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Evacuation plan is a paper note in Fallout 4.


It can be found in the abandoned shack above federal surveillance center K-21B within Bill Stevens's suitcase.


Hello Government Employee!

With the threat of Communist Chinese invasion increasing daily, you may find yourself thinking of what to do in case of Total Atomic Annihilation. Fear not! As a federal government worker, you have the privilege of being locked away, safe and sound, in the very place you work every day! Just follow these simple instructions if and when the bombs fall and you'll find yourself surrounded by your fellow employees, waiting out the nuclear winter!

1) When you hear the alarms, drop everything. Do not bother packing anything, even personal belongings. Everything you need should be waiting for you in your designated safety location/workplace.

2) Head to your designated workplace [K-21B].

3) Once inside, should radiation reach problem levels, an alarm will sound. Promptly close the doors and lock them. Do not open again until a second warning bell sounds.

Godspeed, good luck, and enjoy YOUR better future underground!