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The FN FAL HPFA is a small gun in Fallout 2.


A weapon produced by Fabrique Nationale.


The FN FAL HPFA is a heavy-duty assault rifle chambered in the 7.62mm cartridge. It is the only weapon in the game that empties its whole magazine (20 rounds) in a single burst. Changes from the standard FN FAL include the doubled burst size (20 rounds versus 10) and a moderate damage-per-shot increase.

It has an average burst damage on soft and medium-armored targets of 280 and 150 Hit Points, respectively. The FN FAL HPFA is the only small gun in Fallout 2 that can exceed 1000 HP] of damage upon Critical Hit without the help of damage-boosting perks. It is not as effective against very heavy armor, unless critical hits are scored.




  • This version of the FN FAL cannot be upgraded.
  • When examined, the FN FAL HPFA doesn't have a description.[verified]