FEV research notes are two holotapes in Fallout 4, recorded by Doctor Elliott, a scientist in the Bioscience division of the Institute.

Locations[edit | edit source]

In the Institute FEV lab, in the room with the super mutant vats, on consoles.

Transcripts[edit | edit source]

Year 2178[edit | edit source]


Uhh... This is Doctor Elliott, with the official report for the Directorate from BioScience. The date is, umm, August 2178. I'm pleased to report that, as has been the case during my tenure, crop yields exceed expectations. In point of fact, everything down here is fine... with... one notable exception. Doctor Frederick has informed me that the Directorate has pre-approved research on samples of the FEV virusIn-game spelling, which he already has in his possession. Now, I'm not one to question the Directorate... you all know that. I don't even want to know where this came from. But... well, this is troubling. Dangerous, possibly. I will do my best to make sure risks are minimized, but I really do hope that the consequences are understood.

Year 2224[edit | edit source]


This is Doctor Elliott, reporting for the BioScience division. March 2224. We just received another batch of... subjects... but as my previous report stated, we're at an impasse here. More of the same won't help. The two most promising strains of FEV have been adapted to an ideal state, but... we're still missing something. I am officially echoing the team's position: the most likely progress for our research on synthetic organics requires new avenues of exploration. Additional Commonwealth subjects will not help. It's the same problem across the board: exposure to too much radiation. We need something... someone new. There's a proposal we'll be putting forward... I am not entirely comfortable with it, but it seems the best course.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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