE95F SLBoSBunker Abandoned BoS Bunker
000DDDC7 SLCapCounterfeiter Cap Counterfeiting shack
000E1B66 SLCavern01 Morning Star Cavern
000E1931 SLCavern02 Walking Box Cavern
000DEB0B SLCavernFireRoot Fire Root Cavern
000E193D SLCoyoteDen Coyote Den
000DEACE SLCoyoteMines Coyote Mines
000DEC1E SLCrashedVertibird Crashed Vertibird
000E1961 SLCrashSite Bugged
000E1B23 SLCrater01 Mesquite Mountains Crater
000DEB12 SLCrater02 Bugged
000E1A9A SLCrescentCanyon Crescent Canyon wrecked train wagons
000E1A98 SLCrescentCanyonEast Crescent Canyon East
000E1A7D SLCrescentCanyonWest Crescent Canyon West
000E1919 SLDeadWindCavern Dead Wind Cavern
000DDE57 SLElDoradoGas El Dorado Gas & Service
000DDDDF SLFishermansShack Fisherman's shack
000E191A SLFourWinds Bugged
000DEAF6 SLGoldMine01 Searchlight East Gold Mine
000DEAD7 SLGoldMine02 Searchlight North Gold Mine
000E19B4 SLGoodspringsCave Goodsprings Cave
000E1A4A SLIvanpahRacetrack Ivanpah Race Track
000E1A2F SLJackRabbitSprings Jack Rabbit Springs
000E19CA SLJeanSkyDiving Jean Sky Diving
000DAC8B SLJunction15Station Junction 15 Railway Station
000E19F5 SLLoneWolfRadio Lone Wolf Radio
000DEAA2 SLLuckyJimMine Lucky Jim Mine
000E1B4A SLMesquiteMountainsCampSite Mesquite Mountain Camp Site
000DDE52 SLMoleRatNest Cazador Nest
000DDE82 SLMoleRatRanch Mole Rat Ranch
000E1A35 SLNHPStation Nevada Highway Patrol Station
000E1A62 SLNiptonRoadPitStop Nipton Road Pit Stop
000E1B47 SLNiptonRoadReststop Nipton Road Reststop
000DACC6 Sloan Sloan
000E1987 SLOldNuclearTestSite Nuclear Test Site
000DAD43 SLPoseidonGasStation Poseidon Gas Station
000E18F3 SLPowderGangerCampEast Powder Ganger Camp East
000E19B6 SLPowderGangerCampNorth Powder Ganger Camp North
000E19EF SLPowderGangerCampSouth Powder Ganger Camp South
000E19D3 SLPowderGangerCampWest Powder Ganger Camp West
000842EA SLPrimmPass Primm Pass
000DEAF9 SLProspectorCamp01 Smith Mesa prospector Camp
000DEAB7 SLProspectorCamp02 Snyder Prospector Camp
000DE9B7 SLProspectorCamp03 Cliffside Prospector Camp
000E1A1F SLProspectorsDen The Prospector's Den
000DEBE6 SLRaidedFarmstead Raided Farmstead
000DDE8C SLRaulsHome Raul's Shack
000DAE0A SLRemnantsBunker Remants Bunker
000DADD3 SLRubyHillMine Ruby Hill Mine
000DDDED SLScavengerPlatform Scavenger Platform
000DADF4 SLSilverPeakMine Silver Peak Mine
000DEADB SLSnipersNest Sniper's Nest
000DDD95 SLSulfurCave01 Bloodborne Cave
000DAD5C SLSulfurCave02 Nopah Cave
000DEA9D SLSulfurCave03Ext Bootjack cavern
000DEA05 SLSunkenBeachHouses Blue Paradise Vacation Rentals
000E19AB SLTheDevilsGullet The Devils Gullet
000DDBA3 SLTheDevilsThroat Devils Throat
0008432D SLToxicWasteSite Toxic Dump Site
000DA9B6 SLTumbleweedRanch Brooks Tumbleweed Ranch
00084356 SLViperHwy95Camp Highway 95 Viper's Encampment
000DDF05 SLWastelanderShack01 Deserted Shack
000DDF25 SLWastelanderShack02 Bugged
000DEA55 SLWindFarm Southern Nevada Wind Farm
000DEBA1 SLWreckedHighwayman Wrecked Highwayman
000DAD40 SouthVegasRuinsEastEntrance South Vegas Ruins East Entrance
000DAD3A SouthVegasRuinsWestEntrance South Vegas Ruins West Entrance
000DAE69 SpringMtRanchStatePark Spring Mt. Ranch State Park
000DAE62 SpringMtStatePark Bugged
