This page lists all keys in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel.
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List of Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel keysEdit

Image Name Opens Found / in possession of Related quest
FoBoS console keycard Console keycard Door to Secret Vault - Laboratories Three Adolescent deathclaw, Lab Two Learn Mutant Plans
FoBoS elevator key Elevator key Carbon Crater Elevator Richard Find Brotherhood Paladins
FoBoS emergency systems keycard Emergency systems keycard Starts the Secret Vault's selfdestruction Patty Initiate Vault Decontamination
FoBoS facilities keycard Facilities keycard Secret Vault - Facilities Patty Escort Technician
BOS Gate Key A Gate key Gate to Mill Exterior / Mill Parking Lot gate First in Carbon Railyard raider camp / second in Mill Exterior
On a ghoul near the Los holding pens
Defeat Raiders
FoBoS laboratory keycard Laboratory keycard Secret Vault - Laboratories Rhombus
Escorting the Paladin
BoS prison key holding pens Prison key Holding pens on the docks of Los Hostile ghoul on the docks of Los
Find Missing Pieces
FoBoS residential keycard Residential keycard Secret Vault - Residence Two, room in the southeast Door to gardens in the Residence One area Find Residence Key
FoBoS ruins keycard Ruins keycard Secret Vault - Ruins Patty Find Ring
FoBoS VT warehouse key VT warehouse key Vault-Tec Warehouse Super mutant directly north of Vault-Tec Warehouse Find the Secret Vault
FoBoS Mayors Warehouse Key Mayor's warehouse key Carbon warehouse Richard Kill Warehouse Radscorpions
BOS Warehouse Key Warehouse key Carbon Warehouse door to Mill Jesse Defeat Raiders
FoBoS worn key Worn key Room with Incendiary mortar in the Carbon Mill generator room Footlocker northeast in the generator room Defeat Raiders