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This Expedition takes players to the irradiated ruins of Pittsburgh, now known far and wide as simply The Pitt. First introduced to players in Fallout 3, the devastated Pennsylvanian city has become dominated by mutated monstrosities and other threats. See what opportunities (and dangers) await in this new locale when this Expedition embarks for Fallout 76 in 2022!fallout.bethesda.net (archived)

Expeditions: The Pitt, also known as Fallout 76: The Pitt,[1] is the thirteenth major update for Fallout 76, released on September 13, 2022. It was preceded by Test Your Metal and was followed by Nuka-World on Tour.

It features the former city of Pittsburgh as part of the Expeditions feature. It also includes the tenth season and various new quests.


  • Season 10: City of Steel
  • Introduction of the Expeditions feature, with two missions centered in The Pitt: Union Dues and From Ashes to Fire.
  • The Whitespring Resort has been converted into two sections; the upper floor is the refuge which now houses NPCs. The bottom floor for the shopping area is now walled off and requires a load screen.
  • A new currency called stamps and a vendor named Giuseppe Della Ripa.
  • Certain locations on the map, such as the Whitespring, the Crater, Foundation, Fort Atlas and the Rusty Pick, can now be fast traveled into their interiors, saving loading times.
  • The Rusty Pick no longer requires caps to fast travel.
  • New players get some extra supplies, such as healing items and crafting items, when they leave Vault 76 to help them with the early parts of the game.
  • Known plans are now listed on the bottom of the list of vendor inventories so that players no longer need to scroll for new plans.
  • Three new trophies/achievements.
  • An extra Atoms challenge to kill 76 human-like enemies.
  • Several favorable changes were made to "rotating" melee weapons:
    • The Auto axe was added to the game, and "miscellaneous" melee weapons can now be legendary crafted, which means legendary rippers are no longer considered legacies.
    • Rotating melee weapons, including the newly-added auto axe, received huge damage buffs and AP cost nerfs.
    • The Ripper, chainsaw, and drill can now spawn as level 50 items.
    • The damage of "miscellaneous" melee weapons now scales with the Strength stat.
    • "Miscellaneous" melee weapons are now properly affected with the appropriate perks.
    • The Swing Speed legendary effect and Martial Artist perk now (allegedly) affect rotating melee weapons.


After the Great War, the ruins of Pittsburgh became known as the Pitt. It is the site of a conflict between the industrious survivors known as the Union and the raider gang known as the Fanatics.

Meanwhile, former Vault Dwellers from Appalachia's Vault 76 head to the Whitespring Resort, discovering that a new generation of Responders have arrived and dedicated to take over and renovate the building. The Vault Dwellers learn that the Union is in trouble and visit its ruins via a Vertibird to help out the survivors.


The development of the update was overseen by Jeff Gardiner, who also supervised the Fallout 3 add-on The Pitt.[2] Art director Jonathan Rush created storyboards and concept art for the update and its teaser trailer, with environment artist Connor McCampbell contributing to the worldbuilding of the teaser's scene.[3]

The Expeditions: The Pitt teaser trailer features glimpses of a story that is not part of the actual update. A group known as Expedition Squad Delta, made up of a vertibird pilot and soldiers Miller and Hernandez, arrived in the city. The expeditioners were attacked and killed by local creatures, leaving the pilot unaware of their whereabouts.[4] According to Steve Massey, this teaser trailer was just a "look and feel" trailer, and was not part of any cut storyline.[5] Because of this, the canonicity of the teaser trailer's story is unclear.

Voiceover recording and direction for Expeditions: The Pitt began in April 2022 and ended in early June.[6] Most of the recording was done in-studio, though some voiceover was performed remotely.[7] Phillip Reich was the sole voice director on the update.[8]


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Whitespring Refuge[]

