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This Expedition takes players to the irradiated ruins of Pittsburgh, now known far and wide as simply The Pitt. First introduced to players in Fallout 3, the devastated Pennsylvanian city has become dominated by mutated monstrosities and other threats. See what opportunities (and dangers) await in this new locale when this Expedition embarks for Fallout 76 in 2022!Fallout.bethesda.net (Archived)

Expeditions: The Pitt is the upcoming thirteenth major update for Fallout 76. It features the former city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It follows Test Your Metal and will be followed by Nuka-World on Tour.


  • Season 10
  • The Whitespring Resort has been converted into two sections; the upper floor is the refuge which now houses NPCs. The bottom floor for the shopping area is now walled off and requires a load screen.
  • A new currency called stamps and a vendor named Giuseppe Della Ripa.
  • Certain locations on the map, such as Crater, Foundation, Fort Atlas and the Rusty Pick, can now be fast traveled into their interiors, saving loading times.
  • The Rusty Pick no longer requires caps to fast travel.
  • New players get some extra supplies, such as healing items and crafting items, when they leave Vault 76 to help them with the early parts of the game.
  • Known plans are now listed on the bottom of the list of vendor inventories so that players no longer need to scroll for new plans.
  • The in-game camera has a "no save" option so that taking photos, such as for dailies, no longer need to be manually deleted after in the Gallery.


After the Great War, the ruins of Pittsburgh became known as the Pitt. It is the site of a conflict between the industrious survivors known as the Union and the raider gang known as the Fanatics.

Meanwhile, former Vault Dwellers from Appalachia's Vault 76 head to the Whitespring Resort, discovering that a new generation of Responders have arrived and dedicated to take over and renovate the building. The Vault Dwellers learn that the Union is in trouble and visit its ruins via a helicopter to help out the survivors.


Overall, Expeditions are story driven, repeatable missions to various locations, starting with the Pitt in 2022. There will be new rewards. The Pitt will be accessed by a new hub in Whitespring. According to the roadmap update, there will be interactable NPCs with quests and dialogue trees. The Vault Dwellers communicate with Hex.


The development of the update was overseen by Jeff Gardiner, who also supervised the Fallout 3 add-on The Pitt.[1] Art director Jonathan Rush created storyboards and concept art for the update and its trailer, with environment artist Connor McCampbell contributing to the worldbuilding of the trailer's scene.[2]


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The Whitespring Refuge

Name Dialogue file Dead Spawned Essential Doctor Merchant Form ID Ref ID Location
Awkward refugee Dialogue ???????? ???????? The Whitespring Refuge
Combat instructor Dialogue ???????? ???????? The Whitespring Refuge
Comic book expert Dialogue ???????? ???????? The Whitespring Refuge
Esme Rousseau Dialogue ???????? ???????? The Whitespring Refuge
Initiate Ellison Dialogue ???????? ???????? The Whitespring Refuge
Giuseppe Della Ripa Dialogue ???????? ???????? The Whitespring Refuge
Lennox Dialogue ???????? ???????? The Whitespring Refuge
Novice innovator Dialogue ???????? ???????? The Whitespring Refuge
Orlando Dialogue ???????? ???????? The Whitespring Refuge
Paranoid refugee Dialogue ???????? ???????? The Whitespring Refuge
Raider representative Dialogue ???????? ???????? The Whitespring Refuge
Ranger Dialogue ???????? ???????? The Whitespring Refuge
Refugees Dialogue Various Various The Whitespring Refuge
Responders Dialogue Various Various The Whitespring Refuge
Responder medic Dialogue ???????? ???????? The Whitespring Refuge
Rucker Dialogue ???????? ???????? The Whitespring Refuge
Settler representative Dialogue ???????? ???????? The Whitespring Refuge
Skippy Roerich Dialogue ???????? ???????? The Whitespring Refuge
Sophie Wagoner Dialogue ???????? ???????? The Whitespring Refuge
Suspicious refugee Dialogue ???????? ???????? The Whitespring Refuge
Thirsty refugee Dialogue ???????? ???????? The Whitespring Refuge

The Pitt

Name Dialogue file Dead Spawned Essential Doctor Merchant Form ID Ref ID Location
Danilo ???????? ???????? The Pitt
Hex ???????? ???????? The Pitt
Wicker ???????? ???????? The Pitt





Armor and clothing

  • Union power armor




Name Quest Editor ID Form ID

"Mission Critical" is a joke! ????????
Ava's journal ????????
Bad omens ????????
Chemist note ????????
Chemist's orders ????????
Correspondence chess ????????
Dominance ????????
Correspondence chess ????????
Double dealings ????????
Fanatic manhunter's note ????????
Fanatic thief's note ????????
Few more days ????????
Goodbye Cliffy ????????
Hearing things ????????
I'm getting out of this town ????????
Janitor notes ????????
Memo to team ????????
My noose ????????
My sweet baby boy ????????
Ness Meyers ????????
New shipment: heads up ????????
Nighttime ????????
No escape ????????
Pitt. Union Railroad worker note ????????
Priest's letter ????????
Safe haven ????????
Scavenger's journal ????????
Scrapbot recovery log ????????
Sealed away ????????
Shopping list ????????
Stolen supplies ????????
Test results ????????
Tonight's entertainment ????????
Top donors ????????
To-Do: ????????
Trogs ????????
Union missive ????????
Wall instructions ????????
Warden's note ????????

World objects

  • Steel ingot


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