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This page contains transcripts of the Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide Collector's Edition, Tour of the Mojave Wasteland section.



Topographical Overview

p. 290

The terrain is steep and wild for much of this region, which is dominated by a huge sandstone formation known as Red Rock Canyon, the base of a tribe with a violently nomadic past. Areas of parkland and small villages are now home to mutated animals and Chem-addled raiders. Fiends have encroached from the east and are threatening Trail 160. Hidden vaults await an inquisitive traveler (one is already home to escaped Powder Gangers while the other holds more shocking secrets), and while there are a scattering of drifters and grifters in the old farmsteads north of New Vegas, the other dominant force is the settlement of Jacobstown, named for an old friend of a Super Mutant named Marcus. Visit him in the snowy peaks to the west, and he may yet achieve his dream of peace.

Highways and Byways

The northwestern end of Highway 95 cuts through the tip of this zone, and there's a rough road along the northern edge where farmers long abandoned their livelihoods to Raiders or worse. Generally, the main roads are now nothing more than trails: 157 winds into the Pine Ravines and mountainous region leading to Jacobstown. Unmarked pathways allow easy access around Red Rock Canyon, and a second trail–the 160–takes you around the foothills to the boundary at the edge of the New Vegas Conurbation.


[1.01] Brooks Tumbleweed Ranch

p. 290

North of the remains of Highway 95, this ranch consists of a derelict shack, a fallen feed silo, and a house. The ranch house has a Wind-Brahman you can "pet," and various junk on the ground floor along with some First Aid Boxes; check the pantry for a Sunset Sarsaparilla Star Bottle Cap on the floor near the empty bottles. Find another Wind-Brahmin and some mattresses upstairs, along with a Skill book on the locker shelf.

[1.02] Northern Passage

p. 290

Beyond the dying sharecropper farms and the decaying power line is a ramshackle hut and a small, steep hill path to a large cavern filled with rocks you can cannotIn-game spelling shift. The Northern Passage is currently blocked, and cannot be accessed. Check the grave (use a Shovel), and be sure to look for the Hollowed-Out Rock across from the Banana Yuccas.

[1.03] Ruby Hill Mine

p. 290-291

Nestled in a rock face west of the winding Trail 157 and grazing Bighorners is a rickety door leading to an abandoned mine. Note the Hollowed-Out Rock next to the entrance. The water-logged mine, now filled with Lakelurks, is the final resting place of a Jackal Gang explorer.

[1.04] Followers safehouse

p. 291

On a rocky bluff overlooking the ruined farmsteads and North New Vegas is a concrete bunker bearing the insignia of the Followers of the Apocalypse. The door can only be opened with the Followers Safehouse Key, accessed after Julie Farkas and the others at the Old Mormon Fort [2C.01] grow to like you (Free Quest: Friend of the Followers).

[1.05] Griffin Wares Sacked Caravan

p. 291

Griffin is nowhere to be seen, but his Pack Brahmin and Guards are slowly rotting in the sun. Bring Cass here during Side Quest: Heartache By the Number for further revelations.

[1.06] Horowitz farmstead

p. 291

The western cluster is empty, save for a possible wandering Cazador and a Reloading Bench. The southern and eastern buildings are sealed up. The northern building (watch for Frag Mines!) is home to a small Viper Gang camp. Once you’ve killed them, check the back of the rusting pickup for a Hunting Shotgun and ammo.

[1.07] Charleston Cave

p. 291-292

Full of stunning stalactites and other ancient rock formations, Charleston Cave has remained closed for hundreds of years since its discovery in the early 1960s, and subsequent geological instability. Once the home to a hold-out during the Great War, strange mutant critters known as Nightstalkers roam these empty chambers. A new and even more terrifying strain can shroud themselves in Stealth Boy-like invisibility. Don't forget to inspect the nearby rock!

[1.08] Silver Peak Mine

p. 292

Up the rocky embankment to the west of Trail 157 is a small opening cut into the rock face, and a mine shack entrance. Inspect the Hollowed-Out Rock at the entrance, before heading inside.

Passage and Upper Ledge

Use this passage to reach the ledge above. This leads to a gate; open it and procure the following from the skeletal remains of an Enclave hold-out.

[1.09] Vault 22

p. 292-294

Vault 22 was a "green" vault, filled with scientists dedicated to their experiment: keeping the entire population of the vault alive with plants grown with its confines. The experiment could be said to have exceeded all expectations, but with horrific side-effects. Many have attempted to locate the data the scientists left behind, but so far nobody has returned alive. The vault is open, but warning signs surround it from people lucky enough to survive their initial encounter with the vault's inhabitable. Don't forget to check the Hollowed-Out Rock on the right side of the gully, across from the "Keep Out!" sign.

[1.10] Jacobstown

p. 294-296

Marcus, a mild-mannered Super Mutant sheriff of Broken Hills took it upon himself to find a refugee for the "broken-minded" of his kind: low-intelligence Super Mutants and schizophrenic Nightkin. It proved to be more difficult than holding on to Broken Hills, but he eventually decided Jacobstown was a good spot to set up a community. Despite splinter groups (Davidson and Tabatha), Marcus does his best to take care of Lily and the other Super Mutants and Nightkin at Jacobstown.

Town Entrance and Marcus

p. 294

Check the clump of rocks to the right (north) of the guards to find a Hollowed-Out Rock. Step forward to receive welcome from Marcus. He tells you to keep any alliance with the NCR to yourself, and to avoid baiting the Nightkins. You can ask him more about the place, and what he thinks about the major Factions. The second time you enter this place (after visiting the lodge), Marcus informs you he’s being hassled by Mercenaries.

Town Sign and Lodge Exterior

p. 294

The small pond is slightly irradiated. You can explore the perimeter and behind the lodge, but there’s nothing to find but melting snow.

Jacobstown bungalow #1 (South)

p. 294

Only three of the seven bungalows are accessible.

Jacobstown bungalow #2 (North)

p. 294

A card game ended in one player (now skeletal) losing everything.

Jacobstown bungalow (West)

p. 294

Pick the lock to enter another wrecked chalet.

[1.11] Remnants bunker

p. 296

Off the beaten track in the rocky and wooded wilderness is a rocky outcrop with an overhang and a small hatch at its base. Right of this easy-to-miss opening is a Hollowed-Out Rock. The hatch is unlocked.

Bunker Door Control

The panel responds to a passphrase; “Dear old friends, remember Navarro.” This is only accessible once you’ve met and agreed to facilitate a reunion with Doctor Henry, Daisy Whitman, Cannibal Johnson, Orion Moreno, and Judah Kregar.

Vertibird Hangar

The hangar holds a pristine Enclave Vertibird (which only Daisy Whitman can fly). Against the south wall are six suits of Remnants Power Armor that must be earned during the Quest, along with the necessary perk to control them properly.

1.12 Ranger Station Foxtrot

p. 296-297

Nestled at the foot of a radio mast in a dead-end mountainous gulch is the small ranger station with four soldiers, run by Comm Officer Lenk. Aside from the Scotch scattered around camp, this looks to be a reasonably well-run outpost, which keeps a look-out for the nearby Great Khans.

[1.13] Brewer's beer bootlegging

p. 297

In the hills to the west of New Vegas, after a short ascent along a rocky pathway is a small shack. Among the prowling Nightstalkers is the body of a man named Gourd.

[1.14] Red Rock drug lab

p. 297

In the northern end of the Red Rock Canyon, where the Great Khans have their encampment, are two Chem dealers named Jack and Diane. They sell to folks looking for a fix from across the Mojave. Their base of operations is a cluster of rusting trailers. The two longer ones have their “cooking” implements and their bedding. Jack and Diane are part of Papa Khan’s more influential brethren, consulted during Side Quest: Oh, My Papa. They have their own Quest, where you can do odd jobs for Diane, leading to some sizable Caps rewards, and teach Jack how to make new Chems (he rewards you with an Unarmed Move called the Khan Trick). Otherwise, Jack sells you Chems.

[1.15] Red Rock Canyon

p. 297-298

Pre-War, Red Rock Canyon was a popular tourist attraction. Remnants of Pre-War campsites and ancient petroglyphs still dot the area even though it has been completely dominated by Great Khans. The Great Khans have their camps and outposts spread throughout the area, though most of them are concentrated in one area near the red rocks themselves. The Great Khans relocated here after the Bitter Springs Massacre, where NCR accidentally killed a large number of noncombatants during an otherwise normal skirmish between the two groups. Today, the Great Khans while away their time, dreaming of past glories while resorting to petty drug-dealing and battles by proxy (the Fiends) with the NCR.

[1.16] Chance's map

p. 298

By a couple of route markers for Trail 160, and close to a Hollowed-Out Rock, is a patch of ground with a variety of junk items strew through it. This is Chance’s Map. You can find out where Chance is now [4.S01]!

[1.17] Poseidon Gas Station

p. 298

North of Violet and ViolattaIn-game spelling Trailer Campground [1.S22] at the head of trail 160, is a dumping ground of half-buried radioactive barrels. Beware of Fiends operating in this area, and check the police car for duct tape, and the following:

  • Magazine: True Police Stories [Crit. Chance] [1/11] [14/21]
  • Weapon Repair Kit

1.18 Spring Mt. Ranch State Park

p. 298

A section of rough gravel road leads to a couple of fenced areas of scrubland, a parking area, and two ruined buildings containing nothing but rubble. Farther west still are two picnic areas and a small, slightly irradiated lake, now overrun by Giant Mantises. Across the lake is a foot trail allowing you access into the mountains, ending up at the far end of the Great Khan encampment

1.19 Nopah Cave

p. 298

These ancient caverns were once famed for trilobite fossils, but Fire Geckos roam here now.

[1.20] Bonnie Springs

p. 298-299

Slowly fading from memory and crumbling into the dirt is the old mining ghost town of Bonnie Springs. Use this location as a landmark. The ghost town itself is being ransacked by around six Viper Gang members with two Leaders. Be sure to loot a Unique set of Spiked Knuckles from the one who tries to hand-to-hand combat with you. Then check the second building porch for a couple of Star Caps.

[1.21] Vault 19

p. 299-300

Vault 19's "social experiment" involved the segregation of the dwellers into two different colored sections, with minimal contact. After the sulfur from the cave system beneath the vault unexpectedly began to leak through the ventilation system, a sense of paranoia grew, and the place became abandoned, although records are pretty sketchy. The vault has two entrances: via a parking lot, or the caves themselves [1.S27]. The Great Khans avoided the place (as historically, they haven't had the best of times squatting in vaults) as they moved north. No other group has been aggressive enough to attempt to displace the Fire Geckos from the vault. Powder Gangers, searching for a place to turn into a base, explored the upper floor of Vault 19 and found that it was "mostly clear." Now they wait, with a fragmented leadership.

1.22 Whittaker Farmstead

p. 300

On the northern side of Trail 159 is a small farmstead, recently taken over by a splinter group of Cooke's Powder Gangers. Attack, or Sneak around to the east side of the house and pick the lock [Easy] (and check the table outside for some ammo). On the hall table is more ammo, Buffout and the last message from Ranger Teresa Lutz. Check the rocks nearby for two graves; rob them with a Shovel.


[1.S01] Radioactive Road Block

p. 301

This is the end of the road for Highway 95. Note the Campfire to the southeast. The crater with the rusting cars is radioactive.

[1.S02] Hovering Anomaly/Mercenary Camp

p. 301

Something odd is glinting off the rocks forming the northern boundary of the Mojave Wasteland. On closer inspection (assuming you have the Wild Wasteland trait), you see a strange, circular craft and three spindly forms. These are hostile and must be defeated! Be sure you take the Unique Weapon (and all ammunition) from the captain.

Without the Wild Wasteland trait, you spot movement among the rocks forming the northern boundary of the Mojave Wasteland. On closer inspection, you stumble across a Mercenary Camp. Be sure you pry the Unique Weapon (and all ammunition) from the leader.

[1.S03] Electrical Transformer Station

p. 301

Providing some of the power for The Strip, this deserted location is actually in working order!

[1.S04] Sharecroppers’ Lament

p. 301

Abandoned and now home to Fiends, this dwelling is almost a ruin. Abandoned buildings stand near the line of power towers stretching west to east.

[1.S05] Wins hideout

p. 301

Head inside the shack to meet Sammy and Pauline Wins; a couple of smartly dressed folk with big ideas. If you want to hear them, start the Free Quest. Otherwise, search the room for free Food (in the fridge), and an amazingly difficult Safe [Very Hard]. There’s an easier way to open it....

[1.S06] Abandoned Farmstead

p. 301

This is boarded up and inaccessible, but there may randomly be a Magazine in the mailbox.

[1.S07] Jackal shack

p. 301

Two ill-equipped Jackal Gang members eke out an existence here.

[1.S08] New Vegas home

p. 301

Scavenge items from the fridge of this otherwise-empty dwelling.

[1.S09] Rusting Pickup Truck

p. 301

Check the flatbed for some ammo.

[1.S10] Carlyle St. Clair's house

p. 301

This one-room shack has no owner until Side Quest: Beyond the Beef is active. Then you can ask Carlyle St. Clair III about his relationship with the White Glove Society. Find ingestibles in the fridge, and note the handy dumpster.

[1.S11] Mojave house

p. 301-302

On the porch is a fridge with Beer, and a mailbox to check before you pry open either door [Average] and search inside, where you’ll find a hidden maize-growing operation complete with hydroponic lighting. There’s drink in the interior fridge, too.

[1.S12] Brahmin Paddock and Farmstead

p. 302

The farmstead is sealed up, and so is the shack, but the windmill has a place to sleep. Brahmin roam the area.

[1.S13] Trail 157 Junction

p. 302

Locate this road and you can follow it all the way to Jacobstown [1.10], or head into the wild mountain ravines, to a pathway that leads into Red Rock Canyon. This is the northeast end of the road; the other end is in Jacobstown.

[1.S14] Ruby Hill Grave

p. 302

Near the grazing Bighorners, against the rocky walls is a grave. Unearth some random items using a Shovel.

[1.S15] Mountain Vista

p. 302

Stand atop the mountain and survey the path to Ranger Station Foxtrot [1.12], and view The Strip (Zone 2) in the distance. This is an excellent vista spot.

[1.S16] Pine Ravines pathway

p. 302

A Bighorner pathway through the pine ravines in this area ends at Ranger Station Foxtrot. This helps you find your way in this wilderness.

[1.S17] Red Rock Pathway

p. 302

This ravine pathway allows access between the Pine Ravines and Red Rock Canyon [1.15] to the southeast. Beware of multiple Cazador nests.

[1.S18] Westside Turnaround and Playground

p. 302

Outside the protective Westside West Entrance [2.01] perimeter is a road turnaround, with a rusting playground and picnic tables. Notice the remains of the Campfire.

[1.S19] Abandoned home

p. 302

This concrete home is the only accessible one in the area. It’s empty aside from some grub in the fridge. Tamper with the Explosive in this mailbox, and rig it to explode in 10 seconds or when someone walks nearby, because you’re likely to face a Fiend ambush as you exit (around three of the punks).

[1.S20] Cazadors’ Duffle Bag

p. 302

To the west of Brewer’s Bootlegging Shack [1.13] are some rocky foothills filled with Cazadors, and among these is a collection of bones by a small clump of rocks. Check the area closely for a Duffle Bag with tons of useful items.

[1.S21] Disassembled Weapons Shipment

p. 302

Three Fiends guard this footlocker, whether Side Quest: How Little We Know is active or not. The footlocker is handy for this Quest.

[1.S22] Violet and Violetta trailer compound

p. 302

Just south of the Poseidon Gas Station [1.17] is a large collection of massed trailers. This is the home of a hated Fiend leader named Violet and her vicious dogs, the most ferocious of which is called Violetta. Check Side Quests: Three-Card Bounty and Nothin’ But a Hound Dog first, and keep Violet’s head intact!

[1.S23] Radioactive Pools

p. 302

Avoid the three shallow, polluted pools of effluent and ground water.

[1.S24] Red Rock Canyon Commemorative Stone

p. 303

A large hewn rock welcomes you to the area.

[1.S25] Spring Mountain Pathway

p. 303

This allows an alternate route into the back of the Great Khan’s camp in Red Rock Canyon [1.15], and is accessed via the ravine on the far side of the pond at Spring Mt. Ranch State Park [1.18].

[1.S26] Ravine Path

p. 303

This allows quick access between SprintIn-game spelling Mt. Ranch State Park [1.18] and the ransacked Tribal Village [4.01]; a handy shortcut.

[1.S27] Sulfur Cave

p. 303

This cave is an alternate entrance and exit to and from Vault 19 [1.21], if you don’t want to use the parking lot.


Topographical Overview

p. 303

The magic of New Vegas and the glittering towers of The Strip are out of reach for most folks eking out an existence in this mainly "exterior" zone. Aside from the five interior districts detailed in Part 2, the western side of town consists of a tight-knit Westside cooperative, with society gradually breaking down the farther south you go, where city blocks are violently run by Chem-addicted raiders known as Fiends. They have quite a territory to the southwest, but don't dare risk heading toward the NCR's main base at Camp McCarran, with its adjacent locations devoted to irrigated farming and refugees. To the east and north, independent businesses such as the Gun Runners and Crimson Caravan Company flourish, although they are mainly concerned with the weapons trade. Finally, take a trip to Freeside; it's the only way to enter fabulous New Vegas itself!

Highways and Byways

The Conurbation is dominated by a grid of streets to numerous to mention, but keep a lookout for a few roads, including the Long 15 which runs to the west (and outside) of The Strip until it becomes elevated (and inaccessible). Similarly, Highway 95 on the eastern side winds north and northwest; follow it to the eastern entrance to Freeside. Also elevated is a monorail linking Camp McCarran to The Strip, although you need to be inside either location to access (and ride) it. Don't forget to use the roads on the edge of this zone to find your way about.


[2.01] Westside West Entrance

p. 304

This conduit location is accessed numerous times during Quests.
With Fiends a constant problem, the Westside Militia has created an impressive, two-tier approach to defending the gate that leads to Westside [Zone 2A]. The Militia are suspicious, but not violent if you haven't interacted with them before. Note the small garden (with plants ripe for picking) and a second, southern entrance [2.03].

[2.02] Miguel's Pawn Shop

p. 304

Inside the store, you can sift through the junk (or steal it), or locate Miguel, who Trades with you. You can buy stuff, or ask him about Westside (he took over from his grandfather, who founded the shop, after he was killed). There’s not much more than junk on offer here.

[2.03] Westside South Entrance

p. 304

This less-trafficked area is close to the underground fighting establishment known as The Thorn [2.04].

[2.04] The Thorn

p. 304

Close to the Westside South Entrance [2.03] is a large scrawled sign for this den of iniquity, which is closed during nighttime hours. Descend into the Manhole to access a large fighting arena.

Upper Corridors

p. 304

Almost completely surrounding the main arena is a perimeter corridor that allows access into the arena, as well as The Thorn’s Cages below (through any of five blast doors). The sealed door to the north cannot be accessed until you offer yourself in the arena.

To Red Lucy’s Chamber

p. 304

This is where Red Lucy takes those who prove brave enough, and they help her test her bed’s mattress springs. Check her terminal [Very Easy] to find three menus. In The Thorn’s Mainframe Control, you can shut down the power to free all the beasts from their pens (creating havoc and causing a problem completing the Side Quest).

[2.05] South Cistern

p. 304-305

A small concrete block building, the Cistern is part of the vast treatment works spread across New Vegas, Two NCR soldiers guard this location. Drink from the valve for radiation-free water (not the trough below!).

[2.06] H&H Tools Factory

p. 305

Long before the war, H&H Tools Company provided Nevada and California high-quality robotics equipment. Owned by the half-brother of Robert Edwin House (the founder of RobCo, and—were it not for the 200 year gap—the same man who lives in the Lucky 38 Casino). When their father was killed in an accident, the elder brother swindled Robert out of the family fortune, and assumed control of the company.
Robert went on, through his dealings with RobCo and their lucrative contracts, to become one of the wealthiest men on earth. His half-brother meanwhile, became increasingly paranoid, seeking to guard himself against a vengeance that never came, and inflicting all manner of strange HR rules on his workforce. The remains of this factory still stand, surrounded by husk-like remains of North Vegas' industrial area.

Tool Company Foyer

p. 305

This large entrance area is a mess of ruined books. In the warehouse beyond, robots are milling about in water, and elsewhere, other robots are hitting the odd Frag Mine. The bookcase on the left (east) wall holds a Magazine and another lies on the main desk. Check the desk for a terminal, which reveals some interesting (and ancient) emails, detailing some increasingly draconian HR measures thanks to the company’s head, a “Mr. H.”

North Vegas Square

p. 305

The fragmented citizens of New Vegas have sealed themselves into different defensible quadrants, and this tactic is just as apparent at the Junk Doors leading into North Vegas Square. Enter North Vegas Square [2B] to meet its citizens, including their self-imposed leader Crandon, and the only other Primary Location, The Gray [2B.01].

[2.08] Freeside's North Gate

p. 305

The main fortified portions of New Vegas, Freeside [Zone 2C], and The Strip [Zone 2D] are accessed through one of two Freeside gates. This is the northern one. This gate can be seen from miles around due to the huge “Freeside” sign riveted above the inaccessible freeway overpass.

[2.09] Crimson Caravan Company

p. 306

The Crimson Caravan Company is the largest supplier to the NCR of military-grade weaponry, and an assortment of provisions and other equipment types. Their base of operations is a highly fortified walled base just east of the main Freeside and Strip area, alarmingly close to their rivals; the Gun Runners. There are two entrances to this location (east and west).

Caravaneer barracks

p. 306

The Caravaneers like to sweep, even inside their barracks, which is spotless. Check the restroom for clean drinking water.

Guard barracks

p. 306

Against an exterior wall, there’s a Workbench. Inside, there’s little except sleeping Guards. The restroom has clean drinking water.

Brahmin Paddock

p. 306

The Caravaneers are here, sweeping up the Brahmins’ waste, and tending to them. Among them is a young lady named Janet. She has a secret admirer over at the Boomer’s Nellis Air Force Base.

Blake’s Wares

p. 306

Blake is an honest, if a little cocksure Trader who offers some fine items for sale. You can ask more questions about Caravaneering, before buying something. Note the two non-skill books are bought for Lieutenant Markland.

Crimson Caravan main office

p. 306

Alice McLafferty runs the New Vegas operations from here with a stern countenance. She can be hit up for work, or more information about the history of this company. Also in the office is Don Hostetler, but he doesn’t have much to say (unless you have a Chem delivery from Jack and Diane). You can take your life in your hands (and your Infamy levels to new heights) by killing Alice for some Caps.

[2.10] New Vegas Medical Clinic

p. 306-307

Across the road from the eastern entrance to the Crimson Caravan Company [2.09], and just above a Manhole Cover to the North Sewers [U2,N] is an unassuming storefront. However, this has a Follower of the Apocalypse emblem above the door. A small sign also indicates the medicinal nature of this establishment.

Doctor Usanagi's Waiting Room

p. 306

Run by the selfless Doctor Usanagi, the clinic offers a reasonable array of medical supplies and an unmatched array of Implants. Pass the bodyguards to speak to Doctor Usanagi herself. You can speak about her role or (if you're engaged in a Quest) another matter, but you can make a 500 Cap donation to the Followers (for a Fame gain), and also purchase medical supplies and the Skill Magazines on the tables around the waiting room. You can also steal these, which causes Follower Infamy and everyone becomes hostile. Also, if you're ready for computerized enhancements of a more robotics kind, why not begin Free Quest: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger?

[2.11] Mole rat ranch

p. 307

Aside from a few dead Mole Rats, this locale appears to have been abandoned.

[2.12] Monte Carlo Suites

p. 307

On the western edge of the New Vegas Conurbation and north of the Sunset Sarsaparilla Headquarters [2.17] is a run-down hotel littered with burned-out vehicles, mostly used for cover and not barricades. This is the lair of the Scorpion Gang, a scrappy and overconfident bunch of mercenaries. They don't listen to reason, so Sneak or attack the first gang member at the entrance.

[2.13] The Strip North Gate

p. 307

At the southwestern end of Freeside is a huge barricade, with a neon welcoming sign, the excitement of which is tempered somewhat by the Securitron presence. These are robots in the service of Mr. House over at the Lucky 38 Casino. Before you enter, Old Ben greets you, and tells you to watch your step. You can ask him about The Strip, and his own checkered past. Then you can inspect the Campfires to the side of this gate (there are three) where a Squatter named Lady Jane (Side Quest: Debt Collector) is known to hang out. These are locations Squatter Camp #3 and Old Ben [2C.S27], and Squatter Camp #4 [2C.S28].

[2.14] Gun Runners

p. 308

Exterior: Gun Runner Kiosk

This heavily fortified armory is a small but extremely impressive operation. The Gun Runners supply only the finest hardware to the most discerning of customers, including the NCR. Approach the kiosk outside the gates of the building, and speak with either the Vendortron, or Isaac, near the Reloading Bench. You can ask about the Gun Runners, inquire about touring the factory (you can't), and play a game of Caravan.

Breaking into the Gun Runners factory alerts the three patrolling guards, ad nullifies the Vendortron's sales routine, stopping you from purchasing these rare items. Unlock the gate [Average], and head to the Gun Runner Headquarters front doors just beyond.

Gun Smithy

p. 308

The care and attention the Gun Runners give their weaponry is unsurpassed, and their Smithy is where this fine work takes place. Unlock a Locker [Average] for a nice item. The middle of the room has four Workbenches and two Reloading Benches, one of which has an Assault Carbine on it, and another holds a Laser Rifle. Finally, you can access the Gun Runner Terminal, where there's information on naming the Vendortron (not "Bob"), an order for Camp McCarran, and "Persona Non Grata." A final option appears during the Side Quest: You Can Depend on Me (and only then), allowing you to download some Manufacturing Specifications onto a Holotape.

[2.15] Freeside's east gate

p. 308

This is the eastern Freeside gate, allowing access to the main fortified portions of New Vegas: Freeside [Zone 2C] and The Strip [Zone 2D]. Visible from Sharecropper Farms [2.20], and next door to the Gun Runners [2.14], this gate is usually the quickest way to reach Freeside and the Strip the first time you wander toward the New Vegas fortification. It also offers impressive views of The Strip’s main casinos. There usually isn’t a guard at these gates.

[2.16] Durable Dunn's sacked caravan

p. 308

Dunn’s Caravans may be durable, but they’re certainly not bullet-proof; as indicated by the dead Brahmin and guards on the rickety bridge close to the East Pump Station [2.21]. The “island” between the two bridges has a Campfire, and the bodies of Van Graff Thugs to check. Bring Cass here during Side Quest: Heartache by the Number for further revelations.

2.17 Sunset Sarsaparilla Headquarters

p. 308-309

The old headquarters of the well-known and loved "Beverage of the West Coast," this structure features a many-faceted glass bottle of the company's signature drink, Sunset Sarsaparilla. Before the war, an urban legend circulated that if you collected bottle caps marked with a star, you could send them in to the Sunset Sarsaparilla Headquarters and receive a prize. Now, this legend has taken on a life of its own; crazed individuals stalk the Wasteland searching for "SSSs" (Sunset Sarsaparilla Stars), a fact exacerbated by an automated robotic attendant, Festus, who prompts people with an option to present their Sunset Sarsaparilla Stars. Dare you find out the truth?


p. 309

Sitting in his rundown saloon, Festus is the mascot for the old Sunset Sarsaparilla Company, and here to bring you great news of a competition, and the official word on that health advisory (keeps asking!). Requesting information on Star Bottle Caps begins Side Quest: The Legend of the Star. Returning with 50 or more Star Bottle Caps starts Side Quest: A Valuable Lesson. You can also play Lucky Horseshoes (speak to Festus about the rules).

[2.18] El Rey Motel

p. 309-310

Chem addicts hang out here, mainly because they aren't usually hassled by Fiends due to the motel's proximity to Camp McCarran [2.19]. This is also between two access points to the Central Sewers [U2.C].

2.19 Camp McCarran

p. 310-314

Camp McCarran is the main base for NCR military operations in southern Nevada. Formerly McCarran International Airport, the structure now houses and trains NCR's sizable battalions. Camp McCarran is the hub of activity in the area, and constantly has soldiers moving into and out of it. Despite this, security is tight and there are only a few ways in. A monorail connects Camp McCarran and The Strip, but it's heavily guarded.

Northwest Sentry Post

Some of this ammunition must be stolen if you wish to obtain it.

Sandbag Road Defenses

Grenade Box Ammunition

Firing Range and Sentry Post

Close to the tent city is a firing range. Major Dhatri is sometimes at this location, when he isn’t wandering the area, or standing in front of the Terminal Building. Consult him to begin Side Quest: Three-Card Bounty.

Western Sentry Posts

There are two here.

Truck Mechanic Area

Scrap Metal (10)

Little Buster's Punching Bag

There’s a Sentry Post here, and a diminutive soldier with a big ego taking it to the Super Mutant dummy. You can speak to him about his plans (being a Bounty Hunter) and the Fiends he’s taken down. He hints about the jobs Major Dhatri can offer you, and more importantly, he plays a mean hand of Caravan. He also has a mean hand claw: a Unique Bladed Gauntlet you
can Pickpocket or kill him for.

