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A faction is a grouping of like-minded individuals, united in a common goal or set of common goals. The individuals band together as a way of achieving these goals and advancing their agenda.

List of factions by game[edit | edit source]

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Fallout[edit | edit source]

Main article: Fallout factions
Name Locations
Blades Boneyard
Brotherhood of Steel Lost Hills
Caravan merchant New California
Crimson Caravan The Hub
Crypts Scrapheap
Desert Rangers New California
Followers of the Apocalypse Boneyard Library
Far Go Traders The Hub
Fools Scrapheap
Friendly Lending Company The Hub
Gun Runners Boneyard
Hub police The Hub
Hub's central council The Hub
Khans Raider base
Master's Army New California
Nightkin Cathedral
Raiders New California
Regulators Boneyard
Rippers New California
Skulz Junktown
Thieves' Guild The Hub
Underground The Hub
Underground ghouls Necropolis
Unity Mariposa Military Base
Vat Team 9 Mariposa Military Base
Vault 13 rebels Vault 13
Vipers New California
Water Merchants (guards) The Hub

Fallout 2[edit | edit source]

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Name Locations
Anti-mutant conspiracy Broken Hills
Bishops Shark Club
Brotherhood of Steel The Den, NCR, San Francisco
Caravan merchant New California
Enclave Navarro, Control Station ENCLAVE
Khans Vault 15
Mercenary raider Mercenaries' cave
Mordinos New Reno
New California Rangers New California
New California Republic New California
New California Republic Army New California
Nightkin New California
Raiders New California
Salvatores New Reno
Shi San Francisco
Slags Ghost Farm
Slaver's Guild The Den
Squatters Vault 15
Tanker vagrants PMV Valdez
Temperance Union New Reno
Trappers Klamath
Vault City Vault City
Wrights New Reno East Side
Yakuza New Reno

Fallout 3[edit | edit source]

Main article: Fallout 3 factions
Icon Faction Locations IDs
Fallout 3 Abolitionists Arlington House, Lincoln Memorial, Temple of the Union TempleUnionFaction
Fallout 3 Big Town resident Big Town BigTownFaction
Operation: Anchorage (add-on) Brotherhood Outcasts Outcast outpost, Fort Independence BrotherhoodOutcastFaction
Fallout 3 Broken Steel Brotherhood of Steel Adams Air Force Base, Citadel, Arlington Library, Galaxy News Radio, Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, Fort Bannister BrotherhoodSteelFaction
Fallout 3 Chinese remnants Mama Dolce's, Broadcast Tower KT8 ChineseGhoulFaction
Fallout 3 Broken Steel Enclave Raven Rock, Jefferson Memorial, Satellite Relay Station, Adams Air Force Base, SatCom Array NW-07c EnclaveFaction
Fallout 3 The Family Meresti Metro station MS09TheFamilyFriendly
Fallout 3 Lamplight resident Little Lamplight LamplightResidentFaction
Fallout 3 Littlehorn & Associates Scrapyard PerkContractKillerLocationFaction
Fallout 3 Megaton resident Megaton MegatonResidentFaction


The Pitt (add-on) Pitt raiders The Pitt DLC01PittRaiderFaction
The Pitt (add-on) Pitt slaves The Pitt DLC01PittSlaveFaction
Fallout 3 Raiders Evergreen MillsBethesda ruins, Montgomery County Reservoir, Kaelyn's Bed & Breakfast, Springvale school, east of the flooded metro, Super-Duper Mart, SatCom Array NN-03d, Grisly diner, raid shack, Wheaton armory, Alexandria Arms, Fairfax ruins, Cliffside cavern, most Metro tunnels RaiderFaction
Fallout 3 The Railroad Capital Wasteland, Rivet City
Fallout 3 Regulators Regulator HQ RegulatorFaction


