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Eyebots spread President Eden's pre-recorded Enclave message throughout the Capital Wasteland.Fallout 3 loading screen

The eyebot is a hovering all-purpose robot with whip-like radio antennas resembling long "whiskers" pointing to its back and loudspeakers in the front. Uses of eyebots vary and have been known to include the spreading of propaganda, reconnaissance, and surveillance, delivering messages, and even repair and medical services.


One of the more elegant creations of RobCo Industries, the EyeBot is a hovering robot designed for a variety of purposes.[1] On the surface, it was designed for giving consumers instant access to radio and television on the go. It uses a sophisticated antenna array to deliver the latest news bulletins and presidential addresses (among other things) even in subterranean areas, like subways. However, it was also outfitted with advanced facial and auditory recognition technology, making it a useful tool for surveillance and security.[1] Although the design was compact and quite sophisticated, there was still room for expansion: The Enclave attempted to create a line of superior Duraframe EyeBots at Adams Air Force Base, but eventually scrapped the program, leaving one survivor.[2] The automated bases of Hopeville and Ashton later reproduced these robots in number, creating dedicated repair and medical variants, showcasing the potential still remaining in the humble EyeBot.[3]


Floating eye botEdit

FoModel Floating eye
Gameplay articles: Fallout, Fallout 2, Van Buren

These hovering, taser-equipped robots were mostly used as a sentry for important areas in vital facilities, such as the Sierra Army Depot VI.[4] Gametitle-VB The aforementioned taser is mounted on the extending arm below, and can also be used to make repairs.[5][6] Gametitle-JES The mount is also able to be with lasers, shock rods, and tranquilizer guns.[7] Gametitle-VB These machines are motivator (jet) driven, similarly to the Agricola mining robot.[8]


Fo3 Enclave eyebot

Used by the Enclave on the East Coast for broadcasting the Enclave Radio, which consists of propaganda, presidential speeches and patriotic marching music for the people of the Capital Wasteland, these robots are almost harmless to most others, as they have the least health of any robot in the game, and a weapon hardly on par with a AEP7 laser pistol. To player characters of lower level, they can still be dangerous though, and in the later stages of the game, some eyebots will call in Enclave patrols when destroyed.

Icon cut contentThe following is based on Fallout 3 cut content and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Brotherhood Outcast eyebotEdit

Outcast Eyebot

At one point in development, it appeared that the eyebot was a generic robot just like the protectron, etc., as opposed to an Enclave-specific robot. There are textures for an Outcast version (but not a model or unused GECK creature) and textureless models for U.S. Army, Brotherhood, and Enclave versions (the model used in-game is the generic version, not Enclave). None of these robots can be summoned in-game without modding.

Icon cut contentEnd of information based on Fallout 3 cut content.

Eyebot duraframe subject EEdit

Gameplay article: Fallout: New Vegas

The eyebot duraframe subject E (also known as ED-E) is an Enclave eyebot from the East Coast,[9] built by Whitley at Adams Air Force Base. ED-E is a prototype "Duraframe" model and has been enhanced for regular combat as opposed to the original Eyebots, which functions primarily as a mobile radio transmitter, and standard Duraframe models. These enhancements include an additional dish directed sensor, armor plating to protect the side-mounted vacuum tubes, and a front-mounted, miniaturized Tesla cannon for improved offensive capabilities from the standard laser cannon.[10] However, since the war with the Capital Wasteland Brotherhood of Steel necessitated increased production of Enclave Hellfire armor, eyebot production was stopped, and ED-E became the last surviving model. Whitley uploaded an enormous amount of valuable data on Poseidon Energy and his duraframe research into ED-E's logs, then dispatched it on a cross-country journey to Navarro, past Rockville, Hagerstown, The Pitt, Dog Town and many others .[11] ED-E is superior to any other eyebot in combat, both in terms of armor and firepower.

Eyebot duraframe subject E (clone)Edit

ED-E clone
Gameplay article: Fallout: New Vegas

This eyebot is found at the start of the Lonesome Road add on, in the Hopeville silo bunker. He stays with the character throughout and is necessary to progress, opening doors and also commissary terminals for the Courier. Once upgraded (see Camarader-E) his upgrades are sent to the original ED-E in the Mojave. He also has an onboard Workbench and reloading bench (these will be available on ED-E after download of Lonesome Road).

He differs from the original ED-E in that he is armed with an arc welder, and appears to be much less battered, with a fresh-looking paint job, a smaller grill and a cleaner casing. He still retains the same basic characteristics and personality, as he is just a copy of ED-E in another body.

Prototype eyebotEdit

Gameplay article: Fallout: New Vegas

The model for this eyebot is found inside the REPCONN headquarters building, just past the first few rooms of displays, however, it is not operational. It is said to have advanced facial and voice recognition. It also differs from the other models in the way it actually has a screen, instead of a grille at the front (presumably to act as a television screen). It is accompanied by a prototype Mister Handy model, experimental protectron model, and a prototype variant of the sentry bot.

Medical eyebotEdit

Medical eyebot
Gameplay article: Lonesome Road

Medical eyebots appear in the battle against Ulysses, and will constantly heal the damage the player deals to him. Also to note, that the color of their lasers is similar to the one belonging to the AER14 prototype. Only seen in the Divide, the medical eyebots purpose was to assist medical staff in the treatment of patients. After being destroyed they will continually respawn unless the player manually shuts them off.

Repair eyebotEdit

Repair eyebot
Gameplay article: Lonesome Road

Repair eyebots appear in several nuclear silos spread out across The Divide, maintaining everything that needs to be repaired before eventual launches. After being destroyed they will continually respawn unless the player manually shuts them off. Only seen in the Divide, the repair eyebots were most likely used for minor repairs and maintenance while engineers performed the more complicated tasks and repairs.


Gameplay article: Fallout 76

Summoned by the imposter sheepsquatch during Event: Encryptid, the Eyebomb is painted black and red and explodes within proximity to those attack it or the assaultron.

Servomech eyebotEdit

Gameplay article: Automatron

Found only in the Commonwealth, created by The Mechanist, the servomech eyebot's purpose was to spread the Mechanist's message of peace and protection.

Icon cut contentThe following is based on Fallout: New Vegas cut content and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Sunset Sarsaparilla eyebotEdit

Gameplay article: Fallout: New Vegas

This cut content eyebot (baseid 0010470a) was intended to be a sentry alarm, within the Sunset Sarsaparilla factory and warehouse.

Broken eyebotEdit

Gameplay article: Lonesome Road

Cut eyebot, similar in appearance to the destroyed eyebot.

Icon cut contentEnd of information based on Fallout: New Vegas cut content.

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