First Recon's Tents

p. 311

The NCR’s best sniper company resides in this area, led by Lieutenant Gorobets. Ask him about his team, and he tells you he’s worried about two of his squad: Betsy and Sterling. Ask for more information to begin Side Quest: I Don’t Hurt Anymore. Other members include 10 of Spades (with a stammer), Corporal Betsy, (who is sarcastic and rude to males and overly flirtatious to females,) Corporal Sterling (who survived Malpais, covets his Unique Weapon, and is part of Raul’s Free Quest), and Sergeant Bitter-Root (a tough man with a troubled past).

Communications and Weapons Tent

Hack a terminal [Very Easy] for the following messages, which don’t seem to be official NCR business-related.

Officer’s Tent

Footlocker Items

Tent City

This group of eight tents is north of First Recon’s tents, where more of the NCR Troopers reside.

Storage, Medical, Mess Hall Tents

Expect a small variety of Food on one of the tables, and more in a box by the cooking pans on the barrels outside.

McCarran Airport Frontage

Major Dhatri may be here once you’ve investigated the Terminal Building, ready to give out Side Quest-related bounties.

Camp McCarran Control Tower

p. 312

This is a key location if you find yourself snooping for information during Side Quest: I Put a Spell on You. The nearby wall terminal [Very Easy] has a log of activities.

Sentry Post and Patrol Path

Private Davey Crenshaw patrols here. He’s a joker, but is he a saboteur? Figure it out if Side Quest: I Put a Spell on You is active.

Drill Sergeant Obstacle Course

A drill sergeant yells at recruits as they attempt the obstacle course

Concourse Gate A

p. 312

This has been turned into a dorm for NCR overflow troops. Check Corporal White's Locker (32) for his Journal, which helps you out during Side Quest: The White Wash. Also of interest is Private Crenshaw's Footlocker (33); you can place something in here if you're working with Captain Curtis during Side Quest: I Put a Spell on You.

[2.20] NCR sharecropper farms

p. 314

The NCR provides protection (and water thanks to a pipe up from Lake Las Vegas [3.22]) to New Vegas Sharecroppers to tend a large allotment southeast of Freeside’s East Gate [2.15]. You can speak to Private Ortega at the gate, who tells you that some of the workers aren’t particularly grateful for this arrangement.

[2.21] East Pump Station

p. 315

This location is of paramount importance to the NCR, because it is responsible for filtering the water being pumped along the giant water pipe from Lake Las Vegas [3.22], and then into the Sharecropper Farms [2.20]. There are actually two buildings: the East Cistern, and the facility itself, plus two nearby Manhole Covers allowing access into the sewers [U2]. Inside the cistern is a Water Tower Valve (allowing you to sip clean water), and a blown-out terminal with a Magazine next to it.

[2.22] Aerotech Office Park

p. 315-316

Close to a Manhole to the East Central Sewers [U2.EC], and adjacent to the Sharecropper Farms [2.20] and Camp McCarran [2.19] is a fortified refugee camp re-purposed from an old office park. The elevated monorail track surrounds this location. Open the Junk Door, and you can speak to Captain Parker about ongoing humanitarian problems. Occasionally present is a Ghoul named Bert GunndarssonIn-game spelling (a member of the Followers of the Apocalypse), who can heal you. Ask him about the refugees.

Aerotech tent

p. 315

It is better (for your Karmic soul) to receive medical attention from Bert than steal the items in this room. Frank Weathers is also here. Ask him about his family, and you can begin the hunt for them: Side Quest: Left My Heart.

Aerotech suite 200

p. 315

Search through the strewn mess of hobos and debris. The entrance foyer has some Chems, ammo, and a Caravan Shotgun. Find Keith in here to begin the Free Quest.

Aerotech suite 300

p. 316

The other Aerotech suite is in a little better condition, and houses the more stable long-term patients. One of the restrooms is locked [Easy] with ammo (and a skeleton) inside.

[2.23] South Vegas ruins west entrance

p. 318

Three entrances/exits allow access into this Fiend stronghold, ruled over by the iron fist and crazy brain of Motor-Runner in Vault 3 [2.24]. Of the three entrances (including the one not shown as a Primary Location on your Pip-Boy’s World Map), this is by far the most dangerous, because you must deal with the lunatics and deviant Cook-Cook, in his ruins hideout just north of here [2.S18], if you aren’t Sneaking.

[2.24] Vault 3

p. 316-318

Vault 3, which is now completely within South Vegas Ruins (AKA "Fiend Territory") was once an ordinary, happy vault. It wasn't built above a sulfur cave, or to feature Vault-Tec "experiments" that could drive dwellers mad. In fact, the place was functioning normally until a slight water leak turned the lower chambers soggy and forced the inhabitants out to the surface, in search of humanity on the topside. Instead, they met the Fiends.

[2.25] South Vegas ruins east entrance

p. 318

Three entrances/exits provide access into this Fiend stronghold, ruled over by the steely gaze and Chem-addled attitude of Motor-Runner in Vault 3 [2.24]. Of the three entrances (including the one not shown as a Primary Location on your Pip-Boy’s World Map), this is farthest into Fiend Territory, and adjacent to New Vegas Steel [2.26].

[2.26] New Vegas Steel

p. 318-319

Deep in Fiend Territory along the southwestern side of New Vegas, this steel plant still operates with its robot staff. Note the nearby access to South Vegas Ruins [Zone 2E].

[2.27] West pump station

p. 319

A matching pump station is to the east [2.21], but this one is on the outskirts of Fiend territory. Activate the Pump Station Terminal, and you can repair the network connection. This nets you some XP, but isn’t necessary to read the warning. Activate the terminal to read the warning about radiation being detected in the filtration system, but not in this facility (it is actually in Vault 34 [3.12]). This begins Side Quest: Hard Luck Blues.

[2.28] Samson Rock Crushing Plant

p. 319

Composed of four sealed concrete buildings to the north and the main workings to the south, surrounded by the remains of a fence, this Quarry has been disintegrating for decades. Abandoned by prospectors due to the influx of Fiends, the area offers nothing but a few wild plants. Use the buildings as cover after retreating from Fiends, or the structure as a marker for the southwest corner of the New Vegas Conurbation.

[2.29] The Basincreek Building

p. 319

One of the many office structures close to Camp McCarran [2.19], this one is just east of the Long 95, as it dips into its sunken section. There is only one entrance, by a burned-out car and garbage can. It borders Fiend territory, so be aware of these lunatics when exploring.

[2.30] Allied Technologies offices

p. 319

The door to the right (east) accesses a small office of cubicles, and a Giant Ant. Find Fixer and two Star Caps on the desks. Open the broken door to an L shaped corridor and another room with a couple of Giant Ants and broken terminals

[2.31] Reed Imports Sacked Caravan

p. 319

This caravan, which belongs to Cassidy, a contractor with the Crimson Caravan Company [2.09], has been ransacked, and all its (useful) items stolen. There’s slim pickings here besides the information you can provide to the Crimson Caravan’s boss, Alice McCafferyIn-game spelling, or Cass herself, who is down south at the Mojave Outpost [4.27].

[2.32] Grub n' Gulp rest stop

p. 319

This shanty rest stop lies at the end of the east-west road from here to the Samson Rock Crushing Plant [2.28], and Highway 95, which soon becomes elevated, inaccessible, and flanked with billboards for The Strip’s many hotels and casinos. You can’t enter the hut; all your trading must be done with Fitz and his partner Lupe.

[2.33] Ant Mound

p. 320

A once-fertile plain between the outskirts of New Vegas and the rugged desert terrain is now devoid of crops. Beware of Fiends heading down from the McCarran airstrip to the north, close to the Allied Technologies Officers [2.30], but a bigger concern are the Giant Fire Ants scuttling out of their mound, inside an old barn.

[2.34] Hunter's Farm

p. 320

Due to increased Fiend activity, Powder Ganger escapees, and a lack of irrigation, the old farmsteads are in a depressed state, The farmland behind hasn't mustered any crops, but you can harvest wild plants.

[2.35] REPCONN Headquarters

p. 320-323

REPCONN Corporation was an up-and-coming regional aerospace firm, and keen contributor to Las Vegas political campaigns. They operated a test facility in the Black Mountains to the south (much to the chagrin of the local populations, who long complained of the "REPCONN bombs" landing in their fields and destroying property). The company was purchased by the giant RobCo Company just before the Great War, in a hostile takeover. New security countermeasures were installed, and more militaristic plans were undertaken, especially after the discovery of a special radioactive igniting agent that interested certain senior RobCo members. These countermeasures are still in effect, so investigate this building with caution.


[2.S01] Ruined Buildings

p. 323

The half-block of buildings to the west of the H&H Tools Factory [2.06] has taken damage in recent years, and most of the structures are nothing but rubble.

[2.S02] Ruined Store

p. 323

In this devastated city block are the remains of a shop without a roof (making it a good place to retreat to if you’re attacked).

[2.S03] Ruined Store

p. 323

Close to one of the Manhole Covers and Sewer Entrances (to U2.N: North Sewers) are the remains of a store, with good sniping opportunities from the upper floor.

[2.S04] Ruined Building with Locked Cache

p. 323

A block to the east of the Mole Rat murders [2.11] are a group of\ crumbling brick structures. Check the northeast corner store, watching for Frag Mines (and a Magazine inside the front door). Or, you can use the back door (watch for the Tripwire and Grenade Bouquet); either allows access to a locked Metal Door [Hard]. Pry that open to reach a hidden cache of items including more Magazines.

[2.S05] Hostetler and Isaac Homes

p. 323

Check the three mailboxes for a random Magazine. Inside the Hostetler house, you’ll find Mrs. Hostetler, who asks you (in no uncertain terms) to vacate the premises. She has additional opinions if Side Quest: Someone to Watch Over Me is active, and her daughter Alice may also be here. Check her abode for items to steal including Food in the fridge and on the dining room table. Don’t forget the Star Cap between the sofas on the small table! Isaac is almost always at the Gun Runners, so his house is pretty bare; find scraps of Food in the fridge and a bed, but little else.

[2.S06] Orion Moreno's house

p. 323

An old man named Orion Moreno lives in a ranch house here. This and an adjacent house may have Magazines in their mailboxes. Except for a fully stocked fridge, Moreno’s house lacks items. Speak to him though, and you can learn about his deep-seated hatred of the NCR. He is a key player in Side Quest: For Auld Lang Syne, so don’t kill him unless you’re aware of the consequences!

[2.S07] Destroyed Freeway Bridge

p. 323

Across from the entrance to the East Central Sewers are the remains of a freeway bridge, now fallen into the dry riverbed below. This is the extreme eastern border of Zone 2.

[2.S08] NCR Patrol

p. 323

Two NCR Troopers are here, and a trio patrols the area around the Aerotech Office Park [2.22]. Ask them about how their tours are going.

[2.S09] Elevated Freeway and Billboards

p. 324

Just north of the Grub n’ Gulp Rest Stop [2.32] are a number of casino billboards, and the raised freeway section of Highway 95. This elevated platform, which you cannot stand on, stretches up and around to Freeside’s East Gate [2.15].

[2.S10] Apartment Allotment

p. 324

Just south of The Thorn [2.04] is a blue apartment with a large garden allotment of unripe plants. Expect Fiend encroachment from the south.

[2.S11] Westside Playground

p. 324

This urban area can be confusing, so look for this flat ground with a rusting play area near The Thorn [2.04] to help situate yourself.

[2.S12] Summer Springs Boarding House

p. 324

This apartment building is sealed up tight but has its name emblazoned on the side. It’s close to the Monte Carlo Suites [2.12] and also to Scorpions Gang Territory.

[2.S13] Tiki Tonga Burned-Out Ranch Homes

p. 324

An area of decimation at the northern edge of Fiend Territory, this location takes its name from the apartments just north. One of the mailboxes may contain a Magazine.

[2.S14] Sarsaparilla Burned-Out Ranch Homes

p. 324

Just one block north of Sunset Sarsaparilla Headquarters [2.17] is a block of burned-out homes and a play area. Check the mailboxes for Magazines.

[2.S15] Elevated Long 15

p. 324

This is where the Long 15, which you can follow all the way from the Mojave Outpost [4.27], becomes elevated and inaccessible. Use it as a landmark from this point; it cuts through Zone 2C (Freeside) and across toward Boomer Territory.

[2.S16] Long 15 Mines

p. 324

The NCR have placed Frag Mines across this section of road to prevent Fiend access from the west.

[2.S17] New Vegas Sign

p. 324

This has been a Vegas landmark since before anyone can remember. It is occasionally used by NCR Rangers to sniper at Fiends to the south, but you can't climb on it. Use it as a landmark when you're nearing Camp McCarran [2.19].

[2.S18] Cook-Cook’s Territory

p. 324

A terrible Fiend named Cook-Cook, who r---s those NCR soldiers that he captures, is holed up in these ruins to the north of South Vegas Ruins West Gate [2.23]. He’s surrounded by sycophants and his pet Brahmin Queenie (which you
can hurt to drive him into a rage). Keep Cook-Cook’s head intact if you’re doing Side Quest: Three-Card Bounty. Beware of a concealed Mine, and don’t leave without stealing a Recipe from the steel shelves.

[2.S19] NCR Sandbag Defenses

p. 324

The NCR face periodic entanglements with the Fiends in this area, and have recently pulled back from these defenses.

[2.S20] Long 15 Pedestrian Steps

p. 324

This allows access to the Fiend Territory east and west if you find yourself wandering down the Long 15. Watch for the Frag Mine and extinguisher trap on the western steps adjacent to New Vegas Steel [2.26].

[2.S21] Long 15 Overturned Train Carriage

p. 324

Require a quick escape up into Fiend Territory from the sunken section of the Long 15? Then climb up the dangling train carriage here, and sit on the roofs to snipe.

[2.S22] Driver Nephi’s Territory

p. 324-325

Famous for his vicious golf club swing, Driver Nephi rules the Fiend Territory to the south of Zone 2E, and has a base within a ruined building close to the Samson Rock Crushing Plant [2.28]. This is quite open, so use the building rubble as cover, prepare for combat with close to a dozen Fiends, and take care not to mangle Driver Nephi’s head if you’re engaged in Side Quest: Three-Card Bounty. Nephi’s base is a weird collection of Vegas signs and platforms.

[2.S23] Long 15 Mines 2

p. 325

The NCR have placed Frag Mines across this section of road to prevent Fiends access from the Driver Nephi's Territory.

[2.S24] Abandoned warehouse

p. 325

Just east of the Allied Technologies Offices [2.30] is a large Abandoned Warehouse teeming with Fiends. Inside is an expansive, single-chamber warehouse with Garage Doors and a Metal Door to enter and exit. Take your time rummaging to find the following:

[2.S25] NCR Checkpoint and Burned Buildings

p. 325

On the ring road north of REPCONN Headquarters [2.35] is an NCR Checkpoint, but this is only visible during Free Quest: A Final Plan for Esteban, one of the Camp McCarran [2.19] Free Quests. This is where Ranger Morales’ body must be taken. Otherwise, there are four ruined buildings to the north here, with scattered minor items to salvage.

[2.S26] Abandoned Buildings and Ranger Morales' corpse

p. 325

This becomes a new Primary Location on your Pip-Boy during Free Quest: A Final Plan for Esteban. Otherwise deserted, this place has four Fiends patrolling the roofs and forecourt of this place, which is also booby-trapped with Mines and a Rigged Shotgun. The bodies of Ranger Jackson and Morales lie here, but only if the Free Quest is active.


Topographical Overview

p. 325

The Great New Vegas skyline is dominated by the Lucky 38 Tower, and other monuments to excess, but visiting such ostentatious structures requires more than just knocking on a door. There are five "Interior zones" within the New Vegas Conurbation, and all offer a glimpse into the way of life for the inhabitants. Zone 2A (Westside) consists of a cooperative of crop-growers and militia, and vying for water from the NCR. Zone 2B (North New Vegas) is a squatter camp with few amenities. Zone 2C (Outer and Inner Freeside) is a sprawling series of large roads, structures, and casinos that don't quite have the razzmatazz of those on The Strip. The Kings, Followers of the Apocalypse, Garrets, Van Graffs, along with Mick & Ralph inhabit Freeside. The Strip itself is a neon-clad architectural triumph, but heavily fortified and guarded by Securitrons in the service of Mr. House, who rules the three Families (the Omertas at the Gomorrah, the Chairman at The Tops, and the White Glove Society at the Ultra Luxe) with an iron fist. The NCR also has an embassy here, and a brother and sister live and work for Mr. House, building more neon signs and showing rich folk around Vault 21. Finally, Zone 2E is Fiend Territory, and the only part of New Vegas where you're actively hunted by hostile forces.

Highways and Byways

Access to the interior zones is almost exclusively via gates, which are guarded by gang members or militia of the Faction you're about to meet inside. Inside each zone, there are main streets and alleys; especially in Freeside you should learn the layout so you can gauge (for example) which gate is nearest your destination. For example, always take the Freeside North Gate if you're heading to the Old Mormon Fort, and the Freeside East Gate if you want to visit Mick & Ralph's. There are Sewer entrances to Zones 2A and 2B (not the others). To reach 2D (The Strip), you must enter Zone 2C (Freeside) first.


[2A.01] Casa Madrid Apartments

p. 326-327

The sounds of ecstasy (or more likely, agony) emanate through the walls of this low-rent knocking shop. Step through the dilapidated front doors, and prepare for some offers you can definitely refuse.

2A.02 Westside Co-op

p. 327

A reasonably intact old Uptown Drugs Store is now the base of operations of a fledgling business known as the Westside Co-op, and guarded by a tongue-tied Super Mutant called Mean Sonofabitch (who's actually quite pleasant).

Clayton Etienne runs the Co-op. If you've finished Side Quest: The White Wash with an "understanding," Etienne is the guy to come back to for your Caps. If you're not shaking him down, you can ask about his story (he tells you about the crime families of New Reno), the co-op (he talks about help they got from Tom Anderson and the Followers), and what he has for sale. You can then purchase, or steal from him. There's a wealth of Caps if you want to turn Westside hostile, and more in the floor safe [Average].

[2A.03] Klamath Bob's liquor store

p. 327

You can elect to steal or purchase some fine libations from Klamath Bob himself. You can ask him if he’s from Klamath (he mentions some history regarding “a tribal from Arroyo”), the various small Factions in the area (mainly the Scorpions at the Monte Carlo Suites [2.12] and the Fiends), as well as the more colorful characters in Westside. You can also play a hand of Caravan with him, or take the Magnum under his cash register. He has few Caps if you’re thinking about a hold-up.

[2A.04] North cistern

p. 327

This offers a Water Tower Valve (allowing you to sup from clean water), and (unless you like collecting Sporks) little else of value.


[2A.S01] The Chessboard

p. 327

Judah Kregar is usually near or standing around this location, although he walks the streets of Westside, too. Mean Sonofabitch also loiters here, close to the Pawn Shop.

[2A.S02] Manhole to North Sewers

p. 327

This allows easy access to and from the North Sewers [U2.N].

[2A.S03] Marco

p. 327

Marco is likely to be found sitting outside the building he manages.

[2A.S04] Mean Sonofabitch

p. 327-328

The inaccurately named Mean Sonofabitch s a pleasant, almost humorous First Generation Super Mutant, who lumbers around town. Ask around, and you lean his speech impediment was caused by his tongue being cut out of his mouth.

[2A.S05] Building Alcove

p. 328

If they aren't inside the Casa Madrid Apartments, two unpleasant Scavengers are hanging around here like a bad smell.

[2A.S06] Westside Allotment (West)

p. 328

One of two allotments the Westside Citizens are attempting to cultivate.

[2A.S07] Makeshift Bedding

p. 328

This is one of a number of locations across Westside where you’ll find Makeshift Bedding.

[2A.S08] Makeshift Bedding

p. 328

Sleeping quarters

[2A.S09] Westside Allotment (East)

p. 328

The second of two allotments where the Westside Citizens are attempting to grow vegetation.

[2A.S10] Hector and the Water Brahmin

p. 328

A small child with his pet Brahmin and siphons water from the barrels the NCR delivers from their Sharecropper Farms.


[2B.01] The Gray

p. 328-329

The small fortified camp of North New Vegas, run by Crandon and the stoic Jules has but one large location, close to the manhole cover leading to the North Sewers [U2.N]; the Gray Hotel. Once you enter, prepare for a quick-thinking, or fast-drawing altercation with the chem-addled thugs here. One is guarding a runaway girl's room, who has shacked up here with her boyfriend; a Ghoul named Andy. They only appear if the Side Quest involving them is active.


[2B.S01] CrandenIn-game spelling

p. 329

You’ll find CrandenIn-game spelling wandering these streets, muttering about the influx of squatters.

[2B.S02] Manhole to North Sewers

p. 329

This allows easy access to and from the North Sewers [U2.N].

[2B.S03] Owned Bedding

p. 329

This Makeshift Bedding belongs to Crandon and Jules, and can’t be slept on.

[2B.S04] Jules

p. 329

If you can match him (verbally) in Guns and Survival skills, he greets you as an equal. He also plays a mean hand of Caravan, and can give you information on the area, the NCR, and the Fiends to the southwest.

[2B.S05] Squatter Bill

p. 329

A rather grumpy man, Squatter Bill has taken over North Vegas with a bunch of companions, much to Crandon's chagrin.

[2B.S06] Playground

p. 329

A couple of rather rude Squatters don’t take kindly to being disturbed.


2C.01 Old Mormon Fort

p. 329-330

At the north end of Freeside, an Old Mormon Fort has been converted into the base of operations for the Followers of the Apocalypse, a quasi-religious organization hellbent on helping humanity, while ensuring nothing like the Great War ever occurs again. The courtyard of the fort is used for general triage and care, with the old (heavily damaged) adobe fort buildings themselves being for Followers' storage and residences. Despite the historic name of the place, there are no serious fortifications–just fences and gates with a few armed Followers inside.

Fort Courtyard Entrance

You’ll meet a guard or two, and Beatrix Russel, in this location. She’s a cowgirl Ghoul with a heart of gold, and a rare coat. You can ask her (at length) about her past, Freeside, and all the Factions therein.

Roy, Farris, and Wayne’s Tent

Although this place mainly caters to those down on their luck, these three Freeside residents look like they’ve been beaten up. They aren’t speaking about it, and won’t until you quiz them as part of Side Quest: G.I. Blues.

Arcade Gannon's Tent

One of the Followers Doctors—a man named Arcade Gannon—sits or stands around here, although he puts himself down as a researcher, and not a particularly good one. He’s better at Latin though. He seems interested if you ask him to help your cause, but he points you in the direction of Julie Farkas if you want to really help the Followers. Persist, and he asks why he should go with you.

Storage and Rest Tents

There’s usually a couple of gamblers in the Rest Tent, sleeping off a heavy night.

Guard Tent and Doctor’s Tent

April Martimer is either here, or around camp, but only if Side Quest: ED-E My Love is active.

Julie Farkas

The leader of the Followers of the Apocalypse is Julie Farkas, a soft-spoken woman with a heart as big as a Bloatfly. You can speak to Julie about her problems with a lack of medical supplies. You can also speak to her about two chem addicts who need saving (High Times), The King in Freeside, and specifically his relationship with the NCR (G.I. Blues and King’s Gambit), The King’s dog Rex (Nothin’ But a Hound Dog), and about a sensitive Great Khan who wishes to hang up his biker jacket for a doctor’s coat (Cry Me a River). Farkas really is a lynch-pin of Freeside. Farkas also is proficient at fixing you up, but at a cost. Finally, you can speak to her about returning with medical supplies for her (Free Quest: Short-Term Treatment), or setting up some kind of discount with local vendors (Free Quest: Long-Term Care).

Eastern Tower

This storage area has rotting crates and rusting Tin Cans everywhere.

Western Tower

This accesses a small surgery room with poor lighting. There’s a Filing Cabinet here to check: If Side Quest: High Times is active, you can pull the records of one of the affected Freeside dwellers. If Main Quest: King’s Gambit, or Side Quest: G.I. Blues is active, you can read the medical records of Pacer, one of The King’s Gang members.

Upstairs is Julie’s office, complete with a magazine on her desk (which must be stolen), and a Snow Globe on the book shelf (which can be snagged without any Karmic worries).

2C.02 Mick & Ralph's

p. 330-331

Providing some of the finest quality trinkets to discerning customers, while serving the riff-raff the usual low-grade armaments, Mick and his colleague Ralph run a thriving business from the seedier side of Freeside. Their store is a treasure-trove of objects d'art, mass-produced crap, and almost everything you're found on your Wasteland journeys even those weird little dolls people say are from a place back East called Point Lookout. Sometimes, Max and Stacy run around in here. Max has an interesting toy gun for you to check:

  • Unique Weapon: Euclid’s C-Finder [14/42]

Ralph's General Supplies

Ralph runs the front of the store, and he sells general supplies. You can ask him what he has in stock, and Trade with him. If you’re after some Chlorine during Side Quest: How Little We Know, this is the place to obtain it.

You can also request a bounty of information on the various Factions inside Freeside. You can also ask if he offers “any other services.” This begins Free Quest: Papers, Please.

Mick's Weapons

Mick is at the back of the store, near his Workbench, and sells guns. You can ask to see the guns that he has for sale, and Trade with him. You can also ask how business is. He tells you it has slowed down since The Omertas stopped buying, and asks if you could find out the reason. You’ll know why if you commence Side Quest: How Little We Know, and you can return to Mick and tell him. You can also ask Mick to Repair any of your equipment. He’s extremely proficient.

Ask if he’s got any special items for sale. He’s suspicious, and asks if you work for any of the casinos. Reply “Yes,” and he tells you there are no Vegas-banned items here. Reply no. He opens up a hidden wall, into a storage room brimming with only the most impressive, eye-popping (literally and figuratively) hardware.

Upper Apartment

You can also ransack the store, which isn’t recommended as you don’t get to steal everything Mick and Ralph sell, although there’s a Caps haul. Go upstairs, and there’s water to drink in the bathroom.

[2C.03] Ruined Store

p. 331

In an oft-overlooking part of Freeside, two "Men" guarding this location are actually NCR soldiers attempting to win hearts and minds (and to some, usurp the power of The Kings Gang) by feeding the Squatters of Freeside. Approach, and the Men ask for a Password.

Once inside, you see a soup kitchen run with almost military precision. Speak to Elizabeth Kieran, and you soon discover it is a military operation.

[2C.04] Cerulean Robotics

p. 331

In a lonely and occasionally traversed section of Freeside is a monolithic office building, which was home to Cerulean Robotics. You can freely enter the facility. On your way out, don't be surprised if you're accosted by Malefic Maud and her ruthless band of octogenarian muggers (Free Quest: Maud's Muggers; related to Freeside itself)!

Break Room

Over in the corners appears to be the remains of an ancient Protectron fight with a now-deceased worker.

2C.05 King's School of Impersonation

p. 331-332

The most powerful individual in Freeside, the King is the leader of The Kings Gang, a group of tough guys that dominate the center of the community. The King models himself on a singer from ancient items, after discovering some old recordings, and is charming, rebellious, and well-dressed. He sits and vets newcomers to the gang, and those that wish to impersonate the King himself, who in turn, is an impersonation. He's accompanied by his do Rex, a cybernetic hound around since Pre-War times, who's a little worse for wear.

Floor 1: The King's Bar

Inside the King’s School of Impersonation is a bar, where you can steal a Beer or Sunset Sarsaparilla. Pacer is also here, guarding the entrance to the Stage Room. To get into see the King, you can: Tell Pacer you’re here to pay your respects. Pacer likes that, and lets you in. Or, you can offer five Caps (you’re turned away in disgust), 50 Caps (Pacer lets you in), or 500 Caps (Pacer lets you in while you remember not to give away all your Caps). Pickpocketing Pacer allows you to take his key, which opens up Location #2.

Stage Room

Once inside the Stage Room, meet the King and Rex. You can converse with him to begin Side Quest: G.I. Blues, and also inquire about him ceasing violence against the NCR as part of Main Quest: King’s Gambit. The King also has a key (which opens the other door in this room), and a unique outfit, but you’ll need to pry them off his corpse.

Ground Corridor

As long as you don’t try anything too brazen, the Kings Gang lets you wander.

Restrooms and Spin-the-Bottle Bedroom

There’s radiation-free water to drink in any of these rooms.

Storage and Beer-Pong Room

Items: First Aid Box

Chalkboard Bedroom

Items: First Aid Box

Make-up Room and Sergio's Stylings

Sergio works his greased-back magic here, but can’t offer you a styling yet. Complete Side Quest: G.I. Blues, and the King allows it, enabling you to complete your look. Sergio carries a Unique Straight Razor, too.

Floor 2: Restrooms

Items: Straight Razor, First Aid Box

Pitch-and-Putt, Groupie, Windowed Bedrooms

There’s radiation-free water to drink in any of these rooms.