Fallout 3 Reilly's Rangers Ranger compound ReillysRangersFaction
Fallout 3 Rivet City Council Rivet City RCCityCouncil
Fallout 3 Rivet City resident Rivet City RCResidentFaction
Fallout 3 Rivet City security Rivet City RCSecurityFaction
Fallout 3 Republic of Dave Republic of Dave RepublicOfDaveFaction
Fallout 3 Talon Company Fort Bannister, Talon Company camp, Talon Company recon camp, SatCom Array NW-05a TalonCompany
Fallout 3 Super mutants Vault 87, The Capitol building, Roosevelt Academy, Clifftop shacks, Chryslus Building,Hallowed Moors Cemetery, The Mall SuperMutantFaction
Fallout 3 Vault 101 security Vault 101 Vault101SecurityFaction
Fallout 3 Slavers Paradise Falls, Lincoln Memorial SlaverFaction

ParadiseFallsSlaverFaction SlaverMemorialFaction

Fallout 3 Tenpenny resident Tenpenny Tower TenpennyTowerResidentFaction
Fallout 3 Tenpenny Security guards Tenpenny Tower TenpennyGuardFaction
Fallout 3 Underworld resident Underworld UnderworldGhoulFaction


Fallout 3 Mothership Zeta (add-on) Zetan aliens Mothership AlienFaction

Fallout: New Vegas[edit | edit source]

Main[edit | edit source]

Icon Faction Locations
Fallout: New Vegas New California Republic Camp McCarran
Fallout: New Vegas Caesar's Legion The Fort
Fallout: New Vegas Robert House/Free Economic Zone of New Vegas Lucky 38
Fallout: New Vegas Yes Man The Tops

Minor[edit | edit source]

Icon Faction Locations
Fallout: New Vegas Boomers Nellis Air Force Base
Fallout: New Vegas Brotherhood of Steel Hidden Valley bunker
Fallout: New Vegas Followers of the Apocalypse Old Mormon Fort
Fallout: New Vegas Great Khans Red Rock Canyon
Fallout: New Vegas Enclave remnants Remnants bunker

New Vegas Strip[edit | edit source]

Icon Faction Locations
Fallout: New Vegas Chairmen The Tops
Fallout: New Vegas Omertas Gomorrah
Fallout: New Vegas White Glove Society Ultra-Luxe

Other[edit | edit source]

Icon Faction Locations
Fallout: New Vegas Crimson Caravan
Fallout: New Vegas Van Graffs
Fallout: New Vegas Mojave Express
Fallout: New Vegas Gun Runners
Fallout: New Vegas Fiends
Fallout: New Vegas Jackals
Fallout: New Vegas Vipers
Fallout: New Vegas Scorpions
Fallout: New Vegas Greasers
Fallout: New Vegas Goodsprings
Fallout: New Vegas Freeside
Fallout: New Vegas The Strip
Fallout: New Vegas Novac
Fallout: New Vegas Jacobstown
Fallout: New Vegas Primm
Fallout: New Vegas Bright Brotherhood
Fallout: New Vegas State of Utobitha
Fallout: New Vegas Kings
Fallout: New Vegas Powder Gangers
Fallout: New Vegas Westside Militia
Dead Money Circle of Steel
Honest Hearts Happy Trails Caravan Company
Honest Hearts Sorrows
Honest Hearts Dead Horses
Honest Hearts White Legs
Old World Blues (add-on) The Think Tank

Fallout 4[edit | edit source]

Main article: Fallout 4 factions

Main[edit | edit source]

Faction Repeatable Quests Locations IDs
Brotherhood of Steel Cleansing the Commonwealth
Leading by Example
Learning Curve
Feeding the Troops
Cambridge Police Station, The Prydwen, Boston Airport 0005DE41
The Railroad Jackpot
Variable Removal
A Clean Equation (after Rockets' Red Glare)
High Ground (after The Nuclear Option)
Lost Soul (after The Nuclear Option)
The Commonwealth, Old North Church, Ticonderoga 000994F6
The Institute Pest Control
Political Leanings
The Institute 0005E558
Commonwealth Minutemen Raider Troubles
Clearing the Way
Taking Point
Ghoul Problem
Rogue Courser
Defend the Artillery (if the Brotherhood is hostile)
Suspected Synth
Resettle Refugees (after The Nuclear Option)
Concord, Sanctuary Hills, The Castle 00068043

Minor[edit | edit source]

