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Eyebots are a type of robot found in the Capital Wasteland in 2277.


Eyebots are spherical robots with a loudspeaker on the front, electrical zapper below it and several long antennas protruding from the top and back. They are used by the Enclave on the East Coast to broadcast propaganda, presidential speeches, and patriotic music to the people of the Capital Wasteland in the form of Enclave Radio.

Initially, all eyebots are friendly, and will attack enemies that engage the player or other wastelanders. After The Waters of Life quest, or if one engages them in combat, they will be hostile. They are easily destroyed, even with bare fists. Some are destroyed by weak creatures, such as mole rats. When killed, an eyebot will explode, causing minor damage to anything nearby.

Gameplay attributes

The least HP of all the robots in the game. Eyebots can be identified at a distance, as they emit a small buzzing sound from flying and constantly broadcast Enclave Radio.

Name (Form ID)StatisticsBehaviorAbilitiesItems
Experience Points
Hit Points
Damage Resistance
Unaggressive: Will not initiate combat.Icon optional.pngIcon optional.pngIcon optional.png
Foolhardy: Will never flee or avoid anyone.Icon required.pngIcon required.pngIcon required.pngIcon required.png
Gamebryo AI attributes#Assistance
Helps allies: Will help allies.Icon required.pngIcon optional.png
Ranged (1 Damage)
Enclave broadcast effect
Radiation resistance Radiation resist. 100%
Poison resistance Poison resist. 100%

Related quests

  • Eyebot Spectators: Two wastelanders are conversing about an Enclave eyebot. One of the wastelanders calls it creepy, while the other says they like the music, stating it is "nice to hear something more cheerful than what those hippies on GNR always play." The other asks if the Enclave is spying on them through it, says "Hi President Eden!" towards the bot, and then comments that maybe the president will come down for a visit sometime.[1]


  • Eyebots that are disabled using the Robotics Expert perk will hover in the air instead of dropping to the ground.
  • In the scavenger's house by the Charnel House, one can find a deactivated eyebot which can be looted for scrap metal.
  • Crow will give the Lone Wanderer a helmet made out of an eyebot called Crow's eyebot helmet if they invest sufficiently in him during the unmarked quest Merchant Empire.
  • Another version, just called "eyebot helmet," can be found during the final portion of The Waters of Life in the Taft Tunnel. A few raiders can also be seen with these eyebot helmets at certain destroyed Enclave camps.
  • Certain eyebots roaming the wastes may cause a Vertibird to land at the site and drop off a patrol should the player attack it. The chance of this is partially dependent on the player's Luck; a lower Luck makes a higher chance. Approximately 56 of the total 117 eyebots roaming the wastes may cause such an event if destroyed by the player.
  • If Raven Rock is destroyed, the eyebots will stop transmitting Enclave radio messages and only play static. However, the eyebots will still not attack the Lone Wanderer on sight, no matter what their reputation with the Enclave is.
  • Eyebots are neutral to the Lone Wanderer unless they attack an Enclave soldier in an eyebot's presence, or there are Brotherhood of Steel personnel nearby.
  • Eyebots are one of only two types of robot in Fallout 3 that cannot normally be looted once they are destroyed, the other being turrets, as both completely explode after their HP is depleted.
  • It is possible to loot eyebots for scrap metal, but only in cases in which they are killed by a Critical Hit from an energy weapon, since this will turn the eyebot into goo or ash.
  • A collectable model of the Fallout 3 eyebot can be found in Fallout 4.


Eyebots appear in Fallout 3.



  1. Wastelander A: "Creepy, if you ask me. What's it doing out here?"
    Wastelander B: "Hell if I know. Spying on us probably. Nice reception, though. Wish I had speakers like that on my radio."
    Wastelander A: "Yeah. Something kind of soothing about it though. Kind of nice to hear something more cheerful than what those hippies on GNR always play."
    Wastelander B: "Do you think they're watching us through it? "Hi President Eden!" Maybe he'll come down for a visit sometime, ha ha ha."
    (Settler's dialogue)
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