Stairs, Chess and Back Bedrooms

Items: Switchblade

Floor 3: Pacer's Bedroom

The King’s right-hand man is a guy called Pacer, who isn’t quite as easy-going as the big man. Find his secret stash under the bed; important for the associated Quests/

School Desk Graveyard

Items: Switchblade

The King's Boudoir

This huge, high-ceiling chamber is where the King sleeps; on his ostentatious bed (which you can try out, too). In the en-suite chamber are additional beds for his Groupies.

Outfit Storage

The Kings Gang has a throwback style, and its important to maintain a uniform appearance.

2C.06 Atomic Wrangler

p. 332-334

The Atomic Wrangler, the only active casino in Freeside (featuring a neon sign of a futuristic cowboy riding a stylized atom), is also a flophouse, brothel, and source of chems, located just down the main drag. It is run by the Garret Twins, protected by their thugs, and is a common hangout or the Van Graffs and Kings. Many caravaneers and poor (but not impoverished) NCR folks can also be found here.

[2C.07] Silver Rush

p. 334

"Vegas' best source of laser and plasma weapons." So says the thug guarding the door to the Silver Rush an old casino transformed into a heavily guarded Energy Weapons trader's paradise. It's run by Gloria Van Graff, the younger of the two siblings, and her brother Jean-Baptiste Cutting. She is the person responsiveIn-game spelling for the New Vegas van Graffs' general strategy, including striking up a deal with Alice McLafferty of the Crimson Caravan Company to wipe ourIn-game spelling the competition in New Vegas (the Gun Runners and Cassidy Caravans). Jean-Baptiste Cutting is the muscle of the Van Graff operation, and handles all of Gloria's dirty work. Jean-Baptiste is a nasty, mean-spirited son-of-a-bitch. Despite the family's tendency to deal in energy weapons, Jean-Baptiste is a connoisseur of big guns and explosives. He threatens people for looking at him the wrong way and is far from all talk; he will go from zero-to-murder in two seconds.


[2C.S01] Bodyguards-For-Hire

p. 335

Just inside this gate are three rough-and-tumble individuals, ready for you to hire them during your stay in Freeside. For the sum of 100 Caps, you get their protective services; they act as a Follower, but work on their own, and protect you from thug attackers and pickpockets. One of the men is called Orris, and he charges double. He’s also a person of interest during the Side Quest.

[2C.S02] Genaro’s Fodder

p. 335

If you enjoy a more down-to-earth cuisine, speak with Genaro, who sells you Food that some Scavengers wouldn’t touch.

[2C.S03] Dead Man's Dumpster

p. 335

Check the dumpsters and bodies for loot.

[2C.S04] Genaro’s Little Helpers

p. 335

Dashing along the streets of Outer Freeside are three children chasing a Giant Rat. You surmise this is one way Genaro is kept in raw food for his cuisine. Sometimes, the children disappear into the Old Mormon Fort. Kill the rodent, and the children can feast.

[2C.S05] Squatter Camp #1

p. 335

Visit this location during Side Quest G.I. Blues and speak to Grecks the Ghoul (as part of Side Quest: Debt Collector), as well as an NCR “Man.”

[2C.S06] Mick and Ralph’s Crier

p. 335

This child bellows advertising for Mick & Ralph’s store, informing you where the place is ([2C.02]).

[2C.S07] Freeside Entrance (Outer)

Learn the location of this bank of mangled vehicles and metal; it is the thoroughfare between Outer and Inner Freeside, and the quickest route to and from The Strip.

[2C.S08] Tapper and the Water Supply

A Kings Gang Member appropriately called Tapper mans a large water valve in this area, and is happy to quench your thirst; for a price.

[2C.S09] Train Station

This location is sealed up tight, but major conflict erupts in this location during a major Side Quest.

[2C.S10] Signal Box Tower

If you choose a more violent end to the Side Quest, expect combat in this location; a rotting signal box close to the Train Station.

[2C.S11] The Granny Gang

p. 335

This is a frightened city. Over these houses, over these streets hangs a pall of fear. Fear of a new kind of violence which is terrorizing the city. Yes, gangs of old ladies attacking defenseless fit young couriers. This occurs randomly, but there’s a high chance ifIn-game spelling it happening when you exit Cerulean Robotics.

[2C.S12] Max and Stacey

p. 335

Two troublesome tykes are racing around this otherwise-unpleasant part of town; Max is chasing Stacey with a “toy gun,” which is actually something far more impressive. Talk to Max as part of the Side Quest, and if you want to start the Free Quest.

[2C.S13] Vagrants and Thugs

p. 335-336

You may be attacked near to this street junction, or watch the wretched drunks and vagrants slump on the sidewalks.

[2C.S14] Dixon the Dealer

p. 336

Dixon has a few items designed to pick you up and keep you coming back for more.

[2C.S15] Rotface

p. 336

Slumped against a wall near Mick & Ralph’s is a Ghoul who looks like just another vagrant. But speak to him, and he’s a fountain of knowledge; beginning the Free Quest.

[2C.S16] Bodyguards-For-Hire

p. 336

Just inside this gate are three rough-and-tumble individuals, ready for you to hire them during your stay in Freeside. For the sum of 100 Caps, you get their protective services; they act as a Follower, but work on their own, and protect you from thug attackers and pickpockets. Also check the ruined building behind them; there’s a place to sleep here.

[2C.S17] Jacob Hoff

p. 336

Surrounded by empty Jet inhalers, Jacob Hoff is a wretched sight, and only here if the Side Quest is active.

[2C.S18] Dead Man

p. 336

Slumped corpses aren’t that rare in Freeside, but this one is sporting an interesting piece of neck attire; useful during the Side Quest.

[2C.S19] An Unsubtle Mugging

p. 336

Investigate here, and you may fear for your life; check the Free Quest for more information.

[2C.S20] Squatter Camp #2

p. 336

Visit this location during Side Quest G.I. Blues and speak to Santiago the fancy man, as well as an NCR “Man.” Santiago is quick to offer you a deal (Smooth Talking Criminal) and you have a proposition for him too; if Side Quest: Wang Dang Atomic Tango or Debt Collector are active.

[2C.S21] Freeside Entrance (Inner)

p. 336

This is the main thoroughfare between Outer and Inner Freeside, and the quickest route to and from The Strip. The second entrance near the Silver Rush is rarely used.

[2C.S22] Atomic Wrangler crier

p. 336

Hungry, thirsty, or horny? Then the Atomic Wrangler Crier tells you all about the services this nearby casino offers.

[2C.S23] Silver Rush crier

p. 336

If you’re looking for a bit more energy—weapons, that is—check out what this man is yelling.

[2C.S24] Bill Ronte

p. 336

Sitting in his own filth next to scattered and empty Whiskey bottles, Bill Ronte is a pathetic sight, and only here if the Side Quest is active.

[2C.S25] Ruined Building

p. 336

Adjacent to the Silver Rush is a ruined two-story town-home with mattresses aplenty.

[2C.S26] Dead Thugs

p. 336

If Orris is showing you around Freeside as part of the Side Quest, he reveals his amazing gun-toting prowess and stands proudly over the bodies of four dead thugs. But only three shots were fired.... This is also where you must lead Joana during Side Quest: Bye Bye Love.

[2C.S27] Squatter Camp #3 and Old Ben

p. 336-337

Old Ben usually stands in front of the Securitrons at The Strip gate, and warns you that you require a passport to enter. You can also speak to him at length about his checkered past, and possible future job if a Side Quest is active. Lady Jane usually sits on a bench, refusing to give you any Caps during Side Quest: Debt Collector.

[2C.S28] Squatter Camp #4

p. 336

A rarely used Campfire glows close to the glitz of The Strip North Gate.


[2D.01] Gomorrah

p. 338-340

Where The Strip's other casinos are refined, the Gomorrah is rough around the edges, and coarse, as it offers sleazy sex for sale. Top of the attractions list is the sex (any type you want with anyone you want); then the booze and drugs, and finally the Food and Gambling. The casino's entire theme is excessive debauchery. While casino games are available, they are the Omertas' secondary interest. Unlike the Chairman, the Omertas think little of their clientele and will beat the crap out of them as soon as look at them. Unknown to everyone else on the strip (although Mr. House has some idea), the head of the Gomorrah, Nero, may be orchestrating a racket with unknown parties.

2D.02 Lucky 38 Casino

p. 341-343

The towering superstructure of the Lucky 38, which has been the base of operations for Mr. House for as long as anyone can remember (even the non-feral Ghouls), the giant monolith seems more like a well-maintained mausoleum of Pre-War Vegas glory once you enter. Though it is not an active casino, it is an enduring monument to Mr. House's vision of Las Vegas: luxury without decadence, refinement without elitism, class without snobbery. This is still the ultimate lure of Vegas: the one that tells anyone that they too could be a winner, just like Mr. House. Even with multiple wings and floors shut off, the rare visitors that enter the premises soon understand that the Lucky 38 is enormous.

This is the most prominent location in the Mojave Wasteland skyline, and should be used to situate yourself when wandering. Waiting outside the foot of the giant tower is Victor, who cheerfully beckons you in the first (and subsequent) times you visit.

[2D.03] Vegas Boulevard Station

p. 343

The LVB, or Las Vegas Boulevard Station offers a monorail service between here and Camp McCarran [2.19]. This is mainly for the benefit of NCR citizens and military.

Processing Office

A Securitron Mk I is here to make sure you don't loiter (and to maintain a tense, but professional relationship with the NCR). Head further in and an NCR Trooper warns you that most weapons are banned by Mr. House when entering casinos. You can also speak to the Trooper about the Casinos, and other fun times to be had on The Strip, if it's your first time here.

[2D.04] The Tops Casino

p. 343-345

The Tops offers a classic Vegas experience, with cool, hip, fun, and macho posturing to entice those with a sense of style. This is a place for manly men with a dame on each arm; here to see the Rad Pack as they perform their routine "The Four Taps" over at the Ace Theater. Choose a fine wine, order the Brahmin stakeIn-game spelling rare, and have a good time, baby! The place is run by The Chairmen, who talk tough, but most of them don't take things too seriously; they're just too cool and laid back to let anything get to them. Well, all but one of them....

[2D.05] Ultra-Luxe Casino

p. 345-348

The Ultra-Luxe is an establishment of ineradicable refinement that delicately conceals its operators' more questionable tendencies. Run by the Sawneys, the Ultra-Luxe pampers its clients and provides The Strip's most elite casino experience. A dress code is strictly enforced. All of the staff and family members are well-dressed, well-spoken, and well-behaved. The casino's prime attractions are its meat-oriented restaurant, The Gourmand, its cocktail lounge, Top Shell, and its art gallery. Roulette and blackjack are the only games offered.

2D.06 Vault 21

p. 349-350

A vault where its dwellers used to settle their differences via games of chance, is now hotel and gift shop. The top floor is just the gift shop and front desk for the hotel. Visitors can buy Vault 21 jumpsuits, toasters, and other souvenir items, and view displays and read authentic details about the history of Vault 21. The vault itself is in pristine condition, aside from the subterranean eastern section, which was sealed by Mr. House; much to the annoyance of the last remaining residents Sarah (and her brother Michael) Weintraub. Aside formIn-game spelling the ostentatious signage, the initial kiosk welcoming visitors to the vault lacks the spectacular nature of The Strip's other venues. But step inside, and you're transported back in time.

[2D.07] NCR Embassy

p. 351

The NCR has a sizable presence on The Strip, commanding the Las Vegas Boulevard Station [2D.03] to Camp McCarran [2.19], and they have an Embassy on this part of The Strip, which is separated into two buildings. There’s the NCR Military Police HQ to the right (south), and the Embassy itself on the left (north) after you walk through the gate. Troopers (who are on duty throughout the Mojave Wasteland) and Military Police (responsible for The Strip) mill about here.

NCR Military Police HQ

p. 351

The locked desk [Average] holds the keys to the cells. The terminal on top of the desk [Easy] can be hacked, and you can read a Strip Security Notice, MP Shift Reports, and a Trooper Behavior Report.

NCR Embassy

p. 351

Liza O’Malley is the receptionist, and you can request a meeting with Ambassador Crocker with her (only if the Main Quest is active). She also has some gossip (when the Main Quest calls for it) regarding the Omertas over at the Gomorrah [2D.01]. Hack into her terminal (if you want your Infamy to increase), and read the Embassy Report, Captain Pappas’ Report (checkpoints lack security), and Liza’s Personal Notes (she’s super-busy!).

Ambassador Dennis Crocker’s Office

p. 351

This large chamber with comfy sofas and a large desk is where Crocker works (and where you report to him) during the day-time. There’s nothing of value to steal, except a Holotape on the bookshelf, detailing the frustrations the NCR have had dealing with Mr. House. Speak to Ambassador Crocker and ask him about the NCR, Strip, play Caravan, and begin the Main Quests if you want to ally yourself with the NCR. You can also hack into Ambassador Crocker’s Terminal [Average] (if you want your Infamy with the NCR to increase), and read an Informant Report (the Omertas are unhappy with Mr. House), Freeside Report (a rise in violence of NCR citizens, and Pacer may be involved), Farm Report (east side farms are producing a good amount of crops), and Fiend Report (they are more active outside New Vegas).

[2D.08] Michael Angelo's Workshop

p. 351-352

At the far end of The Strip, past the big casinos and Vault 21 [2D.06], is a workshop of the talented (and ex-Vault 21 resident) Michael Angelo, who is responsible for most of the working neon across The Strip, especially have Zapp's Neon Signs closed a couple of hundred years ago.


[2D.S01] Mister Holdout

p. 352

If you’re worried about defending yourself inside the casinos with a “gun-free” policy, step over to this shady-looking gentlemen close to the Gomorrah Hookers, who’s happy to sell you some weapons you can conceal on your person.

[2D.S02] Victor at the Lucky 38

p. 352

The first time you enter The Strip, Victor appears (yet again), and the Free Quest begins. From this point onward, he remains close to the Lucky 38. This is also the location where you’re stopped by an NCR MP Officer and given a Note regarding Ambassador Crocker; beginning Main Quest: Things That Go Boom. And once you’ve befriended Mr. House, you’re stopped by a woman named Emily Ortal, to begin Side Quest: The Moon Comes Over the Tower.

[2D.S03] Emily Ortal

p. 352

This is where you’re approached by Emily Ortal, at the start of her Side Quest.

[2D.S04] Billy Knight

p. 352

A street comedian works his patter here. Listen to the zingers, and then speak to him; you get much more out of him if the Side Quest is active, and you can make his dreams come true.

[2D.S05] Street vendor

p. 352

Standing in front of the Las Vegas Boulevard Station is a Street Vendor, who’s happy to provide some items to purchase or trade. The selection can best be described as “limited.”

[2D.S06] Vulpes Inculta or Alerio

p. 352

When you exit, you’re likely to be stopped early in your adventuring by Vulpes Inculta (or Alerio if Vulpes is dead), to begin a new Main Quest path, and receive the Mark of Caesar.

[2D.S07] Walter and Ethel Phebus

p. 352

Fresh off the monorail and looking for Heck Gunderson, Walter and Ethel are a pair of country folk looking to settle a score. Speak to either of them to begin a Side Quest.

[2D.S08] The Tops promoter

p. 352

This is the general location of a promoter whose job it is to get you into the casino.

[2D.S09] NCR Embassy Gates

p. 352

A plaque commemorating the opening of this Embassy at the behest of President Aaron Kimball is adjacent to the perimeter gate, which is also guarded by an NCR MP. Speak to him about general happenings on The Strip.


[2E.01] Zapp's Neon Signs

p. 353

You should be instantly familiar with Zapp's actual neon signs, as the Fiends have welded many of them together to form impassable perimeter walls. The actual building is a graveyard of ancient signs, including the feet of a Tall Boy statue. Inside, expect more Fiends, and additional traps.

[2E.S01] Sentry Post Mattress

p. 353

A Fiend on a mattress near a Campfire guards the western entrance to this zone. Remember to check the nearby dumpsters.

[2E.S02] Neon Sign Graveyard

p. 353

Among the rusting and faded signs of yesteryear are some shelves with a First Aid Box.

[2E.S03] Lean-To Shack

p. 353

Scavenge the items when the coast is clear. The Produce Sack has a number of items you can use in Recipes.

[2E.S04] Ruined Concrete Outbuilding

p. 353

Adjacent to the Lean-To Shack are the remains of a concrete outbuilding, with a large haul of items you must grab!

[2E.S05] Southwest Exit to and from Fiend Territory

p. 353

This is unmarked on your Pip-Boy’s World Map, but is another entrance and exit into Zone 2E; handy if you wish to flee to the south.


Topographical Overview

p. 355

Much of this zone is dominated by large-scale locations; the Boomers' massive air-force base to the north; the huge Lake Mead, two of the Legion's main bases on the Arizona (east) side of the Lake, and the giant Hoover Dam. The NCR's presence isn't just limited to this concrete monstrosity either; a resort and golf course have been commandeered, and water used to irrigate Sharecropper Farms over within the New Vegas Conurbation. Boulder City is also a place to take your time visiting, but there are a host of out-of-the-way places too; various dotted shacks and hidden places in the sprawling rocks and foothills to the northeast, where vegetation grows in plentiful supplies, and where the Camp of Bitter Springs lies, still raw from the Great Khan massacre.

Highways and Byways

Cracked tarmac dominates the Boomer base to the north, but there's a main arterial road from west to east; use this to navigate to the more remote locations. Follow Highway 95 north or south at the edge of this zone (the largest collection of roads converge on the 188 Trading Post in Zone 5), and don't forget to utilize the road that passes Lake Las Vegas and takes in the shoreline of Lake Mead. If you're finding it difficult to reach Hoover Dam, take the road winding around the hills from Boulder City.


[3.01] Nellis Air Force Base

p. 356-358

At main entrance to the base, two Boomers are patrolling, each armed with Missile Launchers. You’re stopped here, and brought to Pearl’s Barracks at the start of Side Quest: Volare! Aside from the guard tower and gatehut, there’s no items to find here (unless you’re attacking the Boomers to collect their weapons).

Pearl's barracks

Mother Pearl is usually here, or on her rounds circling the Hangars. The restroom has pure water to sip. The copy of Duck and Cover! is between the other books on the shelf above the Grenade Rifle.

Nellis women's barracks

The restrooms have pure water to sip.

Nellis men's barracks

The larger male barracks (adjacent to a tent where there’s more mattresses to sleep on) has a few snoozing Boomers, and some stuff to steal. The restroom has pure water to sip.

Nellis children's barracks

The kids who wander the base, and attempt to play with you (Free Quest: Malleable Mini Boomer Minds) slumber here. The restroom has pure water to sip.

Nellis schoolhouse

The Boomer Teacher is usually in here. Inside her desk [Very Easy], there are more items.

Nellis medical station

Doctor Argyll runs this small hut, and currently has three injured Boomers thanks to the Ant infestation in the Array. Consult Side Quest: Volare! for your options on healing them. You can be healed by the doctor if you’re well-liked.

Loyal's house

One of three corrugated sheds to the west of the hangars. When he’s not in the hangar, Loyal sleeps here.

Nellis workshop

This one is usually empty, meaning you can scavenge and steal. The Gun Cabinet to the right is especially important as it contains a Howitzer Firing Mechanism you can take to help Caesar’s Legion in Side Quest: I Hear You Knocking, and this can be done at any time.

Nellis Boomer museum

Pete runs this museum, which consists of a large mural painted to show the history of this clan of vault dwellers, and their fascination with the skies. Listening to Pete’s story is part of Side Quest: Volare!; so be sure to ask additional questions afterward for a large Fame and Reputation boost! There’s a Snow Globe you can take here without penalty, too.

Biodiesel refinery

An old curve-roofed storage hangar now used by the Boomers to make Biodiesel fuel from Maize. Caution! Any sparks (such as a fired weapon) causes the place to go up, and you with it! Really quite a lot of maize here.

Disused Corrugated Sheds

There’s a military truck, and Raquel’s Southern Howitzer Defenses nearby.

Water Filtration Systems

These two tents hold water purification equipment inside (which can’t be taken). There’s a howitizer close by, and an abandoned (and sealed) concrete air base building no longer in use. Expect a couple of Boomer Robot patrols around here, too.

Boomer Greenhouses

The greenhouses and cultivated Maize can’t be accessed.

Raquel's Southern Howitzer Defenses

Raquel guards from this point when she isn’t running other errands.

North, Northeast, and Eastern Guard Towers and Northern Howitzer Defenses

These ramped towers offer sniping potential, and an early warning for the Boomers.

[3.02] Nellis hangars

p. 357

Dominating the otherwise flat landscape of the Air Force Base are two massive hangar buildings. The southwest hangar is still a place where Loyal (a venerable Boomer) dreams of dredging a B-29 Bomber from Lake Mead and repairing it. The northeast building is now a Mess Hall and Munitions Storage. You’ll usually find Loyal and Jack inside the hangar.

[3.03] Nellis array

p. 359

The Nellis array is the second-most impressive piece of solar-power engineering in the Mojave Wasteland, after HELIOS One [5.13]. The place’s exterior is peppered with solar reflectors, five of which are broken. Fixing them is part of the Side Quest. There is an Array Control Interface too; which is currently offline, but can be checked during the Quest.

[3.04] Field's Shack

p. 359

The old caretaker's shack near the power transformer [3.S01] is now a place where George (on the road to the Boomers) occasionally likes to lay his head.

[3.05] Raul's shack

p. 359

Raul is a Ghoul, currently away from his shack; otherwise engaged up in Black Mountain [5.07]. You interact with him during Side Quest: Crazy, Crazy, Crazy, but should only return here if he becomes a Companion.

[3.06] Brotherhood of Steel safehouse

p. 359

This shack can only be opened if you have the Brotherhood of Steel Safehouse Key, awarded by the leader of the Brotherhood at the conclusion of Side Quest: Still in the Dark. In the rocky terrain near a small band of marauding Fire Geckos is an unassuming shack, shrouded in a rock alcove.

[3.07] Bloodborne Cave

p. 359-360

Known for the red-hued sandstone rocks flanking it, Bloodborne is off the beaten track, near a cluster of Fire Geckos, and three unmarked Great Khan Supply Caves to the east [3.S09, 10, 11]. Locate the cave mouth in the perimeter rock wall, and the nearby Hollowed-Out Rock.

Sulfur Cavern

Check the ancient Campfire for the skeletal remains of a family of hunters.

[3.08] Bitter Springs

p. 360

In the past century, Bitter Springs was used by the Great Khans as a semi-permanent community. Due to prolonged conflict with NCR, the Great Khans were eventually tracked back to Bitter Springs by NCR forces. The assault that rapidly followed was known as the "Bitter Springs Massacre" due to the NCR's First Recon mistakenly shooting down dozens of young, old, and wounded Khans who attempted to escape through a southern slot canon from a location called Coyote Tail Ridge [3.15]. Today, Bitter Springs hosts refugees from settlements Caesar's Legion are razing; a solution that is becoming increasingly untenable. Currently, there are rumors of an NCR-hating ghost that comes down from the mountains to frighten refugees and Troopers alike. The actual settlement itself is almost completely surrounded by rocks, and is in a gully. It can be accessed via the southern slot canyon refugee camp, the eastern Great Khan graveyard, or the northern bluffs.

3.09 Ranger Station Bravo

p. 360-361

In the highlands northeast of Bitter Springs [3.08] is a collection of reinforced metal and wood walls, truck containers, and cargo pods arranged in a defensive pattern, designed to keep the nearby Ghouls out. Run by Ranger Ericsen and Comm Officer Tilden, the NCR are watching Legion activity on the strip of the Colorado River known as "The Narrows." You can take Purified Water here, but the Ammunition won't be hauled away without a fight!

[3.10] The Devil's Throat

p. 361

A dangerous and radioactive maw inhabited by Centaurs anIn-game spelling their ironically monikered "Evolved" cousins. It is better to drop them from a distance before inspecting a container truck and its dumped contents; barrels that offer nothing but sickness. However, inside the truck is a Prospector (who looks to have overdosed with Jet) and a considerable array of loot, including Reinforced Combat Armor, and a Party Hat! But the big prize is his weapon.

[3.11] Cannibal Johnson's Cave

p. 361

On the bluffs northwest of Camp Golf [3.23], close to Vault 34 [3.12], is a slit in the rocks above a steep gully, which sports a battered old door. Check the Hollowed-Out Rock at the entrance. Enter, and watch your step!

Cannibal’s Chamber

Deactivate the Bear Trap on the floor. Speak with Cannibal Johnson, and he greets you as an old friend. It’s only when you talk more that you realize he was hoping it was death. At this point, you can speak to him about “mean old” drill Sergeant Dornan, his time in the military, and whether he’s a Cannibal. He isn’t saying. But recalls a story where he bit the heart out of a Raider when he was surrounded. He also mentions his tribal wife, with pretty eyes. She’s dead a long time, now.

Johnson's Coolhouse

Cannibal Johnson looks like an accomplished hunter. There's also ground-water to drink, which is cleaner than it appears.

[3.12] Vault 34

p. 361-363

Vault 34's social experiment was a fully armed society. The residents hasIn-game spelling an enormous armory and everyone had free access to it. For the first hundred years or so, things went well enough. When population problems became problematic, violence broke out. Large factions within the vault suggested limited reproductive rights. This caused more violence, leading to the Overseer stating that all weapons would be confiscated. Rather than accept this, a large faction of the vault dwellers left the vault, eventually settling at Nellis Air Force Base as the Boomers. The remaining vault dwellers chafed under increasingly restrictive overseer rule until a large group of rebels staged an attack on the armory. In the weeks of fighting that ensued, the vault's reactor was damaged, leaking radiation throughout the area, and dooming most of the survivors into a long-suffering and feral existence.

[3.13] Gypsum train yard

p. 363

This old Gypsum quarry is now home to a half-dozen Deathclaws, prowling the slightly irradiated water at the base of the quarry face, and conveyor belt. There’s little but death outside in the quarry or around the rusting carriages (including Cazadors to the southeast).

[3.14] Cap counterfeiting shack

p. 363

Inside, the shack offers spartan comforts, and a few Ammo Boxes (one empty) and a bunk bed. If you’ve a hankering for Sunset Sarsaparilla, there’s some in the crates down in the cellar. Then check the tables with the bottles on them; there are worthless Counterfeit Caps, Bottle Caps, and three Star Caps to grab. Lastly, check the back room for a rare Skill Book.

[3.15] Coyote Tail Ridge

p. 363

These foothills were a good, defensible position for the First Recon Snipers during their massacre of the Great Khans. Boone tells you more about this past atrocity during his Side Quest. Other than a few scatted plants, this is simply a thoroughfare to Bitter Springs.

[3.16] Bitter Springs Recreation Area

p. 363

Now little more than a collection of doomed vehicular hulks rusting in the sun, this once-bustling vista spot now sports a single, large shack within the concrete barricade perimeter. Inside the ship, there's the following:

  • Sunset Sarsaparilla Star Cap [37/100]
  • Sunset Sarsaparilla Star Cap [38/100]
  • Skill Book: Tumblers Today [Lockpick] [2/4] [7/9]
  • Magazine: ¡La Fantoma! [Sneak] [7/10] [23/52]
  • Safe Items [Average]

[3.17] Fisherman's Pride shack

p. 363-364

This shack offers great views of Lake Las Vegas (and an abundance of water to drink). Beware of nearby Lakelurks, and check the HollowedOut Rock and Campfire close to the shack itself before entering. Inside is a tiny, dim room with various items.

[3.18] Callville Bay

p. 364

Once a small port and boat launch, Callville Bay is a derelict no-man's land overrun by Cazadores from their nest inside the corrugated warehouse that has fallen in on itself. There's a (currently inactive) harpoon winch on the launch itself. Lake Mead is great sourcesIn-game spelling of drinking water, so sip yourself healthy, and don't forget to visit Captain Dean's Boat Rentals. Deal with the rodent infestation, before rummaging through the store shelves for the following:

  • Bobby Pin (2)
  • Knife (3)
  • First Aid Box
  • Sunset Sarsaparilla Star Cap [40/100]
  • Sunset Sarsaparilla Star Cap [41/100]
  • Magazine: Lad's Life [Survival] [14/30] [24/52]
  • Carton of Cigarettes (2)
  • Floor Safe Items [Average]

[3.19] Camp Guardian

p. 364

When the main road from Callville Bay [3.18] ends at a Road Turnabout [3.S13] and an old scenic overlook. Explore the pathways in this maze of craggy rock formations, small tunnel systems, and finally a (now abandoned) NCR post high atop Guardian Peak. You can also approach the area from Lake Mead to the south, and Ranger Station Bravo [3.09] to the north. As you approach, you can hear an SOS if you tune your Pip-Boy to Camp Guardian Radio!

[3.20] Guardian Peak

p. 364

The only remaining survivor of a Lakelurk attack is hiding inside these caverns, and starts Free Quest: Help for Halford. This is the camp that the NCR finally cleared to. Consult the previous location (Camp Guardian [3.19]) for the route to get here. Grab the Note at the entrance, just after the bridge. Then check the Campfire for some Water and Food, as well as a Star Cap. There’s signs of scavenging inside the tent, but there’s more Food, bedding to sleep on, and footlockers to scavenge from.

