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Faded Pomp Estates is a location in the Capital Wasteland in 2277. They are located north of Roosevelt Academy, and south of the WKML Broadcast Station and The Silver Lining Drive-In.


As with the rest of the Capital Wasteland, these estates that once housed suburban families were destroyed in the Great War. Now all that remains are several bombed out houses with nothing more than beds to sleep on. Enemies such as giant radscorpions, albino radscorpions (with Broken Steel) and deathclaws can often be found here.

Notable loot

  • A Pugilism Illustrated by a bed, at the foot of a fireplace in the nearest house to the east of the fast-travel point.


  • The super mutants from nearby Roosevelt Academy may attack the player character when they are in this location.
  • Enclave patrols can be found on the adjacent roads after the Broken Steel add on pack has been loaded.
  • There is a jukebox in the southwestern most house that plays Galaxy News radio when activated.


Faded Pomp Estates appears only in Fallout 3.