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Fine, here's what you do. You go on into the boss guy's room, and use his terminal.Squirrel instructing the Lone Wanderer on how to free the enslaved children

Eulogy's pad is an old theater in Paradise Falls which has become the home of Eulogy Jones and his two female slaves Crimson and Clover. It consists of one interior section.


The pad's ground floor consists of two rooms as well as a staircase leading to the upper level. The first room serves as an entry area leading to the larger main room which contains a large heart-shaped bed at the center, a silver screen and projector as well as several tables. Eulogy's terminal is located here.

The staircase leads to a small landing and a gallery overlooking the ground level entrance area from which the pad's exterior balcony can be accessed.

Notable loot

Related quests


  • The Nuka-Cola Quantum found at Eulogy's pad is the same Quantum referenced by the shipping log found at the Nuka-Cola plant.
  • The wooden crates in the corner in the area with the Quantum are fixed unlike most others, the Nuka-Cola in the bottom crate can be obtained by the Lone Wanderer crouching and working the view angle appropriately.
  • Eulogy can only be found in his house in the evening or night time, otherwise he will be wandering around Paradise Falls. During this time his home is guarded by Forty if convinced to no longer guard the pen in Rescue from Paradise.


Eulogy's pad appears only in Fallout 3.