0013B386 StripEmbassy NCR Embassy
0013B3CC StripFSGate New Vegas Strip Freeside exit
0013B32C StripGomorrah Gomorrah
0013B3CD StripLucky38 Lucky 38
0013B39F StripMA New Vegas Strip outer end
0013B3CE StripStation Las Vegas Boulevard station
0013B32D StripTops The Tops
0013B385 StripUltraLuxe Ultra-Luxe
0013B39E StripVault21 Vault 21
000DAD21 SunsetSarsaparillaHeadquarters Sunset Saraparillia Headquarters
000DEA89 TechatticupMine Techatticup Mine
0011A50A TestJoshWeapons
000DDCFD TheFort The Fort
000DDCFE TheFortCaesarTents Bugged
000DDD05 TheFortRear The Fort drawbridge
0013C714 TheFortSummit The Fort Caesar's tent
000DDD08 TheFortView The Fort Weather monitoring station
000DDC8E TheOneCrater The One (unexploded atomic bomb (WW loc)
0011067B TopsCourtyard The Tops courtyard
000DDF2D Vault11 Vault 11
000DAD7A Vault19 Vault 19
000DAD71 Vault19Cave Bugged
000DACF7 Vault22 Vault 22
000DDEB7 Vault34 Vault 34
00148DD8 Vault3Entrance Vault 3 entrance
00148DD9 Vault3Mini South Vegas Ruins exit
00033238 WastelandGoAway
0002D9E7 WastelandGoAway2
000DACF1 Westside Bugged
00149281 WestsideCoOpMini Westside Co-op
00149278 WestsideLiquorMini Klamath Bob's liquor store
000DACE9 WestsideMadrid Bugged
000DACF0 WestsideMain The Thorn
00149280 WestsideMini Westside center
000DACE8 WestsideNorth Bugged
000DACF8 WestsidePark Westside inaccessible manhole
00149279 WestsidePawnShopMini Miguel's Pawn Shop
000DACEA WestsideWestEntrance Westside West Entrance
000DAD78 WhittakerFarmstead Whittaker Farmstead
000E1948 WolfhornPoint Wolhorn Ranch overlook
000DADBF YangtzeMemorial Yangtze Memorial
00148DC9 ZappsNeonSigns Zapp's Neon Signs

Dead Money

Cell ID GECK EditorID Location name
xx00B0AA NVDLC01ETPlayerGala Campanas del Sol
xx0038DF NVDLC01Restaurant Cantina Madrid
xx0038DE NVDLC01Suites Executive Suites
xx0094FC NVDLC01ChristineArea Medical District
xx00B0BA NVDLC01ETNorth Salida del Sol North
xx001335 WestTown Puesta del Sol North
xx00359F NVDLC01ETSouth Salida del Sol South
xx006EE1 westTownSouth Puesta del Sol South
xx00CF6C NVDLC01Gala02 Puesta del Sol Switching Station
xx0076F7 NVDLC01DeanBuilding Residential District
xx000FD0 NVDLC01PrefabRestrooms Restrooms
xx008FBF NVDLC01WTNorth Ruined Building
xx00BE28 NVDLC01WTMid Ruined Cafe
xx008FC5 NVDLC01WTSouth Ruined Store
xx003589 NVDLC01ETDogGala Salida Switching Station
xx00AE71 NVDLC01WTTunnel Service Route
xx00277F NVDLC01Lobby Sierra Madre Lobby
xx0011A0 NVDLC01Casino Sierra Madre Casino
xx0029E4 NVDLC01Vault Sierra Madre Vault
xx00E799 NVDLC01stealthTest Stealth Courtyard
xx0046AC NVDLC01Theater The Tampico
xx000811 TownCenter Villa
xx000BBD NVDLC01fountain Villa
xx0012C1 NVDLC01ClinicMainFloor Villa Clinic
xx000FC2 NVDLC01ClinicBasement Villa Clinic Basement
xx003080 NVDLC01PoliceStation Villa Police Station
xx00E40D NVDLC01PoliceStationBasement Villa Police Station Basement
xx00F2BC NVDLC01RadioCell Debug Cell
xx0109FF NVDLC01Slideshow Dead Money Narration
xx0102C7 TestSeanMap Fancy Time Fun Place
xx006CA3 NVDLC01Toolbox Level Design Toolbox Cell
xx005D0E NVDLC01FollowerCell NV DLC01 Follower Cell
xx00C4F7 NVDLC01ToxicCloudTest Test Cell For Traps
