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This page lists all locations known to have been intended to appear in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 2, the canceled sequel of Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel.
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Truck stop[edit | edit source]

FoBoS 2 Truck Stop.png

The truck stop is a stopping place for caravans in northern Texas,[1] it is owned by Stella. Harold brings the player character here during the opening scene.[2]

This location consists of a dozen houses and a truck stop. Instead of gas tanks, there are feeding troughs, that sort of thing. The north and south roads cannot be accessed. It is made up of two small maps; the exterior and interior.[2]

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Farmhouse[edit | edit source]

FoBoS 2 farm.png

The farmhouse is a crop farm (or "garden" in-game) with a house in the Texas Wasteland. The player character comes across this place after wrecking their car.

South of the truck stop[3] the farmhouse is owned by Fey and consists of one small map. The garden yields giant corn and vegetables and has become infested with Texas Rattlers. It consists of three medium maps.[4]

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Lubbock[edit | edit source]

FoBoS 2 Lubbock.png

Lubbock was to be a location in the Texas Wasteland.

Lubbock is broken into two parts, Ghoul Town by the airport, and the Square, run by the humans. Ghoul Town and the Square each consist of one medium map, while the airport consists of three medium maps.[5]

People have been going missing from both Ghoul Town and the Square with each settlement accusing the other. The ghouls have escalated tensions by staging an attack on the Square. The real cause is the Jackals, who have come from the north to gather slaves.[5][6]

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Lone Star[edit | edit source]

Lone Star.jpg

Lone Star is the trading center of Texas[7] that stands on what used to be known as Abilene before the Great War.

Lone Star is a hotspot with local factions and a place of commerce. Although the various groups remain civil for the most part, they are not beyond hiring those ready to carry out some dirty work. Recently, a strange man came to town bearing seeds, seeds that were planted on the east side and have become a farm. This man remains in the town, and is actually a member of the Cypher, but he is incomprehensible to near everyone, so no-one is sure of his business in Lone Star.[8]

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Vault 39[edit | edit source]

Vault 39.png

Vault 39 (also known as the Lone Star Vault or the old Abilene Vault[9]) is one of the Vault-Tec vaults, located in what was known as Abilene before the Great War and is now called Lone Star.

The vault's original purpose in the vault experiment is unknown. Recently, due to Reese's experiments in the vault, it has become a veritable jungle with huge mutated plants that thrive there and will provide more than minor obstacles to overcome.[10]

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Fort Worth[edit | edit source]

FoBoS 2 Fort Worth.png

Fort Worth is a Brotherhood of Steel base. By the time the player character gets there, havoc has already been unleashed by the Jackals. Dead bodies everywhere, broken and smoldering walls.[11]

  • The base has been overrun by the Jackals and the player character must fight their way through until they reach Cyrus, a Brotherhood survivor and Maxus' father. Cyrus will fight alongside the player character until he is killed by Banshee, leader of the Jackals.[11]
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Austin[edit | edit source]

FOBOS2 Austin.jpg

Austin is a city inhabited by super mutants and led by the intellectual super mutant Keats. Keats' leadership is not accepted by all. While his goal of uniting humans and mutants is noble, conspirators seek to reverse it. The city itself is suffering from an infestation of mutant plants that have also knocked out the power to the city.[12]

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The Alamo[edit | edit source]

The Alamo.png

The Alamo is a location in the Texas Wasteland. The Great War was merciful to the town surrounding the Alamo and the city of San Antonio. Only one bomb fell, blasting the northern part of the town into a crater. The Alamo itself by chance, was completely untouched. About fifty years after the end of the War, the Brotherhood of Steel moved in, making it their main base of operations for Texas.[13]

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The Corpse[edit | edit source]

The Corpse Corpus Christi Naval Base.jpg

The Corpse, known as Corpus Christi before the Great War, now consists of the underwater remains of the Corpus Christi Naval Base in the Texas Wasteland.

The city itself is a huge wasteland, with just parts of buildings sticking out of the sand. It consists of one large map leading the new coast created by the rising of the Gulf of Mexico, where the Corpus Christi Naval Base has been submerged. There is now a strange plant sticking up out of the water.[14]

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