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Fallen Hero is a miscellaneous quest given by Joe Savoldi, owner of the bar at Bunker Hill.

Quick walkthrough

Miscellaneous Quest: Fallen Hero
Talk with Joe Savoldi.
Head to Old Gullet sinkhole.
Recover Grandpa Savoldi's hat in the cave.
Return to Joe Savoldi.
Reward: 150 or 200 caps
Grandpa Savoldi's hat

Detailed walkthrough

The quest is obtained from Joe Savoldi in Bunker Hill, who will most likely be at his bar/motel on the west side. If he has never been spoken to beforehand, he will rope the Sole Survivor into a dialogue trying to talk his son out of joining the Railroad. After this, normal vendor dialogue will be available, through which the player character can request information about the job.

Joe wants the player character to find any trace of his grandfather Brent, a member of the Minutemen up until his disappearance. The default payment is 150 caps, but the player character can attempt up to three increasingly difficult Charisma checks to increase the payout. Whether the player character accepts or refuses, the objective is added to the journal.

To find Brent's remains, the player character must first travel to the Old Gullet sinkhole in the Malden region of the Commonwealth, a ways north of Bunker Hill. The cliffs can be difficult to traverse, but they are easiest to descend from the northern side of the sinkhole. This also better positions the player character to deal with the deathclaw squatting in a ruined building at the bottom of the sinkhole. The player character can either kill it or avoid it by jumping into the water and letting the current carry them into the cave below.

The player character is deposited in a small pool in the cave below, containing one glowing and one normal radroach. Brent's remains are nearby, along with his hat. Pick up the hat and the copy of the Wasteland Survival Guide on the cooking equipment. Proceed through the tunnel to fight some feral ghouls and a glowing one, then proceed up the stairs and exit to a ruined house just west of the sinkhole.

Outside the house is a random spawn point, which may be another deathclaw, with or without members of the Brotherhood of Steel fighting it. Unchain the door, deal with any threat that appears and return to Bunker Hill.

Back at Bunker Hill, present the hat to Joe for the reward. Additionally, if the player character has joined the Minutemen, he will let them keep the hat. The objective updates and the quest concludes.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
100 Find any trace of Brent SavoldiYears ago the Minutemen fought a major battle against raiders outside Malden. Joe Savoldi's grandfather died in the battle but his body was never recovered. Joe Savoldi will pay me well to return any of his personal effects.
200 Return hat to Joe SavoldiNo wonder Brent Savoldi's remains were never found. I found his corpse and his Minutemen hat inside a dangerous sink hole. Now to give his hat to Joe Savoldi.
300Quest finishedJoe Savoldi was grateful to get his grandfather's Minuteman hat.
9000Quest failedFail Quest