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If the Sierra Madre assigned people to floors, she's got to have been sent to Vera's room, right? That's irony for you.Dean Domino

The executive suites are an unmarked location within the Sierra Madre Casino & Resort in the Sierra Madre in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Dead Money.


Before the Great War, as the resort was being constructed, Frederick Sinclair opted to have a secret elevator connected to the underground vault built into the suite he assigned to his lover Vera Keyes, programming its audio lock security to only open when the code phrase was spoken in her voice alone.

One of the staff members in the suites' private kitchen discovered the heat retention of the cosmic knives they'd received from Big MT when one was accidentally left on an active burner and still remained red-hot minutes after being taken off.[1] That staffer later wrote down a recipe for their creation and logged it on a terminal in the suites, where they also suggested they might try selling their discovery to the military.

After the Courier started up the Gala Event in 2281 and opened the doors to the resort, Dog and God, Dean Domino, and Christine Royce attempted to get inside as well, only to be subdued by the interior security systems. The three of them were then moved to different areas based on criteria of the system, with the Circle of Steel assassin ending up in the suites.[2]


The executive suites are reached via elevator from the hotel lobby (the elevator is near the top of the curved stairs in the lobby). The floor is a linear maze of rooms, some of which are accessible only through holes that were blown through adjoining walls to other rooms, and is patrolled by three starlet security holograms. Aside from the security holograms, there are also several radios and some small patches of Cloud.

The floor has several rooms of note. A service room where hotel staff would have worked contains laundry machines, a workbench and crafting supplies, and two terminals on the desks at the far side of the room from where the player character first enters. There is also an ambitiously equipped room for hotel security, with a hunting shotgun, an automatic rifle, several suits of Sierra Madre armor in the lockers, and a closet full of various ammunition (the terminal on the desk unlocks the door to the closet). There is also a kitchen (presumably for room service) that has an electric hot plate for crafting.

A set of double doors along one of the hallways leads to the suite that Vera Keyes had occupied (the doors are unlocked). Inside, a door to the left opens to the bedroom (where Christine is). There is also a bar to the right that has some alcohol and a chemistry set which is capable of making several stimpaks, or a bundle of Psycho, Buffout, Mentats, Steady, and Rebound.

After learning some of Dean's history with Vera while dealing with him downstairs in the Tampico theater, the player character will learn more information about Vera herself through dialogue with Christine and records from the Auto-Doc. Vera's skeleton is sitting in a chair next to the bed, still dressed in her signature outfit. On the floor in front of her, there are several syringes of Med-X. Next to the bar is a door with a terminal. The terminal will unlock the door to a short hallway with several more dressers and an elevator.

In the hallway taken to Vera's room, a little farther down the hall from Vera's suite, there is an intersection with another hallway and a skeleton lying on the floor next to a Sierra Madre helmet and a security keycard.

Hologram emitter locations[]

Three starlet holograms patrol the executive suites. It is possible to pass the area without alerting the holograms by sneaking past them, or by dealing with the emitters. A Repair skill of 75 is required to disable each hologram's emitter, or the emitters can be destroyed by firing at them with a weapon. The emitters are found in the following locations:

  • Inside the restroom of the far northeast suite.
  • Inside the far northwest suite, beside the door to the bedroom.
  • Inside the far southwestern suite, just to the west of the large dresser.

Each emitter is concealed by an open door that covers the wall on which the emitter is located. The door must be closed before the emitter can be accessed.

Notable loot[]

  • Schematics for the Cosmic knife super-heated - In the laundry room with the workbench, on an Easy-locked terminal. All the items needed to make the item are found in the room, except for the knife itself (the forceps are in a semi-hidden wooden crate on top of one of the washing machines).
  • Suites maintenance key - In the laundry room with the workbench, on a table next to the emergency network terminal. Opens the laundry room exit & two other doors in the suites.
  • Suites security password note - On a dining table in a room in the NW section of the suites. Gives access to the maintenance network terminal in the laundry room.
  • Suites security pass - Next to a skeleton in front of the East vending machine, in the same hallway as the entrance to Vera's suite.
  • 300+ Sierra Madre chips - Inside the bedroom on the SE corner of the suites (doorway is blocked by a small toxic cloud), inside the suitcase sitting on the bed.
  • A set of metal armor and a reinforced metal helmet - Inside the bedroom on the SE corner of the suites (doorway is blocked by a small toxic cloud), inside the locked closet.
  • A copy of Big Book of Science - In Vera's suite, on the bookshelf to the left of the door to the bedroom.
  • Queen of Clubs - Sierra Madre - In Vera's suite, in the bedroom near the bed. Required for the Dead Man's Hand challenge.
  • Vera Keyes' audition - In Vera's suite, in the bedroom in the dresser.
  • Two sets of Vera's outfit - In Vera's suite; one on her dead body in the bedroom, one in the safe near the elevator to the vault.
  • A full set of Sierra Madre armor, reinforced - Both a reinforced helmet & set of armor can be found in the security office in the NW corner of the suites, locked inside the security closet which requires hacking (50 Science) the nearby terminal to unlock.
  • Sierra Madre helmet - Found by a skeleton in the SE section of the suites; the hallway north of Vera's room.
  • Lever-action shotgun - Found in the security closet with the reinforced armor. Requires hacking the Average-locked terminal nearby to unlock.
  • Hunting shotgun - Inside the security office in the NW corner of the suites, sitting on some white shelves (alongside some ammunition) by the exit door.

Related quests[]


  • As the resort is largely sealed up from the Cloud, the beds in the suites are one of the few places in Dead Money where one can sleep.
  • In one room is a reinforced metal helmet and a suit of standard metal armor, which are post-War creations, whereas Elijah is the only known person that has entered the sealed resort since the Great War. This is most likely an oversight by the developers.
  • "Metallic Monks" will play when unlocking the hermetically sealed door.


The executive suites appear only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Dead Money.