[3.21] Follower's Outpost

p. 365

An old train junction and signal box is the location for the Followers' outpost, where Prospector can come and get treated for their ailments. Note the Hollowed-Out Rock at the base of the signal box. Climb up to the balcony above, and enter the wooden tower. Sitting behind her desk is Doctor Alvarez, who runs the place Doctor Schiller (who is out making the rounds) as well as her fellow practitioners and guards.

[3.22] Lake Las Vegas

p. 365

Dammed at its northeastern end by the NCR who have a sizable presence at the adjacent Camp Golf [3.23], this provides a good source of water for the Sharecropper Farms to the northwest, thanks to the snaking pipeline. The lake itself holds nothing but a few submerged golf carts, and other minor detritus, although there's Campfire to the east, at the Scenic Overlook [3.S17].

[3.23] Camp Golf

p. 366-367

Adjacent to Lake Las Vegas [3.22] are the remains of a golf course, now overgrown grass and scrub with a large NCR camp in the middle of the course. The NCR have a heavy presence here as they are guarding a giant water pipe that stretches off to the north, to water the Sharecropper Farms [2.20] plants and keep the NCR's belly full.

House Resort
This lodge-style building named after the benefactor and ex-owner of the place, is now the base for the NCR Rangers in the region. It is also the location of Chief Hanlon; and important cog in the machinery of Side Quest: Return to Sender.

[3.24] Mountain Shadows campground

p. 367

Mountain Shadows is actually three separate picnicking spots separated by faint rocky paths. Traverse these rocky warrens carefully to avoid a broken limb, or use the remains of the road leading across the railroad and back to the 188 Trading Post [5.02] to find your way to the main camp. The western picnic area below offers little but rusty kitchen wares and some food. The two picnic tables to the east, near the two burned-out cars, offer some scraps of food, and a Lad’s Life.

[3.25] Scavenger platform

p. 367

Useful to scramble back to during underwater investigations of Lake Mead, this quartet of linked, floating shacks on the lake is now home to around half a dozen Lakelurks.

[3.26] Crashed B-29

p. 368

In surprisingly good condition considering the years spent lying at the bottom of Lake Mead, this ancient Bombing aircraft is the ultimate salvage project of a Boomer named Loyal, over at Nellis Air Force Base [3.01]. However, it can’t be raised to the surface without proper ballasts; acquired during the Side Quest. Otherwise, this is a large marker you should use when locating Lake Mead Cave [3.27].

[3.27] Lake Mead Cave

p. 368

Accessed via an opening in the eastern wall, this is a terrifying chamber if you don’t have breathing apparatus. Keep to the ground, and search the southwest area for a group of suitcases, between which is a Lad’s Life. The pink fungi reveals where to look. Remember: the exit passage is to the northwest!

3.28 The Fort

p. 368-369

Also known as Fortification Hill, this is on the Arizona side of the Colorado River. After the first Battle of Hoover Dam, the NCR secured and held this section of river against Caesar's subsequent strikes. Caesar's remaining troops regrouped at Fortification Hill, overlooking Lake Mead and the dam. When Caesar himself arrived, he dealt with his failed commander, Joshua Graham, by having him set on fire and hurled down the cliff face into the lake. Although beaten, the Legion were not defeated. And now, smoke continuously rises from Caesar's camp and the sounds of activity can be heard from the dam. It is an ominous and looming threat to the security of Hoover Dam and New Vegas itself.

Gate Entrance

p. 368

This is where you are deposited from your journey up the Colorado River from Cottonwood Cove. A Legionary Main Gate Guard greets you and orders you to disarm.

Legate’s Gate

p. 368

The area behind the gate is inaccessible, but a wandering Caravaneer called Dale Barton is here, and he’s happy to Trade with you. You can also find out more about Caesar and Dale from speaking with him. He isn’t the greatest Repairer, but he can fix your stuff, too. Finally, he can play a hand or two of Caravan with you.


p. 368

Speak with Otho by the Arena entrance if you wish to prove your worth, and begin Free Quest: Laurifer Gladiator.

Victus Aula (Food Hall)

p. 368

Speak to Siri to begin Free Quest: Powder to the People. Otherwise, this place has a scattering of Brahmin Steaks it probably isn’t worth getting killed over.

AnthonyIn-game spelling and Lupa

p. 369

Waiting on the south side of Caesar’s Tent is AnthonyIn-game spelling and the Legion’s most ferocious hound, Lupa. You can ask AnthonyIn-game spelling about the Legion, Burned Man, Sergeant Teddy (if Free Quest: Saving (or Savaging) Sergeant Teddy is active) and how they breed their dogs. You can also figure out a mutually beneficial way to utilize Lupa during Side Quest: Nothin’ But a Hound Dog, but only if the Side Quest is active.

Caesar's tent

p. 369

Guarded by the most senior guard, this is where the leader of the Legion resides. Inside is one large chamber with Caesar’s resting area behind his throne. Search the tables on the side tents for the Legion Slave Ledger; which is essential for Side Quest: Oh My Papa, and worth taking as early as possible. If Benny escaped during Main Quest: Ring-a-Ding Ding!, he’s tied up here. Over in Caesar’s bedroom is a broken Mk III Auto-Doc, and a footlocker [Very Hard] with a large number of Caps inside to steal. Caesar himself is flanked by the indomitable Vulpes Inculta and Lucius, who takes Caesar’s place should the “emperor” die. The first time you meet Caesar, you can begin to work for him, and start Main Quest: Render Unto Caesar. Other quests, such as Main Quest: Et Tumor, Brute? and Side Quests: The Finger of Suspicion, and I Hear You Knocking, begin from this location. Speak with these three individuals for a wealth of information on The Legion.

Broken Howitzer

p. 369

Inspect this howitzer, and you’ll discover it is missing a firing mechanism. Help with that, as part of Side Quest: I Hear You Knocking.

Weather monitoring station

p. 369

The entrance is firmly sealed until you’ve spoken to Caesar, and agreed to enter the area, as part of Main Quest: Render Unto Caesar. This location is actually a Securitron Vault, and is also known as a “bunker” too.

Mr. House Remote Relay

p. 369

Mr. House’s (or Yes Man’s) face beams in from the Lucky 38. Speak to him before you can open the door to the Securitron Vault. On the wall is aVault Status Terminal unrelated to the door.

Security Room

p. 369

Aside from the helpful items to grab, there are three wall terminals here; the Protectron Operations Terminal [Hard], Turret Operations Terminal [Average], and Sentry Bot Operations Terminal (not locked). The latter is a dummy terminal, but the first two can be hacked, and all the Protectrons and Turrets in the vault powered down, helping you immensely.

Sentry Bot Chamber and Junction Box

p. 369

Six Sentry Bots wait until an alarm is triggered; usually once you conclude the Main Quest path you’ve decided upon. The room is small and empty, so there’s no need to fight the Sentry Bots into it. On the outside of the door is a junction box.

Securitron Viewing Chamber

p. 369

Protectrons and Turrets are encountered here, along with a bank of windows showing an (inaccessible) hall on each
 side where Mr. House’s dormant Securitron army wakes to be awakened.

Generator Room

p. 369

Large generators rumble in this area which has four Protectrons, and three secondary rooms. Each of these has a Power Regulator. Examine one and you’ll learn that the reactor core of thisvault will overload if all three are destroyed. Choose whether to destroy them (attack with any weapon you want) depending on your Main Quest alliances.

Computer Room

p. 369

Watch for turrets on the stairs and in the corners of this room. The only active machinery is the Securitron Operations Console. Insert the Platinum Chip into here to install the Mk. II upgrade software for the Securitrons.

[3.29] Deserted shack

p. 370

In the scrubland by the railroad track where the dust devils like to roam is a tumbledown shack with an antenna sticking out the rock bluff it is attached to. There’s little here but a lack of hope

3.30 Ranger Station Alpha

p. 370

Another NCR Ranger Station with commanding views of The Fort [3.28] and Lake Mead, these troops keep their eyes open for movement along "The Narrows." Ranger Lineholm (who tells you the story of the bomber that crashed into the lake, how great Rangers are, and the role the station plays) commands this place, and Comm Officer Castillo (who you can ask similar questions to) are stationed here.

[3.31] Boulder Beach Campground

p. 370

The wharf is populated with Lakelurks. Beware, but also make sure you find the Hollowed-out Rock on the roadside. The actual campground has numerous picnic tables and wrecked cars, but offers no handy items. There is a Campfire to the south, surrounded by tires.

[3.32] Boulder City

p. 370-371

Boulder City, sprawling though its ruins are, has never been a sizable settlement post-war. It is a minor location, mostly notable for its proximity to Hoover Dam [3.33] and the 188 Trading Post [5.02]. It's a common resting spot for people on their way to New Vegas and for troops moving to and from the dam. There are not many intact buildings, as it was the site of intense fighting between NCR and Caesar's Legion during the first Battle of Hoover Dam. The Rangers lured some of the toughest veteran Legionaries into the town and blew it to pieces with explosives that had been strategically placed ahead of time.

The Old Cement Works

A small quarry where freight trains were loaded is just north of town.

Barstow Express

A rusting green locomotive with a skeleton closeby.

Train Station

Beware the Bark Scorpion in here. Check both Vending Machines, and behind the counter for a terminal [Average], which you can use to unlock the floor safe [Hard].

War Memorial

A slab of limestone carved with the names of those who gave their lives during the first Battle of Hoover Dam. Private Kowalski is paying his respects here. Carve additional indents into the War Memorial to begin Free Quest: Defacing the Humble Stone.

Big Horn Saloon

Ike is the owner of this watering hole; speak with him about the history (and recent destruction) of Boulder City. You can purchase (or steal) a few drinks from him, too. Check the back room for more Drink, Food, and a Shotgun.

Ranger Lutz’s Last Stand

On the upper floor is a Holodisk with Ranger Teresa Lutz’s last message.

Boulder City ruins

As you approach the ruins entrance, Lieutenant Monroe warns you that the place is locked down; the NCR are attempting to bargain with some Great Khans who have taken some of their forces hostage. This begins Side Quest: Boulder City Showdown. Your actions also influence Main Quest: They Went That-A-Way and Main Quest: Ring-a-Ding Ding! You can only enter the ruins when you agree to help Monroe.

Great Khan hideout

You can creep around the entire building in a clockwise route without being spotted, if you’re sneaky. Inside the store hideout you’ll find some Food and Sarsaparilla bottles, but the person you’re really here to see helped shoot you in the head: Jessup. You have a variety of verbal and combat options with this lowlife, as part of the Side Quest. Behind him is a Great Khan named McMurphy who’s recently taken terminal wounds. There are Quest Items on Jessup’s corpse (some of which he gives you), and a good set of armor.

3.33 Hoover Dam

p. 372-376

All of the Main Quest in Act III centers around this location, as do the Main Quests involving the visit of President Aaron Kimball. A stronghold of extreme strategic importance for centuries, this location has seen recent turmoil between major Faction too. A few years before current events, Caesar's Legion rolled in, led by ex-Mormon missionary Joshua Graham, Caesar's Legate. Not considering NCR's army to be a serious threat, Graham exercised somewhat lax control over the Legion. During the Battle of Hoover Dam, NCR Rangers and Sharpshooters from First Recon employed risky tactics against the Legion with the help of the enlisted Troopers, and despite horrific loss of life, Caesar's forces were pushed back, but not routed.
The NCR has been holding the dam continuously since, and have fortified positions along the dam and up and down the west side of the Colorado River. Recently, the Legion pushed the NCR off of the east side of the river at the Battle of Willow Beach (which destroyed an NCR military camp) and the Battle of Arizona Spillway. Day to day military operations at the dam are under the command of Colonel Moore. While troopers are active here, there are also a large number of civilian contractors who are trying to keep the dam running. They are of a secondary concern to Moore, who is preparing fromIn-game spelling for an impending attack by Caesar and a visit by President Kimball.

Visitors center

This is a tactically beneficial location with views of the entire facility, and four entrances inside, including the one from the roof which also acts as a Vertibird landing pad. There’s a Ham Radio and Gun Control Console, which are useful during the president’s visit. Note the ladder to reach the roof.

Presidential Stage

President Aaron Kimball speaks with the troops, and offers a commendation to one of them (Private Watson), assuming an assassination attempt doesn’t occur, as part of the two previously mentioned Main Quests. If you’re working with the Legion, Cato Hostilius will be waiting here for your signal.

Hoover Dam intake towers

Unless you’re involved in a final attack, this location is populated by patrolling Troopers and Engineers. You can enter the guard tower, or climb the ladder, and reach the roof, which is the perfect location for an assassination attempt! This guard tower isn’t connected to the Hoover Dam Interior.

Hoover Dam checkpoint building

Halfway along the Dam Bridge is a ramshackle hut blocking your path. The door is Inaccessible, and remains so until Act III of the Main Quest. Inside, there are lockers to search, and a ladder up to a sniper’s nest outside.

Arizona Spillway

This giant overflow slide is dangerous; Beware of taking damage if you drop down (which is a pointless exercise).

Road to Legate’s Camp

Expect heavily armed Legion troops along this road, streaming out of Legate’s Camp [3.34], which is behind the large gate.

Hoover Dam power plants

The door in the eastern wall allows access between floors. There’s a gantry bridge to the Western Balcony (Upper). The Middle Eastern Balcony has access across to the northern and western balconies (Middle), and a Blast door to other Power Plants south end, which is unlocked. It also has access down to the Ground level, and across to the Western Balcony (Middle). You can wander around the giant turbine balconies here, too

Hoover Dam offices

hese are two separate locations. The Upper Door allows quick access to meet Colonel Moore. The door in the western wall allows access between floors. There’s a gantry bridge to the Eastern Balcony (Upper). The Middle Western Balcony has access across to the northern and eastern balconies (Middle), and a Blast Door to Power Plant 02 at its south end, which is locked from the other side. It also has access down to the Ground level, and across to the Eastern Balcony (Middle).

Power Plant Floor

This is a giant, noisy expanse of gigantic turbines and generators. There are valves you can sip water from, and a door in the western wall leading down to connect to the Dam Lower Level. There’s a door in the south wall allowing access to an almost identical Power Plants.

Hoover Dam lower level

These are two separate doors leading to two separate corridors eventually connecting via the stairs to the west. Quartermaster Bardon works at this location. If your Reputation isn’t high enough, he won’t be willing to speak or sell you anything. Return when you’re Liked, and you can obtain information about the NCR and the Dam, but Bardon is still unsure about selling you anything

Oliver's compound

This remains sealed until Act III. If you’re allied with the NCR, you may speak to an Engineer named Mike Lawson about important matters before the doors are breached, as part of Main Quest: Eureka!

[3.34] Legate's camp

p. 376

Caesar’s Legate, a man-mountain named Lanius, is camped in this location, which is inaccessible until you’re forced to assault it (or from it) during the last Act of the Main Quest. The following exploration can occur only after this time.

Legate's tent

Pass the mildly irradiated pond, and scale the steps to the Legate’s Tent, where you battle, or speak with Legate Lanius, a giant of a man skilled in the arts of battle and conversation.

[3.35] Cazador nest

There is a nest (and a Hollowed-Out Rock) in the alcove where the Cazadors are congregating. Check the rocky terrain nearby; there’s a Campfire on the rounded summit of the hill northwest of the nest, overlooking Boulder City; and a second one due west of the nest, on the rocky terrain southwest of the road to Boulder City.

3.36 Ranger Station Delta

p. 376-377

This Ranger Station was erected on the remains of a ruined farmstead, which is still visible. Ranger Pason is looking for Legion crossing the river. You can ask him, or Scheffer what they're doing, and what the Rangers do. Outside is a Campfire, and a rather grim outhouse, but the real reason for visiting is the cellar under the house ruins. Pick open the lock [Average], and search the pool-table for a well-hidden Magazine!

[U3.A] Train tunnel (Underground)

p. 377

You can enter this location from the north [Very Hard] or south [Very Hard]. Inside, expect heavy resistance from Ghouls. Be sure to check the desiccated corpse of a Wastelander; he may be carrying a couple of random Magazines. There are Frag Mines dotted throughout this hellish passage, and Bear Traps at the north end. Why come down here? As an alternate way to get to and from Boomer territory.


[3.S01] Power Transformer

p. 377

This is a junction for power towers you can follow to the south and west.

[3.S02] Chem Addicts’ Camp

p. 377

A couple of wretched specimens huddle on mattresses by a Campfire.

[3.S03] Boomer Territory Road

p. 377

When starting Side Quest: Volare!, meet a man named George here who forces you to stop. He warns you to slow down, or you’ll get blown up like the rest of the scavenging idiots heading into Boomer territory. Now you’re listening George says he has a little information for you.

[3.S04] Bombarded Houses

p. 377

George’s Note gives you all the necessary knowledge to minimize damage you’ll take as the Boomers bombard you up ahead. Which obviously means you don’t need to pay George (who naturally, isn’t there to hand a rube like you 600 Caps when you return).

[3.S05] Vault 34 Alternative Entrance

p. 377

Climb to the top of this hill that Vault 34 [3.12] was hewn into; not only for the spectacular Vegas view, but for the mine shaft entrance.

[3.S06] NCR Truck and Dead Trooper

p. 377

Search the Trooper for a helpful itemsIn-game spelling before you explore Vault 34 [3.12].

[3.S07] Mole Rat Hole

p. 377

Roaming the rocky gulches are a group of Mole Rats to kill and skin.

[3.S08] Cazador Nests

p. 378

If you’re picking the copious wild vegetation in this zone, beware of the area north of the road; there are a number of Cazador Nests and around a dozen of these vicious insects.

[3.S09] Great Khan supply cave 1

p. 378

Beware of the Frag Mines below the gate; deactivate them before opening the gate itself [Easy]. Enter the gate to pilfer from the supply cache. Oscar has the key that opens all the caches in this, and the two adjacent caves.

[3.S10] Great Khan supply cave 2

p. 378

Search this cave as part of two Side Quests. This has a few scattered flesh bits, and some Nightstalkers chewing on them.

[3.S11] Great Khan supply cave 3

p. 378

Search this cave as part of two Side Quests. The main chamber has been used to dump radioactive barrels, and this has had a mutative effect on the local Ant population.

[3.S12] Super Mutant Camp

p. 378

In the irradiated northeast is an old nuclear bomb that appears to be a dud, but also explains the large numbers of Glowing Ones in the area.

[3.S12] The One (and Super Mutant Camp)

p. 378

Close by (also if you have Wild Wasteland perk) are some unfriendly Super Mutants bathing in the radiation. Cull them to take some of the biggest weapons you can carry!

[3.S13] Road Turnabout

p. 378

This is the end of the road that takes you through the northeast part of the Wasteland; ending at a scenic overlook of Camp Guardian [3.19].

[3.S14] Camp Guardian cave

p. 378

Underwater, in Lake Mead is a cave entrance close to the remains of a gambling boat. This is an alternate entrance to reach the interior of Camp Guardian Caves, usually accessed via Guardian Peak [3.20].

[3.S15] NCR Water Pipeline

p. 378

The giant, rusting pipe running around Camp Golf [3.23] and then northward toward the NCR Sharecropper Farms [2.20] is easy and useful to follow when situating yourself.

[3.S16] NCR Sentry Nest

p. 378

This is on a hill outside the perimeter boundary of the base, and is therefore a great place to use as a sniping position, raining long-range death down on the NCR below.

[3.S17] Lake Mead Scenic Overlook

p. 378

Close to Lake Las Vegas [3.22] and the massive Lake Mead itself, with a small trailer.

[3.S18] Sunken Sarsaparilla Supplies

p. 378

A jackknifed container truck rests at the bottom of Lake Mead, with its spilled contents of (mostly empty) Sunset Sarsaparilla Bottles strewn out from the open container. There is actually a Star Cap among the debris; don’t move any crates and be very gentle when looking, or the Cap may shift under a crate!

[3.S19] Sunken Boat

p. 378

One of Lake Mead’s secrets is a rusting boat with a single Hydra to pick up as you swim around the skeletal, and half-imbedded vessel.

[3.S20] Boulder City Billboard Sign

p. 378

One of two either side of the 95 Highway, use this to situate yourself with the nearby roads and Primary Locations.

[3.S21] Sunset Sarsaparilla Billboard (Lonesome Drifter)

p. 378

Note this sign for Sunset Sarsaparilla east of the El Dorado Dry Lake [5.09], as this is where the Lonesome Drifter resides. Speak to him when Side Quest: Talent Pool is active, to help him find his way. You may even win him over, and accept a Unique Weapon as a gift. That Acoustic Guitar, however, is only going to be pried out of his cold, dead hands.

[3.S22] Ranger Pason's Patrol Overlook

p. 379

At the end of the gully pathway from Ranger Station Delta [3.36] is a Robobrain belonging to Ranger Pason, who is looking out over the Hoover Dam [3.33] to the north for signs of The Legion. Speak to him as part of Side Quest: Return to Sender. He is also carrying an "unremarkable" Report.


Topographical Overview

p. 379

The Southwest Desert is something of a paradox; offering your first tentative steps into the world in and around the settlement of Goodsprings; but with arguably the most dangerous area in the Wasteland just to the northeast; inside the Deathclaw-filled Quarry Junction [4.04], and the hapless workers in need of your help in the adjacent settlement of Sloan [4.08]. It is worth spending some time in Goodsprings to start, learning how to Craft and purchasing upgrades, before romping south. The seedy town of Primm [4.17] is farther south on the arterial Long 15 road, flanked on either ride by radioactive rural locals; the Mesquite Mountain Crater [4.19] and Jack Rabbit Springs [4.26]. Dominating the southern desert is the Ivanpah Dry Lake [4.24], stretching across a road and all the way to a giant scar in the earth. Two more major settlements on the California border are the NCR stronghold of the Mojave Outpost [4.27], and the recently razed town of Nipton [4.30], where the ruthless atrocities of Caesar's Legion are witnessed first-hand.

Highways and Byways

The north-south road of choice used to be the Long 15, which bisects this zone all the way from the northeast corner, and meanders southward, past Goodsprings, through Primm, and ends at the Mojave Outpost. A smaller, desert road winds through Goodsprings from the remote northwest area and joins the Long 15, and along the northern zone border, Trail 160 links the two roads. Keep in mind that the entire eastern edge of this location is the railroad track, and you can become spatially competent when exploring. To the south, Trail 164 breaks off from the Long 15 near the Mojave Outpost, and continues east through the Ivanpah Dry Lake and into Nipton; winding all the way to Camp Searchlight [6.16] in Zone 6.


[4.01] Tribal village

p. 380

This is close to the mountainous stretch of Trail 160. Keep your wits about you as you spot a series of burned bodies dotted along side path that leads to a massacre at an old Tribal Village. Deal with the airborne threats.

[4.02] Makeshift Great Khan Camp

p. 380

This sounds more impressive than what is essentially three Great Khans and some light bedding on the rocky perimeter of Quarry Junction [4.04]. Melissa, the leader of this motley crew, stops and asks suspiciously about your intentions.

[4.03] Great Khan encampment

p. 380

This sounds more impressive than what is essentially three Great Khans and some light bedding on the rocky perimeter of Quarry Junction [4.04]. Melissa, the leader of this motley crew, stops and asks suspiciously about your intentions.

[4.04] Quarry Junction

p. 380-381

Arguably the most dangerous areIn-game spelling of the Mojave Wasteland, and the reason the Long 95 is currently closed to all but the bravest (or most inept) wanderers. Quarry Junction is a massive, sprawling rock quarry with numerous tiers to it, and over a dozen ferocious Deathclaws, including larger entities that require all your stamina (and firepower) to defeat! The workers at Sloan [4.08] live a fearful (and unprofitable) existence with this menace still prevalent. There's a reason warning signs have been constructed as far away as the Yangtze Memorial [4.07]....

[4.05] Goodsprings

p. 381-383

Goodsprings is a small, barely active town that had been a mining community since the early days of Nevada. Most recently, it was settled under a grant from NCR to develop a low-risk mining environment near a reliable source of potable water. Even so, three are only a dozen or so people in the town due to trade along I-15 drying up. Signs along I-15 direct people to Goodsprings for water, but they do the town no good if no one is on the highway to read them.

Abandoned Homesteads (North)

There are four home sites, and a rusting trailer here. A settler is usually outside, tending to crops.

Goodsprings gas station

There’s no gas, but the station still has an inhabitant inside. Before you enter, check the Vending Machine, and the back of the pickup truck (as there’s sometimes Dynamite in a crate there). To actually enter the premises, you must have the key, having talked with Sunny Smiles and began Main Quest: Ghost Town Gunfight. Inside, a jittery Ringo almost fills you full of lead. You can ask him about the area, what he’s doing and his run-ins with the Powder Gangers, and he’s extra-helpful in explaining the rules of a new card game: Free Quest: Ringo’s Caravan Rules. Ringo has some Caps on him too, although you’ll have to kill him for them Inside the Gas Station there’s a variety of items to sift through.

Goodsprings General Store

Chet runs the General Store, which has a few scattered supplies outside the small worn storefront. Of particular use are a Reloading Bench and Workbench between the store and the saloon. Meet Chet himself, and he patiently explains the differences between the ammunition types and weapon modifications (Upgrades) that he sells, and the reasons “surplus” ammo isn’t that good. You can also ask about your attackers, but the real reason you’re here is to upgrade your guns!

Prospector Saloon

The hub of Goodsprings is this ramshackle tavern. Easy Pete may be sitting in his rocking chair on the porch, and he’s excellent for getting some information (and Dynamite) out of. There are four exterior doors; two at the front (one is locked [Very Easy]), one at the back, and one that leads to a secret moonshine shed [Very Easy] attached to the building, close to the fence where Sunny Smiles has you shoot off bottles during Main Quest: Back in the Saddle. Inside the saloon, you can meet Sunny Smiles and her dog Cheyenne, and begin Main Quest: Back in the Saddle. Make sure you ask her about employments, so she tells you about the locked safe inside the Schoolhouse, and gives you a Magazine (which isn’t counted toward the total you can find lying around) and Bobby Pins. She also has a wealth of knowledge about the surrounding area and Factions. Check the sideboard in this area for another Magazine.

At the back is a bathroom you can sip rad-free water from. There are some items you can steal (although you’re better off buying them from Trudy if you care about your Reputation). Trudy’s office has a couple more magazines, and a Terminal [Easy] you can hack to disengage a floor safe [Hard]. Once you’ve spoken with Sunny and aimed at her bottles, you can meet Trudy the “den mother” of Goodsprings. She’s having some problems with a Powder Ganger called Joe Cobb (Side Quest: Ghost Town Gunfight). You can speak to her about it, the lay of the land, the men who shot you, Victor, and Goodsprings itself. Keep talking to her to begin Free Quest: Trudy’s Radio Repair. She also sells wares, and offers a discount once you finish the Quest in Goodsprings’ favor.

Doc Mitchell's house

This was the place where you recuperated after your dirt nap. Return to Doc Mitchell again and obtain more medical supplies. Doc Mitchell was a resident of Vault 21 (hence the Jumpsuit he gave you), and offers more information on the area, Victor, the men who tried to kill you, and other matters. He can also heal you (usually for 50 Caps), and sell you medical supplies.

Bighorner Pen

You can startle the Bighorners in this unkept during Side Quest: Ghost Town Gunfight.

Goodsprings schoolhouse

Sunny recommends you scavenge in here, and she’s correct. Inside, deal with the Giant Mantis Nymphs, optionally hack into the terminal [Easy] to open the safe (or unlock it using Bobby Pins). The safe usually has a large number of Caps and a Doctor’s Bag. Check the room for multiple Magazines.

Victor's shack

When he’s not trundling down from the cemetery, you may find Victor sitting outside his shack. You can speak to him (Free Quest), or head inside for a snoop and a sleep. The sink water is a little too irradiated, though.

[4.06] Goodsprings Cemetery

p. 383

Although you may have started your days thinking you were ending them right here, in the courier’s shallow grave dug by Benny and his cohorts, Victor’s rescue from this location allowed you to explore, and this should be one of your first perusals after checking out Goodsprings. There are graves to dig up, and more importantly, a Snow Globe resting against one headstone. Use this elevated position to check the horizon; you can see The Strip and Camp McCarran [2.19] to the northeast, and Bonnie Springs [1.20] to the north. Use the Water Tower as a landmark on your travels.

[4.07] Yangtze Memorial

p. 383

Most locals can't rightly remember the exact reason for the large cross on the hill northeast of Goodsprings [4.05], but it honors the fallen of the Yangtze Campaign after the Chinese invaded Alaska in 2066, and the United States fought back, deploying to the Chinese mainland in a long and bloody war that ended with the 2077 holocaust. There's a Hollowed-Out Rock here, and a warning of Deathclaws in the Quarry Junction [4.04] to the northeast. Northwest is an Abandoned Shack [4.S05] that's well worth checking out. Use the memorial as a landmark.

