Colonel Ezra Hollis was a member of the Commonwealth Minutemen. In 2287, he was killed during the Quincy Massacre.


Ezra Hollis had his own company of Minutemen that Preston Garvey joined. Colonel Hollis was also previously in charge of a squad of Minutemen, one of the last active in the Commonwealth, left without higher leadership or a base of operations after the death of General McGann and the mirelurk invasion of the Castle. When he received word of an impending attack on Quincy, he and his men arrived in time to push back a group of Gunners. Fearing further attack, Hollis requested reinforcements, hoping Colonel Marbury would be willing to help, but his call was never answered due to political infighting within what remained of the Minutemen.

Upon Clint's arrival to the town, he revealed that he had abandoned them and joined the Gunners; after failing to convince Hollis to stand down and be refused, Clint would leave and later lead the offensive against Quincy. With Clint's help, the Gunners launched a second attack and destroyed the town, killing many. Clint ordered Hollis captured alive, and, even with Clint's gun pointed at his head, Hollis still remained loyal to ideals of the Minutemen. Following his death, the Minutemen fell apart, and what was left dissolved. However, fellow minuteman Preston Garvey took over the remnants of the squad and led the surviving settlers away from the battle. Clint's terminal states that the Minutemen were finished, as Hollis was the last real leader of any worth.


Ezra Hollis is mentioned only in Fallout 4.

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