Name Dialogue file Dead Spawned Essential Doctor Merchant Form ID Ref ID Location
Anxious refugee Dialogue 00653247 ???????? Whitespring Refuge
Awkward refugee Dialogue 00653245 ???????? Whitespring Refuge
Bitter lover Dialogue 0064A8FC ???????? Whitespring Refuge
Clown Dialogue 00653247 ???????? Whitespring Refuge
Combat instructor Dialogue 00653238 ???????? Whitespring Refuge
Comic book expert Dialogue 00653247 ???????? Whitespring Refuge
Comic book genius Dialogue 00653247 ???????? Whitespring Refuge
Construction worker Dialogue 0065324C ???????? Whitespring Refuge
Creative patriot Dialogue 00653245 ???????? Whitespring Refuge
Dentist Dialogue 0065324B ???????? Whitespring Refuge
Desperate refugee Dialogue 00653245 ???????? Whitespring Refuge
Enthusiastic collector Dialogue 00653247 ???????? Whitespring Refuge
Esme Rousseau Dialogue 00621FD7 006367E5 Whitespring Refuge
Initiate Ellison Dialogue 0063F9EC 0063F9EE Whitespring Refuge
Frustrated nurse Dialogue ???????? ???????? Whitespring Refuge
Giuseppe Della Ripa Dialogue 00639670 0063D37F Whitespring Refuge
Hopeful refugee Dialogue 00653247 ???????? Whitespring Refuge
Lennox Dialogue 0062B352 0062B354 Whitespring Refuge
Longing refugee Dialogue 00653246 ???????? Whitespring Refuge
Mr. Makeover Dialogue 00654958 ???????? Whitespring Refuge
Novice innovator Dialogue 00653245 ???????? Whitespring Refuge
Orlando Dialogue 00621FD5 0062D52A Whitespring Refuge
Paranoid refugee Dialogue 00653247 ???????? Whitespring Refuge
Partygoer Dialogue 00653247
???????? Whitespring Refuge
Raider representative Dialogue 006367E3 006367EE Whitespring Refuge
Ranger Dialogue 00653238 ???????? Whitespring Refuge
Refugees Dialogue Various Various Whitespring Refuge
Resentful lover Dialogue 00653249 ???????? Whitespring Refuge
Responders Dialogue Various Various Whitespring Refuge
Responder custodian Dialogue 0065324C ???????? Whitespring Refuge
Responder janitor Dialogue 0065324C ???????? Whitespring Refuge
Responder medic Dialogue 0063D6A6 0063D6A8 Whitespring Refuge
Responder recruiter Dialogue 00653249 ???????? Whitespring Refuge
Robot barkeep Dialogue 0065450C ???????? Whitespring Refuge
Roy Lopez Dialogue 00642340 ???????? Whitespring Refuge
Rucker Dialogue 0062F60A 0062F612 Whitespring Refuge
Rusty Protectron Dialogue 00654884 ???????? Whitespring Refuge
Settler representative Dialogue 006367E4 006367EF Whitespring Refuge
Skippy Roerich Dialogue 0062F60B 0062F611 Whitespring Refuge
Sophie Wagoner Dialogue 0063C107 0063D5F3 Whitespring Refuge
Suspicious refugee Dialogue 00653245 ???????? Whitespring Refuge
Thirsty refugee Dialogue 00653248 ???????? Whitespring Refuge
Whitespring greeter Dialogue 006482D7 00646883 Whitespring Refuge

The Pitt[]

Name Dialogue file Dead Spawned Essential Doctor Merchant Form ID Ref ID Location
Ava Rose Dialogue 0064F919 0064F91B The Pitt - Trench
Danilo Dialogue 00648284 00648286 The Pitt - Trench
Fanatic skeptic Dialogue ???????? ???????? The Pitt - Trench
Hex Dialogue 00631F59 00631F5C The Pitt - Industrial
Laborer Dialogue 0065EAE9 0065EAEB The Pitt - Sanctum
Morley No 0066403C 0066403B The Pitt - Trench
Ning No Yes ???????? ???????? The Pitt - Industrial
Pilot corpse No Yes 00660B79 00661565 The Pitt - Industrial
Survivor Dialogue 0066EFB5 ???????? The Pitt - Trench
Union saboteur Dialogue 006472B3 006472B4 The Pitt - Industrial
Wicker Dialogue 00633E93 00633E95 The Pitt - The Penn


  • Union
    • Union fighter
    • Union worker
    • Union sniper
    • Union medic
    • Union beggar
    • Union naysayer
    • Union scavenger
    • Union prisoner
    • Union saboteur


