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A Foundation Outpost has been attacked by Super Mutants and needs help.

Event: Eviction Notice is a public event in Fallout 76, introduced in the Test Your Metal update. It has a recommended player level of 50 and can become a mutated public event with the Freezing and Volatile mutations, as of the Mutation Invasion update.

Quick walkthrough[]

Detailed walkthrough[]

Eviction Notice is generally considered to be the hardest event in Fallout 76 due to the amount of enemies and its very high potential to fail. The event encourages players to be camped near the super mutant's spawn points, though it also requires some players to be near the rad scrubber to protect it as some super mutants may slip through.

FO76 eviction notice meat bags

Six meat bags are scattered around the irradiated pit area, hanging under any of the ten posts. After the last one is destroyed, at least two (usually three) legendary super mutants will immediately spawn at the lower eastern entry. They will continue to spawn regularly in groups of three, mostly at the bottom.

The rad scrubber has a health bar indicated in the upper right of the screen. If it is destroyed, the entire pit area will be flooded with hundreds of rads per second, killing unprotected players within seconds if they're standing too close. The rad scrubber will need to be repaired within 30 seconds (with a very tiny grace period) or else the event will fail. Players who die during the event will respawn quite a distance from the battle site, making their temporary absence even riskier.

When the rad scrubber is broken, a message saying "The rad scrubber needs repairing!" will appear for all players. After it is repaired, another message will appear, stating that the radiation will return to normal after five more seconds.

Due to the radiation, it's best to bring or wear power armor, Chinese stealth armor, or a hazmat suit. A hazmat suit offers no physical protection and can be risky, but it can be quickly switched in and out of as needed. Also, the super mutant firestarters deal significant fire damage, and most players may not have much or any fire resistance.

Fitting for its difficulty, Eviction Notice is one of the most lucrative events in the game. The sheer number of 3-star legendary enemies that spawn in the event give it a much higher probability of granting the player good legendary item drops from said enemies.

Quest stages[]

Quest stages
DescriptionLog Entry
Check on the Foundation OutpostThere's a distressing radio signal coming from the Foundation Outpost. They might need help.
Prepare to search the craterThere are still Super Mutants in the area. Better be careful when searching the Crater.
Find and repair the rad scrubberRepairing this strange machine should lower the radiation in the area, but it might not last long under attack. It needs to remain operational.
Destroy the meat bags (#/6)All of these meat bags are keeping the Super Mutants in the area. Destroying the food sources and attacking the enemy might drive them out.
Survive the Super Mutant onslaughtThe meat bags have been destroyed. Time to get rid of these mutants!


Completing the event will reward the player some Settler reputation.

Event Success

Behind the scenes[]

During early testing in the Public Test Server, this event had the basic quest icon/animation of a Vault Boy thumbs-up. It was later replaced with a unique icon/animation.