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Eviction notice is a paper note in the Fallout 76 update Wild Appalachia.


The note can be found on a table directly in front of the front door after entering the Pi House on Fraternity Row.



Vault-Tec University
Office of the President

To: Pi Kappa Mu Greek Society
Date: 10/20/77

This notice serves as a FINAL warning to vacate the premises of the Pi Kappa Mu fraternity house before all occupants are forcibly evicted by campus police.

This action follows repeated infractions against campus policy, countless warnings, and a record-breaking 24 on our 10 point infraction scale. Attempts to disassociate Pi Kappa Mu from the University are futile at best, as the property is and has always been wholly owned by the University.

Do not attempt to appeal this ruling. This action directly serves the best interests and quality of life of the neighborhood, and frankly the entire city of Morgantown.

Infraction List (Current Semester)
- Malicious Destruction of Campus Property
- Repeated Breach of Anti-Hazing Policies
- Furnishing Alcohol to Minors
- Multiple Fire Code Violations
- Multiple Health Code Violations
- Disorderly Conduct
- Failure to Maintain Proper Lawn Care
- Failure to Acknowledge Eviction Notices