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The Excelsior Model Home is a location in the Mire region of Appalachia.


A model home that was constructed in a relatively remote part of the Appalachian forest before the Great War. The home was constructed by the owner that still lived there for a full year before the GECK explosion at Vault 94 in 2078 transformed the normal forest into The Mire.[1] The home's foundation that was constructed to sit on solid ground tilted sideways in the mud and water of the newly created swamp. This caused the homeowner to abandon the sunk cost of the sinking home shortly after. Over time, the strangler plant's vines wrapped and tore through the building and its foundations; nearly splitting it in two by 2103.


The Excelsior Model Home is a ruined two-story structure. The ground floor is mostly flooded with a kitchen area under the stairway.

The collapse of the house has broken the upper floor into two sections. The section still connected to the staircase contains a dresser with a note sitting on top of it. The other section can be reached from outside the building or by jumping. It houses a locked safe (Picklock 2), broken bed, and radio.

Notable loot

Abandon house! - Note, upstairs on a dresser.


Excelsior Model Home appears only in Fallout 76.