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The faded visor is a piece of headwear in Fallout 4.


A faded blue visor with adjustable strap, Timlist is embroidered onto the front of the band in dark blue letters. The faded visor increases Perception by 1 when worn.


  • One can be found in Back Alley Bowling, in a locker by the leftmost bowling lane.
  • One can be found at Cambridge Police Station in the room with the evidence terminal. It's on the far side of the room on the shelf of a locker with no door.
  • One can be found west of the Custom House Tower, in the alley where Opal resides.
  • Faneuil Hall on the eastern side of the ground floor there is a Fallon's Department Store display. Here one will find the visor, on a shelf against the wall.
  • One is inside Madden's gym, sitting in a locker against the southern wall.
  • One may be found in the remains of the clothing shop at Monsignor Plaza on a small shelf just past the main store entrance.
  • Worn by Solomon in Diamond City.
  • It is possible to find one being sold by Lucas Miller, Cricket or Tinker Tom.


The faded visor can be worn in conjunction with headwear that does not cover the face, giving the player character bonuses from glasses, hat and the visor itself. Hats include the wrapped cap, green hood, pompadour wig, yellow slicker hat, fisherman's hat, mascot head, High Confessor's helm and the Tinker headgear. The faded visor can also be worn with the hooded rags which usually remove any headgear.