[4.08] Sloan

p. 383-384

A camp of mining shacks off the Long 19 was once a place where workers earned a good living. That was until the Deathclaws moved in. You're likely to enter the place traveling along this freeway, and you'll be stopped by Chomps Lewis; who's still the foreman of this small settlement. He tells you to loop around via Primm [4.17] if you want to avoid a mauling. You can as him about New Vegas, and the operation: They make cement for the NCR using the limestone quarry. Ask him more detailed explanation. You can then begin Free Quest: Claws Out. Chomps also has a Letter to Tyrone, which is useful during the Side Quest.

Worker barracks

To the right of the entrance is a high shelf with a radio, Dino Toy, and Skill Book. On the cabinet at the far end is a second Skill Book, and a couple of Lockers [1 = Easy]. Check out the following items, and take any bunk bed for some rest.

Mining office

Upstairs is where there’s a haul to Sneak out with; two trunks behind the picnic table are likely to be filled with Caps, and there’s more inside the safe [Average]. There’s also a suitcase by the side of the desk upstairs too. It has nothing of worth unless Side Quest: Don’t Make a Beggar Out of Me is active. Then the lack of drugs allows you to quiz Chomps about it.

Machine shop

There is a workbench here to use and some scarp metal.

Mess hall

Jas Wilkins is the jovial cook inside this rudimentary restaurant, and aside from asking about her family omelet recipe (Free Quest: You Gotta Break Out a Few Eggs), she sells you any of the Food she has. Check the round table nearby for a Star Cap. There’s also a large amount of food in the pantry behind her, but that has to be stolen.

[4.09] Goodsprings cave

p. 384

Southeast of Goodsprings [4.05] is a small cave system perfect for amateur spelunkers to explore. It is guarded by a few Coyotes, and features a Hollowed-Out Rock; open it for some random items.

[4.10] The Devil's Gullet

p. 384

A smaller maw than the Devil’s Throat [3.10], this hole in the ground (found if you search for the broken perimeter fence) offers a steep descent from the Coyote hills above, and scattered debris at the bottom.

[4.11] Goodsprings source

p. 384

The “source” in question refers to clean, drinkable water that follows from a small, windmill-powered pump in the ground, among the low rocks. Sunny Smiles heads down this way to teach you elementary Campfire-making techniques, and there’s no shortage of Campfires to try out Recipes here. There are three separate water sources as you make your way southward from Goodsprings [4.05]. During this time, you may have to save a Goodspring resident from Geckos, who are lurking in this area. At the lowest point of Goodsprings Source are the three Campfires, and nearby is a Prospector’s Trailer, where Barton Thorn and his Free Quest lurk.

[4.12] Jean Sky Diving

p. 385

At the junction of the Long 15 and the road that winds into Goodsprings [4.05] are the remains of an old skydiving school, now overrun by a few Powder Gangers. The small plane still sits, slowly rusting into the ground. The nearest you can get to the skies is up on the roof, allowing views of the scrubland, and Bloatflies you can shoot. Inside the shack are the following items:

  • Weapon Repair Kit
  • Sunset Sarsaparilla Cap [56/100]

[4.13] Powder Ganger camp west

p. 385

On the Long 15, past the ruined buildings and the rusting vehicles, is a trailer and a jackknifed container truck on the east side of the road, opposite the sign for the Vikki & Vance Casino in Primm [4.17]. The truck backs onto a lower effluent pool where the truck’s contents spilled out. On the earthen mound above are a couple of Gangers guarding a Campfire.

[4.14] Lone Wolf Radio

p. 385

On the rocky terrain northwest of Primm [4.17], and west of the Long 15, is a wide trailer with numerous antennae. It is quite empty of life.

[4.15] Powder Ganger camp south

p. 385

Chavez and his tiny gang of Powder Gangers that have split with Eddie and the main Ganger outfit over at the NCR Correctional Facility [5.15] hangout at this poor excuse for a hideout. Chavez is only here if this Quest is active. The Note relates to Samuel Cooke’s Ganger offshoot, currently exploring Vault 19 [1.21].

[4.16] Canyon wreckage

p. 385

The remains of a jackknifed truck and a mass of twisted metal jammed into a canyon, preventing progress westward. Odd messages are daubed on the wreckage, which is impassable. Close by are two graves you can rob for some random items. Check the truck’s trailer for some tiny skeletons, and smuggled grenades in the “XXX” crates.

[4.17] Primm

p. 385-388

Pre-War, Primm was "budget Vegas", a tiny town where Californians could go to gamble, the shortest distance between their wallets and a hole in the ground. Now it's not much of a settlement at all, poorly populated to begin with and more treacherous since the Powder Gangs broke out of prison. Wastelanders have scouted out Primm for a settlement in recent years, but even at its "prime," it was unlikely to have had a large population. To attempt to woo potential travelers along the then-freeway, two "themed" casinos whereIn-game spelling built around the exploits of two desperadoes from ancient history, and an archaic (and now highly dangerous) rollercoaster.

Long 95In-game spelling and NCR Flag

This stretch of freeway bisects Primm to the west, and you can head into the sunken underpass, or climb on the walls to reach the level ground of the casino forecourts and gas station. The flag of the NCR is tied to a nearby lamppost. Check the rocks to the west; there’s a flat area with a Campfire to use above you.

NCR Sentry Shack

You’re usually stopped by an NCR Trooper telling you that Primm is off-limits. You can ask what’s going on, and he tells you the town is overrun by Escaped Convicts, and two Raider gangs are active in the area. He mentions Lieutenant Hayes if you want to speak to someone about helping the townsfolk. Any ammo in this location must be stolen. You can climb on the tin roof and use it as a defendable sniping area, too.

NCR Camp and Tents

A small band of NCR Troopers, along with Sergeant McGee who originally from the Hub, are stationed in a walled-off corner southwest of town. You can ask McGee about his life, and then visit Lieutenant Hayes inside his tent, or the adjacent supply tent. Should you kill or Pickpocket Hayes, you can check his Military Orders (which are to hold Primm when not preparing for an attack on the Powder Gangers over at the NCR Correctional Facility [5.15]). During Side Quest: Don’t Make a Beggar of Me, there’s a military “supplier” stationed inside the second tent called Tyrone. You can speak to Hayes about him, too (when the Quest is active), as well as telling him news of any impending Powder Ganger attack during Side Quest: I Fought the Law. Finally, you can agree with Hayes that Sergeant McGee would make a fine sheriff during Side Quest: My Kind of Town.

Poseidon Gas Station

The beginning of the battle with the Escaped Convicts begins here. Use the open garage, dumpsters, and walls of the Vikki & Vance Casino for cover opportunities.

Deputy Beagle's residence

Beagle is currently being held against his will inside the Bison Steve Casino, but you can enter his shack and have a look around at the posters on his walls, and Gun Case [Very Easy] by his bed.

Primm sheriff's office

Sheriff McBain is no longer the law in these parts, as you’ll discover when you find his body on the bed of his shack, along with his dead wife. Grotesquely, you can sleep on the bed, and conduct a search of handy items.

Vikki and Vance Casino

Head here to meet the hold-outs from the Escaped Convict town infiltration. The proprietor of this establishment greets you when you first enter the premises, telling you the town’s gone to hell. You can ask who he is, and the history of Primm, as well as information on the men who shot you (Main Quest: They Went That-A-Way, as well as the six couriers who were sent). You can also find out more information about ED-E, and even play a hand of Caravan. He’s also a good sounding board when you’re trying to sort out a new sheriff for the settlement (Side Quest: My Kind of Town). You should also see what Nash is selling (these include Magazines); you receive a discount if you complete the Side Quest!

Gambling floor

Due to the Convict problem, gambling has been temporarily suspended; complete Side Quest: My Kind of Town and wait three days, and the Gambling is back on! You can check the Vending Machines for bottles, but you’ll lose Fame in doing so. You can also meet Johnson’s wife Ruby Nash, and speak to her. You might as well begin Free Quest: Gland for some home cooking while you’re at it.

Authentic Vikki and Vance Museum Experience

Speak to Primm Slim, the cowpoke Protectron for a potted history of this place, and the exhibit. Although the items have long since been stolen (aside from the vehicle), you can inspect the mannequins and cases that once held clothes and weapons Vikki and Vance once used (Free Quest: A Pair of Dead Desperados). And if you’re thinking that Primm might need a new sheriff as part of a Side Quest; well Primm Slim might be the robot you’re looking for.

Bison Steve Hotel

Enter these premises if you want to rescue Beagle, and take down some Escaped Convicts. Conduct a quick sweep of the exterior walls to delve into some dumpsters. Expect Convict battles as you progress eastward into the building. Check behind the reception desk for a terminal [Easy] that allows access to an otherwise locked door [Hard].

Manager's quarters

Open the locked door to enter this small room with a small amount of Food and the following items, which includes a key to open the maintenance door in the lobby area.

Gift Shop

Be sure you salvage the Skill Book by the floor safe behind the counter. Be sure to open the safe; the Unique .357 Magnum is well worth the Bobby Pin loss!


Expect combat to occur here; use the walls and alcoves to hide behind. Check the Vending Machine, and the side table on the east side for a Star Cap. Check the Maintenance Door [Easy] for a Sneak-based way into the kitchen where Deputy Beagle is.

Main Banquet Hall

Expect around four or five Convicts including a leader to give you a spot of bother. As with other rooms, check the garbage cans and Vending Machine. There’s an ill-advised Campfire near the middle of the room, under the dead Brahmin on a spit.


Feel free to salvage items from the fridges, and talk with Deputy Beagle, requesting that he stays with you or flees, as part of Main Quest: They Went That-A-Way. If he scarpers, you’ll find him at the Vikki & Vance Casino. You can speak to Beagle about the whereabouts of the men that shot you, or Pickpocket (or murder) Beagle for his Journal, which spills the beans.

El Diablo rollercoaster

The red marks on the guide map indicate sections of track that can’t be accessed, usually from one direction. This is a favored sniping spot for two to three Escaped Convicts, so beware of being shot when you investigate the coaster tracks. You can also move up onto the lower of the two roof sections, and the awning above the ground entrance (where there’s the following items). Use the coaster to reach the upper entrance into the Bison Steve Hotel (Location F) if you want to Sneak down and tackle the foes. Otherwise, this offers excellent views, or sniping attack points down to the Convicts milling about the street between the Casinos.

Mojave Express Couriers (Nash Residence)

Are you starting to remember? Do you recognize Daniel Wyand? Perhaps in time; he’s a courier just like you, but didn’t survive a bullet to the brain, and is slumped outside the Mojave Express. Search his corpse for a Note. Compare it to the one you started with, and you’ll see they’re written by the same hand. This one mentions a different delivery package. Inside the Mojave Express, which is the home of Johnson and Ruby Nash who run the Vikki & Vance Casino, there are two of Ruby’s Casseroles on the table. They look delicious and pack quite a punch. Check the fridge for items to steal, and the bedside table for some Magazines to pilfer. Of more importance is a Damaged Eyebot sitting on the counter. Consult Side Quest: ED-E My Love for information on activating it.

Primm houses

Remember to check the mailboxes for possible items to scavenge. House #1 has been cleaned out, aside from the skeleton with a Switchblade in his head, and a wall safe cunningly hidden behind a bookcase. House #2 has some scattered Food (and Baseballs) in here, along with Scrap Electronics. House #3 has a stocked fridge and a place to sleep. Don’t forget the Star Cap on the bookcase, fridge, and kitchen cabinet in House #4.

Water tower

You can sip from the valve here, but the water is slightly radioactive.

[4.18] California Sunset Drive-in

p. 388

Just outside the southwest stone wall perimeter of are the remains of an old drive-in movie theatre. There’s a road running around this location too, and a playground (and Campfire) to the north, near the Prospector’s Lean-To [4.S19].

[4.19] Mesquite Mountains Crater

p. 388

In the eastern foothills west of the California Sunset Drive-in [4.18], there's a Mesquite Mountains Lean-To [4.S21] anIn-game spelling some rather ominous flecks of irradiated matter emanating from the hills behind. This is the location of an ancient crater. There are Feral Ghouls here that remain ready to kill, as well as irradiated tumbleweed. Keep to the rocks and explore further to the west, and a strange two-level shack appears through the haze. This is Hell's Motel.

Pass the fungal lower beds and enter the premises, and prepare to repel the advances of a Crazed Mister Handy. He's already put the knife to his erstwhile master Doctor Rotson, who's usually carrying Doctor's Bag on his corpse.

[4.20] The Prospector's Den

p. 389

Whether escaping the atrocities of Jack Rabbit Springs [4.26] or attempting to reach the railroad line (and Zone 5) to the east, the steep path running close to the southern tip of Primm [4.17] offers access, and a den built into an alcove in the rock wall. Farther up the path is a Campfire. Fight off a couple of Jackal Gang Members, check the Prospector for some Caravan Cards, on your way into the den.

[4.21] Mesquite Mountains camp site

p. 389

Out on the rocky mesas, north of the Mojave Outpost [4.27] and offering expansive views of the Ivanpah Dry Lake [4.24] are a pair of tents and a picnic area, now overrun by Radscorpions. There’s evidence of recent activity at the Campfire, and a pickup truck and trailer on the stepped terrain below, but the real area of interest are the tents.

[4.22] Nipton Road reststop

p. 389

Close to the Long 15 interchange and the traffic jam up to the Mojave Outpost [4.27] is a Poseidon Gas Station and outbuildings, close to the Mesa where the Ghouls roam. Amid the Radscorpions, at the foot of the Gas sign, is a Bright Follower; a long way from home (the REPCONN Test Site [5.17]). There are some minor items in the garage, but there’s more near the store next door. Check the burned-out building for some Ammo. There’s a crate on the store stoop, and inside there’s some minor food, Yeast, and a reasonable haul of Caps in the Cash Register, along with a note from recently ousted Mayor Steyn of Nipton [4.30]. There is no first Journal. Don’t forget your copy of Pugilism Illustrated before you leave!

[4.23] Nevada Highway Patrol Station

p. 389

The local—and long-abandoned—cop shop has now been taken over by the Jackal Gang, who battle periodically with the wildlife, Ghouls and Escaped Convicts. There's excellent sniping potential if you climb on the roof of this one-story structure, but there's more to find inside.


There are Mantis Nymphs you can step on, a Reloading Bench you can work on, cots to sleep on, and a Dead Prospector to pillage Caravan Cards and a Star Cap from.

[4.24] Ivanpah Dry Lake

p. 390

A massive flat expanse of sand and fetid air, this dry lake stretches (trail 167 bisecting it to the south) all the way to Crescent Canyon [4.32/33] to the south. At its northernmost edge, expect Escaped Convicts and the odd Ghoul to wander these parts, as well as the Jackal Gang, holed up inside the Nevada Highway Patrol Station. To the northeast edge, expect a few Bark Scorpions. The perimeter of the Dry Lake follows the Long 15 southward to the west, and past Jack Rabbit Springs and Nipton to the east. Periodically, there are low piles of rocks, and the odd plant to harvest. In the middle of the north section, is the Race Track [4.25], where Giant Ants roam. The Dry Lake is bisected by the remains of the 164, and Nipton Road Pit Stop. The southern part of the Lake features a Radscorpion Burrow [4.S26].

[4.25] Ivanpah race track

p. 391

The large oval indent in the middle of Ivanpah Dry Lake isn’t a crater, but the remains of a racetrack; now home to an extended family of Giant Ants. Beware the Soldier Ants particularly. They pour out of an inaccessible tunnel toward the middle of the track.

[4.26] Jack Rabbit Springs

p. 390

One of the most spoiled areas of this zone, the jackrabbits have long gone, but their warrens are still there, now inhabited by deviant abominations known as Centaurs, and their even more grotesque Evolved cousins. Be wary not only of their spittle, and the pools of radioactive water, but also the small Super Mutant Campfire to the east, at the top of the warrens. When you're done larking, inspect the hump with the protruding rods; a marker for a skeleton, and the following goods, then check for the Hollowed-Out Rock south of the radiation pools, on the edge of the Dry Lake.

[4.27] Mojave Outpost

p. 390-391

The place where the Mojave Outpost now stands was originally a checkpoint between California and Nevada. After the war, it stood empty and vacant for well over a century. Ten years ago, the NCR Rangers and the Desert Rangers of Nevada (who have been dwindling in numbers) met at what had become known as the I-15 Mojave Outpost, to establish terms of the Ranger Unification Treaty. In its current form, Mojave Outpost serves as the link between NCR and the Mojave Wasteland.

Unification Monument

At the peak of the traffic graveyard are the gigantic statues of scrap metal, commemorating the Ranger Unification Treaty. Check the plaque between the two massive figures for a historical footnote. This is the ceremonial and actual entrance.

Mojave Outpost headquarters

Major Knight runs the front desk of this office, but Ranger Jackson is in charge of this Outpost. Knight needs to note down your details. Knight is an incredible tinkerer, and offers up his unsurpassed Repair skill for the right price. Nearby is a Vending Machine, offices empty of items you need, and a corridor leading to Ranger Jackson. He’s also able to speak to you about NCR Troop levels, as part of Side Quest: My Kind of Town. The rear of the building has a number of rooms with the usual fridge Food and scraps to optionally check. But you’re here to see Ranger Jackson, who you can quiz about the state of the Outpost, and who offers you a job of clearing Ants; Side Quest: Can You Find It in Your Heart. You’re given some Caps and a weapon, plus Food, depending on your demeanor. Jackson also plays a secondary role in Side Quest: Heartache By the Number.

Picnic Area

Outside of the bar are a couple of splintered picnic tables, near the creeping Buffalo Gourd growing everywhere in this location. Check the immediate area for Sunset Sarsaparilla Crates, and Sacks of Food.

Outpost Barracks

NCR Troopers, Caravaneers, and a young lady named Cass all use this watering hole, sometimes crashing on a mattress in the adjacent room. You can sleep there, too. Lacey is the barkeep (there’s a Star Cap on her bar), and she has some information on the Outpost. She plays a keen hand of Caravan too, as well as having a copious amount of goods to Trade with you. Cass is initially aggressive, but (depending on the Side Quests), she may require some coaxing to become a Follower. Consult those Quests for the answers, and Cass can join you, along with her associated Perk.

[4.28] Morning Star Cavern

p. 391

In the southwestern corner of the Ivanpah Dry Lake are a series of flat, tiered rocks leading up to a Nightstalker pack and an opening in the rock wall. Check the Hollowed-Out Rock before entering this dark cavern. This winding cavern curves around past a couple of corpse and bone piles, to a large rear alcove where more Nightstalkers are ready to pounce, near a Mercenary corpse.

[4.29] Nipton Road pit stop

p. 391

As the crows scatter and the Radscorpions and Giant Ants fight over supremacy of Ivanpah Dry Lake, head cautiously into the pit stop; now three razed buildings. The Jackal Gang are active here; deal with them, then check the Campfire.

[4.30] Nipton

p. 391-393

Forces of Caesar's Legion, under the command of Vulpes Inculta, have swept around the poorly defended Camp Searchlight [6.16] to sack Nipton and kill every living creature within. Ironically, this camp had previously been terrorized by Powder Gangers, who were routing the regular population before they fell to the Machetes and bloodlust. The signs of devastation are obvious from outside this settlement; black smoke rises from the town, corpses are strewn on pyres, and victims crucified to telephone poles.

Oliver Swanick

Enter the settlement traveling east along Trail 164 from the Mojave Outpost, and you run into the luckiest Powder Ganger of all. Oliver doesn’t make much sense, but it appears the Legion drew Lottery Tickets to see who would be crucified, and who would live to retell their witnessing of these atrocities. Oliver flees after speaking to you.

Good Luck trailer park

The last hold-outs from the Legion raid fought in this scrubland trailer park; and the evidence of the fight is still visible. Search the trailers for (bloody) sleeping mattresses, and scavenge the area within the remains of the mesh fence.

Nipton houses


The bedroom of this ransacked building has a Star Cap on the broken bookshelf. There’s Food
in the fridge.


This is adjacent to the pyre burning on the main road. There’s Food in the fridge.


This lies north of the road, by the tire pyre and roasted crucified Powder Ganger skeleton. It has been ransacked, although there’s Beer, and more (plus Food) in the fridge.

Bark Scorpion house

The Legion have captured some poisonous Bark Scorpions, which are inside a cage [Average], which you can open if you want to fight them at close quarters, There are also Frag Mines here, making this a death-trap. Disarm the ones you don't step on (there's one in every room). The kitchen has a Shotgun Trap across the door, so stop and disarm the Tripwire first. Food in the fridge [Easy] and a Legionary to search, and a cabinet to open [Average]. Check the Tool Cabinet for a Note written by a hold-out from the previous mayor.

There’s a Rigged Shotgun Trap in the bedroom doorway as well, and a cabinet [Easy] and desk [Very Easy] to open. Finally, check the bed for a footlocker, and the bathroom for a safe with some decent firepower, and a random Magazine.

Gutsy house

East of the central crucified road is a house with a floating Mister Gutsy that attacks you on sight. When you’ve defeated it, check the room it was guarding; a workshop with scattered junk and a Workbench, as well as a terminal with two menu options; the latter of which reveals the story behind this place. The kitchen has a load of Food. The bedroom has a Single Shotgun, a 9 Iron in the bathroom, and a Laser Rifle in the bath. Open the floor safe and search the dead Legionary before you leave.

Corner house

This is the closest to the Town Hall, where the Legion are currently camped. Inside there’s some BB ammo, Food, and a place to sleep.


This has a Reloading Bench, and some freshly prepared Food in the kitchen.

Nipton Trading Post: General Store

The Legion have left their mark on this store, and the Powder Ganger who had taken it over. Scattered Food is everywhere, and the Ganger named Boxcars is so unpleasant, you’re shocked the Legion didn’t string him up too. You can ask him about the Lottery (he came second, so he lived, but at a cost). The mayor (who’s been writing Journal entries found in the locations nearby) didn’t get off so lightly. You can start Side Quest: Booted by agreeing to help the Powder Ganger hostages who weren’t crucified. You can give him a Med-X to Boxcars if you have one. He’s as thankful as you’d expect. Check the counter for a Magazine. The upstairs of the store, accessed via the door behind the counter [Easy], leads to a wrecked apartment room, and another Magazine, as well as a floor safe to check.

Crucified Powder Gangers

A few Legionaries with the mark of the wolf are waiting in front of Nipton Town Hall. Their leader is Vulpes Inculta, and he’s not incognito (like he dresses when he accosts you on The Strip). He was responsible for this. He wants you to teach everyone the lesson the Powder Gangers learned from this ransacking. Anything other than attacking allows you to agree to tell the tale of Nipton, which begins Side Quest: Cold, Cold Heart. The crucified Powder Gangers themselves are too close to death to help.

Nipton Town Hall

This structure is where Vulpes Inculta and his Legionaries are camped, although they’re about to move back to The Fort. Search this location using the information below.

Nipton Town Hall — First Floor

Reception Area

Check behind the reception desk where the dead Wastelander is, but watch for a Frag Mine. Legion Mongrels walk these corridors. The Worn Key opens the cellar.


There’s nothing but slightly irradiated water and corpses with common clothing in both rooms, and in the corridor.


There’s a large amount of scattered Food here, and some Turbo.


There’s nothing but decaying bodies and Radroaches. Some can be searched.

Ransacked Office

Check the Filing Cabinets for items. The double doors here are inaccessible.

Conference/Meeting Room

Giant Mantis Nymphs can be crushed underfoot. Don’t waste ammo on them. There are more bodies to search, scattered about.

Stairs to Town Hall Assembly Floor

The eastern steps have the remains of a fight between dog and man. Neither won.

Nipton Town Hall — Assembly Floor

Landing Corridor/Offices

Beware the booby-trapped body in here.

Assembly Room

Six lottery tickets can be found here.

Nipton Town Hall — Mayor Steyn’s Office

Stairs/Hallway to Mayor Steyn’s Office

There’s Food and Drink in the fridge and Vending Machines.

Door to Assembly Floor/Restroom

First Aid Box.

Executive Office #1/#2

Locked with a Very Easy lock.

Mayor’s Office

Check the Mayor’s fancy desk and cabinet for a Skill Book, two Magazines, Mentats, and his personal terminal, which has the following entries:
> Reset Mainframe Connection
> Prison Break: Notes from a trickster-turned-mayor.
Unpleasant notes.
> High Roller: An attempt to make money from the recent
break-out from the NCR Correctional Facility.
> Testing...: A man with the Legion offers a deal Steyn
passes up. It will be his undoing.

Mayor’s Storage Room

Pry the Average lock open for a variety of items.

Nipton Hotel

Close to the razed remains of the hotel rooms is the office itself. Inside are the corpses for four NCR Troopers. Pick at them, check the Cash Register [Easy], then leave.

Water Tower

There’s a valve to sip from behind the Town Hall, but the water is slightly irradiated.

[4.31] Mojave Drive-in

Located at the tail-end of Nipton near the Trailer Park, and the only area not filled with piles of Powder Gangers on a pyre, the Mojave Drive-in is in arguably worse condition than its Primm counterpart.

[4.32] Crescent Canyon West and [4.33] Crescent Canyon East

p. 393

The giant crescent canyon is a wonder of nature, and now a breeding ground for Golden Geckos. At the very southern edge of the Ivanpah Dry Lake [4.34], the western edge is close to an unmarked Radscorpion Burrow [4.S26]. Descend heading south, moving from west to east, and after the initial Gecko encounter, check the fallen vehicle for a Hollowed-Out Rock and Lottery Ticket. Progress further into the canyon, and the floor becomes wet with oozing radiation, and masses of strewn barrels. Even the tumbleweed is radioactive.


[4.S01] Chance's grave

p. 393

The final resting place of Chance is here, at the top of a hill, close to the Tribal Village [4.01].

[4.S02] Warning Signs on Goodsprings Road

p. 393

The road north of Goodsprings [4.05] warns of danger to come; this refers to the Cazadors in the Tribal Village, but otherwise this is a great thoroughfare to reach Zone 1.

[4.S03] Scorpion Valley

p. 393

A small gulch where Radscorpions roam. Cull them for Glands you can give to Ruby Nash in Primm [4.17], or avoid the area.

[4.S04] The Dead Survivalist

p. 393

The skeleton of a long-dead adventurer lies near the copy of Lad's Life he didn't read. There may be a dead Mercenary to search, too.

[4.S05] Abandoned shack

p. 393

North of the Yangtze Memorial [4.07] is a shack at the south end of Scorpion Gulch.

[4.S06] Goodsprings Water Wells

p. 394

Location S6A is a water well. Location S6B is a small caravan trailer. Location S6C are two water wells; one is destroyed, while the other works. You can sip pure water from the working wells, or the troughs. Note there is another working well at Goodsprings Source [4.11] itself.

[4.S07] 7A: Broken Radio Tower

p. 394

These are the two locations to trek to during Free Quest: Barton the Fink, which begins in Goodsprings Source [4.11]. Pay special attention to the traps up at the top of the ridge path connecting the two locations. At the top is a dead Prospector, with some items to loot.

[4.S07] 7B: Dead Body Overhang

p. 394

At the top is the corpse of the bespectacled Johnny Five-Aces, with a glass pitcher and five scattered aces around him. On the cliff are four balls in a line. You wonder how time works….

[4.S08] Archaeologist’s Fridge

p. 394

Over by the side of the road is a discarded fridge with the door wrenched off.

[4.S09] Deathclaw Trailer

p. 394

South of the Whittaker Farmstead [1.22] is a caravan trailer and deserted fields at the foothills of Quarry Junction [4.04]. The lack of humans is due to the prowling Deathclaws.

[4.S10] Corvega Atomic Billboard

p. 394

Billboards are dotted about the landscape, and serve as simple landmarks, but this one is very useful as it marks the northern perimeter of the Deathclaws’ territory outside Quarry Junction [4.04]. If you see this billboard, beware!

[4.S11] Railroad Bridge

p. 394

The railroad runs parallel along the Long 15, and is the easiest way to judge which zone you’re in. This bridge has a dead Ghoul under it; this Bright Brotherhood follower has traveled far from their REPCONN Test Site [5.17] base.

[4.S12] Ammo Stash

p. 394

By a small bush and low rock just off Long 15, there’s some forgotten ammunition.

[4.S13] Jackknifed Truck

p. 394

This rusting container has a number of items to scavenge.

[4.S14] The Desiccated Adventurer

p. 394

On the flat rocks overlooking Long 15, an adventurer has shuffled off this mortal coil.

[4.S15] Powder Ganger Junction

p. 394

At the junction on the Long 15 that allows access to the NCR Correctional Facility [5.15], there’s a wrecked trailer, and two dead Caravan Guards. Beware of Powder Gangers (and their lobbed explosives) in this vicinity. Use the trailer as a route marker afterward.

[4.S16] Bloatfly Flats

p. 394

If you’re using Bloatflies for a Recipe, or simply need target practice, check the fetid pools between the Long 15 and railroad track, just southeast of Jean Sky Diving [4.12].

[4.S17] The Devil's Carbunkle

p. 394

The trash ditch, once an old stream bed that runs from the Long 15, ends up in this irradiated mess. Check the garbage can, and find the following under a rusting car.

