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Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 2 (abbreviated as FBOS2,[1] and also known as Vagrant Lands[citation needed]) is the canceled sequel to Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel. It was planned to release on PlayStation 2 and Xbox video game systems. The game was in development and would have been published by Interplay Entertainment.


The development started before the release of Fallout: BoS (January 13, 2004) and was nearly complete when Interplay laid off most of its staff in 2004.[citation needed]


It would have incorporated story elements from Black Isle Studios' second canceled iteration of Fallout 3, Van Buren, (Caesar's Legion in the form of the Caesar Raiders, the Jackals, the Nursery) and the irradiated G.E.C.K. from the canceled Fallout Tactics 2. It would have taken place in Texas, like its predecessor. Although no year is given, it would have been set during or after 2253, either during or after Van Buren due to Banshee appearing in Van Buren and then being killed in Brotherhood of Steel 2.

On March 11, 2009, the game's design document, which was authored by one of the original Fallout designers, Brian Freyermuth, was leaked online.


Player characters[]

Non-player characters[]

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Truck stop[]

FoBoS 2 Truck Stop

The truck stop is a stopping place for caravans in northern Texas,[2] owned by Stella. Harold brings the player character here during the opening scene.[3] This location consists of a dozen houses and a truck stop. Instead of gas tanks, there are feeding troughs.

The north and south roads cannot be accessed. It is made up of two small maps; the exterior and interior.[3] The junkyard is east of the truck stop. But beware: there are "giant naked rats that are ugly as sin" out there. It has a shed and an old pink car among other junk. It consists of two medium maps.[3]

When asked about the Jackals, Stella points the player character to the junkyard to the east. Seems the Jackals invaded there a while ago, looking for parts to scavenge. Once inside, a Jackal can be found holed up in the shed with ten mole rats outside. After much threatening, the raider says that the Jackals are heading south. They were supposed to pick up some slaves down in Lubbock.[3] The player character must also find a gearshift to repair the pink car.[3]


FoBoS 2 farm

The farmhouse is seen after one crashes their car. South of the truck stop,[2] the farmhouse is owned by Fey and consists of one small map. The garden yields giant corn and vegetables and has become infested with Texas Rattlers. It consists of three medium maps.[4]

The player character can make their way through the maze of crops to find the source of the rattlers, where they will encounter an albino rattler and Harry the Rattlemaster, a vagrant from Lubbock who has managed to control the local rattler population. Once they have both been defeated the player character can return to Fey for good reputation.[4] There are two medium fighting maps between the farmhouse and Lubbock.[4]


FoBoS 2 Lubbock

Lubbock is broken into two parts, Ghoul Town by the airport, and the Square, run by the humans. Ghoul Town and the Square each consist of one medium map, while the airport consists of three medium maps.[4] People have been going missing from both Ghoul Town and the Square with each settlement accusing the other. The ghouls have escalated tensions by staging an attack on the Square. The real cause is the Jackals, who have come from the north to gather slaves.[3][4]

The player character can intervene by helping either the ghouls, the humans, or both. Once the true cause of the kidnapping is revealed as the Jackals tensions are calmed.[4] The player character tracks the Jackals down to the airport where they will fight Bulldog while Banshee makes a getaway. They will also uncover Banshee's plan to take on Fort Worth, in which he hoped to use the slaves as fodder. The player character can free the slaves for good reputation, or skip town leaving them there resulting in bad reputation.[4]

Lone Star[]

Lone Star

Lone Star is the trading center of Texas[4] that stands on what used to be known as Abilene before the Great War. Lone Star is a hotspot with local factions and a place of commerce. Although the various groups remain civil for the most part, they are not beyond hiring those ready to carry out some dirty work. Recently, a strange man came to town bearing seeds, seeds that were planted on the east side and have become a farm. This man remains in the town and is actually a member of the Cyphers, but he is incomprehensible to near everyone, so no-one is sure of his business in Lone Star.[5] Lone Star consists of four medium maps that make up the town itself and eight medium maps that make up various "basements." Lone Star is also the home of the old Abilene Vault.[5]

If the player character has a bad reputation they will be ignored by the Lawmen, except for the occasional warning, but will be relatively welcomed by the Caesar Raiders and the Hand Gang who can provide up to three side quests each, these will be related to taking out the local competition.[5] With a good reputation the player character can associate with the Lawmen, who will gladly pay for the extermination of the Hand Gang. Also, the Ghoul Trading Company may ask the player character to deal with the Caesar Raiders, who have been causing some trouble for them.[5]

Vault 39[]

Vault 39

Vault 39 (also known as the Lone Star Vault or the old Abilene Vault[5]) is one of the Vault-Tec vaults, located in what was known as Abilene before the Great War and is now called Lone Star. Recently, due to Reese's experiments in the vault, it has become a jungle with huge mutated plants that thrive there and will provide more than minor obstacles to overcome.