  • Fanatics
    • Fanatic pistoleer
    • Fanatic sharpshooter
    • Fanatic troublemaker
    • Fanatic crusher
    • Fanatic bombardier
    • Fanatic renegade
    • Fanatic conqueror
    • Fanatic engineer Union Dues
    • Fanatic manhunter Union Dues
      • Fanatic elite manhunter Union Dues
    • Fanatic chemist Union Dues
    • Fanatic warden Union Dues From Ashes to Fire High level character
    • Fanatic scout From Ashes to Fire
    • Fanatic hopeful From Ashes to Fire
    • Fanatic harrower From Ashes to Fire
      • Fanatic elite harrower From Ashes to Fire
    • Fanatic foreman From Ashes to Fire High level character
    • Fanatic skeptic From Ashes to Fire
  • Protectron
    • Fanatic Protectron
    • Fanatic Protectron suicider
  • Trog
    • Trog fledgling
    • Trog devourer High level character
      • Trog striker High level character
    • Trog superior
    • Glowing trog




Armor and clothing[]




Giuseppe's inventory:


Name Quest Editor ID Form ID
Text "Mission Critical" is a joke! XPD_Pitt02_ChemistNote2 0065DFBB
Text A farewell to Pittsburgh XPD_Pitt01_AFarewellToPittsburghNote 006697F0
Text Ava's journal XPD_Pitt02_Note_AvasJournal01 0065C0D0
Text Bad omens XPD_Pitt02_Note_BadOmens 0065C0D2
Text Chemist note XPD_Pitt02_ChemistNote1 0065DFB9
Text Chemist's orders XPD_Pitt01_ChemistsOrdersNote 0063E33F
Text Concerned employee XPD_Pitt02_ConcernedEmployeeNote 0066E176
Text Correspondence chess XPD_Pitt01_CorrespondenceChessNote 0063E341
Text Dominance XPD_Pitt02_FanaticNote01 0065450D
Text Don't worry XPD_Pitt01_PreWarNote01 00667EF1
Text Double dealings XPD_Pitt01_HiddenCrate_DoubleDealingsNote 00644A60
Text Fanatic manhunter's note XPD_Pitt01_HiddenCrate_ManhuntersNote 00644A61
Text Fanatic thief's note XPD_Pitt01_HiddenCrate_FanaticThiefNote 00644A5D
Text Few more days XPD_Pitt02_HopefulNote01 00653FE2
Text Forgive me XPD_Pitt01_FanaticNote01 00667EF0
Text Get well soon Margaret XPD_Pitt02_Note_GetWellSoonMargaret 0066835A
Text Getting through XPD_Pitt01_UnionNote02 00667878
Text Good luck 76Chargen_ExitSuppliesNote 0066EFC7
Text Goodbye Cliffy XPD_Pitt02_FanaticNote02 0065450E
Text Hearing things XPD_Pitt02_FanaticNote05 006547F9
Text Hellcat contract XPD_Pitt01_HellcatContractNote 006697EF
Text I'm getting out of this town XPD_Pitt01_GettingOutNote 0063E342
Text It rang XPD_Pitt01_PreWarNote02 006689B1
Text Janitor notes XPD_Pitt02_JanitorNote1 0065DFB8
Text Labor yard openings XPD_Pitt02_Note_LaborYardOpenings 00668359
Text Memo to team XPD_Pitt02_MemoNote01 00653FE0
Text My noose XPD_Pitt02_Note_MyNoose 0065C0CF
Text My sweet baby boy XPD_Pitt01_SweetBabyBoyNote 0063E33E
Text Ness Myers XPD_Pitt02_LaborerNote03 0065378C
Text New shipment: heads up XPD_Pitt01_HiddenCrate_NewShipmentNote 00644A5E
Text Nighttime XPD_Pitt02_LaborerNote02 0065378B
Text No escape XPD_Pitt02_LaborerNote04 0065378D
Text Office pranks memo XPD_Pitt02_Note_MemoRegardingOfficePranks 0066835B
Text Pitt. Union Railroad worker note XPD_Pitt02_RailroadWorkerNote 0065DFBA
Text Priest's letter XPD_Pitt02_PriestLetter01 006547F8
Text Product ID cheat sheet XPD_Pitt02_Note_ProductIdCheatSheet 0066835C
Text Safe haven XPD_Pitt02_Note_SafeHaven 0065C0D1
Text Scavenger's journal XPD_Pitt01_HiddenCrate_ScavengersJournal 00644A5F
Text Scrapbot recovery log XPD_Pitt01_HiddenCrate_ScrapbotRecoveryLog 00644A62
Text Sealed away XPD_Pitt02_LaborerNote01 0065378A
Text Shopping list XPD_Pitt01_ShoppingListNote 0063E33C
Text Sore all over XPD_Pitt01_SurvivorNote01 00667877
Text Stolen supplies Cut content XPD_Pitt01_HiddenCrate_ObjectiveNote 0064C666
Text Test results XPD_Pitt02_FanaticNote03 0065450F
Text The Hellcats' new assignment XPD_Pitt02_Note_HellcatsNewAssignment 006686DC
Text Time enough at last XPD_Pitt01_TimeEnoughAtLast 00668D00
Text Tonight's entertainment XPD_Pitt02_FanaticNote04 00654510
Text Top donors XPD_Pitt02_DonorListNote_01 00653FE1
Text To-do: Cut content XPD_Hub_Debbie_ToDoList 0062FE8F
Text Trogs XPD_Pitt02_Note_Trogs 0065C0D3
Text Union missive XPD_Pitt01_UnionMissiveNote 0063E33D
Text Wall instructions XPD_Pitt02_Notebook01 00653789
Text Warden's note XPD_Pitt01_WardensNote 0063E340
Text Warning shots XPD_Pitt01_UnionNote01 00667876
Text Waste storage memo XPD_Pitt02_Note_WasteStorageInstructions 0066E177
Text Wishlist XPD_Pitt01_UnionNote03 006689B0