xx00359E NVDLC01PrefabBuildingInteriors VDLC01 Prefab Building Interiors

Honest Hearts

Cell ID GECK EditorID Location name
xx008EA6 NVDLC02EasternVirginAngelCave Angel cave
xx008A40 NVDLC02NarrowsTunnel Crossroad cavern
xx00BF1C NVDLC02ZionSporeCave Cueva Guarache
xx010124 NVDLC02SlideShow Endgame
xx008EA5 NVDLC02EasternVirginSurvivalistCave Fallen Rock cave
xx008A43 NVDLC02NarrowsWhiteLegs Glass Chime cave
xx008A41 NVDLC02NarrowsSorrows Half Mouse cave
xx00BB93 NVDLC02ZionSCaveW Morning Glory cave
xx008899 NVDLC02PrefabCaves PREFAB CAVES
xx008A3F NVDLC02Survivalist01 Stone Bones cave
xx008A3E NVDLC02NarrowsAbandoned Sweet Flower cave
xx00B279 NVDLC02TestNPCs Test Cell For NPCs
xx008E1C NVDLC023MarysCave Three Marys
xx00BB94 NVDLC02ZionSCaveS Two Skies cave
xx00DDA8 NVDLC02VendorChestCell Vendor Chest Cell
xx00971D NVDLC02NarrowsWhiteBird White Bird's cave
xx00A3BA NVDLC02ZionEncInt Zion Encounters Cell
xx009426 NVDLC02ZionStation Zion Ranger station
xx007349 NVDLC02SecACave Angel cave
xx007356 NVDLC02SecABurrow Ant burrow
xx006860 NVDLC02SecBBluff Bighorn Bluff
xx00733D NVDLC02SecBMounds Burial mounds
xx007817 NVDLC02SecCMound Caterpillar's Mound
xx00684E NVDLC02SecCFOverlook Court Fork Overlook
xx007377 NVDLC02SecCRNegra Stalkers' camp
xx007828 NVDLC02SecCWDocks Clear Water docks
xx00736B NVDLC02SecCSBus Crashed scout bus
xx007833 NVDLC02SecCGuarache Cueva Guarache
xx006855 NVDLC02SecDPoint Dagger's Point
xx00736E NVDLC02DeadHorsesCamp Dead Horses camp
xx007363 NVDLC02EasternVirgin Eastern Virgin
xx00683C NVDLC02SecNFBridge East Fork Bridge
xx007374 NVDLC02SecEFCamp The Aerie
xx006D2D NVDLC02SecZGStore General store
xx006D36 NVDLC02SecMGCave Morning Glory cave
xx007347 NVDLC02SecEFBridge North Fork Bridge
xx00735E NVDLC02SecORBridge Old Rockville Bridge
xx00683E NVDLC02SecPCamp Patriarchs' Campground
xx00734D NVDLC02PineCreek Pine Creek
xx006858 NVDLC02SecRSEagle Ranger Substation Eagle
xx006D24 NVDLC02SecRSOsprey Ranger Substation Osprey
xx007364 NVDLC02SecRSPeregrine Ranger Substation Peregrine
xx00686D NVDLC02SecRRDocks Red Rapids Docks
xx007824 NVDLC02SecSFCamp Sorrows Fork Campground
xx00688F NVDLC02SouthernPassage Southern passage
xx007839 NVDLC02SecSSentinels Sun Sentinels
xx007375 NVDLC02SecTAerie The Aerie
xx006856 NVDLC02SecTBBridge The Bend Bridge
xx007802 NVDLC02TheNarrows The Narrows
xx006878 NVDLC02ThreeMarys Three Marys
xx006871 NVDLC02ThreeMarysCave Three Marys' caverns
xx00687A NVDLC02ThreeMarysMassacre Three Marys Massacre
xx00688A NVDLC02ThreeMarysPool Three Marys Pool
xx007378 NVDLC02SecTSkies Two Skies cave
xx007813 NVDLC02SecV22DOCamp Vault 22 dwellers' guard camp
xx007355 NVDLC02SecVFCamp Virgin Fork Campground
xx00685C NVDLC02SecVRiver Virgin River
xx007836 NVDLC02SecWWDocks Wind Wall Docks
xx007346 NVDLC02SecYCave Yao guai cave
xx007837 NVDLC02SecZFLodge Zion Fishing Lodge
xx006D25 NVDLC02SecZRStation Zion Ranger station
xx00696C NVDLC02WhiteLegsCamp
xx00736A NVDLC02SecZWBooth Zion Valley welcome booth

Old World Blues

Cell ID GECK EditorID Location name
xx001D5D NVDLC03SLTunnelEast Big MT east tunnel
xx0017A3 NVDLC03SLTunnelNorth Big MT north tunnel
xx006882 NVDLC03SLTunnelNorthINT Big MT north tunnel (int.)