[4.S18] Trash Ditch

p. 395

Run-off from the hills collects in a (now irradiated) pond to the east, and the old stream is now a ditch for refuse, and a path to follow to the Devil's Carbunkle.

[4.S19] Prospector’s Lean-To

p. 395

North of California Sunset Drive-in is a rusting playground and Prospector’s Lean-to. Find two Magazines in these parts. Try hitting Tin Cans as target practice, too.

[4.S20] Bright’s Darkness

p. 395

At the foot of the electrical power tower that you can use as a landmark are the remains of a dead Ghoul in a cowl. Expect an Energy Weapon on the corpse too.

[4.S21] Mesquite Mountains lean-to

p. 395

Close to the bubbling radiation of the Mesquite Mountains Crater is a lean-to affixed to the rock, affording shelter from the perpetual Ghoul problem. Watch out; that road cone has a mine under it!

[4.S22] Super Mutant Camp

p. 395

Soaking in the radiation of Jack Rabbit Springs [4.26] are a small band of Super Mutants and their disgusting Centaur pets. The Campfire was flagged at Jack Rabbit Springs (#68).

[4.S23] Nipton Junction

p. 395

This is the Long 15 junction with Trail 164 that takes you east to Nipton and Camp Searchlight [6.16]. The place is deserted, until you rid the area of Giant Ants during a Side Quest.

[4.S24] Californian Exodus

p. 395

The remains of an ancient traffic jam lead up to the Mojave Outpost [4.27]. There's little but Food and a couple of Tool Boxes to check out in the back to the containers. However, the chained explosion the vehicles make (especially if you "daisy chain" them with Frag Mines or C-4) is pointlessly impressive!

[4.S25] Crashed cargo plane

p. 395

The remains of a rusting plane in the sands of the south Ivanpah Dry Lake [4.24] hold a small find in the sand.

[4.S26] Radscorpion Burrow

p. 395

A clump of rocks with a swarm of Radscorpions reveals itself to be a burrow. Once inside, the burrow opens up into a large cave with a ferocious Radscorpion Queen to contend with, and well as a number of smaller beasts. Assuming you survive, you can collect copious items from the bodies of four Prospectors and a Jackal Gang Member, and gather Radscorpion Glands if you’re wanting some of Ruby Nash’s infamous Casseroles (Free Quest: Gland for Some Home Cooking).

[4.S27A and B] Mole Rat Burrows

p. 395

Some Mole Rats are living dangerously close to the Radscorpions. Although visible, their burrows are too small to fit through.

[4.S28] Sealed Train Tunnel

p. 395

This is the end of the line of the railroad that borders this zone, which you can follow north all the way to New Vegas.


Topographical Overview

p. 396

The undulating zone features a host of large locales, but is dominated to the north by Black Mountain, and the remains of a radar station now overrun by a Super Mutant named Tabitha. Those that seek solace in the mountains don't want to be found, as the denizens of Hidden Valley would certainly concur. Beware of Bark Scorpions in the maze-like gulch, and concentrate on investigating the larger structures south of the El Dorado Dry Lake; HELIOS One with its incredible solar panel array; the REPCONN Test Site where Ghouls and Super Mutants are waging war against one another, and there's always time to take in Dinky the Dinosaur over at Novac, where the settlers are always friendly, if a little on edge. South of Novac are less populated mountains, and a number of caves to explore; be sure you know which ones contain Geckos, and which have Deathclaws! Don't forget Primm Pass either; a great direct path to and from Zone 4. The western area has its own problems as you'll discover if you set foot inside the perimeter of the NCR Correctional Facility, where the inmates are quite literally running the asylum.

Highways and Byways

The border of this zone is perhaps the easiest to pinpoint, as it takes in the major roads and railroad in the region. To the west, the perimeter follows the route of the railroad tracks all the way from Junction 15 Railway Station to the north, down to Nipton in Zone 4. To the north is the continuation west to east of Trail 160, which meets up at the 188 Trading Post, and then continues southward down Highway 95, taking in the major sights along with way. The southern perimeter is the continuation of Trail 164 which began at the Mojave Outpost in Zone 4, and the road continues all the way to the northern edge of Camp Searchlight in Zone 6. As for the middle of this map? Aside from a second north-south road to Novac, the mountains mainly have pathways to lose yourself in, and a winding road to the tip of Black Mountain itself.


[5.01] Junction 15 Railway Station

p. 396

This marks the unofficial spot where the rugged terrain of the Mojave desert flattens out into the New Vegas plains, and is also a good place to situate yourself to if you're following the roads and rail tracks; Long 15 winds up past the farmland to the northwest, while the REPCONN Headquarters is visible to the northeast. You're usually in mortal danger of Deathclaws advancing down the tracks from Quarry Junction though, so be ready to flee if you aren't able to deal with three or four attacking at once. The platform building is sealed up tight.

[5.02] 188 Trading Post

p. 396-397

Formed after the Powder Ganger break-out down at Primm [4.17] forced traders northward, the intersection of the 95 and 93 (hence "188") is now a bustling Trading spot, catering to the NCR from Boulder City [3.32] and Hoover Dam [3.33] as well as offering good connections down the 95. Start on the eastern side of the intersection.

188 Slop & Shop

“It’s Better Than Nothing.” Michelle (daytime) and Samuel Kerr (nighttime) run this store, and you can ask either of them for a little local flavor, as well as the Legion raids. They have a variety of items to trade, including a few weapons, and Doctor Bags - the selection changes depending on who is on duty; you can wake the other Kerr from the mattress under their blue metal shack. Don’t forget to check out their shack; there’s a small bar with a Star Cap on it, and a Reloading Bench around the back.

Veronica, Who Lives in a Hole in the Ground

The hooded figure standing close to the Slop & Shop is Veronica, who you can engage in conversation. She lives in a bunker, and is here picking up supplies for her “family.” If you want her to join you, answer her question about the Brotherhood of Steel.

Arms Merchant: Bravo Company’s Finest?

Cross the bridge (there’s a long trailer with mattresses to sleep in) to the western side of the overpass, and check the tent for more mattresses. Close by is a parked military truck, with an Arms Merchant. She’s been discharged from the NCR for three years, since an “incident” during the first Legion attack on the dam. Ask her about that, as well as seeing what she has for sale (it’s usually cheaper than Michelle).

Gun Runners: For the Discerning Customer

Speak to Alexander under the bridge, who runs a satellite operation for the Gun Runners [2.14] and isn’t about to sell his wares to the likes of you. You can ask about the Gun Runners, or his attitude, but he won’t sell you anything.

Ezekiel the Explorer

A member of the Followers of the Apocalypse is hanging around outside the northern edge of this Post. He doesn’t say much, unless you’re inquiring about Great Khan history, as part of Side Quest: Oh My Papa.

Free Quest: Thought for the Day

Sitting on the concrete below the overpass is a child known as The Forecaster. He’s wearing some kind of head brace (which he believes is his “medicine”), and isn’t selling anything; not even the bric-a-brac surrounding him. He’s selling thoughts, at 100 Caps a pop. You can ignore him, or pay up. There are three “thoughts” to buy.

[5.03] NCR Ranger safehouse

p. 397

A well-hidden door along a gully leads into a Safehouse only accessible with the appropriate key, obtained once you complete the Free Quest with Colonel Hsu. Inside the Safehouse is a structure built into the natural cavern. The canteen has a Reloading Bench and Water Fountain. Much like other Safehouses across the Mojave, this offers a place of rest and healthy solace. Any bed you sleep in at this location gives you a “Well Rested” bonus, there is a water fountain here allowing you to sip purified water without Radiation, and if the location has a fridge, it is restocked
with items once per day. Aside from the fridge, there are containers you can store items without them disappearing. Choose a metal box, footlocker, or other chest type, place a low value item inside, then return after a day to ensure your items haven’t been taken. This location is visited periodically by Ranger Gomez, who is usually here every Wednesday and Saturday. You can check the day of the week when you attempt to Wait or Sleep. Gomez hands over (for free) one set of the following, each time the Ranger visits (so you can choose items twice a week, assuming you’re there when the Ranger is).

[5.04] El Dorado Substation

p. 397

Taking the incredible energy from HELIOS One [5.13] and converting it into usable electricity occurs here, at the substation and adjacent transformer yard, both of which are guarded by NCR Troops that give you strict instructions not to trespass on the property. Open the Garage Door to the Substation. A terminal allows access to power areas of the Mojave Wasteland based on your alliance needs, and at the expense of NCR friendliness.

[5.05] Vault 11

p. 397-399

Vault 11 was a social experiment vault to see if the residents would periodically select and kill a fellow vault dweller to avoid the threat of total vault extermination. Each year, the vault computer informed the residents that one currently living member of the vault had to be placed in a special chamber, where they would be "terminated" for the good of the vault. Failure to comply, the computer said, would result in a total and irrevocable shutdown of the vault's life support. The vault dwellers followed the instructions for decades, picking victims through numerous methods. But eventually, something changed...

An old wooden door, in close proximity to a Hollowed-Out Rock, greets those who dare enter this rocky tomb.

Vault 11 Entrance Level

Rocky Tunnel

There are two Bark Scorpions to avoid as you reach the massive vault door, which is currently open. The Vault Door Control Pod (on either side) closes and opens it again.

Entrance Chamber

Stamp out the Giant Mantises, then peer around the room, which has some odd posters lampooning a couple of unknown persons in what appears to be a vault election. Check the terminal above the box of ammo to download a security recording: The four corpses at the front entrance of Vault 11 (in the Clinic) and a strange recording point to sinister events. This is Free Quest: Democracy Inaction.

Filtration Room

A round filtration device dominates this room, with four exits, and the first of many Giant Rats to deal with. Study the graffiti on the posters closely. The sign above the door to the north reads “Clinic.”


Giant Mantises are in this small classroom, which has a public terminal to access. This gives lists of the candidates: Henry Glover (a family man with six children, who oddly ends his election spiel with a request to vote for “Nate Stone”). Donna Haley (who is aware of the rumors circulating, but then finishes with a self-harming flourish, telling the reader “my administration would be a disaster”). Then there’s Nate Stone (who complains about dirty backroom politics).

  • Vault 11 Election Guide
  • Notice of Postponement (regarding “murders” that forced the election to be stalled).
  • Overseer Order 745: Katherine Stone (the Overseer) opts for random election proceedings.
Cigar Lounge

Pass the NCR Trooper corpse, and into this Giant Mantis-filled room. Check the fridge for Food before you leave.


The place is crawling with Giant Mantises, and there are four skeletons on the gurneys, and a fifth on the ground.

Vault 11 Living Quarters

Recreation Room and Bar

Giant Mantises and Rats co-exist with animosity here. The place is a bit of a mess, and there’s nothing but junk (and a few Fission Batteries. Note the three exits (Male and Female Dorms, and Admin).

(Lower) Male Dorm Rooms

Don’t forget to check the dressers for a Vault 11 Jumpsuit! Dorm Room #3 has a personal terminal [Very Easy] to hack, which downloads a Security Recording to your Pip-Boy. Roy Gottlieb from the Justice Bloc wants to usurp the Overseer, and is ready to arm up, take to the lower floors to hold out until he gets what he wants.

(Lower) Female Dorm Rooms

DoomIn-game spelling Room #1 has a Skill Book by an overturned dresser.


Accessed on the upper corridor from Location #11, this has some ammo to gather, as well as a security terminal with the usual messages, and one additional one: A Deposition, in which Overseer Katherine Stone reveals shocking (and sexual) problems between her and (alledgedlyIn-game spelling) all of the Justice Bloc.

Vault 11 Lower Level

Overseer’s Office

Beware of a Rigged Shotgun trap at the door; disarm the Tripwire and deactivate it. As well as a load of Scrap Metal, the room contains the Overseer’s Terminal, which requires a password to access it, found in the Atrium. Return here and you can open the Sacrificial Chamber.

Utility Room
Roy Gottlieb’s Last Stand

There are three entrances to choose from depending on which corridor you’ve accessed. The northeast entrance has a Tripwire and Grenade Bouquet; watch out! The eastern entrance (facing west) has a steel beam that swings down to hit you; stoop and untie the tripwire to deactivate that. Judging by the skeletons, it seems Roy’s plan was put into practice, but they died down here.

(Underwater) Pump Control Room

The underwater chambers are slightly irradiated, so be quick, but don’t worry about running out of air; there’s some in the cavity above the water, as these passages aren’t completely submerged. Be doubly sure you open the Locker inside this chamber, as it has a Differential Pressure Controller in it; a vital piece of equipment needed during Side Quest: Still in the Dark. Take this right now (the Quest does not have to be active), and don’t sell it!

(Waterlogged) Sub-Reactor Room

Enter through the control room with the Ammo Boxes to the right (east). There’s a loudspeaker to activate, but nothing happens. The reactors themselves are flooded, and there are skeletons from the past vault fracas. The door to the left (west) is locked [Average].

(Completely Underwater) Main Reactor and Storage

Exit via the door to the north and take a deep breath; enter the reactor room and don’t drown! There are more skeletal defenders, and a storage room to the east,

(Lower and Upper) Atrium

The corridor branches south. Follow it to a door, and upstairs to a second door; both lead to the Atrium. On the upper mezzanine is an Atrium Terminal, with the Prepared Speech of Gus Olson, Ombudsman. There is a Holodisc offering the same, shocking revelations about the vault’s mainframe, and the yearly Overseer activities that could chill you to the core! Gus knows how to tear at the heartstrings! Now you know the password for the Overseer’s Terminal.

Overseer’s Walk

After a long walk and a bright light from the risen Overseer’s desk, you reach a small movie projector. Close the door, and sit down for a relaxing viewing of a picture show entitled “Happy Trails.” It doesn’t stay happy for long!

Vault 11 Mainframe

If you’re determined to complete the Free Quest, it might be wise to head here, and access the mainframe. The following menus are present; and the second option reveals the real truth!

Free Quest: Democracy Inaction

Figuring out exactly what happened to the residents of Vault 11, and understanding the Overseer’s long walk, as well as accessing the Mainframe, gives you a whole new perspective on the Vault-Tec Corporation, and completes this Quest.

[5.06] Neil's shack

p. 399

At the foot of the Black Mountain switchbacks is a dilapidated shack. Neil, a friendly first-gen Super Mutant, is close by, and speaking to him allows you to find out more about the area, and the Nightkin that guard Tabitha at the top of the Mountain.

[5.07] Black Mountain

p. 399-401

A slightly unhinged Super Mutant named Tabatha (and also Rhonda) has installed herself (with the indentured help of a Ghoul named Raul) in this mountain-top radar installation, and is broadcasting her particular brand of insanity throughout much of the Wasteland. There are two ways to reach her lair; both of which are covered in the Side Quest.

Road Entrance

Take this exit off the Long 95 just after the Quarry Junction [4.4]. You’re likely to be attacked by multiple Deathclaws unless you’re keeping to the eastern side and moving through the rocks carefully.

Danger! Falling Rocks!

This section of road allows you to view the first Super Mutant blockade [4], and the traps the Muties have readied for intruders. However, there’s a path off to the right (south) that skirts around and bypasses the road, ending up at a gate (Location [7]).

Super Mutant Blockades

Expect at least three Super Mutants, and a couple of Nightkin to attack near here. The blockade hut itself has a footlocker to scavenge, and some ammo. At the next blockade, expect at least two or three more attacks before you reach this metal wall and barrels, and a few more Muties to tackle. You can peel off to the east, into a small patch of radioactive ground water, and up a tiny gully if you want a dangerous shortcut. The last blockage has a few hefty fellows and insane Nightkin to worry about, and a couple of items to scavenge between battles.

Danger! Falling Rocks Again!

As the road curves around to the left (northeast) again, there’s another warning sign, and a gate off to your right (southeast). This is the shortcut to take to reach Tabitha’s broadcasting building (Location [#16]) as you advance into the northern edge of Scorpion Gulch [5.12]. Head up the mountain, around the giant radar dishes to reach a second gate [Locked: Hard].

Ruined Radio Mast

Further along the road is a fallen radio mast, and more Mutie mayhem. There’s a steep path to the right, allowing a shortcut into the shanty village. Otherwise, cut down Super Mutants and centaurs and continue onward and upward.

Shanty Village

This was once a collection of radio masts and monitoring stations. Now it is dominated by a giant crater, and badly erected shanty huts, which are empty. Keep a look-out for more Muties (expect at least three). There's a Campfire and bedding to use once the coast is clear.

Storage building

In addition to being a radio personality, Tabitha is a hoarder, and this chamber is proof of it. Although the main prizes are what's contained within the two trunks (that can only be unlocked with Tabitha's Key), there's other items to scavenge beforehand, including a Star Cap on the bottom shelf with the bottles. On a table, there's Rhonda, a deactivated Mister Handy that you can reactivate [Science] for Tabitha, for a happier Quest ending. When you’ve successfully open the trunks using Tabitha’s Key, the following mass of weaponry can be hauled out of here (use Raul to help if you’re unable to carry it all).

Bear-Trap Gully

Expect more attacks from Super Mutants and Nightkin as you progress around the bend, passing two flaming barrels. You may have had to dodge a pushed boulder at this point, too. The road continues up (south), but there’s a small gully here, with a dead NCR Trooper and a Magnum. This gully leads to a boulder trap, and the Scenic Overlook (Location [10]).

Scenic Overlook

This is the top of Bear Trap Gully, where the boulder was launched from. Trek the winding bend up to the village.

Dome Home

Tabitha and her brethren have turned a fallen radar dish into a moderately successful storage area. There a Campfire inside, and there are trunks to open [1 = Average], and each contains a haul of Caps. Around the back is a third trunk (with a Minigun inside) and a Transceiver. Speak to Tabitha (as part of the Side Quest) here.


Take the (southern) road from the Dome Home, and expect a final wave of Nightkin attacks (especially if you spoke to Tabitha about a n“dumb-dumb revolt”). Once at the Summit itself, beware of the Mutie with the Unique Missile Launcher on the radio mast. Check the small satellite dish on the ground for a Campfire. There’s a particularly disgusting dumpster here, too.

Prison building

This two-room chamber is where Raul is being locked up. The first room has a locked door, Workbench, and two terminals. Check the accessible one for six entries that Raul has written about the madness he’s suffered. Or just
read Entry #6 for the Password to the second terminal, which is otherwise difficult to hack [Very Hard]. The second terminal unlocks the door. Raul is inside, and you can speak to him at length about his history, horrendous working conditions under Tabitha, and ask him to join you as a Follower if you wish.

Broadcast building (First Floor)

Inside is a terminal [Easy] charting an astonishing series of logs from ancient times, when this installation took a direct hit. The final entry is from Marcus, when he first arrived at this place to set up camp. The second terminal [Easy] charts Marcus’ removal from Black Mountain, and Tabitha’s descent into madness.

Broadcast building (Second Floor)

This is the broadcasting booth where Tabitha speaks from, and is accessed using Tabitha’s Room Key, found under the metal stairs you just climbed up. Inside are two more trunks you can scavenge from (with her Equipment Key), a Note ordering Raul to fix something, and a Sheet Music Book that’s worth 100 Caps. If you killed Tabitha, there’s a Super Sledge on her corpse.

Free Quest: Old School Ghoul

Once you rescue Raul, you can opt to have him as a Follower, where he brings an impressive Repair Skill (and visit Raul’s Shack [3.05] to help him utilize his tinkering equipment). But if you speak to Raul at length, and listen to his thoughts on various factions as well as his life in Mexico City before the bombs dropped, there’s a tinge of sadness to his voice. Raul is getting old— even for a Ghoul—and needs to figure out his lot in life. And for that, he needs your help, and the wisdom of those more elderly Mojave residents (who can be visited in any order).

Wise Old Soul #1: Ranger Andy

Visit Novac [5.18], and speak with Ranger Andy, making sure you ask him about his leg wound. When you exit the building, Raul comes up to you, and asks what you thought of Ranger Andy. You’re affecting Raul’s introspection with your answers, but whatever your opinions, Raul begins to share his past with you. You can stop him at any time, but to continue this Quest, listen to Raul’s entire story about growing up at the Hidalgo Ranch, and the fire. It seems Raul is feeling a little nostalgic for the past. You can continue on with other Quests.

Wise Old Soul #2: Loyal

Head into Boomer Territory, and seek out Loyal in the Nellis Air Force Base [3.01], in the Hangars area [3.02]. Speak to him about the Solar Array, and begin Side Quest: Sunshine Boogie. After the conversation, Raul tells you it’s good to see that Loyal guy making himself useful to his people, especially as he’s getting up there in years. You can answer with varying degrees of positivity. The conversation brought up old memories about the time after the Ranch fire, journeying to Mexico City, and living like a scavenger, and finding something to cover his horrific burns. He once spotted a vaquero outfit hanging in a shop. His sister laughed, and he started to build up a legend. Then he left for the Gulf Coast and the old Petro-Chico refinery. He stops the story for now.

Wise Old Soul #3: Corporal Sterling

Inside Camp McCarran where First Recon are polishing their sniper rifles, the old guard (literally) has joined their ranks. Speak with Corporal Sterling about his past, his gun, and even his wounds as part of Side Quest: I Don’t Hurt Anymore. After the conversation is over, Raul stops you and says he admires Sterling; retiring from the service and coming back to do more. Answer with varying degrees of positivity. Raul reveals that he headed north to Tuscon, found a little shack, and started to fix stuff. He stayed for another 75 years until Claudia showed up, until Dirty Dave showed up, and caused pain that Raul relives to this day. After a story of vengeance and almost impossible survival, Raul left and ended up at Black Mountain, and in Tabitha’s grasp.

[5.08] Black Rock cave

p. 401

An opening in the rock face, below the giant radar dishes. Beware of Radscorpions, and check the rocks for the hollow one on the way in. Be very mindful of the deranged trio of heavily armed Nightkin. Inspect the Prospector corpse in the northeast end of the cavern to uncover a Unique Zap Glove: the Paladin Toaster!

[5.09] El Dorado Dry Lake

p. 401

Although the wind whipping the sand up can be mesmerizing, this Dry Lake is just as dangerous as its larger cousin to the southwest (Ivanpah Dry Lake [4.24]), due to the large number of Giant Ants inhabiting the flat earth. Be sure to check the Hollowed-Out Rock in the central-east area near a Jalapeno plant. Otherwise, the halfcovered picnic area to the north, and the military truck barricade stuck in the middle of the sand are devoid of major scavenged items.

[5.10] Powder Ganger camp north

p. 401

This small shack within spitting distance of the NCR Correctional Facility [5.15] is a northern guard post for the Powder Gangers. There are modest defenses, only three Gangers to deal with. Check the footlocker for a Note, telling others of the Faction to congregate to the north, perhaps to join Samuel Cooke’s Ganger offshoot, currently exploring Vault 19 [1.21].

[5.11] Hidden Valley

p. 401-403

Hidden Valley is housed in the remnants of a USAF bunker near the heart of the valley. Abandoned even before the war, the area around the bunker is littered with junk. Signs on the roads and peaks leading into the valley warn that it is a USAF testing range and stretches of drooping wire fences form a pathetic barrier in post-apocalyptic times. Upon entering the outer region of the actual bunkers, surviving Prospectors have reported an eerie feeling, and four bunkers, each with an intercom and complete, almost deafening silence on the other side. Others tell of seeing armored figures exiting the Valley from within a raging sandstorm that seems to arrive every evening and stay for the night. The main entrance is from the south gates, at the end of the side road from Long 95 that passes north of the NCR Correctional Facility [5.15]. There are periodic breaks in the perimeter fence, including a large breach to the north.

Entrances (or breaks in the fence)

Once inside the perimeter, you may experience severe and localized inclement weather. This may not be naturally occurring. Beware of Bark Scorpions as you scout the undulating terrain. Inside the valley you’ll find a Hollowed-Out Rock, and four bunkers to investigate.

Hidden Valley Bunker (North)

Enter and descend the steps. This chamber is partially collapsed, with large containers. The intercom yields nothing. Open the interior Blast Door [Average] and the way ahead is completely blocked, although several items are among the fallen masonry.

Hidden Valley Bunker (East)

Enter and head down the steps. This room has a Campfire, and a devastated ceiling, crushing some long-dead bunker dwellers on a makeshift bed. The intercom has you repeating yourself, so unlock the Blast Door [Easy]; this confirms the area is sealed and cannot be entered.

Hidden Valley Bunker (South)

Enter and descend the steps. Depending on the time of day, and whether Side Quest: Still in the Dark is active, you may run into an NCR Ranger named Dobson here; he’s using this bunker as a base of operations while he checks on the Powder Gangers nearby. Read his Journal if you wish. Unlock the Blast Door [Hard], and you can tell there’s no further progress to be made, although clambering over the fallen masonry yields a few items among the concrete.

Hidden Valley Bunker (West)

Enter and head down the stairs and open the Blast Doors. This lower chamber is filled with scattered (and giant) immovable containers. At the far end is a Blast Door, and an intercom. Speaking into it has you talking to yourself again. You can: unlock the Blast Door [Very Hard], and enter the chamber beyond, Recite the password, which you may have found on the corpses of three sets of Paladins across the Wasteland. Consult Side Quest: Still in the Dark for more details, or Head down here with Veronica (who joins you if you visit her at the 188 Trading Post [5.02]). Either option allows you to progress two Side Quests: Still in the Dark, and I Could Make You Care. Beyond the first Blast Door is a second, unfamiliar door type, leading into Hidden Valley Bunker L1.

Hidden Valley Bunker L1

Entrance Chamber: You are stopped here by Paladin Ramos, and report to Elder McNamara here, as part of Side Quest: Still in the Dark. If Free Quest: Brotherhood Bond is active, there’s ammunition inside an Ammo Box here, restocked as part of Free Quest: Brotherhood Bond, I.

Security Chamber

Paladin Ramos, the head of security for the Brotherhood of Steel, resides here. You can ask a variety of questions, but check his terminal [Very Easy] if you want to incur his wrath. The following messages (recent thoughts from Ramos) are available. You can also Hack into the wall terminal [Hard] and disengage the turrets on this floor, or change their targeting parameters (even better!) so they attack the Brotherhood! Kill Ramos, and he has a key on him, as well as some excellent equipment.

(Upper and Lower) Dormitory

Note the grating underneath, which leads to a lower sub-floor where Brotherhood of Steel personnel also access. Stealing isn’t tolerated.

Senior Scribe Schuler’s Office

Schuler is usually in her office or sleeping nearby, and you can ask her about the goings on in the Bunker as part of Side Quest: Still in the Dark, getting information on dissent for Head Paladin Hardin. Schuler is also an accomplished doctor. Check her plastic waste bin for a Skill Book. Access her terminal to read Journal Entries, and sever your Reputation if you’re seen.

(Upper and Lower) Equipment Depot and Shooting Range

You can aim at the Super Mutant dummies at the far end, as long as you’re using your own weapons and ammunition. Knight Torres guards this location, and you can’t purchase any of the impressive array of technology without first raising your Reputation with the Brotherhood of Steel to “Liked” or better, and you’ve agreed to help the elder find his lost patrols as part of Side Quest: Still in the Dark. You can then access “lesser wares.” For access to purchasing all of the Brotherhood’s items, complete the Side Quest: Still in the Dark, and then become a member of the Brotherhood of Steel after completing Side Quests: Eyesight to the Blind, or Tend to Your Business. Torres is also missing a Laser Pistol; consult the Free Quest for more information. Return it, and she repairs some items for free!

(Lower) Eastern Dorms and Dining Room

There’s items in the two fridges, and rad-free water in the fountain. Looking for a particular Brotherhood of Steel
member? They may be sleeping here. You may find initiates and others sleeping here. One of them may be Apprentice Watkins, who you can quiz at length about the Brotherhood of Steel, and even the battle at HELIOS One [5.13].

(Lower) Lorenzo’s Dorm

This place is spartan except for a terminal [Average], which has some of Senior Knight Lorenzo’s Journal Entries. These may help if you’re siding with Head Paladin Hardin.

(Upper) School and Restrooms

Where Initiates are taught the primary elements of gun metals and other useful knowledge. In the restrooms, rad-free water can be drunk here.

Hidden Valley Bunker L2

This is a thoroughfare during the Side Quests; you may be stopped by Head Paladin Hardin here. Pickpocket or kill him, and he has a keycard you can utilize.

Command Center

Elder McNamara surveys the Mojave Wasteland from this circular epicenter of the bunker structure. He is the most important and senior member of the Brotherhood of Steel here, and has a wealth of knowledge you can talk to him about. He’s also a major player in all four related Side Quests. Pickpocket or kill him, and he has a keycard you can utilize.

Elder McNamara’s Bedroom

Power Armor is placed on a table along with weaponry here.

Head Paladin Hardin’s Bedroom

A sparse affair; Hardin sometimes sits and contemplates the future of the Brotherhood from the desk here.

Scribe Ibsen’s Bedroom and Data System Chamber

Scribe Ibsen is having a devil of a time with a hacker’s program infecting the numerous wall terminals in this lattice-shaped chamber. Speak with him as part of Side Quest: Still in the Dark, and fix these error messages.