Name Related quest Editor ID Form ID
Sound Fanatic slayer's holotape XPD_Pitt01_FanaticSlayer_Holotape 0064B910
Sound Striker's log 01: Mission brief XPD_Pitt01_StrikersLog_Holotape01 0064B90C
Sound Striker's log 02: Pursuit XPD_Pitt01_StrikersLog_Holotape02 0064B90D
Sound Striker's log 03: Lion's den XPD_Pitt01_StrikersLog_Holotape03 0064B90E
Sound Striker's log 04: Failure XPD_Pitt01_StrikersLog_Holotape04 0064B90F
Sound Runner's log 01: Career change XPD_Pitt02_RunnersLog_Holotape_01 0065F75F
Sound Runner's log 02: White lies XPD_Pitt02_RunnersLog_Holotape_02 0065F760
Sound Runner's log 03: Too much XPD_Pitt02_RunnersLog_Holotape_03 0065F761
Sound Runner's log 04: Lambs to the slaughter XPD_Pitt02_RunnersLog_Holotape_04 0065F762


Img Name
(Editor ID)
Opens Found / in possession of Related quest Form ID
Quantum key Prison key
Cells for Union captives in the Foundry and the Sanctum Fanatic warden Union Dues
From Ashes to Fire

World objects[]


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Icon Name Location(s) Given by Reward Editor ID Form ID
ExpeditionsTP generic quest Responders Reborn The Whitespring Resort Orlando XPD_Hub_Responders 0062F5D6


Icon Name Location(s) Given by Reward Editor ID Form ID
The Pitt Union Dues Union Dues The Pitt Hex XPD_Pitt01_Mission 006274EC
From Ashes to Fire From Ashes to Fire The Pitt Danilo XPD_Pitt02_Mission 00648280


Icon Name Location(s) Given by Reward Editor ID Form ID
ExpeditionsTP generic quest A Refugee's Guide The Whitespring Refuge Skippy Roerich XPD_Fuel_ARefugeesGuide 0063D33F
ExpeditionsTP generic quest Code Blue The Whitespring Refuge Rucker XPD_Fuel_CodeBlue 0063BED4
ExpeditionsTP generic quest Mutual Aid The Whitespring Refuge Sophie Wagoner XPD_Fuel_Mutual 0063D5BD
ExpeditionsTP generic quest Recipe for Success The Whitespring Refuge Esme Rousseau XPD_Fuel_Recipe 00621FB7


Achievement Description Achievement points / Gamerscore Trophy type PC/PS4 Image Xbox Image
Welcome to The Pitt Lead and complete "Union Dues" and "From Ashes to Fire" 30 Gamerscore Bronze Welcome To The Pitt trophy Welcome To The Pitt Xbox achievement
Seeking Refuge Complete 10 Favors for people in The Whitespring Refuge 30 Gamerscore Bronze Seeking Refuge trophy Seeking Refuge Xbox achievement
Troglodiced Kill 100 Trogs with an Auto Axe 30 Gamerscore Bronze Troglodiced trophy Troglodiced Xbox achievement


Promotional images[]


Concept art[]



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