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We need to be sure. We've killed over 20 in the past 2 years and they always seem to come back. And we could never figure out how.Gabriel

Exterminate the deathclaws is an unmarked quest in Fallout.


The Gun Runners want the Vault Dweller to exterminate the deathclaws that infest the deathclaw warehouse between their Fortress and the rest of the Boneyard.

To complete this quest, the Vault Dweller will have to kill the mother deathclaw and all her offspring, as well as destroy all four deathclaw eggs in the basement where the mother resides. In return, the Vault Dweller can ask either for weapons for themselves, or for the Blades, additionally completing the quest to get weapons for the Blades.



  • If the Vault Dweller chooses to kill Razor and/or make the Blades hostile, Gun Runners will become hostile as well, preventing access to this quest.
  • The basement the deathclaw mother resides in has no light sources, and thus the chances of hitting with guns will be reduced without Night Vision or the use of flares. The chance of hitting the deathclaw eggs is not reduced, despite them being in the same dark corner the mother deathclaw is found in.
  • Even if the eggs and the mother are killed, there might be a deathclaw at the top of the sector.


PCPC After completing the quest, move out of the sector and run back to the Gun Runners' territory in less than two days. Then the Vault Dweller may be able to gain 1000 XP each time they do so. [verified]