Name Services Locations Faction ID
Atom Cats Power armor parts and modifications. Atom Cats Garage
Gunners Not applicable - permanently hostile. Gunners Plaza
Quincy ruins
Random encounters
The Forged Not applicable - permanently hostile. Saugus Ironworks 0013101D
Diamond City security None. Diamond City 00002F65
Neighborhood Watch None. Goodneighbor
Publick Occurrences None. Publick Occurrences
Church of the Children of Atom Varies. Crater of Atom
Crater House
Kingsport Lighthouse (initially)
00134270 (Crater of Atom),xx02fb84 (hostile faction)
Cabot family Depending on player character actions. Parsons State Insane Asylum
.Cabot House
Raiders Not applicable - permanently hostile. Various 0001CBED
Covenant Depending on player character actions. Covenant
The Compound
Triggermen Not applicable - permanently hostile. Easy City Downs
Vault 114
Pillars of the Community Depending on player character actions. Charles View Amphitheater 000BBF88
Icon Faction Locations IDs
Far Harbor (add-on) Acadia Acadia
Far Harbor (add-on) Church of the Children of Atom Crater of Atom, The Commonwealth, The Nucleus 00134270 (Crater of Atom),
xx02fb84 (hostile faction)
Far Harbor (add-on) Trappers Various
Far Harbor (add-on) Harbormen Far Harbor
Automatron (add-on) Rust Devils Fort Hagen satellite array xx004385
Nuka-World (add-on) Hubologists Hubologist's camp
Nuka-World (add-on) Disciples Fizztop Mountain xx00f438
Nuka-World (add-on) Operators The Parlor xx00f439
Nuka-World (add-on) The Pack Bradberton Amphitheater xx00f43a

Fallout 76[edit | edit source]

Main article: Fallout 76 factions
Icon Faction Locations Status
Fallout 76 Appalachian Brotherhood of Steel Camp Venture, Fort Defiance, Spruce Knob Defunct
Fallout 76 Charleston Emergency Government Charleston Capitol Building Defunct
Fallout 76 Cult of the Mothman Point Pleasant, Landview Lighthouse, Kanawha County Cemetery Defunct (2102)
Re-emerged (2103)
Fallout 76
Steel Dawn
Enclave The Whitespring Resort, Camp McClintock, Enclave research facility Robots and AIs only active members
Fallout 76 Free States Abbie's bunker, Ella Ames' bunker, Harpers Ferry Defunct
Fallout 76 Order of Mysteries Riverside Manor Defunct
Fallout 76 Raiders Palace of the Winding Path, Top of the World, Pleasant Valley Ski Resort, Sunnytop Ski Lanes Defunct
Fallout 76 Responders Charleston Fire Department, Flatwoods, Morgantown Airport, Grafton Defunct
Fallout 76 Taggerdy's Thunder Spruce Knob Lake, Fort Defiance Defunct
Fallout 76
People's Liberation Army Mama Dolce's Food Processing, Fujiniya Intelligence Base, The Deep Active
Wild Appalachia Pioneer Scouts Pioneer Scout camp, Pioneer Scout lookout, Camp Adams Defunct
Wild Appalachia Burrow Boys The Burrows Unknown
Steel Dawn
Settlers Foundation Active
Steel Dawn
Crater Raiders The Crater, Crater watchstation, The Crater war room, Makeshift vault Active
Wastelanders Blood Eagles Rollins labor camp, Widow's Perch, Big Bend Tunnel, Bloody Frank's, The Vantage, Crimson Prospect, Watoga Underground, Dagger's Den Active
Wastelanders Blue Ridge Caravan Company Big Bend Tunnel, Big Bend Tunnel East Active
Wastelanders Secret Service Vault 79 Active
Wastelanders Free Radicals WV Lumber Co. Active
Wastelanders Edwin's gang Unknown Active
Wastelanders Sargento's gang Watoga Civic Center Active
One Wasteland For All Brotherhood First Expeditionary Force ATLAS Observatory Active
Steel Dawn New (Appalachian) Brotherhood Fort ATLAS, Brotherhood Checkpoints in Appalachia Active
Steel Dawn The Retreat Villagers The Retreat Active
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