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Exodus is a paper note in Fallout 76, introduced in the Night of the Moth update. It is one of six sacred tomes belonging to the Enlightened.


The note can be found in the church of Point Pleasant in a display case to the left of the pulpit.


Exodus of the Enlightened
as told to Interpreter Michaela by Wise Pearl the Augur

It came to pass that the worshippers of the Pretender Mothman, Wise Charles then being among their number, did attempt to summon the Mothman and receive his glory. Charles alone heard the Whispers of the Wise Mothman, and bore his warning of fire and flood, and guided his brethren to safety in the Lucky Hole Mine.

The mine sheltered the Mothman's faithful through apocalypse, but there they turned to darker worship, and the time came for Wise Charles to see past the visions of the Dim Ones to the greater Truth bestowed by the Wise Mothman. Some listened, and Heard, and when they could no more bear the corruption and falsehoods of those who were once their brethren, the Enlightened left behind the lies of the Deceiver.

The world was wild and dark, and many horrors awaited the Enlightened in the lands outside the safety of the mine. Dark beasts and strange pestilence stalked the land, and some among the Enlightened fell to their knees, crying, What has become of our home? Why have we survived, when all is lost? Are we forsaken? They called out to Charles to return to the mine, and reject the Truth, saying there was nothing for them here.

Wise Charles smiled upon them then, and the Light of the Mothman's Wisdom shone as he spake to them, saying there was safety beyond the hills they had known. A Lantern awaited them, a beacon of safety and home for those that had heard the Truth and been Enlightened. He would guide them, and they would fear neither beast nor plague, and would pass beyond the reach of the Dim Ones and the influence of the Pretender, the Deceiver.

So did the Enlightened journey from the bounds of the West Virginia that was, into lands untouched by the Scorched plague. There they founded their church, naming it The Lantern as had been foreseen. Its light shines in darkness, a symbol of a Truth no shadow can conquer, and it calls to the Wise Mothman wherever he may be, telling him, Here are Those Who Hear Your Truth.

Long may The Lantern shine against the ignorance of the world, and never may the Dim Ones and the falsehoods of the Red-Eyed Pretender snuff out its beacon.


  • The note cannot be picked up.
  • When interacting with the note to read it, the title will show simply as "Sacred Tome," just like the other five tomes found in the church.
  • In order to read the note, The Mothman Equinox seasonal event must be completed six times. Otherwise, a message will appear, stating that the player character is not ready to gaze upon the book.