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The explosive collar is a piece of headwear in Fallout: New Vegas.


Most commonly used on slaves as an incentive to be obedient and not try to leave without a say-so. They explode via remote trigger, but will also explode if someone attempts to interfere with the collar's wiring as it will activate a self-destruct function.


The Brotherhood of Steel will force the Courier to equip one when they first meet in the Hidden Valley bunker as a way to make sure the Courier does not reveal their location to the enemy (unless the Courier is accompanied by Veronica Santangelo). The captives in Dead Money, as well as Mrs. Weathers and her two children, Kenny Weathers, and Sammy Weathers from the quest Left My Heart are also equipped with them.


  • Elijah hypothesizes that they may have been made pre-War, used by corporations that had "compliance issues."
  • There are various kinds of explosive collar; see the overview for a breakdown.
  • Spawning this item in the console then fast traveling to another location will cause one's head to explode instantly after the loading sequence. This will happen even if one is not equipped with the collar. Giving the collar to a companion will still cause this result.
  • If one causes Elijah to explode the collar in Dead Money, one is awarded credit for the kills of the other collars, contributing to perks such as Lord Death.
  • During the Still in the Dark quest, one can repair pieces of light headgear with the collar. This will not remove the explosive collar, requiring the Jury Rigging perk.