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The Experiment log J-32 is a series of paper notes in Fallout 4.


All four notes can be found at Swan's Pond.

  • Logs 1 and 6 can be found on the crate next to the blue patio chair at the entrance to the shack.
  • Log 14 is found on the cinderblock next to the bench just inside the shack.
  • Log 21 is found in the back of the shack, on the ground between the steamer trunk, a radioactive barrel, and the Swan's wing.


Experiment log J-32, day 1

Experiment log J-32 day 1.png

Edgar Swann
Day 1

So I nipped a few cigs. Big deal. Smartasses may run this place, but they can't just do whatever they want. I got rights. Trial worked out for me in the end.

They agreed to "probation" - I stay inside for a month, write something every day, and they'll bring me all the food and water I want. They think this is punishment? Sure beats scrubbing floors all day.

Experiment log J-32, day 6

Experiment log J-32 day 6.png

Edgar Swann
Day 6

Should have known something was wrong when they came back for more tests. Every bone in my body aches. I'm on edge all the time. Jittery. Can barely write. But my mind's just racing. Dammit, what's going on? What'd they do to me?

Experiment log J-32, day 14

Experiment log J-32 day 14.png

Edgar Swann
Day 14

My physiological evolution seems to have stabilized. The medical team says my muscle mass has more than tripled since the experiment began, and my neural efficiency has improved markedly. This particular strain of modified FEV has been a remarkable success - I appear to have received all of the anticipated benefits without the typical adverse effects.

My application to join the research team is awaiting the Director's approval. Although further tests may be in order, I hope to be able to assist with my own experiment in the coming days.

Experiment log J-32, day 21

Experiment log J-32 day 21.png

Edgar Swann
Day 21

Seizures continue. After the second one this morning, I was ordered back to the observation lab for further study.

My prognosis is poor. I made the discovery myself. The viral strain I was infected with is fundamentally unstable. My mental capacity peaked two days ago, and has begun rapidly deteriorating. The seizures are just the beginning.

Will they reject me like all the others?