Fallon's was a pre-War part of the Fallon's department store chain, located inside the Faneuil Hall.


The department store franchise generally specialized in women's fashion. Billboards and advertisements for the chain can be found throughout the Commonwealth.

The Faneuil Hall location was victim to thousands of dollars worth of merchandise lost due to lack of security in the Faneuil Hall marketplace. Several merchants threatened to sue for breach of contract over the security issues, and Fallon's prepared to withdraw outright.[1] With the pressure building, the mayor of Boston insisted that the Protectrons be installed to ensure the thefts would stop.[2]

The following week, a massacre occurred at the building. The Protectrons that were installed killed seven people, including five alleged shoplifters, one bystander, and one Fallon's cashier. A public relations nightmare followed, and sales dropped 81%.[3]

After the war, any evidence of the physical store was burned along with the rest of the interior of Faneuil Hall by super mutants, who roam the building alongside their mutant hounds.

Other Fallon's locations in the region include the flagship West Roxbury station Fallon's department store, Fallon's Basement in the Diamond City market, a building in the General Atomics Galleria, a location in Concord, and a branch near Monsignor Plaza.


Fallon's Faneuil Hall location is mentioned only in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenes

Fallon's is a reference to the well-known real life New England department store chain Filene's.



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