The vault has three levels consisting of three medium to large maps. On the surface a broken-down shed sits next to the vault, in which a functioning car can be found. A G.E.C.K. can be found on the third level, along with the key to the shed on the surface. On a desk, papers including bios on Banshee and the Jackals and a map showing the origin of the Nursery documenting Reese's movements southwards as well as his next destination, Austin, could be found. Using the key to drive the car away from Vault 39 would have ended Act II. A map showing all key Brotherhood of Steel locations can be found on the third level.[6]

Fort Worth[]

FoBoS 2 Fort Worth

Fort Worth is the largest Brotherhood of Steel outpost in the Texas Wasteland. Fort Worth is a Brotherhood of Steel base. By the time the player character gets there, havoc has already been unleashed by the Jackals.

Dead bodies everywhere, broken and smoldering walls.[7] On the upper level, two huge tanks sit in the courtyard; the player character will have to figure out a way to get past them. This map is a medium size. Once inside, the base leads into underground levels consisting of three large maps rigged with Brotherhood traps.[7]

The base has been overrun by the Jackals and the player character must fight their way through until they reach Cyrus, a Brotherhood survivor and Maxus' father. Cyrus will fight alongside the player character until he is killed by Banshee, the leader of the Jackals. The ensuing battle will lead to Banshee's defeat, at which point the player character threatens him into handing over the key to Vault 39, but before he reveals who is really behind it all, he explodes.[7]


FOBOS2 Austin

Austin is a city inhabited by super mutants and led by the intellectual super mutant Keats. Keats' leadership is not accepted by all. While his goal of uniting humans and mutants is noble, conspirators seek to reverse it. The city itself is suffering from an infestation of mutant plants that have also knocked out the power to the city.[8]

The main areas of the city are divided into five medium to large maps, the power plant consists of two medium maps. In one of the maps of the city the player character will find a gas station with a working pump. At the gas station, a G.E.C.K. can be found by the player character which is used to overload the G.E.C.K of Miles Reese, destroying the facility in the process.[8][9] The strange data chip can also be found at the gas station.

The Alamo[]

The Alamo

The Alamo is a location which was not damaged as much as the surrounding area in the Great War. Only one bomb fell, blasting the northern part of the town into a crater. The Alamo itself, by chance, was completely untouched. About fifty years after the end of the War, the Brotherhood of Steel moved in, making it their main base of operations for Texas.[10] The Alamo consists of one medium map of the exterior of the base itself, and four medium maps that take place underground.[10]

If the player character sided with Keats in Austin they will be sent to the Brotherhood compound, which is under siege from the Twisted Hairs. They will meet with Paladin Haig and be briefed and charged with taking out Harpy, the leader of the Twisted Hairs.[10] If the player character sided with Shale in Austin they will be sent to aid the Twisted Hairs in their attack on the base. They will meet up with Harpy, be told about the invasion and be charged with getting into the compound and taking out Haig.[10] The attack on the Alamo was a ploy by Miles Reese, a crazed Cypher who anonymously tipped off Harpy about the Brotherhoods location.[10]

The Corpse[]

The Corpse Corpus Christi Naval Base

The Corpse, known as Corpus Christi before the Great War, now consists of the underwater remains of the Corpus Christi Naval Base in the Texas Wasteland. The city itself is a huge wasteland, with just parts of buildings sticking out of the sand. It consists of one large map leading the new coast created by the rising of the Gulf of Mexico, where the Corpus Christi Naval Base has been submerged. There is now a strange plant sticking up out of the water.[10]

Getting into the base itself requires traversing two medium underwater maps where mutated fish and hostile plants will be encountered. The base is made up of five medium to large maps containing robot sentries and increasing amounts of plant life towards the boss area. It swiftly becomes a jungle-like environment very similar to Vault 39.[9] Miles Reese was conducting research into a G.E.C.K's capabilities that he had stolen from the Nursery, to protect his base, located in the Corpse. However, over five years, the G.E.C.K. began to terraform on a dangerous scale, including within enclosed structures, and occasionally produced carnivorous plants.[6]

It could generate unnatural weather patterns and his experiments created jungles within deserts, and areas previously covered by water re-flooded on an even larger scale. As Miles continued to tinker with the G.E.C.K., its capabilities became sharpened. He worked to focus its power on the specific task of covering the Corpse with a protective, organic shell.[11]

New Eden[]

New Eden is a jungle in southern Texas, which Miles Reese hoped to eventually expand across the globe. Miles Reese was a radical Cypher, who longed to rid the world of technology and return the planet to nature. In his research, he learned of the Nursery and the prototype Garden of Eden Creation Kit that was housed there. After traveling to the facility and retrieving the prototype, he journeyed to the Gulf of Mexico and set up a base in The Corpse. There he began to experiment with and modify the G.E.C.K., creating a large jungle. The Forced Evolutionary Virus in the environment affected life, creating mutated and carnivorous plants.

It took Miles five years to finish his work. He intended to fully activate his "New Eden device" after destroying the Texas chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel, covering the world in greenery and killing all humans. The player character breaks into the base and overloads the G.E.C.K., killing him before he can carry out his plan.[9][11]


Two sets of skills were to be applied to the available player characters, weapon skills and regular skills.

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