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FEV Curling-13[1] was a viral agent tailored to reach maximum levels of lethality with minimal exposure levels required to achieve the result. Based on the original FEV-II recovered by the Enclave at Mariposa Military Base's ruins, it was developed under the direction of Lt. Col. Dr. Charles Curling of the Chemical Corps from 2236, to provide the means for the Enclave's second holocaust. Trials would progress for several years, culminating with the thirteenth trial where the biological weapon would be perfected for use on civilian populations.[1]


The Enclave FEV Project was ultimately developed to rid the entire world of human-based mutants, regardless of the degree of mutation. Any person that wasn't inoculated from the virus would die several hours after contact. The Enclave's plan was to release the Curling-13 virus into the air and let the Earth's jet streams takes care of transmission; given enough time it was projected these air currents would carried the virus across the world. Enclave President Dick Richardson did not take joy in exterminating all mutated humans (or non-mutated humans) but believed the deployment of Curling-13 to be the last, best hope for humanity.[2] Before the virus was able to be deployed, the Chosen One destroyed Control Station ENCLAVE and the virus with it, mere hours before it was scheduled to be released.[3]


Unlike FEV-II, which required a severe overdose and low radiation count in the subject to work correctly, Curling-13 killed indiscriminately. Just a .0001% aerosol solution exposure was enough to kill Arroyo villagers in under one hour, as massive hemorrhaging and inflammations start, leading to a complete failure of the victim's organs within sixty minutes. Significant radiation-induced mutation may thus be beneficial - humans with a lower radiation count suffer a much worse fate. Pure Vault 13 dwellers and potentially Enclave citizens exposed to the virus first had an onset of symptoms, including a burning throat, heartburn, followed by a feeling of burning lungs, drowsiness, and loss of sight.[4] Within 60 minutes of exposure, they'd suffer subdermal hemorrhaging and convulsions, with the agony lasting 14.5 hours on average. No test subject survived the tests on Control Station ENCLAVE.[1]

Despite chemical supplies necessary for production of the virus running low[5] the Enclave's potential manufacturing capacity was tremendous. Their production estimates were that they could produce 250,000 gallons of the virus within six weeks. Projections of its deployment suggested that the winds would then carry the virus worldwide, achieving global saturation in two weeks.[1] Only humans and human-based mutants would be eradicated, however - FEV was engineered to bond only with human glycoproteins, leaving other animals and plant life alive. The virus, if released as planned, would have eventually exhausted its potential hosts and essentially self-destructed.[6][7]

Well before Dr. Brian Virgil developed his FEV cure, FEV Curling-13 was the first known FEV strain to have a medical treatment developed in the form of an inoculation that granted total immunity from its effects.[8] Production of this inoculation was completed around the same time as the virus was ready for release, but had not been distributed to every Enclave member at the time of Control Station ENCLAVE's destruction.[9]


Main article: Modified FEV

While FEV Curling-13 was never deployed, the progress made in turning FEV into a lethal biological weapon by the Enclave on the West Coast would later be continued by the Enclave on the East Coast.[10] A modified strain of the Forced Evolutionary Virus developed by John Henry Eden, based on the earlier FEV Curling-13 strain, only now it was designed to be placed into the Project Purity water purification system.[10] According to President Eden it would have eradicated super mutants, ghouls, and all other "unclean" citizens, which was anyone who had been born in the Wastelands and exposed to radiation and other mutational effects from birth.[11] The only populations who would be able to drink water contaminated with this strain safely were those free of mutations, such as the Enclave and humans who were born in sealed Vaults.[12] This strain of FEV was less lethal than Curling-13, and required ingestion of it through infected water supplies. Even then it did not kill immediately and required ingestion of large quantities of contaminated water.[13]


FEV Curling-13 is mentioned in Fallout 2 and indirectly mentioned in Fallout 3.


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