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Explosives is a skill in Fallout 3, replacing the Traps and Throwing skills from previous games. Its governing primary statistic is Perception. It determines the damage done by Explosives, ability of handling explosive traps.

Initial level

Example: A starting Perception of 5 and Luck of 5.


"The best way to solve a problem is to make it go away."

The Explosives skill governs the ability to use all mines, grenades and Explosives skill based weapons (excluding missiles and mini nukes - see Big Guns).

The higher your skill, the higher the damage you inflict. The Explosives skill also affects the distance and accuracy of a thrown bomb (e.g. frag grenade, pulse grenade etc.)

The player's Explosives skill determines how close you can get to a mine before it detects you, as well as how long the mine will take before it explodes. There does not appear to be a minimum Explosives skill necessary to disarm a mine, so long as you can run up and activate it fast enough.

Ways to increase Explosives


Affected weapons

Perks that require Explosives skill

Perk Required Level Additional Requirements
Demolition Expert 50 6 -
Pyromaniac 60 12 -

Interactions that require Explosives skill

Specific levels of Explosives are required to disarm certain explosive-based traps.

Note: The Repair skill is used to disarm any trip wires or pressure plates associated with traps.