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Eve Devoir was a Mistress in the Order of Mysteries.[1]


Eve was one of the Order's most senior members, being among the first girls (alongside Amy Thomas and Clarissa) to be adopted by Frederick and Shannon Rivers after they were found scrounging outside Riverside Manor in November 2078.[2]

Working her way up through the Order, Eve was appointed Mistress of Novices in May 2086, instead of Shannon Rivers' daughter, Olivia. Eve had many characteristics that Olivia lacked, such as dependability and organization. She was the perfect fit for the position, showing a high level of maturity while handling situations calmly and pragmatically.[3]

Regardless of her mother's reasoning, Olivia did not take the news well, insulted that her mother chose Eve over her. This set in motion events that would lead to the collapse of the Order.[4] As the Order began to lose more and more members to David Thorpe's raiders, Eve was given more and more responsibilities, becoming one of only four people allowed out of the manor and being ordered to train even the youngest members of the Order how to defend themselves.[3] Eve was ultimately killed by Olivia after Rachel West uncovered her betrayal, leading to Olivia's subsequent massacre of the Order.[5]


Eve Devoir is mentioned only in Fallout 76.


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