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This page lists all quests in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel.
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General information

Quests in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel follow a linear progression with side quests being interspersed throughout. Completion of one main quest leads the next, and side quests provide additional tasks while completing the story arc.

Chapter 1

Main quests

Name Location(s) Given by Reward
Find Brotherhood Paladins Carbon
Game Start 0 (600 XP from Kill Ghoul High Priest)
Kill Drunken Raiders Carbon Bar Ruby 20 bottle caps and 200 XP
Kill Warehouse Radscorpions Carbon warehouse Richard 200 XP
Kill Giant Radscorpion Carbon warehouse
Carbon Warehouse Basement
Richard 300 XP
Kill Mayor Carbon Crater
Crater Pit
Richard 200/300 XP
Escape Crater Carbon Crater Richard 200 XP
Town Under Attack Carbon Vidya 100 bottle caps and 600 XP
Defeat Raiders Carbon Mill Vidya 100 bottle caps & 600 XP
Kill Raider Matron Carbon Mill
Carbon Mill Grinder
Vidya 600 XP

Side and unmarked quests

Name Location(s) Given by Reward
Collect Radscorpion Tails Carbon warehouse Armpit 10 bottle caps for each radscorpion tail and radscorpion liquor recipe
Find Medical Supplies Carbon warehouse
Carbon Warehouse Main Storage
Vidya By giving to Vidya, 10 bottle caps and 100 Experience Points
By giving to Jesse, 50 bottle caps
Find Ruby's Cat Carbon Crater
Crater Upper Level
Ruby 100 bottle caps and 100 XP
Rescue Innocents Carbon Vidya 10 bottle caps per civilian & 50-200 bottle caps & 50-200 XP & a Red Ryder BB Gun
Find Ruby's Necklace Carbon Mill
Carbon Mill Railyard
Ruby 100 bottle caps & 100 XP
Vault 13 flask Carbon Mill Wasteland Stranger 100 bottle caps & 100 XP
Harold's romp with Ruby Carbon
Ruby & Harold 300 XP

Chapter 2

Main quests

Name Location(s) Given by Reward
Find Mutants West Bridge of Los Chapter start 400 Experience Points
Escorting the Paladin Los Torture Chamber Rhombus 400 XP
Kill Ghoul High Priest Los Torture Chamber Blake 600 XP
Find the Secret Vault Los Holding Pens Rhombus 600 XP
Destroy the Turret Robots Los Warehouse Sub-Basement - 800 XP

Side and unmarked quests

Name Location(s) Given by Reward
Find Missing Pieces West Bridge of Los Harold 1000 bottle caps
Find Old Junk West Bridge of Los Giese Incendiary mortar & super sledge
Rescue prisoners Los Holding Pens nobody 25 Experience Points per prisoner
Gladiator Pit West Bridge of Los Hieronymous or Salieri 112,300 bottle caps
Deliver a package Los Holding Pens Salieri 50 bottle caps & 400 XP & 10% discount at Salieri's shop

Chapter 3

Main quests

Name Location(s) Given by Reward
Learn Mutant Plans Secret Vault Residence 1 Chapter start 600 Experience Points
Find Residence Key Secret Vault Residence 1 Chapter start 600 XP
Residential keycard
Robot Control Secret Vault Residence 3 Self 400 XP and access to the Residence hub
Defeat Mutant General Secret Vault Residence Hub Attis 1000 XP
Follow Vault Girl Secret Vault Ruins 1 Mary 600 XP
Access to the Secret Vault - The Garden
Open Auxiliary Vent Secret Vault The Garden Patty 1000 XP
Escape for the vault dwellers
Escort Technician Secret Vault Facilities 1 Technician 400 XP
Progress in Secret Vault - Facilities
Connect Circuits Secret Vault Facilities 2 Technician 600 XP
Access to Facilities Three
Defeat Nightkin Secret Vault Mainframe Nightkin 400 XP
Access to mainframe, disabling vents
Find Laboratory Key Secret Vault The Garden Patty 400 XP
Laboratory keycard
Kill Deathclaw Mother Secret Vault Ruins Cave Dubois 800 XP
Laboratory keycard
Oh Shit! Secret Vault Lab Core Attis 600 XP + 600 XP (two stages)
Oh Shit! (Part 2) Secret Vault Laboratory 4 (Mutated) Attis 600 XP
Initiate Vault Decontamination Secret Vault Laboratory 4 (Mutated) Patty Game completion

Side quests

Name Location(s) Given by Reward
Find Spare Parts Secret Vault The Garden Ching Tsun 200 caps and 100 XP per part
Fix Damaged Shop-Tec Secret Vault Facilities 3 Shop-Tec 400 XP
Discount at the Shop-Tec
Find Ring Secret Vault The Garden Mary 400 XP
Ring of Numbers Secret Vault Laboratory 2 Self 300 XP
Code to Secret Vault - Laboratories Three
Kill Security Officer Secret Vault Laboratory 4 (Mutated) Patty 300 XP
Quests in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel