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This is a transcript for dialogue with Mister Handy in the A Broken Robot random encounter..

Conversation Edit

FFEU10RobotTalk1 FFEU10RobotTalk1 Neutral 50 The dog is dead. Please go to the pound to obtain a new one. 3
FFEU10RobotTalk1 Neutral 50 Lawnmower in need of maintenance. Please repair to keep grass freshly cut. 4
FFEU10RobotTalk1 Neutral 50 Out of dog food for animal, designation "Fluffy." Please purchase more food to ensure optimal health. 5
FFEU10RobotTalk1 Neutral 50 House is gone. Please contact your local planning authority to construct a new residence. 6
FFEU10RobotTalk1 Neutral 50 Current paperwork on residence now 220 years out of date. Please contact local planning authorities to obtain new paperwork. 7
FFEU10RobotTalk1 Neutral 50 No furniture detected in current residence. Please visit your local shopping area to make appropriate purchases. 8
GOODBYE I have to go now. Neutral 50 Of course, of course! Don't let me keep you! 9
HELLO HELLO Neutral 50 How may I serve you, master? {sarcastically obsequious} 10
HELLO Neutral 50 How may I serve you, mistress? {sarcastically obsequious} 11
IdleChatter Idle Chatter Neutral 50 There are no dishes in this house. Please go out and purchase more. 12
Idle Chatter Neutral 50 Laundry is dirty and unfolded. Please purchase a washing machine and ironing board. 13
Idle Chatter Neutral 50 Floors need sweeping. Please purchase broom and vacuum cleaner accessories. 14
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