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And I want to say the future of Appalachia is going to be even brighter as we bring in a new age of automation.Graduation ceremony

Governor Evans was the governor of the Appalachian Territories[1] before the Great War.


Evans' support for the armed forces through technological advancement[2] led to him receiving a letter of thanks from the Office of the President.[3]

Evans also enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship with Hornwright Industrial; the company supported him with monetary and political backing, and in exchange, he protected the company from any harm and supported their automation agenda through Ballot Measure 6 and ensuring access to key contracts.[4] However, he failed to keep his promise in the wake of the automation riots, causing Penelope Hornwright to threaten reallocating their funds,[5] in turn leading to Evans mobilizing the National Guard.[6]

He went missing after the Great War, neglecting or unable to turn over Executive Authority, which left the Appalachian governance unorganized.[7] The original Responders were hesitant to follow orders and the Provisional Council had no confirmed leadership, contributing to the panic.[7] He is also mentioned by the Warden of Eastern Regional Penitentiary, fearing he may slash the prison budget.[8]


  • Evans' portrait can be found at the Charleston Capitol Building near his personal office in a cubicle area.
  • Just as the governor went missing, someone destroyed the Charleston Capitol Building mainframe specifically dedicated to store his files.[9]


Evans is mentioned only in Fallout 76.



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