Fallon's is a pre-War company in Fallout 4.


Fallon's is a pre-War department store franchise that generally specialized in women's fashion. Billboards and advertisements can be found throughout the Commonwealth. Fallon's Basement in Diamond City is the company's post-War successor, ran by one of the original owners descendants, Becky Fallon[1].

Edward Winter, Rodrigo Palomar, and Mackie were involved in the robbery of a Fallon's store. They managed to steal some diamonds, but the alarm was tripped, leading to the arrest of Mackie.[2]

Fallon's has continued to trade after the war, with Fallon's Basement continuing their record of quality merchandise at reasonable prices in Diamond City.

Known locationsEdit


Fallon's appears in Fallout 4 and Fallout 76.

Behind the scenesEdit

Fallon's is most likely a play on words of the former Boston department store chain named Filene's.



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