xx001558 NVDLC03SLTunnelWest Big MT west tunnel
xx004940 NVDLC03SLTunnelWestINT Big MT west tunnel (int.)
xx001522 NVDLC03SLConstruction Construction site
xx001C62 NVDLC03SLElijahsWatch Elijah's Watch
xx0016E3 NVDLC03DomeForbidden Forbidden Zone dome entrance
xx002E82 NVDLC03X42 X-42 Robo-Warfare Facility
xx00402F NVDLC03ForbiddenZone The Forbidden Zone Dome
xx00199C NVDLC03SLHazmat Hazmat testing ground
xx0016E1 NVDLC03SLVillage Higgs Village
xx006DAF NVDLC03SLVillageOINT #00
xx006DAE NVDLC03SLVillageKleinINT #101
xx006DAD NVDLC03SLVillageMobiusINT #102
xx006DAA NVDLC03SLVillageBorousINT #103
xx006DB3 NVDLC03SLVillageBorousBINT Basement
xx0086CB NVDLC03SLVillageDalaINT #104
xx006DAC NVDLC03SLVillage8INT #108
xx001401 NVDLC03SLLittleYangtze Little Yangtze
xx00DC31 NVDLC03SLLittleYangtzeTowerINT Little Yangtze Watchtower
xx001D42 NVDLC03SLLoading Loading station
xx001682 NVDLC03SLMHC Magnetohydraulics Complex
xx006881 NVDLC03SLH2OINT Magnetohydraulics Complex (int.)
xx0019A2 NVDLC03SLBoatfly Mysterious Cave
xx01507B NVDLC03SLBoatFlyCave Mysterious Cave (int.)
xx00141E NVDLC03SLSaturnite Saturnite alloy research facility
xx0045D0 NVDLC03SLSaturniteINT Saturnite alloy research facility (int.)
xx001D0D NVDLC03SLSecuritron Securitron de-construction plant
xx0078EB NVDLC03SLSecuritronINT Securitron de-construction plant (int.)
xx000E82 NVDLC03SLCommunications Signal Hills transmitter
xx00494F NVDLC03SLCommunicationsINT Signal Hills transmitter (int.)
xx001160 NVDLC03SLCuckoosNest The Cuckoo's Nest
xx006880 NVDLC03SLCuckoosNestINT The Cuckoo's Nest (int.)
xx00169C NVDLC03TheSinkBalcony The Sink Balcony
xx0030AF NVDLC03TheSink The Sink
xx00169D NVDLC03DomeThinkTank Think Tank Dome
xx0030B5 NVDLC03ThinkTank The Think Tank
xx0016A0 NVDLC03SLUlyssesPoint Ulysses' Point
xx014ABC NVDLC03SLUlyssesPointINT Ulysses' Point (int.)
xx00198D NVDLC03SLDisintegration Waste disintegration platform
xx000E9D NVDLC03SLX12 X-12 research center
xx00CC33 NVDLC03SLX12INT X-12 research center (int.)
xx00159C NVDLC03X13Site X-13 research facility
xx00328C NVDLC03X13 X-13 testing facility
xx00D6D4 NVDLC03X13RepconHQ03 X-13 Stealth Testing Lab
xx001422 NVDLC03SLWeatherStation X-17 meteorological station
xx004238 NVDLC03SLWeatherStationINT X-17 meteorological station (int.)
xx001583 NVDLC03SatelliteStation X-2 transmitter antenna array
xx00494B NVDLC03SatelliteStationINT X-2 transmitter antenna array (int.)
