For an overview of glasses in the Fallout series, see Glasses.


Eyeglasses are a piece of eyewear in Fallout 4.


Eyeglasses are black browline glasses that provide no damage resistance and a +1 bonus of Perception.


  • A pair is found in Vault 111, on the same desk where the terminal to unlock the exit tunnels is.
  • A pair is found in Vault 81, in the room where you first talk to Curie (on the shrine to the other dead scientists).
  • A pair can be found worn on a teddy bear sitting at a desk in Suffolk County Charter School.
  • A pair can also be found on a teddy bear in the bathroom of Back Street Apparel.
  • A pair can be found on a skeleton's lap behind the front entrance desk of the Boston Bugle building.
  • A pair can be found on a stairwell in front of a skeleton in Milton General Hospital just before the second elevator you go through.
  • A pair can be found on a deceased feral ghoul inside a Pulowski Preservation shelter outside of D.B. Technical High School just behind the basketball court.


The eyeglasses are identical in appearance to the sunglasses, the only difference being transparent lenses.

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