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This Expedition takes players to the irradiated ruins of Pittsburgh, now known far and wide as simply The Pitt. First introduced to players in Fallout 3, the devastated Pennsylvanian city has become dominated by mutated monstrosities and other threats. See what opportunities (and dangers) await in this new locale when this Expedition embarks for Fallout 76 in 2022!fallout.bethesda.net

Expeditions: The Pitt is part of a future update for Fallout 76. It features the former city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is slated for release in 2022.


During the Great War, the Pennsylvanian city of Pittsburgh was hit by nuclear bombs. Now known far and wide as the Pitt, it is dominated by mutated monstrosities and other perilous threats. Former residents of Appalachia's Vault 76 will visit its ruins.[1]


Overall, Expeditions are story driven, repeatable missions to various exciting locales in the Fallout universe - starting with The Pitt in 2022.




Behind the scenes

Expeditions: The Pitt was overseen by Jeff Gardiner, who supervised the original Pitt DLC.<ref>'Fallout 76: The Pitt': Bethesda Teases More Details About New Expansion: "


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