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Extinguish the Fires of Burham Springs was going to be a quest in Van Buren, the canceled Fallout 3 by Black Isle Studios.[1]


Burham Springs has been on fire for years, with no sign of going out. Unknown to pretty much anyone, the Agricola robots actually do possess fire suppression capabilities. Lt. Gov. Dodge tells the player character that the only way he'd ever consider making an alliance with New Canaan that didn't involve their annexation is if Burham Springs stopped burning. He means this both figuratively and literally. He needs an outpost in the northeast, and Burham Springs is currently unsuitable, as is Salt Lake City. If Burham Springs were "fixed," mining operations could resume and the small town could rebuild.

Character type completion breakdown

  1. Combat, Diplomacy, Stealth Boy - The player character needs to install the Agricola fire suppression module on the central computer in the Agricola lab. The module can be recovered from the Grand Canyon.
  2. Science Boy - The player character needs to either manually modify the AGRICOLA mining robots by using the Agricola fire suppression manual override instructions (Mechanics/Average), or hack the unfinished Agricola fire suppression program located in the central computer (Science/Hard).

Journal Entries

Normal Journal

1 Lt. Gov. Dodge told me that the only way he would ever make a treaty with New Canaan is if Burham Springs stopped burning.
2 The Agricola lab computer apparently has an unfinished program that will make the Agricola MRs put out the mine fires. The program also references a guide somewhere in the lab for manually putting the Agricola MRs into Agricola fire suppression mode.
3 I installed the Agricola fire suppression module in the Agricola Lab computer and the robots started to move around the mines, extinguishing the fires.
4 I used the override guide to manually activate the Agricola MRs' fire suppression mode. They immediately started to move around the mines, extinguishing the fires.
5 I completed the prototype fire suppression program that was floating around in the Agricola lab computer. Once it was finished, the computer transmitted the program to the robots and they started to extinguish fires all over the mines.
6Quest finishedLt. Gov. Dodge was surprised but pleased that the fires at Burham Springs were extinguished. He rewarded me for my efforts and told me that I would be a household name in Hoover Dam.

Dumb Journal

1 Dodge make treaty with New Canaans if Burham Springs get cold again.
2 Computer make robots put out fire... but broken! How to fix is mystery. Computer say man-u-al can make robots put out fire, too.
3 Put fancy computer thingy on other computer. Robots start moving around. They put out fires.
4 Use book to make robots put out fires. They are good robots. They listen to me and go put out fires.
5 Computer think it smarter than me. I show computer. Ha, ha, computer program! Now make robots put out fires! Stupid computer program.
6Quest finishedDodge happy that Burham fires go out. He give me moneys and say everyone like me now! I big hero.