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This is a transcript for dialogue with Eugenie.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
4 0056EFB1 0056EFC0 Hello, Kieran. Good seeing you again.
8 0056EFB3 0056EFB6 So, how's the family? Slightly teasing because she knows he hates small talk.
13 00573E53 00573EB8 Maybe we sent them running. You know, got 'em good and scared.
20 00573E55 00573EBE Alright, well, let's get a move on. Talking to cow
23 00573E56 00573EA3 Well, this'll be a fun trip. Sarcastic, but still pleasant. Realizing the other guy is a total wet blanket.
27 00573E58 00573ED6 That's good... Good. And my community is also fine and safe, thank you for asking. Trying to be nice, other guy is very awkward
29 00573E59 00573EA5 Ooh that was a mean one, nice going!
30 00573E5A 00573EC3 Just remember that I can't protect these Brahmin by myself! Somewhat urgent, in combat.
42 00573E5E 00573EB6 I'm alive! And I've still got wares to sell! Thank you! Let's head outside.
44 00573E60 00573EAF Make a break for it! Go, go, go! Hurried, concerned
51 00573E63 00573EC2 You hear that? Worried/concerned (sounds like enemies)
58 00573E66 00573ED7 Of course I did, but look how I've finally got you talking, Kieran. Tell me, how was your childhood? Teasing
67 00573E68 00573ED1 That was a tough fight. Why don't we try taking the roads over the mountains next time?
70 00573E69 00573EB0 Don't leave us waiting too long, we're easy pickings here!
76 00573E6C 00573EC4 More coming! They're going full force because they knew the "ghoul merchant" was coming through. Entering combat
77 They always think we're a quick score... Let's make them regret it.
85 00573E6E 00573EBF That was practically an army. We must have gotten them all, right?
97 00573E72 00573EB2 Oh you know, just another waltz through this magical tunnel.
104 00573E75 00573EC6 Not that there's ever any shortage of hooligans to kill and treasure to find.
111 00573E77 00573EC1 Oh, and if anyone wants to scout ahead, there may be some extra cargo lying around from our less successful ventures.
112 Just don't forget about the Brahmin.
120 00573E79 00573EBB We'll be carrying a load of premium arms and ammunition, so I'd appreciate an extra touch of care.
121 Hopefully the reward for getting me there in one piece will more than compensate for any bullets you... invest. Deliberately paced word play. With a bit of a chuckle.
125 00574F2B 00574F90 I don't think I could picture you doing something more mundane. Kieran the fisherman. Kieran the bar tender. Kieran the... professional singer.
126 So... I'm guessing it didn't work out, huh?
128 00574F2D 00574F96 Ever consider a less dangerous line of work, Kieran?
131 00574F2F 00574F9A You know, I've been doing this traveling merchant thing for a while now.
132 I spent damn near a decade stuck in our compound, hiding from people that would kill us on sight just for being who we are.
133 I've found that rolling into town with supplies and caps to trade eases up the tension, get's people talkin' to you again.
134 The fact that I'm strapped to the teeth in fire power doesn't hurt neither. But some people, like the Blood Eagles... there's no discussion to be had.
173 00581EC7 00581ECB Is there no one else from your family that can run shipments for you, Carver? Hesitant to bring it up
178 0058DEE3 0058DEE5 Okay, stay back. It's set to blow!


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
32 00573E81 00584B5C The Brahmin are getting hit, do somethin'!
33 00584B5D We can't lose the Brahmin, protect them!
34 00584B5E Be sure to come back, now.
69 00573E9E 0058212F Here for trade?
70 00582130 Don't be shy. Come, talk.
84 00584B31 There's a notch to add to your belt. Looks like we were right to hire you.
85 00584B32 Don't worry. We can't, and won't, win them all. Be happy you're still breathing.
101 00584B42 Well, hey there. What brings you around these parts today?
102 00584B43 Glad you're on our side. I've got some extra firepower for sale if you need a little something for the next job.
131 00584AF6 00584B26 Don't tell the others, but Libby is my guard of choice. Things just run a lot more smoothly with her at the helm.
132 Her family basically raised her like it was boot camp. I know they drive her batty, but they sure brought her up right. She's a real professional.
133 00584AF8 00584B1A When he's not brooding, he's moody. But, Kieran has a good heart, I know that for a fact. About as fun as swamp itch, though.
134 00584AFA 00584B23 You mean the folk keeping me alive? What did you want to know?
135 00584AFC 00584B24 Well, I was born and raised not far from here. I ended up leaving not long after becoming a ghoul. Let's say that things got a little dangerous.
136 Nowadays, I live in a small compound out in the hills. Just ghouls there, doing what we can to survive.