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Why, hello there. So lovely to see more young people up here in the Stands. We're all so... well... old.— Eustace Hawthorne

Eustace Hawthorne is a woman living in the upper stands of Diamond City in 2287.


When Eustace was around twenty-two years old in 2229, she was a witness of the Broken Mask incident in which a synth called Mr. Carter went on a killing spree. By 2287, Eustace is the only resident of Diamond City still alive who is old enough to have witnessed the incident after fifty-eight years. She gave Piper Wright her account for Piper's controversial article The Synthetic Truth.[1]

A respected matriarch, Eustace is the grandmother of Hawthorne.[2][3] She can often be found in front of the Colonial Taphouse sharing a table with Malcom Latimer. Unlike other upper stand residents, Eustace is much more polite and kind to the Sole Survivor than other residents of the upper stands.[4][5] She is a cat lover, having 25 cats in her house and multiple cat pictures.

Interactions with the player character

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Apparel Weapon Other items
Laundered blue dress Hawthorne residence key


  • Although Eustace is Hawthorne's grandmother, the game files mistakenly list her as his parent.


Eustace Hawthorne appears only in Fallout 4.



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