Your wife let me in... something about a catalog?— The Lone Wanderer

The Ewer residence is a location in the Capital Wasteland.


It is the residence of Ken and Brailee Ewers in Arefu and the first house on the left. You are instructed to visit the house and check on the residents by Evan King in the Blood Ties quest.

This is a small, one room structure that is the first building seen in Arefu. It has random items strewn across it, but has little to no important loot.

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When knocking on the door, the player will be met with a humorous situation where Brailee Ewers will answer the door and ask if you are the mailman bringing her the latest fall clothing catalog (due to her delusion that she is still in the Pre-War era).


Ewer residence appears only in Fallout 3.


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