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Colonel Ezra Hollis was a member of the Commonwealth Minutemen. In 2287, he was killed during the Quincy Massacre.


Ezra Hollis had his own company of Minutemen that Preston Garvey joined at age 17[1] Ezra Hollis was killed during the Quincy Massacre; the surviving Minutemen and civilians were under Preston's command as they fled the area.[2]

Colonel Hollis was also previously in charge of a squad of Minutemen, one of the last active in the Commonwealth, left without higher leadership or a base of operations after the death of General McGann and the mirelurk invasion of the Castle. When he received word of an impending attack on Quincy, he and his men arrived in time to push back a group of Gunners attacking them from behind and routing the group killing a third while twelve of the scouting party fled.[3][4] Erza Hollis's arrival to the town, following the call of Mayor Jackson influenced by Mama Murphy's trance and Sturges instance.[5] Reversing the reputation that had arisen around the Minutemen as ineffectual prior to the splintering of the faction due to the death of the last effective leader General Becker prior to May 2822.[6][4][7][8]

Fearing further attack, Hollis requested reinforcements, hoping Colonel Marbury would be willing to help[4] but his call was never answered due to political infighting within what remained of the Minutemen.[9] He directed the townspeople and Minutemen in fortifying Quincy, including blocking of the monorail access to deny Gunners high ground, setting up walkways for possible retreat, and repairing the town walls.[9] Bemoaning the disrepair of power armor in the area, due the the assistance it would have provided with his lack of manpower.[4]

Gunners repeatedly probed the town for weakness, leaving the population vulnerable to repeated attacks, whittling down the defenders.[10] Hollis was aware they had supplies to hold the town but no answer to his call for reinforcements was given.[9][2] Clint's defection spurred by the perceived weakness of the Minutemen[11] quashed any hope of assistance, upon his arrival he attempted to negotiate the surrender of the town, Hollis denied his request shouting at Clint as they headed back to the walls about how he would treat deserters.[12][13]

Clint would leave and later lead the offensive against Quincy. With Clint's help, the Gunners launched a second attack and destroyed the town, killing many. Utilizing the elevation of a partially collapsed highway by demolishing a support, the Gunners began a nighttime attack with the elevation and darkness routing the defenders under Hollis' command.[14][15][11] Preston evaded capture during the battle, leaving Quincy, which collapsed in an hour.[16] Clint ordered Hollis captured alive, and, even with Clint's gun pointed at his head, Hollis still remained loyal to ideals of the Minutemen. Following his death, the Minutemen fell apart, and what was left dissolved. However, fellow minuteman Preston Garvey took over the remnants of the squad and led the surviving settlers away from the battle. Clint's terminal states that the Minutemen were finished, as Hollis was the last real leader of any worth.[11]


Ezra Hollis is mentioned in Fallout 4 and the Creation Club content "Gunners vs. Minutemen."[17]


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