VR Chamber

The VR pods are currently (and permanently) offline, but Head Scribe Taggart is here, and can speak to you during Side Quest: Still in the Dark. Pickpocket or kill him, and he has a keycard you can utilize. Apprentice Watkins is sometimes here, too. She has a lot to say. Mainly about herself. On the perimeter wall of this location is a Self-destruct Authorization Terminal, and a Selfdestruct Terminal [Very Hard]. Should the Faction you’re working with want complete annihilation of the Brotherhood, and you’re okay with the plan, this is where you can make a clandestine attempt at destroying the entire Bunker.

Forge and Operations Chamber

The delicate study of technology, the running of the Bunker’s life-support systems, and tinkering with weapons still malfunctioning are all taken care of here under the competent gaze of Senior Knight Lorenzo. He’s in desperate need of some items too, as part of Side Quest: Still in the Dark, and is also very interested in the technology of ED-E, if you brought him as part of Side Quest: ED-E My Love. Feel free to use the benches in this chamber, and speak to Lorenzo about his thoughts and feelings. Steal stuff only if you want to harm your Reputation (or if you want to Pickpocket Lorenzo’s Zap Glove).

[5.12] Scorpion gulch

p. 404

Although this maze-like warren appears incredibly complicated to traverse, the rock passages lead to one of three different locations; Hidden Valley to the west, Black Mountain to the north, and HELIOS One to the east. The rocks are too steep to climb to the REPCONN Test Site [5.17]. The entire area has Radscorpions, and the smaller, hallucinatory Bark Scorpions to contend with.

HELIOS One Access Point

This rocky ravine has a metal ramp up to a Grave you and rob, and a dead Prospector to search. Among the usual weapons and items, you’ll find cards on his corpse.

South Junction

Check a dead Wastelander in the middle of the junction for some common items. If Free Quest: Pistol Packing is active, the missing Laser Pistol is on the rock here, too.

Hidden Valley Access Point #1 and Winding Gully Junction

Along the east path, which winds around to the north, you can scramble up gravel and stand on the mesa in the middle of both paths.

Hidden Valley Access Point #2

From Location #4, there’s a couple of parallel paths, all leading to another opening in the eastern perimeter mesh fence to Hidden Valley.

Abominable Crater

Leading to Black Mountain’s switchbacks or a cunning path right up to Tabitha’s Broadcast Building, this area is dominated by a large crater, and a host of disgusting Centaurs. The bottom of the crater (which is irradiated!) contains the corpses of two Brotherhood Paladins.

[5.13] HELIOS One

p. 404-406

Constructed Pre-War by Poseidon Energy, HELIOS One is a concentrated solar energy plant consisting of an enormous array of reflectors and the power plant itself (housing steam turbines and all of the machines required to transform the energy into usable electricity). The plant has been damaged extensively since the war (including recent incursions between the NCR and the remaining Brotherhood of Steel forces in the Mojave). Now, only a third of its reflectors still fully intact and able to fully rotate. To make matters worse, various issues in the plant itself make the energy transfer inefficient, meaning the plant is operating far under potential. NCR doesn't possesIn-game spelling the scientific knowledge to get the plant in ideal shape and both the Followers of the Apocalypse and Brotherhood of Steel are reluctant to help for political reasons. Due to its fragility, Caesar has no serious interest in HELIOS One, but his troops perform occasional raids on it to keep NCR's forces spread out.

Main Entrance

The main entrance to the building is guarded by a small NCR force under the command of Lieutenant Haggerty.

Western Reflector Control [Hard]

The solar panel array is an impressive feat of engineering, but is devoid of items except at this location; beware of extensive traps! Disarm Frag Mines, Bear Traps, and a Tripwire rigged to a Shotgun. Then access the Control Terminal [Hard]. If you have the password, this terminal does not need to be hacked. In addition, behind the shack is the Control Terminal.

Broken Solar Reflectors

You can activate it to salvage some of the array’s parts. This is useful to do as part of Side Quest: Sunshine
Boogie, or whenever you wish.

Eastern Reflector Control [Hard]

In front of the shack the Control Terminal is under are a couple of tents with mattresses and ammo. Then access the Control Terminal [Hard] inside the gated and sandbagged area. If you have the password, this terminal does not need to be hacked.

Solar Collection Tower and Observation Level

(Upper) Reflector Control Panel: Located at the top of the accessible part of the tower, use this to focus the reflector array and attempt a massive impulse of power, during either related Side Quest.

HELIOS One Power Plant (Interior)

Reception: A small defensive position and two NCR Troopers guard this location. There’s also a desk terminal; log onto PoseidoNet to read some messages.

Small dorm, hallway, and stairs

Expect a couple of NCR Troopers in here. There’s rad-free water from a fountain in this room. Take the stairs to reach the Upper Hallway.

(Lower) Pool Room and (Upper) Hallway

You can drop down here from above.

(Upper) Office

This upper office is worth visiting during your Side Questing, as a Holotape provides a password for an otherwise-difficult Eastern Reflector Control Terminal (Location #16). Check the terminal for the same messages as the reception terminal, and don’t forget the Skill Book on the bed.

Generator Chamber #1 and #2

Head up into the enclosed control room for a bunk bed area, and a second blast door; this leading to Location #10. Access the second area from the Reception (Location #2), or the previous Generator Chamber. A Trooper and Dog usually patrol here.

Fantastic’s Laboratory

Run by part-time scientist and full-time grifter, speaking to Fantastic at this location is a major part of the start of Side Quest: That Lucky Old Sun. Through a competent and lengthy conversation (or Pickpocketing), you can obtain something of worth from him.

Ignacio Rivas’ Laboratory

Ignacio is a lot more competent, but a lot less confident than Fantastic, and he hopes you can divert the power of this Facility to the Followers of the Apocalypse’s structures, as part of the Side Quest. Additional chats or Pickpocketing allows another Password to be uncovered. Also speak to him about ARCHIMEDES to uncover more of ED-E’s recordings, during Side Quest: ED-E My Love.

(Upper and Lower) North Stairwell

Enter the Turret Control Room first. Then, from the entrance (with the water fountain you can drink rad-free from), you can battle past the Sentry Bots and down to debris-strewn lower level, and storage room (Location #20).

(Upper) Turret Control Room

Beware four Frag Mines (on the floor and on the shelving), then access the Turret Control System Terminal [Easy]. Hack it to turn off the turrets in this structure.

Storage Rooms, Corridors, and Stairwells

Descend down while staying on the gantries, pausing at the perimeter walkway halfway down to grab a Magazine from a table. There are robots to face, and rad-free water to drink from a sink at the bottom floor.

Protectron Pod Room

Four Protectrons are in this chamber.

(Lowest) Research Room

There’s a modicum of junk strewn about, but there are two ID Cards that make controlling a robot in a future chamber (Location #29) much easier. The door to the kitchenette is locked [Average].

(Lowest) Kitchenette

Parts of this room have been filled with rubble. Check the elevator up to the Observation Level, and a door back to the Research Room [Average].

HELIOS One Observation Level (Interior)

This has a large mainframe computer, which is currently lacking power. Close by is an auxiliary generator. Use a piece of Scrap Metal and your know-how, and connect the generator, improving the output bandwidth. Head upstairs, and inspect PYTHON; a maintenance robot with a keycard slot. You can hardwire the robot to run on autopilot or fit the Poseidon Energy ID Card into the slot. In either case, PYTHON fixes the generator for you. With the mainframe computer online, you can view the following: Configure Power Grid: See below, Initial Trials, and ARCHIMEDES Testing. Consult Side Quest: That Lucky Old Sun, as well as Side Quest: I Could Make You Care, for all pertinent plans relating to powering this massive solar array up. Then exit to complete the tour, back into the Mojave Wasteland (but atop the solar tower).

[5.14] Gibson Scrap Yard

p. 406

Old Lady Gibson has been running this modest scrapyard for the last few years since the passing of her husband. All she has now are memories, and a collection of hounds that she dotes on. Inside the garage is where Reina and Rey stay, and Old Lady Gibson rests. There's a metal box [Average] to open, either via Bobby Pins and talent, or by acquiring Gibson's through Pickpocketing or killing her. The box contains the Thrust Control Modules; vital for a Side Quest if its active. Unless you're heartless, there's no reason to get on the bad side of Gibson. Speak to her, and she can tell you about HELIOS One, as well as Repairing your items or Trading with you; she's one of the best in the Mojave! Finally, kill Gibson to take her Unique Sawed-Off Shotgun; Big Boomer.

[5.15] NCR Correctional Facility

p. 406-407

Slightly ironically, after breaking out of this very facility, which used to be operated by the NCR, the dregs of humanity known as the Powder Gangers decided to form a Faction and stay in this heavily fortified place, with plans of expansion. They already established camps outside the prison (North [5.10], South [4.15], East [5.16], and West [4.13]), but infighting between the violent and possibly Chem-addled leadership has caused splinter groups to form. The NCR is still too widely stretched by the Legion to form a force that can take back the place.

Dawes on the Doors

A man named Dawes mans the doors to the Visitor Center. You can ask about him, the break-out, and how to get in; it’s either pay up (100 Caps) or shoot everyone in blue (plummeting your reputation with the Gangers).

Visitors center

The Ganger in here are threatening, but not violent unless you stay around in here; in which case your Fame plummets and they become hostile. You can speak to Meyers about his possible role as Primm’s new Sheriff.

Prison Yard and Guard Tower #1-7

The following guard towers surround the premises, too (some of the items in the tower may need to be stolen, and some have a Powder Ganger guard).

Cell block A

This place has been wrecked during the riot. There’s a few wandering and slumbering Gangers to Pickpocket and/or Murder. Check the explosives crate in one cell. The southeast cell (with the door still on its hinges) has a better haul.

Cell block B and Carter the Trader

This is where Carter, one of the Powder Gangers with an enterprising streak, runs a small Trader’s business. Before you meet him, check the cells for a few Chems and a Footlocker [Very Easy]. The only locked cell door [Easy] contains a stack of Caps inside an Ammo Box, and Schematics for Powder Charge, so expect Carter to go ballistic if you try unlocking it. You can ask Carter about himself and the prison, before Trading.

NCR CF administration building

Eddie and his cohorts run the place from here. Check the metal shelves in the entrance room for a gun case, and speak with Hannigan who’s in the “surgery” across from the entrance. You can ask him about himself and the current situation, but he isn’t prepared to heal you. Check out his room for some key items (which you can only steal). The rest of the downstairs rooms have little to salvage (except some Sarsaparilla bottles from a Vending Machine). Upstairs in the hall is a Gun Cabinet [Average], and a ruined office to the northeast with a Skill Book you must snag. Inside the Warden’s Room is Eddie, who you can talk at length to about the breakout and Cooke, and begin Side Quest: I Fought the Law. Next to him is Scrambler, who’s a nasty piece of work. Behind him is a wall safe [Average] with a large number of Caps (which you can’t get without the Gangers going hostile). Eddie has a key and Plasma Pistol on him. The Administration Key opens the locked office room to the southeast [Average] containing Ammo and Caps. Check one of the metal boxes for a random Magazine.

[5.16] Powder Ganger camp east

Approach it from the southwest to locate a Hollowed-Out Rock near a Honey Mesquite tree. Lightly fortified, and with only a trio of Gangers to worry about, these are easy pickings.

[5.17] REPCONN Test Site

p. 407-409

The remains of the old REPCONN (Rocket Engineering Production Company of Nevada) test plant, along with its landmark rocket launch dome, have sat idle over the years, and are now home to Feral Ghouls who come to terrorize the inhabitants of nearby Novac [5.18]. However, within the facility, there's a prolonged stalemate going on between a band of Nightkin, devolved from Marcus' forces up at Jacobstown [1.10] and lead by a deranged man-mountain named Davidson. They are attempting to locate shipments of Stealth Boys. The (marginally) sane ghouls are led by an intelligent, messianic glowing ghoul who dreams of escaping with his followers in the plant's remaining rockets.

Test Site Exterior Entrance

The site itself is completely surrounded on three sides by rugged and inaccessible mountains; you reach it via the road from Novac, passing through the REPCONN Test Site Checkpoint [5.S12]. The rocket dome and radar dishes to the south are unable to be reached. There is a hatch in the ground to the basement, but this is only accessible from the ground to the surface. The still-impressive site building is teeming with Ghouls, and has a life-size rocket sculpture in front of the main steps. A scattered corpse of a Ghoul with Bright Brotherhood Robes lies in the ground. To the right (eastern) side of the building is a gated area, allowing you to creep up through the fallen sections of wall and enter without engaging the Ghouls. Or, you can scale the rocky bluffs east of the base to snipe the Ghouls. To the southwest is an irradiated sunken dry pond with a skeleton near some Chems. To the west is a collapsed tunnel and access around the rear perimeter, to a corner of broken fencing, and the northwest entrance to the interior.

REPCONN Facility (Interior)

Consult Side Quest: Come Fly With Me for more information. There are multiple exits from this chamber, and a balcony (with two dead robed Ghouls) to drop down from (which cannot be accessed from the ground). Check the Vending Machine, and check the dead Nightkin and Ghoul here. There’s a locked Door [Easy] in the north wall behind the desk allowing access to stairs to the upper floor. Finally, you can utilize the intercom to speak to the Ghoul at any time.

(Upper and Top) Office Cubicles

REPCONN Office cubicles sit around a collapsed ceiling section, allowing access up to a top story office, and access to the top corridor via a locked door in the south wall [Very Easy]. Employee terminals are still active, and all bring up the following first two menu options, while one near the Server Room has additional access, and two others on the Upper floor have information on Martin’s retirement.


Jason Bright may be wandering this area; the leader of the Brotherhood, and an integral part of Side Quest: Come Fly With Me. Note the two Workbenches (one on each floor), and an upstairs Employee Terminal with an extra message for Martin.

(Floor B1) Davison’s Room

The leader of the Nightkin, and his boss (a Brahmin skull named Antler) are here, and aren’t hostile to you if you converse appropriately. You can help them both out as part of Side Quest: Come Fly With Me. Consult that Quest for all conversation topics. Davison’s Key allows access to Harland’s Shipping Warehouse room.

(Floor B1) Harland’s Shipping Warehouse Room

Open the door by the dead Nightkin using the key you got from Davison, or via Lockpick. Harland, a Ghoul sharpshooter, has taken up residence here, and is waging a war of attrition against the Nightkin. Help him as part of the Side Quest. If you decide to explore, be aware of the Concealed Mines and Bear Traps scattered over the floor, and a Rigged Shotgun to the east side. On the upper floor where Harland stands are the remains of his Radroach meals. Harland carries a Hunting Rifle, and a key on his corpse. Also on the upper area is a Shipping Terminal, with Quest-critical information.

(Floor B1 and B2) Generator Rooms

Access this area via the corridor from the T-junction. Inside, cross the catwalks with the generators underneath. Among the Nightkin you encounter is a Jailer, who has a key to help during the Side Quest. On the upper floor is a southeast storage room, and an almost empty northeast storage room. Take the stairs to the east down to the Blast Door [Easy], which can be opened using the Jail Key. The first lower generator room has four small side chambers, each with some Scrap Metal. Head south through the connecting door (requiring the Jail Key to open) to a second generator room with three side chambers. One has a dead Ghoul Prisoner; a friend of Harland’s

(Floor B2) Rocket Viewing Chamber

Chris Haversam works here while Jason Bright readies his followers for their final trip into the stars. Consult the Side Quest for all conversation options. The hatch down to the Rocket Launch Pad cannot be accessed. You can also speak into the Intercom (which results in amusing conversation if you haven’t entered the Research Lab yet). Finally, check the Unique items on the shelf, if you want to dress up as Captain Cosmos!

[5.18] Novac

p. 410-412

Before the war, this community was a small hamlet built as a refueling and restroom break along Highway 95, with extra tourists coaxed in to gaze at the settlement's main attraction: Dinky, a huge metal dinosaur biting "The World's (2nd) Largest Thermometer!" Some of the locals are friendly folk, though most are distrusting of outsiders. They appreciate the protection of the NCR, but are afraid of what's going on at the REPCONN Test Site to the west. The local law, Ranger Andy, is unable to investigate due to an injury, and periodic intrusions by Ghouls and the odd Viper from the hideout down the road.

Water Tower

The water is unfortunately irradiated, but you can still sip it if you’re desperate. To the west is the Tower Relay Alcove [5.S09]; useful if you’re in need of a Shovel.

No-bark's shack

A mad old prospector lives here, along with his two “guards,” and a Rigged Shotgun Trap without a trigger. Disarm it before speaking to the coot (who may be wandering around town, too). You can ask about his name, the men who tried to kill you (which progresses Main Quest: They Went That-A-Way), and interesting activities in the area. He regales you with stories about the chupacabra (Free Quest: The Screams of Brahmin) and Commie ghosts up at the REPCONN Test Site, which is one way to start Side Quest: Come Fly With Me. Finally, you can play Caravan with the man.

Novac houses

A group of Novac Settlers live here, and you can engage them in general chit-chat.

Jeannie May Crawford's house

During the night, Jeannie leaves the Dino Dee-lite Motel and returns to her shack, where you can speak to her (see Location #12). Check the kitchen for a locked fridge [Average] with Food and some Caps to steal.

McBride house and Brahmin Corral

The decorative Brahmin skulls are a clue to the type of folks that live in this modest property; Alice and Dusty McBride ranch a few Brahmin in their back corral, and aside from the stranger that keeps killing their livestock (Free Quest: The Screams of Brahmin), they can also tell you about No-Bark, the people that live in Novac, and information pertaining to Side Quest: One for My Baby.

Burned-out Coach Liner

This marks the southern boundary of Novac, and is close to the hostile Highway 95 Viper’s Encampment [5.24].

The Novac Eatery

Caravan Traders usually stop here for a bit to eat, although there's little to scavenge when you arrive.

Poseidon Gas Station

If you need Scrap Metal and other industrial parts for your tinkering, this is the place to get them. Sift through the metal shelves for a Reloading and Workbench.

Dino Dee-lite front desk

Jeannie May Crawford heads up the front of house in the Motel, the broken sign of which is where the town takes its name. There are actually "Vacs" and for 100 Caps, you can lease a room right here, in the attached block, for as long as you like. Jeannie May is also a party of interest in Side Quest: One For My Baby. You can obtain a key to the floor safe behind the counter if you Pickpocket (or kill) her. There's a few other items in this room, too: Quest Item: Jeannie May's Safe Key, Cash Register Items, Quest Item: Dino Dee-Lite Room Key, Floor Safe Items [Easy], First Aid Box, Quest Item: Bill of Sale, Dinky the T-Rex Souvenir (5), Bottle Caps (150+) and Home Sweet Home.

(Upper) Dino Dee-Lite Rental Room #1

This is only accessible once you pay Jeannie May 100 Caps, and she gives you the Dino Dee-Lite Room Key. You can make yourself at home here, checking out the Drinks in the fridge, and Caps inside the footlocker. Return here as often as you like.

(Upper) Dino Dee-Lite Room #2

All that is here is a Carton of Cigarettes and a First Aid Box.

(Upper) Dino Dee-Lite Room #3

There’s little of worth inside this room, aside from a man named Bruce Isaac, who cowers and asks if you work for Mr. Bishop. Talking to him reveals a crazy past for the singer in New Reno. This is all very entertaining, but it’s only actually useful if you have Side Quest: Talent Pool active.

(Upper) Dino Dee-Lite Room #4

An old dear named Daisy Whitman rents this room out, when she’s not standing outside on the balcony. Speak to her, and she tells you she used to be a pilot. But the full revelations about her storied past aren’t revealed until you’re accompanied here by Arcade Gannon, as part of Side Quest: For Auld Lang Syne.

(Lower) Manny Vargas' room

The sniper in the mouth of Dinky the Dinosaur that watches over Novac during the day is Manny Vargas. This is his room, containing a number of mattresses, and a terminal. This has an interesting message from a Great Khan named McMurphy, which helps your progress during Main Quest: That Went That-A-Way.

(Lower) Dino Dee-Lite Room #6

An empty room. Included within is a Teddy Bear and First Aid Box.

(Lower) Craig Boone's room

The sniper in the mouth of Dinky that watches Novac at nighttime is Boone. This is his room, and if he’s in it, he tells you to get out, and meet him up in the mouth at 9 PM. Killing Boone gives you a selection of First Recon clothing, but little else, and isn’t recommended.

Ranger Andy's bungalow

Andy was an exceptional Ranger, but after two nasty attacks that all but crippled him, he's stationed himself here to keep Novac protected. He has another ache; to reunite with his old Ranger buddies at Ranger Station Charlie [5.23], but he's infirm. Speak to him, and you can coax an Unarmed move out of him, and investigation of the station. Free Quests: Getting a Leg Up from Andy, and Andy and Charlie. Make sure Raul the Ghoul is with you, as part of Free Quest: Old School Ghoul.

Cliff Briscoe's bungalow

Call it a hunch, but Cliff Briscoe—the proprietor of the shop inside Dinky’s belly—may have overordered his shipment of Dinky toys. The rest of the room (including the tiny “finishing line” Tripwire you can disarm) has Food in the fridge, and a few other items of interest. Cliff is here during the night, and plays Caravan at any time.

Dinky the Dinosaur: Dino Bite gift shop

Up the steps, and into the stomach of Dinky, there’s a gift shop run by Cliff Briscoe. He’s attempting a not-so cunning ruse to get rid of his over-abundance of plastic trinkets. You can ignore them, and look through a wide variety of tradable goods. Cliff also enjoys Caravan, and you can ask him about the man in the checkered coat. It also becomes apparent that he has a job lot of souvenir rockets from the REPCONN Test Site [5.17], which are important for Side Quest: Come Fly With Me (buy at least five). In addition, there’s stuff to steal, and the store closet to open [Very Easy]; which can also be accessed using the Storeroom Key on Cliff.

Dinky the Dinosaur's Mouth

Depending on the time of day, you’ll encounter Manny Vargas (days) or Boone (nights) at this location. The two used to be in the First Recon Snipers, but have fallen out. Talk to Manny about it, what he does, and about the man in the checkered coat. He also needs your help removing the population of Ghouls from the REPCONN Test Site (Side Quest: Come Fly With Me). Talk to Boone, and he gradually opens up about his wife, her abduction, and needs you to find out how she came to disappear. This begins Side Quest: One for My Baby. Upon satisfactory completion of that Quest, you can urge Boone to join you as a Follower, which gradually unlocks more of Side Quest: I Forgot to Remember to Forget.

[5.19] Emergency service railyard

p. 412

This railroad track is the edge between Zones 4 and 5, and this yard is on the cusp of them both. Use the crane to find it from a distance.

[5.20] Primm Pass

p. 412

If you’re attempting to move from west to east (or as the name suggests, to Primm [4.17] from the east), this usually involves a lot of unnecessary hiking. However, just east of the Emergency Service Railyard is a gully across the mountain top, which offers excellent access to Harper’s Shack [5.21], and the eastern map. There’s scattered remains of a Prospector and Bright Follower here, as a Blind Deathclaw guards this pass. Sneaking or using a Stealth Boy is ineffective, you must fight, flee, run quickly past, or have a Companion lure the Blind Deathclaw away while you seek safety! Close to Brahmin bones, on the western end of the pass is a Hollowed-Out Rock.

[5.21] Harper's shack

p. 412

A long shack nestled below the eastern end of Primm Pass has some Deathclaws up the ravine to the southwest near Dead Wind Cavern [5.22]. There’s a Campfire around to the side of the building.

[5.22] Dead Wind Cavern

p. 412

Inside, the cavern lives up to its name; there are Deathclaws everywhere! Before you enter, check the rocks to your left, about 20 feet down from the cave mouth, for a Hollowed-Out Rock. Take the left fork, and prepare for combat with the Deathclaw Mother; a feat only a few have even attempted, and far fewer have completed! Exercise extreme caution here! The final chamber features a beast so ferocious and tough that no one has faced it and lived; the Legendary Deathclaw! Tackle it, along with its lesser brethren, then inspect the body of a fallen Brotherhood of Steel Paladin for a prize almost worth the terror!

5.23 Ranger Station Charlie

p. 412-413

Perhaps the most defendable station, this is certainly the least remote. The cluster of buildings around a ranch house have mattresses you're welcome to sleep on (Infamy permitting), as well as stand on the roof of, if you're sniping. There'sIn-game spelling some Sunglasses up here, too. Inside Comm Officer Stepinac isn't very friendly, but you can ask him about their interactIn-game spelling with Camp McCarran [2.19], the purpose of the station (to keep the road to Novac "civilized"), and the NCR Rangers, including the one in charge; Ranger Beaumont, who is off on patrol, and isn't available. There's little in here to steal, but there's more places to sleep.

[5.24] Highway 95 Viper's encampment

p. 413

By the Fancy Lads Billboard, at the southern slip-road to Novac, a group of Viper Gang Members have taken up residence, within view of Dinky the Dinosaur.

[5.25] Wrecked Highwayman

p. 413

Close to Clark Field [6.07] on the south side of the 95 where Bloatflies and Bighorners graze uneasily, there’s the remains of an old perambulator: The open trunk has a number of stolen items (listed below), and usually a Power Fist inside the Footlocker.

[5.26] Coyote den

p. 413

Before the rock slide, near the abandoned pick-up is a dark alcove where a Coyote Den Mother and her young are playing with the bones of past meals. At the den entrance is a Lottery Ticket, and Inside the den is the body of a Bright Follower, far away from home base, over at the REPCONN Test Site.

[5.27] Hidden supply cave

p. 413

A gully leading to a Hollowed-Out Rock and an unassuming door, which is locked [Average]. Pry open the door to enter a gloomy single chamber stacked with crates, and a footlocker with a Radiation Suit on top of it. The footlocker has other suits if the Side Quest is active.

[5.28] Walking Box Cavern

p. 413

Nightstalkers hiss in these parts. Note the Hollowed-Out Rock near the copse of trees, by the entrance. Inside is a glowing gloom of fungi and dank cave walls. The main curving chamber features a pile of bones, and two connecting chambers. There’s little here but a group of Nightstalkers, and a Duffle Bag plus Egg Clutch in the west chamber.

[5.29] Legion Raid Camp

p. 413

While many of the Legion responsible for the razing of Nipton headed back to Cottonwood Cove, a few remained to pillage the area, and take prisoners. Two of them, Powder Gangers now tied up at the upper campfire, are ready to be rescued (if you want to incur the wrath of Recruit Decanus and his troops). The camp itself has bedrolls and footlockers in the red tents to loot, and a lower Campfire area too.

[5.30] Broc flower cave

p. 413

In the desolate rocky terrain east of the Legion Raid Camp, the largest rocky hillock around has an opening on its western side. Head up the narrow path near the Hollowed-Out Rock, passing a Prospector and the dotted Broc Flowers to reach the mine door. As soon as you step into the cave, look down for a cluster of discarded objects. Either path links to the main cavern, but the right path deposits you here first. The main cavern is littered with radioactive barrels. The main cavern ledge winds around to an old Prospector’s hideout. There’s little here on the ground to pick up except slight radiation. Take a clockwise gander for a Unique Varmint Rifle.

[5.31] Snyder Prospector Camp

p. 414

This small shack is deserted, save for a Campfire.


[5.S01] Fetid Pond

p. 413

The skeletal remains of a man who forgot to read Lad's Life, and the Magazine itself, still in reasonable shape. Check the bluff in the rocky foot hills below for a Campfire.

[5.S02] Boulder City Billboard Sign

p. 413

One of two either side of the 95 Highway, use this to situate yourself with the nearby roads and Primary Locations.

[5.S03] Savaged Brahmin

p. 413

You can pick out a few provisions from the corpse.

[5.S04] Gore Bag

p. 413

The sign of a Super Mutant offal collection is here, accessed from over the hill to the north.

[5.S05] Quarry Junction Cargo Platform

p. 413

The upright crane allows you to spot this station from afar. Be incredibly careful, as Deathclaws prowl here. The shack has some items to gather.

[5.S06] Pack of Wild Dogs

p. 413

A trio of Wild Dogs are guarding some collected bones and sinew.

[5.S07] Correctional Parking Lot

p. 413

Two rusting trailers remain on the outskirts of the NCR Correctional Facility, on the cracked tarmac of the parking lot.

[5.S08] Powder Ganger Alcove

p. 413

A small alcove in the rocky hillside provides cover for a couple of Powder Gangers guarding the Facility perimeter.

[5.S09] Tower Relay Alcove

p. 414

The radio mast still upright, west of Novac, has a nearby alcove hewn into the mountain wall. Check it for the remains of a Wastelander.

[5.S10] Gibson's shack

p. 414

Aside from a dangerous indoor Campfire, there’s a Comm Station Terminal, which can’t be opened unless Veronica is with you, and the Side Quest is active.

[5.S11] End of the Road

p. 414

Use the truck as a defensive camping spot and try sniping Ants (or passing Caravaneers) for fun.

[5.S12] REPCONN test site checkpointt

p. 414

This is the only road to and from the REPCONN Test Site, and is teeming with Ghouls. Be on your guard, and check the checkpoint for Chems on the small table, then ransack the Checkpoint under the bridge itself. Then run to the sandbag defenses at the far (southwest) end, under the bridge, to collect a number of items (don’t forget to check any Ash Piles!). Finally, double-back up the north slope of the bridge to the top of the bridge itself, and claim further items. You could Sneak to this final point and snipe from up here.

