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This is a transcript for dialogue with Eustace Hawthorne.


1-Hello{witty, charming} Why, hello there. So lovely to see more young people up here in the Stands. We're all so... well... old.
2{witty, charming} You should meet my grandson. Oh, not that he'd ever come up here. No, Hawthorne has too much of his mother in him.
3{witty, charming} My grandson calls himself Hawthorne, but it's really his last name. I'm Eustace Hawthorne, and his father was Julian Hawthorne.
4{witty, charming} Hawthorne's mother was the adventurous type, too. She gave him such a lovely first name. It's a shame he doesn't go by it.
5{witty, charming} Oh dear, you don't need to listen to an old woman prattle on about herself, do you?
6{witty, charming} We're so parasitic, us older folks. We hate to see our children grow up, and hate it even more when they replace us.
7{witty, charming} Oh, don't let me keep you. I could talk all day, and you'd be bored to pieces.