xx000EA3 NVDLC03SLBotanical X-22 botanical garden
xx00155D NVDLC03SLHex X-66 hexacrete archipelago
xx001520 NVDLC03SLArtilleryLaunch X-7a "Left Field" artillery launch
xx00DA2F NVDLC03SLArtilleryLaunchINT X-7a "Left Field" artillery launch (int.)
xx001C5E NVDLC03SLArtilleryLanding X-7b "Boom Town" target zone
xx001D1F NVDLC03X8Site X-8 research center
xx003D49 NVDLC03X8Cave X-8 testing facility
xx003D4A NVDLC03X8Main X-8 central facility
xx000803 NVDLC03X8School X-8 institutional test facility
xx003D48 NVDLC03X8Tunnel X-8 testing facility
xx0016A3 NVDLC03SLRuins Y-0 research center
xx001C60 NVDLC03SLMedCenter Y-17 medical facility
xx008EC3 NVDLC03SLMedCenterINT Y-17 medical facility (int.)
xx001D1C NVDLC03SLCazador Z-14 Pepsinae DNA splicing lab
xx0086CA NVDLC03SLCazadorINT Z-14 Pepsinae DNA splicing lab (int.)
xx00155E NVDLC03SLHologram Z-38 lightwave dynamics research
xx008879 NVDLC03SLHologramINT Z-38 lightwave dynamics research (int.)
xx00151D NVDLC03SLChemical Z-43 innovative toxins plant
xx00493F NVDLC03SLChemicalINT Z-43 innovative toxins plant (int.)
xx001C5D NVDLC03SLNightstalker Z-9 Crotalus DNA preservation lab
xx0078EA NVDLC03SLNightstalkerINT Z-9 Crotalus DNA preservation lab (int.)

Lonesome Road

Cell ID GECK EditorID Location name
xx0028AE NVDLC04Silo02 Ashton missile silo
xx0031BE NVDLC04Silo02Elevator Ashton Missile Silo (elevator)
xx002C8D NVDLC04DivideWestStart Boxwood Hotel roof
xx003015 NVDLC04DivideCave Cave of the Abaddon
xx003BEA NVDLC04DivideCaveBldg Cave of the Abaddon (buried buildings)
xx003EAB NVDLC04RoadTunnel Collapsed overpass tunnel entrance
xx002FCD NVDLC04Road02 High Road entrance
xx009CAD NVDLC04SLArmory01 Hopeville armory
xx009CAE NVDLC04SLHopevilleMensBarracks Hopeville men's barracks
xx002888 NVDLC04Road01Start Hopeville Missile Base - Loading station
xx003E4B NVDLC04RoadHQ Hopeville Missile Base Headquarters
xx004334 NVDLC04Road01World Hopeville Missile Base
xx002880 NVDLC04Road01 Hopeville missile silo bunker
xx1055E0 NVDLC04DivideVistaWorld Hopeville silo bunker entrance
xx009CAC NVDLC04SLHopevilleWomensBarracks Hopeville women's barracks
xx004334 NVDLC04Road02World Junction 7 rest stop
xx00286E NVDLC04Road01MMBossCamp Marked men base
xx002874 NVDLC04Road01MM01Camp Marked men camp
xx009CAB NVDLC04SLBasement Marked men guard outpost
xx009CAB NVDLC04SLBasement Marked men supply outpost
xx00792B NVDLC04DivideSLSewers Municipal sewers
xx00AA1C NVDLC04GroundZero Path to the Courier's Mile
xx00AA16 NVDLC04GroundZeroStart Path to the Courier's Mile (entrance)
xx002FCD NVDLC04Road02 Ruined highway interchange
xx009230 NVDLC04SlideShow Slide show theater room
xx002C88 NVDLC04DivideEastStart Sunstone Tower roof
xx003BEB NVDLC04DivideStartBldg Sunstone Tower (int.)
xx00792B NVDLC04DivideSLSewers Third Street Municipal Building
xx002C86 NVDLC04DivideTempleEntrance Ulysses' Temple (int.)
xx003CAA NVDLC04DivideUlyssesTemple Ulysses' Temple (ext.)
xx00847C NVDLC04DivideTempleMaint Ulysses' Temple (maintenance & storage)
xx009CAA NVDLC04DivideSLWasteDisposal Waste disposal station
xx007B93 NVDLC04DivideSLWaterPlant Wastewater treatment plant