[5.S13] Sealed Train Tunnel

p. 414

Expect an attack by five or so Viper Gang Members if you venture to the end of the railroad line. The tunnel itself is sealed. Beware of Deathclaws to the west.

[5.S14] Radioactive Barrels

p. 414

There are metal boxes to search, but little else.

[5.S15] Wrecked Biker

p. 414

A motorcyclist took a wrong turn here. However, if you pry the skull off the helmet, you have a serviceable piece of headgear.

[5.S16] Bright’s Darkness

p. 414

A mysterious cowled Ghoul lies against the rocks on the other side of the road to Novac.

[5.S17] Legion Camp

p. 414

The Legion scouts are already encroaching, and looking for weaknesses in the NCR defenses.

[5.S18] Mole Rat Burrow

p. 414

This area offers good views of the area, and an inaccessible burrow.

[5.S19] Viper Gang Ambush

p. 414

A classic ambush spot takes advantage of an old traffic accident on the gully road east of Nipton. Each side of the overturned big-rig is a traffic cone with a Frag Mine under it, and Viper Gunslingers behind rocks and on top of hills, ready to snipe and bludgeon. Wading in on the road is one plan, but a better one is to Sneak around the top of the hills and tag the foes using height to your advantage. Check the back of the big-rig container for items (including a Star Cap).

[5.S20] Viper Gang Alcove

p. 414

In the hills to the northwest of Wolfhorn Ranch is a rocky alcove where the Viper Gang (who are active in this area) have stored some provisions. Kill or Sneak by them to see what you can take.

[5.S21] Signpost 164

p. 416

The remains of a freeway instructional signpost still give you advice on where Novac and Searchlight are.

[5.S22] Fancy Lads Billboard

p. 416

Wandering far from home, a Bright Follower’s remains lie at the foot of this billboard.

[5.S23] Astor's Recon Camp

p. 416

The devastating radiation attack by the Legion on Camp Searchlight has pushed the surviving NCR soldiers back to minimum safe distance. The fury and emotion is still raw, as First Sergeant Astor leads his men on patrol, and witnesses what his brothers in arms have turned into. You can help him in two Side Quests to put his men to rest, and even the score. Be sure to visit the modest camp and read First Sergeant Astor’s Log; it reads as if the man blames himself, and is ready to drop.

[5.S24] Highway 95: All Signs Point to Novac

p. 416

The Highway 95 carves through the desert en route to 188 Trading Post to the north, and the signs
here pinpoint where the road splits into two parallel lanes. The start of the Ghoul activity from Camp Searchlight begins here, too.


Topographical Overview

p. 416

The final zone is a sliver of land that begins in the northwest at El Dorado Gas & Service [6.01], and continues south and east from this point, following the boundaries of the 95 Highway, and the Colorado River itself; which can be descended into, drunk from, and investigated as there are unmarked Secondary Locations on the Arizona banks to the east. Major warring settlements of Camp Forlorn Hope [6.02] and Nelson [6.06] offer constant target practice and Quest opportunities, and as you travel farther south, the terrain becomes even more rugged. Watch your footing as you search out lonely shacks for items. The southern edge of this zone (and the Mojave Wasteland) has a number of radioactive hot-spots, including an Old Nuclear Test Site [6.23], and the recently irradiated Camp Searchlight [6.16], where NCR soldiers now roam in a more Feral state. The empty Searchlight Airport [6.26] is just south of here, but the biggest concern for the NCR is Cottonwood Cove [6.20]; a staging ground for the Legion, and a place where you can travel up-river, into Caesar's Fortification Hill itself.

Highways and Byways

To the west is the winding Highway 95, and following it north to south allows you to easily gauge where the majority of this zone is. The zone ends abruptly to the east, with cliffs down to the Colorado River; another huge landmark allowing you to easily situate yourself. Aside from a main road running from the REPCONN Test Site [5.17], through Novac [5.18] and ending up in Nelson, the major east-west road is to the south; Trail 164 cuts across all the way from the Mojave Outpost [4.27], through the troubled town of Nipton [4.30], and across Camp Searchlight to end at Cottonwood Cove. Note the lack of railroad tracks in this zone.


6.01 El Dorado Gas & Service

p. 417

A reststop along Highway 95, this is close to both HELIOS One [5.13] and Boulder City [3.32]. Outside, there’s usually a Prospector, and a lit Campfire, with scattered bedding. Inside, the gas station offers a ruined series of shelves mostly picked clean.

6.02 Camp Forlorn Hope

p. 417-418

After NCR captured Hoover Dam, it took them a while to fully reinforce the river to the south. The first camp that was established was Camp Forlorn Hope; an improvised mess of tin shacks, salvaged rubble from Boulder City, tents, and lots of sandbags, it is the most pathetic-looking of all NCR's camps, but the one that sees the most action. It only exists at all because of the natural spring there (in fact the camp is named for the spring). Recently, Caesar's Legion captured NCR's logistical/planning forces in the ruins of the small, ruined town of Nelson, a disaster that has disrupted Forlorn's Hopes attempts to patrol the western coast of the river.

Graveyard of No Hope

A nickname some in the camp whisper about the collection of graves of the fallen, on a two-tiered promontory behind the shacks, overlooking the Colorado River. Shoot the Bloatflies in the area for sport. Due to the height disadvantage, attack from here only if you plan to be stealthy.

Camp Forlorn Hope medical center

Two key players in the camp work out of the main tent (with the flag); Tech Sergeant Reyes and Major Polatli. Both give you information on the NCR’s living conditions and the Legion’s threat. Speak to Reyes about the new radio codes for the Ranger Outposts to begin Side Quest: Return to Sender. Talk to Polatli, who is in charge of this camp to progress Side Quests: No, Not Much and Restoring Hope.

Camp Forlorn Hope Jail

Note: Forlorn Hope Letter 5

Spring of Forlorn Hope

The water source from whence the camp takes its name allows you to drink non-irradiated water. The stream bisects the camp.

Camp Forlorn Hope Barracks

Private Stone, a party of interest during Side Quest: Medical Mystery, usually stands outside here. Let’s just say his morale is at an all-time low. On the table in the adjoining room is a Note to steal; a letter about a brother writing his last letter to a sister. Private James Sexton is also here, and he’s a little more chipper than Stone, although he is in charge of camp morale. He’s having a competition; if you want in, begin Free Quest: An Ear to the Ground.

Camp Forlorn Hope Command Center

Two key players in the camp work out of the main tent (with the flag); Tech Sergeant Reyes and Major Polatli. Both give you information
on the NCR’s living conditions and the Legion’s threat. Speak to Reyes about the new radio codes for the Ranger Outposts to begin Side Quest: Return to Sender. Talk to Polatli, who is in charge of this camp to progress Side Quests: No, Not Much and Restoring Hope.

Camp Forlorn Hope Quartermaster's Tent

Speak with Quartermaster Hayes, who’s happy to tell you the dire situation regarding the camp’s supplies. So much so, that he’ll purchase anything you have; he only has some very small amount of ammunition. As a man with a sense of duty and honor, Hayes also asks whether you might conduct a small favor for him; Free Quest: Tags of Our Fallen.

Tents and Storage Shed

A set of five tents provide respite from the hot Nevada sun. Check the duffle bag and the footlocker in two of the tents for a couple of poignant letters from the frontline troops., but just east is a shack called the Storage Shed. Open the door [Very Hard] and steal the first aid inside if you want.

Camp Forlorn Hope mess hall

A place to eat, although the Food is mostly squirrel-based.

[6.03] Southern Nevada Wind Farm

p. 418

A cluster of rusting windmills, still blowing their remaining propellers in the breeze. The place is derelict now, and Cazadors swarm about nearby. Enter the Wind Farm Maintenance Shack, and uncover a small workshop that’s well worth a visit.

[6.04] Abandoned BoS bunker

p. 418

East of the Minefield [6.S06] where NCR Troopers are coming a cropper (so beware of Frag Mines as you explore this area), is a steep indent with a Hollowed-Out Rock and drainage grate; this leads to a long-abandoned Brotherhood of Steel bunker.

[6.05] Toxic Dump Site

p. 418

Directly east of Novac [5.18] is a collection of dumped radioactive barrels, occasionally guarded by a Crazed Mister Handy. It doesn’t take much to bring him down, but he will go down fighting! There’s nothing else here except slight radiation poisoning.

[6.06] Nelson

p. 418-419

Nelson was a second NCR outpost, as the Republic slowly gained ground along the Colorado River to stem the tide of the Legion's advancement across Arizona. But Caesar struck back, razing Nelson, and capturing any NCR troopers that weren't executed or shot, and crucified them as an example of barbarism; to crush the NCR morale.

Road to Nelson

The main road from Novac to Nelson has an NCR Ranger Checkpoint [6.S05] where Ranger Milo is attempting to give the crucified Troopers in town a quick death. The road continues down (watch for Frag Mines) and around the perimeter, to the northeast Guard Tower.

Northwest and Southwest Guard Towers

A good way to flee out of Nelson is to use the planks to the rocky ground and then to the road. Watch for Frag Mines on the path above town. This area, and the ridge along the western side of the settlement, are excellent hiding or sniping spots. The empty flagpole waits for the Bear to roar again! This marks the perimeter of the settlement, and where most troops move through.

Nelson Row Houses

Inside one you’ll find a load of Food in the fridge and on shelving, while the other one has been turned into a storage room.

Portable Generator and Burned Houses

You can turn this off, and switch off the lights. This simply causes it to become slightly darker (including the nearby house interiors, sometimes). Note that all the burned-out shells of Nelson homes have no items of interest

Eastern Entrance

You approach this from lower ground, which isn’t usually a great move (as you can see foes moving about), but is a good way to Sneak quickly to the crucified soldiers.

Crucified NCR Troopers

You can leave them to rot, or untie and free them, depending on your emotional state. Be sure you’re engaged in a Side Quest first!

Center and Northeast Barracks

The intact building nearest the water tower is where Dead Sea resides, along with his unique Machete. The remains of the fallen NCR soldiers still litter
this building.

Northern Guard Towers (Outer and Inner)

The other two towers are at the north end of the settlement, which faces the NCR Camp Forlorn Hope through a mine-filled opening. Entering town from here is trickier, as you need to content with the hill, and lack of view of the enemy. To the west is the Nelson Lookout [6.S07], with views of the Colorado River.

6.07 Clark Field

p. 419

Highway 95 winds around this place, as if to escape the death and stagnation: A small power plant and nuclear storage site bombed long ago, with containment reactors slowly leaking out radiation, Clark Field now sports broken concrete and dead corpses succumbing to the poisoning or the pack of Golden Geckos that roamsIn-game spelling here. The facility itself has little to scavenge, although a fallen Pack Brahmin has spilled out a couple of Stimpaks. A skeleton near the south parking lot has some scattered Caps and ammo. But the main item of interest is on the Scavenger in the Radiation Suit on the road from Novac [5.18]. This is the late great Mr. RADical; and his Igniting Agent fuels rockets to the stars! Check out his journal to read the musings of a man a little too over-confident in the abilities of his suit.

6.08 Techatticup Mine

p. 419

Also known colloquially in the past as Knob Hill Mine, this hole in the ground is at the turnaround at the end of the road from Nelson, and seems to have been a dumping ground, or storage area for radioactive waste that the Legion now occasionally utilities. Along the road, you may meet Private Renolds, talking about "that bastard" Alexus; a Legion commander who's take his squad hostage. This begins Side Quest: Anywhere I Wander, but you can free (or ignore or kill) the NCR in here without running into Renolds. Check the Hollowed-Out Rock at the entrance before proceeding.

Upper Cavern

With the remains of a wooden floor, this too is filled with radioactive barrels (and some scattered skeletons) as well as a Legion presence (around four soldiers and a mongrel). The two gates [Average] are locked, and each contains an NCR soldier. Picking the lock causes the Legion to turn hostile.

Lower Cavern

This is the most spectacular of the caverns, now ruined by the piles of radioactive barrels. The Legion are here, too; there’s around six soldiers, and their leader Alexus. You can speak to him, but he doesn’t do much talking unless the Quest is active. You can steal (Pickpocket or from his corpse) his key though; this opens every storage gate.

6.09 Lucky Jim Mine

p. 419

Before entering, check the side of the side where the lean-to is, for a Hollowed-Out Rock. You can also leap onto the shack roof and take pot-shots at Geckos without fear of retaliation. There isn’t actually a mine here anymore, although Bootjack Cavern [6.S10] is on the other (western) side of the mountain ridge the Mine House sits on. Bootjack Cavern is easily accessed from Highway 95.

6.10 Ranger Station Echo

p. 420

This is arguably the most remote of the Ranger Stations. Look for the radio mast to guide you to the small encampment. The place is run by Ranger Erasmus, who watches the Legion’s movement toward Cottonwood Cove [6.20]. The rest of the Rangers are Ghouls, as this particular camp is friendly to these type of folk. Comm Officer Green (the other Smoothskin) operates the radio, and you can quiz him about troop movements too.

6.11 Cliffside Prospector Camp

Offering some of the most spectacular views of the Colorado River, this is a lonely perch surrounded by rocky terrain.

6.12 Searchlight North Gold Mine

p. 420

Just outside the irradiated perimeter of Camp Searchlight [6.16] and almost adjacent to the Coyote Mines is a hole in the ground, close to the water tower. Check the Hollowed-Out Rock just to the left and above the entrance.

Storage Alcove

A Feral Trooper Ghoul is guarding this collection of bric-a-brac:

  • Sunset Sarsaparilla Star Cap [89/100]
  • Sunset Sarsaparilla Crate Items
  • Purified Water
  • Dynamite (3)


Glowing Ghoul Troopers guard this second storage area with a dead Prospector nearby.

6.13 Coyote Mines

p. 420

Among the Prickly Pears are the ruins of the old Coyote Mines. There are two places to investigate: the mine house and the shaft.

6.14 Wolfhorn Ranch

p. 420

What was once a profitable Bighorner ranch has recently been abandoned, and its owner—a man named Ulysses—is nowhere to be found. Scour the place, especially the farmhouse itself (which has most of the items you want). Down at the bottom of the garden is a well and a tank with irradiated water (only sip if you're desperate), and an allotment with a few plants to pick.

6.15 Raided farmstead

p. 420

An old farmstead with Maize still in the patch of earth. The place has been picked clean, most likely by Viper Gang members, who usually turn up here to ambush you. There are some items to grab inside the caravan trailer, and the roof makes a good sniping or viewing platform.

6.16 Camp Searchlight

p. 421-422

As an unfortunate twist of fate would have it, a convoy of flatbed trucks transporting nuclear waste from San Onofre was passing through Searchlight when the Great War broke out. Local police directed the drivers to temporarily park their vehicles in the fire department, but no one ever came back to retrieve them. There they sat in their extremely sturdy solid steel spent fuel flasks for over 200 years. The NCR recently set up a sizable base here; but this was a major obstacle for Caesar's Legion due to its size and clear view of the surrounding desert. When it became obvious that a direct assault would not prove fruitful, Vulpes Inculta sent in some spies to learn more about the situation. After he learned about the radioactive waste being stored in the fire station, he ordered some unwitting legionaries to open the containers. Though the legionaries died almost instantly, the sacrifice produced a massive wave of death and ghoulification among NCR troops that effectively destroyed Camp Searchlight as a viable military base.

Water Tower

In the northeast outskirts, this has the benefit of being on higher ground, so you can snipe the Ghouls below from here, or (if you’re not wearing a Radiation Suit) from the hill a few dozen feet northwest of the tower.

I-95 Overpass Bridge and North Turret Defenses

This is a reasonably good location to attack from; allowing you to strike from above, back up if you’re charged and overwhelmed by the Ghouls near the Police Station, and drop to the road below if you need to flee. Note the Turrets you can use to your advantage here.

Searchlight police station and Northeast Turret Defenses

This was the base of communications operations before the sabotage occurred. Currently it is sealed up, and the only known key resides with a Prospector called Logan; Side Quest: Wheel of Fortune. Expect a Ghoul and Radscorpion presence around this building. Note the turrets you can take advantage of.

Entrance Room

Check the Vending Machines for items. Expect the NCR Troopers manning this communications building to be a lot more feral, and a lot less human.

Central Communications Room

The main chamber in the Police Station has a Communications Terminal [Easy] to access, offering the following information snippets (including the final missive from Camp Searchlight as the radiation seepage was detected).

Main Street

The I-95 runs through from north to south, passing the Fire Station (with the NCR flag) and Elementary School along the way. This is a great place to back up and use your line of sight to attack enemies.

Western Chapel and Turret Defenses

Beware of both Ghouls and Radscorpions in this area. The ruined chapel offers reasonable defensive areas (the walls and doorways) to attack from. At the back is a Cellar Door to Searchlight NCR Storage. Enter the Cellar Door and root around in this root cellar, although three Prospectors (including Logan) have got there first. Logan’s a real piece of work, but if you can stand him, you can team up and begin Side Quest: Wheel of Fortune. Or you can kill him for the keys to the two largest buildings in town. Check the NCR Storage Database Terminal [Average] (as part of the Side Quest) or open the Floor Safe [Average] using Bobby Pins.

Searchlight home

The only bungalow able to be entered is this one, which is home to Private Edward; the only (non-feral) survivor of the attack. Speaking to him at length is the crux of Side Quest: We Will All Go Together. He has a Dogtag on him, but the home is pretty spartan, aside from the Magazine on the bedroom dresser.

Searchlight fire station and Southern Turret Defenses

Activating the turrets here is difficult. This is the main defenses on the south side, adjacent to the Fire Station and School. Currently, the Fire Station is sealed up, and the only known key resides with a Prospector called Logan; Side Quest: Wheel of Fortune.

Station Garage

A gigantic Radscorpion Queen dominates the ground floor, and is a fearsome foe. Beware her pincers, and smaller brethren! If you survive, there’s bottles in the Vending Machine.

(Upper) Fire Officer’s Southwest Room

This chamber is empty of humans, but there’s some information contained on the Chief Fire Officer’s Terminal [Easy].

(Upper) Restrooms

There’s a skeleton of a long-dead fireman in one of the stalls, and an extra-special Fireaxe!

Eastern Barracks/Mess Room

The beds can’t be slept on (as you’re in a Radiation hot-zone), but be sure to check all the duffle bags as one usually contains a number of Magazines.

(Upper) Kitchen

The shelves of Food are irradiated, meaning you’ll receive radiation if you consume it. Only the fridge Food is safe. Check the table with the bottle on it for a Star Cap.

Eastern Church

The small church on the eastern side of town also has a cellar door and basement. The room is far less stocked, but features far more useful items than Location #8; expunge the Golden Geckos, and check the room out for three anointed grenades, some Mini-Nukes, and a Skill Book on the floor by the shelves.

Searchlight Elementary School

Golden Geckos are slobbering around here, so take care of them before conducting a thorough search.

6.17 Searchlight East gold mine

p. 423

Mesh reinforced paths and a small bridge over the side of the ravine lead to one of two gold mines close to town. Climb the shale pile southeast of the entrance to locate a well-hidden Hollowed-Out Rock.

[6.18] Sniper's Nest

p. 423

Usually with a Legion Sniper inside the lean-to, this cliff-top perch offers coverage of the valley down to the Cottonwood Cove [6.20] and the river, as well as an aiming platform facing Ranger Station Echo [6.10] to the north. Pry open the locked Gun Case [Very Hard] for a very special Sniper Rifle.

[6.19] Cottonwood Overlook

p. 423

A popular scenic overlook is now an abandoned promontory offering a good view (and sniping position) of the Legion at Cottonwood Cove below. A precariously parked big-rig with its trailer cargo of highly radioactive barrels is teetering on the edge of the north cliff. You can release the barrels, killing everyone in the camp, but only if you wish to incur the fury of Caesar!

[6.20] Cottonwood Cove

p. 423-424

The largest encampment of Legion forces on the western side of the Colorado River, these Arizonan slavers have a foothold in Nevada, and use this position to bring in troops and supplies from Caesar's main base on Fortification Hill. As you approach, you can see a once-picturesque river camp, you're stopped by a Legionary explorer, who wants to know why you're here.

Soon afterword, you can pass by some crucified Wastelanders, and all are beyond help. If Side Quest: Aba Daba Honeymoon or Oh My Papa are active, one of the slaves is a man named Anders who you can rescue as part of either Quest. Now enter the camp.

Camp Cottonwood Entrance

Check the road between the sets of crucifixion poles for a special rock. Note the container truck perched on the low bluff to the south, on the edge of Cottonwood Overlook [6.19], which can be opened to kill this entire settlement.

Ruined Chalets

These are boarded up and near an irradiated pond.

Legion Tents

The northern part of the camp has a set of red tents near a Campfire, and a larger tent where Decanus Severus and Canyon Runner reside. You can ask him questions about this place, and the battles with the NCR. Severus carries a slightly more damaging Machete, and a more feathery helmet, which you can loot from his corpse.

Capture Pen and Canyon Runner

A family of three; Mrs. Weathers and her children Kenny and Sammy, are being held against their will in the Capture Pen. They have explosive collars around their necks, so unlocking the pen gate [Hard] and telling them to flee doesn’t work that well. Speaking to any of them is an alternate way to begin Side Quest: Left My Heart. Canyon Runner “owns” these slaves; although they aren’t “broken in” yet, so he calls them “captures.”

Cottonwood Storage Building

Behind the main building is a small concrete hut. Inside you’ll find a lot of scattered ammo, a Reloading Bench, and some Sunset Sarsaparilla crates.


This is the prominent structure in the Cove, being two stories tall. Inside the ground floor is the Legion Radio (which needs to be bugged as part of Side Quest: An Eye for an Eye). There’s a fair few items to steal, too.

Upstairs, which is accessed from the exterior metal steps, is where the Camp’s Centurion leader—Auelius of Phoenix—stands and surveys his camp, when he’s not sleeping. When you’ve befriended him, you can begin Free Quest: Arizona Scavenger. Check inside the upper floor, to claim the following items, which includes Patrol Notes (vital for Side Quest: An Eye for an Eye), a possible Magazine inside his desk, and an impressive Unique Weapon made from Dogtags.

Cove Restrooms

The two chalet structures aren’t particularly sanitary, although the toilet (or urinal) water you can drink isn’t irradiated.

Cottonwood Jetty

Out on the cove itself is a wooden jetty where Cursor Lucullus meets you, but only after you’ve met Vulpes Inculta after exiting The Tops Casino for the first time. It is here you can take a boat to The Fort [3.28] to meet Caesar himself.

Mess Hall

Speak with Aurelius of Phoenix at his headquarters, and after exchanging pleasantries, he lets you know about his killing prowess. At this point, you can ask him if he pays a bounty for NCR troops that you kill. He confirms this.

[6.21] Bradley's shack

p. 424

Bradley’s Shack has members of the hapless Jackal to waste as you reach the Campfire, Hollowed-Out Rock on the opposite valley side, and patriotic shack exterior. Step inside, and immediately stop! There’s a Rigged Shotgun to your right; disarm it.

[6.22] Caesar's Legion safehouse

p. 424

A small, concrete chalet structure on the spine of a hilly ridge offers views northwest to Nipton [4.30] and northeast to Camp Searchlight. There’s a Campfire outside the hut, and another over the small hill to the north, near a rock where Bighorners are grazing. This firmly sealed residence with a Campfire outside requires a key that is awarded, usually in The Fort.

[6.23] Old nuclear test site

p. 425

Venturing farther toward the parked truck and open gate proves detrimental to your health; it is wise to don a Radiation Suit and snipe Ghouls from a distance. Only one Nuclear Test Shack can be accessed. Inside there’s scattered Chems, a Star Cap on the experiment table, and a Skill Book and special Shotgun that’s well worth braving radiation sickness to reach. Finally, the corpse on the bed belongs to Trash; she recalls her attempts at enforced Ghoulification in the “Die-ary” Entries in the room (and on her person).

[6.24] Crashed Vertibird

p. 425

A deep scar that's hidden by the remoteness of the region reveals the remains of a Vertibird bearing strange insignia. The remnant of a past war, this craft is nevertheless well-guarded by Hardened Robots. The fracas is worth it; you find a powerful prototype cannon!

[6.25] Matthews Animal Husbandry Farm

p. 425

The remains of two barns, a farmhouse, and two paddocks with Malnourished Bighorners and Brahmin are all that’s left of this burned-out farmstead. Collect the Diary pages, which reveals the grim story of how the graves came to be, and the last days of Young Master Matthews; driven mad by his parents and livestock!

[6.26] Searchlight Airport

p. 425

The control tower of this mothballed airport can be seen as far away as Ranger Station Echo, and is just rough of Camp Searchlight and its irradiated trailer park [6.S11]. The perimeter fence is still intact, forcing you to enter and exit via the road tunnel, and collapsed tarmac. The place is teeming with Radscorpions, and the terminal building is firmly sealed, although there's a couple of trunks near the rusting planes to loot for Caps.

[6.27] Fire Root Cavern

[6.28] Cottonwood Crater

[6.29] Smith Mesa Prospector Camp

[6.30] Blue Paradise Vacation Rentals

p. 426

As the Colorado River flood plain has risen, a small cluster of chalets has slowly sunk into the sand, and an old wharf (plus a boat) has vanished completely under waterIn-game spelling. The place is now overrun by around a dozen Lakelurks, so beware of their sonic attacks as you advance. Aside from the two sealed (and dry) Beach Houses, there are two waterlogged ones to inspect.


[6.S01] Camp Forlorn Hope Supply Shipment

p. 426

Whether or not the Side Quest is active, you can stumble upon this chest, with its recently slain NCR Troopers (search them for Notes as well as Dogtags), but watch for a Legion ambush afterward!

[6.S02] Wrecked Commuter

p. 426

An ancient motorist came a cropper and his suitcase is still available to loot.

[6.S03] Dry Bones

p. 426

Two long-dead settlers provide some potentially scavenged items.

[6.S04] Road to Nelson

p. 426

It is important to learn where this road is (just to the east of Novac [5.18]), and the locations it accesses.

[6.S05] NCR Ranger Checkpoint

p. 426

Ranger Milo defends the road to prevent the Legion from razing Novac, and his checkpoint is the last line of defense between here and the doomed settlement of Nelson [6.06]. Speak to Milo for a Side Quest, and don't forget to open the footlocker for some very handy items.

[6.S06] Minefield

p. 426

Cutting off the attacks between Camp Forlorn Hope and Nelson, this Minefield (of Frag Mines thought to have been placed by the Brotherhood of Steel) is a no-man's land where careless NCR Troopers lie, waiting for death. Instead of stepping on Mines, you should either avoid the area, or collect them, along with any NCR Dogtags.

[6.S07] Nelson Lookout

p. 426

On the eastern cliffs overlooking the Colorado River, there's a lookout platform for Legionaries to communicate with forces on or across the gorge. Expect light resistance.

[6.S08] Knob Hill

p. 427

This rarely tracked area offers exceptional views of the river. At this point there's a filled-in mine shaft that used to lead to Techatticup Mine [6.08].

[6.S09] Recon Legion Camp

p. 427

Patrols of Legionaries in the area usually rest here (allowing you to murder them as they rest during the night), at this modest camp side of bedding and a fire.

[6.S10] Bootjack Cavern

p. 427

A small cave system in the hills to the east of Highway 95, this is a place you must visit during Side Quest: Debt Collector, and is filled with Fire Geckos.

6.S11 Camp Searchlight trailer park

p. 427

On the southern perimeter of Camp Searchlight [6.16] is more evidence of mass irradiation by the Legion; a trailer park reduced to a radioactive graveyard of trailers. Golden Geckos now swarm the area, and it’s useful to snipe them from a distance before searching the area.

6.S12 Highway 95 (South)

p. 427

Although irradiated, the road that passes through Camp Searchlight is the main artery for travel along the east side of the Mojave Wasteland.

[6.S13] Little Rock Camp

p. 427

Amid the scattered rocks is a burned-out car and a nearby Campfire.

[6.S14] Lakelurk Hideaway

p. 427

If you’re swimming the mighty Colorado River, beware of a gaggle of Lakelurks on the eastern side, near a small alcove within a larger inlet channel. There are 16 of these slimy beasts to take down. Then check the alcove for items on and around a dead Mercenary.

[6.S15] Rusting Boat

p. 427

A vessel, less than seaworthy, has been aground near Cottonwood Cove for as long as anyone can remember.

[6.S16] Deathclaw promontory

p. 427

Many have attempted to purloin the riches of past victims (or the natural vegetation) in this terrifying and sprawling rocky promontory, but none have returned, due to the sizable Deathclaw population. This represents a real challenge, so prepare well before you explore here! To the southeast are two well-armed, but dead Prospectors. Sift through their corpses for some fine items.

[6.S17] Fallen Hiker

p. 427

Check his duffle bag for a variety of items and a random Magazine.

[6.S18] River Bank Alcove

p. 427

A small gaggle of Lakelurks guard this river rock alcove, which has Egg Clutches to rob.